Multipage HTML forms

I would like to design a dynamic form that will be rendered into HTML using LC forms. And also the output HTML is expected to be multipage. I have found some information in Livedocs but it would be helpful if you provide an example form design: .htm?context=Adobe_LiveCycle_Designer_Help&file=000989.html

What is your problem about rendering?

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  • Rendering multipage HTML form - error on pageDown()

    I have a multi-page form redered as HTML. I followed the guidelines and placed on each subform the button with click event javascript containing It works fine in PDF, but when HTML is rendered, it does not work.
    It causes " 'this._peer' is null or not an object" error in the browser, when button is clicked.
    The HTML rendered by Form Service looks like:
    <input class="fsc4 fsc10 fsc11 fsc2" id="NButton1_0" name="Button1[0]" onclick="return this._peer._clickfunc(\;)" style="overflow: hidden; position: absolute; top: 101.6mm; left: 104.78mm; width: 28.57mm; height: 6mm; white-space: pre-wrap; " tabindex="203" type="button" value="Next" />
    Is there any workaround for this behaviour?

    Make sure your Content Root URI is set to repository://
    Make sure to add /Applications infront of your path.
    The full path ContentRootURI + Form URL should have the following format:
    In your case
    repository:///Applications/ABCD POC/1.0/Forms/form_1.xdp.

  • Uploading an image to a servlet with out  html form

    I had a look around the forum and could not find an answer to my question.
    I am trying to unload an image that is in a byte array to a servlet. the image is on the mobile phone. the mobile phone does not have html form to upload the picture.
    Is there any other way of uploading instead of using html form to invoke the servlet. It is just the connection bit that is confusing me. When the servlet is invoked then it can open an inputstream and take in the image.
    I hope this is clear and that some one else has done it.

    search here and/or search google for "send byte array to servlet"
    it's certainly easy to find as far as i can tell
    first google result:

  • How can an applet retrieve the values of a HTML form shown in a JEditorPane

    I'm doing an applet that contains a JTree and a JEditorPane
    among other components. Each node of the JTree represents some
    information that is stored in a database, and whenever a JTree
    node is selected, this information is recovered and shown in
    the JEditorPane with a html form. To make the html form,
    the applet calls a servlet, which retrieves the information of
    the node selected from the database. This information is stored
    like a XML string, and using XSLT, the servlet sends the html
    form to the applet, which shows it in the JEditorPane.
    My problem is that I don't know how I can recover new values
    that a user of the application can introduce in the input fields
    of the html form. I need to recover this new values and send them
    to another servlet which store the information in the database.
    If someone could help me I'd be very pleased.

    At least I found a fantastic example. Here it is:
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.util.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.text.*;
    import javax.swing.text.html.*;
    public class FormSubmission extends JApplet {
    private final static String FORM_TEXT = "<html><head></head><body><h1>Formulario</h1>"
    + "<form action=\"\" method=\"get\"><table><tr><td>Nombre:</td>"
    + "<td><input name=\"Nombre\" type=\"text\" value=\"James T.\"></td>"
    + "</tr><tr><td>Apellido:</td>"
    + "<td><input name=\"Apellido\" type=\"text\" value=\"Kirk\"></td>"
    + "</tr><tr><td>Cargo:</td>"
    + "<td><select name=\"Cargo\"><option>Captain<option>Comandante<option>General</select></td>"
    + "</tr><td colspan=\"2\" align=\"center\"><input type=\"submit\" value=\"Enviar\"></td>"
    + "</tr></table></form></body></html>";
    protected HashMap radioGroups = new HashMap();
    private Vector v = new Vector();
    public FormSubmission() {
    getContentPane().setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    JEditorPane editorPane = new JEditorPane();
    editorPane.setEditorKit(new HTMLEditorKit()
    public ViewFactory getViewFactory() {
    return new HTMLEditorKit.HTMLFactory() {
    public View create(Element elem) {
    Object o = elem.getAttributes().getAttribute(javax.swing.text.StyleConstants.NameAttribute);
    if (o instanceof HTML.Tag)
    HTML.Tag kind = (HTML.Tag) o;
    if (kind == HTML.Tag.INPUT || kind == HTML.Tag.SELECT || kind == HTML.Tag.TEXTAREA)
    return new FormView(elem)
    protected void submitData(String data)
    protected void imageSubmit(String data)
    // Workaround f�r Bug #4529702
    protected Component createComponent()
    if (getElement().getName().equals("input") &&
    String name = (String) getElement().getAttributes().getAttribute(HTML.Attribute.NAME);
    if (radioGroups.get(name) == null)
    radioGroups.put(name, new ButtonGroup());
    ((JToggleButton.ToggleButtonModel) getElement().getAttributes().getAttribute(StyleConstants.ModelAttribute)).setGroup((ButtonGroup) radioGroups.get(name));
    JComponent comp = (JComponent) super.createComponent();
    // Peque�a mejora visual
    return comp;
    return super.create(elem);
    getContentPane().add(new JScrollPane(editorPane), BorderLayout.CENTER);
    private void showData(String data) {
         // ergebnis significa resultado
    StringBuffer ergebnis = new StringBuffer("");
    StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(data, "&");
    while (st.hasMoreTokens()) {
    String token = st.nextToken();
    String key = URLDecoder.decode(token.substring(0, token.indexOf("=")));
    String value = URLDecoder.decode(token.substring(token.indexOf("=")+1,token.length()));
    ergebnis.append(" "); ergebnis.append(key); ergebnis.append(": "); ergebnis.append(value); ergebnis.append(" ");
    ergebnis.append(" ");
    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(this, ergebnis.toString());
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    JFrame frame = new JFrame ();
    FormSubmission editor = new FormSubmission ();

  • How can i get the value from a HTML Form

    I am using HTML form (logfrm). there are userId field,password field, submit button,reset button, and a link.
    when i click on the link, it should fetch the value of userid.
    How it is possible?

    use jsp:
    which lets you embed java statments in your html -so you when you click on the link you can use request.getParameter("userID") to get the userid.
    Ideally with html forms use a combination of jsp and java beans, where the fields in the form are also fields in your java bean, which you can access through setters and getters.
    google for some jsp tutorials.

  • How to retrieve input data from a HTML form in the UTF-8 cha

    I encountered the following problem with a JWeb Application:
    I tried to write a JWeb-Application for OAS 4.0, that retrieves
    input data from a HTML form and writes it into an Oracle
    All processing should be done in the UTF-8 character set.
    The problem is, that the form data retrieved by getURLParameter
    are always encoded in a non-unicode character set and I found no
    way to change this.
    Can anybody tell me what I should do to get the form data in the
    UTF-8 character set?

    Try set in the JWEB application's Java environment such
    SYSTEM_PROPERTY: file.encoding=UTF8.
    Thomas Gertkemper (guest) wrote:
    : I encountered the following problem with a JWeb Application:
    : I tried to write a JWeb-Application for OAS 4.0, that
    : input data from a HTML form and writes it into an Oracle
    : database.
    : All processing should be done in the UTF-8 character set.
    : The problem is, that the form data retrieved by getURLParameter
    : are always encoded in a non-unicode character set and I found
    : way to change this.
    : Can anybody tell me what I should do to get the form data in
    : UTF-8 character set?

  • HTML Form in a "PL/SQL (anonymour Block)"

    I need a little ugent guidance
    I have create a "form" within a "PL/SQL (anonymour Block)". The requirement is to show what a HTML form looks like as you build the code
    The problem is I am "Up Setting" the APEX processing i.e. wwv_flow.accept ... I have added an example below .....
    All help very welcome
    htp.prn('<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
    <html xmlns="">');
    htp.prn( '<style type="text/css">');
    htp.prn('#form{font-family: "Trebuchet MS", Verdana, sans-serif; width:25em;}');
    htp.prn('h2{margin: 0 0 0 0; padding: 0;}');
    htp.prn('p{margin: 0 0 1em 0; padding: 0; font-size:90%}');
    htp.prn('fieldset{background:#C361D2; border:none; margin-bottom:1em; width:24em; padding-top:1.5em}');
    padding: .2em .3em;
    border:6px outset #DED980;
    margin: -2em 0 1em 1em;
    width: 20em;}');
    htp.prn('fieldset{margin-bottom:1em; width:66em; padding-top:1.5em;}');
    htp.prn('#company {background:#F3B4F5; border:outset #F3B4F5; width="700";}');
    htp.prn('#company label{position:absolute;
    htp.prn('input{margin-left:9em;margin-bottom:.2em; line-height:1.4em;}');
    htp.prn('#message1 {background:#a3B4F5; border:outset #a3B4F5; width="700";}');
    htp.prn('#message2 {background:#c3B4F5; border:outset #c3B4F5; width="700";}');
    htp.prn('button1 {font:48px "Trebuchet MS", "Verdana", sans-serif;
                     border:outset #6EC6F1}');
    htp.prn('#buttons1 input {background:#DED983;
    font:1.2em "Trebuchet MS", Verdana, sans-serif}');
    htp.prn('p#buttons1 {white-space:nowrap}');
    htp.prn('<table width="760"><tr bgcolor="#D5EAE9">');
    htp.prn ('<form method="" action="">');
    htp.prn ('<fieldset id="company"><p class="legend" >Company</p>');
    htp.prn ('<label>Comapany Name: </label> <input name="company" type="Text" size="30"/>');
    htp.prn ('<br><br>');
    htp.prn ('</fieldset>');
    htp.prn ('<br><br><br>');
    htp.prn ('<fieldset id="message1"><p class="legend">Message One</p>');
    htp.prn ('</fieldset>');
    htp.prn ('<br><br><br>');
    htp.prn ('<fieldset id="message2"><p class="legend">Message Two</p>');
    htp.prn ('</fieldset>');
    htp.prn ('<br><br>');
    htp.prn ('</form>');

    Remove the name attributes from all input elements defined by the pl/sql process. For example
    <input name="company" type="Text" size="30"/> should be replaced by <input type="Text" size="30"/> or <input name="f01" type="Text" size="30"/>
    The APEX accept process recognises a predefined set of HTML form input names. Any input with a name not from this set will cause the accept process to fail. f01 through f50 are valid names for the accept procedure.

  • How to submit a html form using java

    hi friends,
    i have a html form with some input fields, when ever a user submit the form the user information is stored in the database. is it possible to pass the user information in the url(url rewriting) and submit it by a java program so that the data will be stored in the database, as like as, user submit it manually.
    for eg:
    <form action="store.jsp" method="post">
    User Data:<input type="text" name="userdata">
    <input type="submit">
    in my java is it possible to store the record as below:
    URL url=new URL("http://localhost:7001/webapp/store.jsp?userdata=AutomaticDatasave");
    URLConnection con=url.openConnection();
    int i=0;
    System.out.print(i);/*it has to print the data that store.jsp is returned like information stored or error storing data(what ever)*/
    }Edited by: rajaram on Oct 27, 2007 1:01 AM

    hi Drclap,
    Thanks for your reply, which is helpful to me....
    tried what you said, what i did is modified the code like below
    BufferedWriter br=new BufferedWriter(new InputStreamWriter(con.getOutputStream()));
    String str="userdata=AutomateDataSave\n";
    Iam Getting Internal Server Error
    Exception in thread "main" Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL
    Edited by: rajaram on Oct 27, 2007 1:24 AM

  • How to retrieve data from the HTML form in the JEditorPane?

    I could quite easily use JEditorPane to render and display a simple HTML file.
    My HTML looks like this:
    <title> simple form</title>
    <body bgcolor="cccccc">
    <center><h1>SURVEY THING</h1>
    <form id="survey">
    <p>1.Type something in.</p>
    <textarea cols=25 rows=8>
    <p>2.Pick ONLY one.</p>
    <input type="radio" name="thing" value="0" Checked> NO choice <BR>
    <input type="radio" name="thing" value="1"> First choice <BR>
    <input type="radio" name="thing" value="2"> Second choice
    <p>3.Pick all you like.</p>
    <input type="checkbox" name="stuff" value="A"> A <BR>
    <input type="checkbox" name="stuff" value="B"> B <BR>
    <input type="checkbox" name="stuff" value="C"> C <BR>
    <input type="submit" value="give data">
    <input type="reset" value="do clensing">
    It gets diplayed fine and I can type in text, select radio buttons (they behave mutualy-exclusive,
    as they should) and check checkboxes.
    The problem I have is with retrieving the values which were entered into the form.
    If I, after editing, try to write the html to the file using HTMLWriter,
    it records the changes I made into the textarea, however all the radio and checkbox selections are lost.
    Maybe the problem is that when I enter the values I do not use any methods like
    insertBeforeStart and so on, but I believe I shouldn't need to use them to populate a form.
    Especially I never change the structure of the HTML.
    Also, when I try to traverse the Element tree and see the input elements attributes,
    I can never see a change in the entered values. However it is probably b/c I am traversing through
    the model and the changes are in the view (just a guess.)
    Anyway, if anybody could direct me onto the right path: how to retrieve the values typed in the form,
    or if it is possible at all in the JEditorPane, I would greatly appreciate.
    PS. I have seen the answer to a similar question posted some time last year. However, I am trying
    to find a soultion which allows forms/surveys to be built by people who have no java and only basic
    html knwledge. And Axualize way is probably a little bit too "high-tech."

    Maybe helpful for u.
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.awt.Container;
    import java.util.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.text.*;
    import javax.swing.text.html.*;
    public class TestHtmlInput extends JFrame {
         JEditorPane pane=new JEditorPane();
         public TestHtmlInput() {
              pane.setEditorKit(new HTMLEditorKit());
              pane.setText("<HTML><BODY><FORM>" +
              "<p>1.Input your name.</p>" +
              "<INPUT TYPE='text' name='firstName'>" +
              "<p>2.Input your information.</p>" +
              "<TEXTAREA rows='20' name='StationDescriptions' cols='100'>" +
              "<p>3.Pick ONLY one.</p>" +
              "<input type='radio' name='thing' value='0' Checked> NO choice <BR>" +
              "<input type='radio' name='thing' value='1'> First choice <BR>" +
              "<input type='radio' name='thing' value='2'> Second Choice <BR>" +
              "<p>4.Pick all you like.</p>" +
              "<input type='checkbox' name='stuff' value='A'> A <BR>" +
              "<input type='checkbox' name='stuff' value='B'> B <BR>" +
              "<input type='checkbox' name='stuff' value='C'> C <BR>" +
              "<p>5.Choose your nationality.</p>" +
              "<select name='natio'>" +
              "<option>12</option>" +
              "<option selected>13</option>" +
              "</select>" +
              this.getContentPane().add(new JScrollPane(pane));
              JButton b=new JButton("print firstName text");
              b.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
                   public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
                        System.out.println("Number of Components in JTextPane: " + pane.getComponentCount());
                        for (int i = 0; i <  pane.getComponentCount(); i++) {
                             //NOTE FOR BELOW: know its a Container since all Components inside a JTextPane are instances of the inner class
                             //ComponentView$Invalidator which is a subclass of the Container Class (ComponentView$Invalidator extends Container)
                             Container c = (Container)pane.getComponent(i);
                             //the component of this containers will be the Swing equivalents of the HTML Form fields (JButton, JTextField, etc.)
                             //Get the # of components inside the ComponentView$Invalidator (the above container)
                             Component swingComponentOfHTMLInputType = c.getComponent(0);
                             //each ComponentView$Invalidator will only have one component at array base 0
                             System.out.println(i + ": " + swingComponentOfHTMLInputType.getClass().getName());
                             //this will show of what type the Component is (JTextField, JRadioButton, etc.)
                             if (swingComponentOfHTMLInputType instanceof JTextField) {
                                  JTextField tf = (JTextField)swingComponentOfHTMLInputType;
                                  //downcast and we have the reference to the component now!! :)
                                  System.out.println("  Text: " + tf.getText());
                                  tf.setText("JTextField found!");
                             } else if (swingComponentOfHTMLInputType instanceof JButton) {
                             } else if (swingComponentOfHTMLInputType instanceof JComboBox) {
                                     JComboBox combo = (JComboBox)swingComponentOfHTMLInputType;
                                     System.out.println("  Selected index: " + combo.getSelectedIndex());
                                } else if (swingComponentOfHTMLInputType instanceof JRadioButton) {
                                     JRadioButton radio = (JRadioButton)swingComponentOfHTMLInputType;
                                     System.out.println("  Selected: " + new Boolean(radio.isSelected()).toString());
                             } else if (swingComponentOfHTMLInputType instanceof JCheckBox) {
                                     JCheckBox check = (JCheckBox)swingComponentOfHTMLInputType;
                                     System.out.println("  Selected: " + new Boolean(check.isSelected()).toString());
                             } else if (swingComponentOfHTMLInputType instanceof JScrollPane) {
                                  JScrollPane pane = (JScrollPane)swingComponentOfHTMLInputType;
                                  for (int j=0; j<pane.getComponentCount(); j++) {
                                       //JTextArea area = (JTextArea)swingComponentOfHTMLInputType.getComponent(0);
                                       Container c2 = (Container)pane.getComponent(j);
                                       for (int k=0; k<c2.getComponentCount(); k++) {
                                            Component c3 = (Component)c2.getComponent(k);
                                            if (c3 instanceof JTextArea) {
                                                 JTextArea area = (JTextArea)c3;
                                                 System.out.println("  " + area.getClass().getName());
                                                 System.out.println("     Text: " + area.getText());
                                                 area.setText("JTextArea found!");
                             } else {
         public static void main(String args[]) {
              TestHtmlInput app = new TestHtmlInput();
              app.setDefaultCloseOperation( JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE );
              app.setSize( 400, 900 );
              app.setVisible( true );

  • Can  Java be used to save content of HTML form to a file?

    We have an application that saves a pdf file to a location on our webserver. The file displays on the users machine in a browser window. I have created a link in the links bar of the browser window which launches a simple HTML page. This page allows the user to enter a number of fields and click 'SAVE'. This is where I am having the problem. I need the save button to firstly create a csv file on the webserver containing the details input by the user. I then need the pdf file saved to the web server with a new name and in the same location as the csv file. is there anyway to achieve this using Java or can anyone please point me in the right direction?

    <<Click on the SAVE button in an HTML <form> and the browser will perform an HTTP POST of the data to a URL. Make that URL point to a Java servlet and it can take that form data
    <<and write it to the webserver file system in any format you wish, including csv and pdf.
    agree with duffy. You can also use JSP and call a class method to handle whatever data you specify.

  • Is there a way to create reusable HTML Forms that can be used on multiple pages?

    I'm trying to understand the recommended approach to managing 10 HTML forms that will be reused on many different pages.  I want to be able to modify the form definition once and have the change propogate.

    Is your requirement that authors be able to change the form definition, or should form definition be controlled by developers?
    In the case of authors being able to change the form definition then I would say best practice would be to create a page that holds the form definition (using whatever components work for you - either the out of the box form components or something custom). Then use the reference component to point the definition in all the other locations you want the form to appear. One thing to note is if you are using dispatcher for caching you need to make sure you strategy for cache flushing accomadates this approach.
    In the case of developers controlling the form definition you could crate a component for each form, and then simly drag that component onto the pages that require the form. In this case your would control all the form label and description elements in the localization file.

  • How can I change the order of html form data submitted to me via email?

    I am having customers contact me via an html form posted on my website using the "sendtoemail" command. When I receive the data in an e-mail it  is not presented in the order it appears on the web page and I can't seem to find out what dictates the order the data is presented in or how I can change it.
    Anyone have any ideas on how I can make HTML form data elements appear in the order I want?

    Or find a commercial form-to-email script that is compatible with your server's configuration (PHP, ASP, Perl...) and customize it to your needs.
    Formm@ailer PHP from DB Masters (free & pro versions available)    
    Forms to Go from Bebosoft (script generating software)
    Nancy O.

  • Error while trying to call a ABAP webdynpro appl. as a link on html form

      When I am trying to call a ABAP Webdynpro aplication as a link on html form. I get the following error
    Error when processing your request
    What has happened?
    The URL http:///sap/bc/webdynpro/form_ap/ (Path of ABAP webdynpro application) was not called due to an error.
    The following error text was processed in the system DRD : Error in Web Dynpro Runtime System
    The error occurred on the application server DRD_06 and in the work process 0 .
    The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:
    Method: INIT of program CL_WDR_CLIENT_APPLICATION=====CP
    Method: IF_WDR_RUNTIME~CREATE of program CL_WDR_MAIN_TASK==============CP
    Method: IF_HTTP_EXTENSION~HANDLE_REQUEST of program CL_WDR_MAIN_TASK==============CP
    Method: EXECUTE_REQUEST_FROM_MEMORY of program CL_HTTP_SERVER================CP
    Module: %_HTTP_START of program SAPMHTTP 
    What can I do?
    If the termination type was RABAX_STATE, then you can find more information on the cause of the termination in the system DRD in transaction ST22.
    If the termination type was ABORT_MESSAGE_STATE, then you can find more information on the cause of the termination on the application server DRD_06 in transaction SM21.
    If the termination type was ERROR_MESSAGE_STATE, then you can search for more information in the trace file for the work process 0 in transaction ST11 on the application server DRD_06 . In some situations, you may also need to analyze the trace files of other work processes.
    If you do not yet have a user ID, contact your system administrator.
    Error code: ICF-IE-http -c: 102 -u:  -l: E -s: DRD -i: DRD06 -w: 0 -d: 20081002 -t: 032939 -v: RABAX_STATE -e: UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION
    HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error
    Your SAP Internet Communication Framework Team
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    url clearly shows that it is unable to get host and port.check how you are building that url in html page
    Bala Duvvuri

  • Error when using a HTML form along with a servlet

    Hi All,
    I am using Sun Studio 4 to create a HTML form that takes in 4 inputs and then
    passes them on to a servlet to be processed.
    In my HTML form i have the form heading.. <form method = post action="processServlet">
    my directory structure is as follows:
    /home/cosmo/projects/testservlet/processServlet ... processServlet being the servlet underneath the testservlet directory.
    inputForm.html is also under the same testservlet directory. I am running TOMCAT.. and under the run time tab under tomcat --> Internal --> it has localhost:8081 and under that the default context is /home/cosmo/projects/testservlet
    NOW, when i execute my HTML page the URL on top says "http://localhost:8081/inputForm.html
    which seems correct. I get my form correctly. When i input the data,and i hit the submit button, the URL says "http://localhost:8081/processServlet" which i think is also correct, but i get a "404 Error and the error description says " The requested resource( /processServlet)
    is not available." I have coded the servlet to give me just a few lines of output, but instead, the above error shows up.
    Why would this be happening? Do i have my directory structure messed up? Do i have the wrong type of template? I used a web module to do this. I also compiled my Servlet from Sun Studio without any errors.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    You can't post directly to a servlet the way you can to an HTML or JSP page. You must map your requests to specific servlets for the request to get directed there. There are entries in the web.xml for this.
    You need to map the request for "processServlet" to "", or the servlet engine won't know what to do with that request.
    Often times, an app will route all requests for a particular extension to a router servlet, which then figures out which class to actually send the request to. This keeps you from having to map all servlets in the web.xml file.

  • Jsp - calling a method form an HTML form inside a jsp

    Good mornig everybody,
    Does anybody know how to call a Java Method (a public method of a Class) form an Html form that stay in a jsp page.
    I'd like to do something like that in myPage.jsp
    // Declaration of object
    MyObject obj = new MyObject();
    <form action="obj.myMethod()">
    <input type=submit vaule=runMethod>
    Many Tanks

    <%@page contentType="text/html"%>
    <%@page pageEncoding="UTF-8" import="java.util.*,java.text.*,java.math.*"%>
    <jsp:useBean id="p" scope="request" class="com.ecl.web.beans.Bean"/>
    <jsp:setProperty name="p" property="*"/>
    float t = p.geta(); // (geta() Function in Bean)
    do something like this...
    create a bean write ur function in that bean...Then call the function in that bean using set and get property...

Maybe you are looking for

  • Maintenance View - Disable cells

    Hi All, This is my requirement for the maintenance view. I am using this view as part of cluster view. I have around 6 key fields for this view. 3 of them are subset fields. But 2 key fields have a lot of combination of values. Hence, we want the use

  • Can't burn a cd." message reads Disc recording not found.any help

    I have download all the new installers ran 64 bits but it won't let me burn a cd from the playlist. Message keeps coming up DISC RECORDING NOT FOUND. Any help you could give on this?? This my first time on this site, but I have burned lots of cds in

  • Looking for the latest Performance documents

    Hello, Latley we installed SP14. I am looking for SAP's latest documents which involves performence issues such as: Tuning, Fine Tuning, Troubleshooting guide ect. My current documents are relevant to SP2 and I would like to read the latest ones at t

  • Can't get songs back on my I pod. PLEASE HELP

    Right, I lost all the songs off my Ipod the other day! I have reset it to factory settings and have all the newest updates and when I plug the Ipod in it says it's updating but the songs dont go on it. When I go into music, it is blank. what the F**K

  • Indesign CS5 7.0.4でイラレEPSデータが配置できません

    初めて質問させて頂きます. 多々いたらない点があると思いますが.宜しくお願い致します. 使用環境:Windowsマシン(HP製) OS Windows7 Professional 64bit CPU Intel i7 960 3.2GHz メモリ 12GB Soft Adobe CS5 Standerd 症状:別のMACで作成したイラレデータをインデザインに配置しようとしたら次のメッセージが表示され配置できないです. [ファイルが存在しないか.ファイルへのアクセス権がないか.またはファイルが別の