Multiple Ibase/components with one change request / interfacing Lotus Notes

<b>Scenario:</b> Our users post all their software change requests (not only for SAP) into an application based on <b>Lotus Notes</b>. Professionals of the IT department evaluate the requests and make a offer for each of the change requests. The users may (or may not) accept the offer and place an order - all this in Lotus Notes, and not only for SAP.
If that order is confirmed and points to the SAP environment, <b>Lotus Notes automatically must involve Solution Manager</b> by calling a rfc-enabled function module in the Solution Manager system. This function module has to create a Solution Manager Change Request (simulating CRMD_ORDER transaction) together with its maintenance cycle, task list and transport request.
<b>Problem:</b> One of the problems is, that Lotus Notes change requests for SAP environment often require <b>changes to multiple logical components</b>, like R/3 plus BW plus CRM.
<b>Question:</b> The question is, how to create a Solution Manager Change Request for multiple components? This is caused by the restriction of the input screen of CRMD_ORDER which allows <b>only one Ibase/component assignment</b>.
Do you already have worked on this or any idea that might help? I would appreciate very much if you would share your expertise. Thank you.

Hi Heiner,
The work around that I use is in my maintenance project I have added all the logical components that I will have to work with.(R/3, ECC 6.0, BW etc..) This way, when I created the Maintenance cycle, my task list had all of these systems/clients in it.
The only hick is that in the CRMD_ORDER transaction, you only can put one ibase component.
The above mentioned solution works if you combine all your systems into one maintenance cycle.
let me know if this sheds any light for you.

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    There is no problem to use like taht.
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    it won't create any problem also.
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    hi surya,
    this will happend if u use maintain order at runtime at interface determination.
    just uncheck this option if u dont neet EOIO.
    if you are getting the problem if u r going for EO then the problem might be using same JDBC channel for all interfaces.
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    If you are having a problem with a JDBC interface (lets consider this to be a communication channel) then the communication is stopped (via that channel) (only in the case of EOIO).
    Hope this clarifies.
    Award if helpful.

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    It seems that he means "Not Approved"
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  • COPA - Multiple Sales Order with one wbs element.  COPA does not reference

    COPA - Multiple Sales Order with one wbs element.  COPA does not reference of reference of sales order.
    Hi All
    Currently we are in process of implementation of project related to Club Service for one of the client.
    Concept of this project is - there is "X" company engaged in supporting the different shared services for their client e.g. Client IBM - Shared Support Services of IBM is
    u2022     IDM
    u2022     Software Installation
    u2022     Help Desk
    u2022     Maintenance
    Co.. "X' is performing these services for IBM.    So for Co. "X" - IBM is one engagement. Like this way Co. X is performing such activities for many companies e.g. microsoft, HP, ABN AMRO etc.
    Objective - Get the consolidate report from COPA (Customer wise/services wise/sales order wise e.g. IBM/HelpDesk/10002/10).
    We propose a solution to create a project for each engagement and with WBS element. Each WBS element of different services e.g.
    Project IBM Inc.  100.100
    WBS Element    100.100.IDM 
    WBS Element    100.100.SoftIns
    WBS Element    100.100.HelpDesk
    WBS Element    100.100.Maintainance
    For this engagement (IBM), we are creating a sales order with line items (for services) and account assignment is WBS element.  In a sales order, there may be two lines for one services.   In a particular period, there are many such sales orders for this engagement... Milestone billing/period billing is used depending upon the services rendered.
    Now Cost Object will be WBS Element. So cost and revenue will posted to WBS and from this it goes to COPA.  In a month of May 2009 two - sales order is booked with three different line items with account assignment is WBS element.
    Sales Order Line Item No.....Item                  Account Assignment                      Revenue
    10000          100     IDM      100.100.IDM              1000
    10000          200     HELPDESK      100.100.HelpDesk              2000
    10000          100     Maintenance      100.100.Maintainance         3000
    Another Sales order booked with two different line items
    10000          100      IDM     100.100.IDM          3000
    10000          200      HELPDESK     100.100.HelpDesk          4000
    Cost will be booked directly against WBS element.
    In sales order level, there is no profitability segment, as cost object is WBS element.
    Billing, revenue will be posted directly to wbs element, from this revenue and cost of sales goes to COPA.
    Now in COPA,
    1.There is only one line for WBS element ex. 100.100.IDM with revenue 4000 (combing both the sales order)
    2.There is only one line for WBS element ex. 100.100.HelpDesk with revenue 6000 (combing both the sales order)
    3.There is only one line for WBS element ex. 100.100.Maintainance with revenue 4000
    In above case 1 & 2 we will not have reference of sales order and sales order line item in COPA table. There is only one line for this.  So we can not have reporting to sales order level.
    Is there any way by this the reference of sales order and sales order line will come in COPA for case 1 & 2.
    Please help in this issue.
    Abhay Dev
    Ph:- 91-22-67782229
    Cell:- 91-9819175185

    For these case (multiple materials with different characteristics); have you consider going to next level of WBS Elements. Meaning; lets say currently you are assigning WBS "Engineering (which is a level 2 WBS)" to all the items in SO. Instead under "Engineering" create 2 or 3 level 3 WBS Elements as E1, E2 etc and assign them 1:1 to your sales order line items. This would eliminate the exit as welll as complex development option. And also will let you get all the data in COPA and in turn you can pull to BW as well for reporting. Just a thought.

  • Authorise Change request action could not be successfully executed

    Hi Gurus,
    I have done the customization in the sdcr actions. twice i have checked the configuration. i hope all the settings are correct.
    But when I try to execute the action in crmd_order (authorise change request), It's not triggering any thing.
    I have done the below
    1) copy the sdcr profile to zdcr profile
    2) added the new status profile in the desired status
    3) Copied the action and added my action
    4) Defined the condition
    Can you please help me to resolve the issue
    Thanks & Regards

    This might help
    [Re: CHARM: No Actions are Displayed|Re: CHARM: No Actions are Displayed]

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    I have the two laptops authorized, out of a possible 5, so why can't I find my new songs???
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    You probably cannot find them on the other computer because you did not put them on the other computer.
    They will not magically appear in another location.  You purchase on and only one download.  it is your responsibility to move/copy/backup your music.

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    I am using Win XP SP3 and FF 14.0.1
    I recently (last couple of weeks) noticed that, when FF 14.0.1 is running, the font size, color, bold and bullet will change automatically in Lotus Notes. Sometimes the font changes from normal horizontal to all vertical. And these changes can reverse while I watch or continue trying to type.
    Also, in Excel 2007, the Find & Replace box will automatically pop up and keep popping up after I close it.
    My IT support suspected Malware on my laptop and loaded & ran Malwarebytes on my laptop and it found two items which I removed. But the problem was still there. Next we reinstalled Office 2007 and Lotus Notes 8.5.1 --- still did not solve the problem.
    I began my FF troubleshooting by disabling add-ons one-by-one in the reverse order of addition (newest added was disabled first) until I got to the point before which I previously did not have this problem. But this did not find an offending add-on. (I still have these add-ons disabled.)
    Next, I went brute force and restarted FF with '''ALL''' add-ons disabled (using the Help option to do so). This did '''NOT''' fix the problem.
    Then I happened to find out that the problem went away -- completely -- if FF was NOT running. I have checked / verified this several times --- somehow FF 14.0.1 certainly appears to be the cause. As I recall I only experienced these issues AFTER I updated to FF 14.0.1
    I hope a solution can be found -- otherwise I will no longer be able to use FF at work.

    Would be great if files could be attached when questions are being created. I exceeded the max allowed characters when I tried to paste my FF troubleshooting info. So, I had to delete many lines. I saved the info in a file, but no way to attach it before the question is posted.

  • Trouble with Acrobat 9 Pro and Lotus Notes

    Hi folks,
    I have an client, running Windows 7 Pro with M$ Office 2007 Pro, Lotus Notes 9 and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.
    My problem is, that I am not able to initiate an e-mail-based review.
    I can't choose an adressbook, it always says that there is no connection to the e-mail-program.
    Also if I enter an valid e-mail-adress this message appears.
    Lotus Notes 9 is set as the standard mail program in windows.
    I hope, you can understand my problem and you can help me.

    Hi Christian,
    Please set Outlook as default mail client and see if review can be initiated successfully or not.
    Also note that, Lotus notes 9 is not officially supported with Acrobat 9.

  • How to update multiple Sales Orders with one IDOC using IDOC_INPUT_ORDCHG

    Hi Gurus,
    Here's my scenario:
    Consider there are 2 Sales Orders for same Purchase Order -
    Open Quantity
    Sales Order 1
    Article A1
    Sales Order 2
    Article A2
    Say if I want to change Open Quantity of both SO 1 & SO2 by dispatching 1 Quantity each for Article A1 and A2 via ORDCHG, observed that in Include LVEDBF0N, XVBAK-VBELN is checked for only 1 Sales Order.
    Whether it is possible to update multiple SOs with one IDOC using IDOC_INPUT_ORDCHG?

    Check out this link, this deals with the problem you are facing.

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    Hi Experts,
    Is there any way where i can link Multiple Maintenance Order in one PR.This i need to track the services against each order through one PR PO.

    HI kavya
    For your requirement you can creatre PR/PO independently with account assignment category F. After wards you create maint. order as per requirement & assign services from this PO to any operation by changing the control key to PM03 but change the reservation/purchase requisition indicator to never manually so that it doesnt trigger any PR from maint.order. after changing the control key, you select the operation & click external button below you will get service selection in which you select exter nal services from F4 list (you can select from the PO) & qty also. By this you will get planned cost of external service. Then you do service entry in ML81N with reference to PO & give maint order no & cost will flow to maint.order. You can link to multiple maint order by this. You consume external services of single PO in multiple maint. order.

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