Multiple User with different Password

I am looking for a router which has the best range and allow multiple users to connect to the router using their own different passwords, and further it may allow the admin to manage the Bandwidth and data of each user.

Hi, dxtariq. What I know is that Linksys routers can allow you to create three (3) different passwords. This is applicable if the wireless router you have is a dual band. This means, you can create each 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz wireless name and password plus there's an additional connection to the guest. You can create a different password for your guest access.  To learn more about Linksys you may also visit their site:

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  • How do you update software when there are multiple users with different (unknown) apple ID's?

    We are a college with different users borrowing 'loaner' Macbooks.
    several users with different ID's have installed software that is now tied to that Machines serial number, and cannot be updated or removed apparently. We are trying to update iPhoto for use with iBook author, but it was installed by an unknown user and cannot be removed.

    The only practical solution is to wipe and re-provision the units when they're returned.

  • How do I set up multiple users with different configurations

    I have a Mac Pro that is shared by multiple users. Some edit using Avid Media Composer 6.0, and some edit using Final Cut Pro 7. Our client monitor is connected using a Matrox MX02 Mini. When I install the latest drivers for the Matrox MX02, I can use the client monitor with Media Composer, but not Final Cut Pro 7. When I back-rev the drivers to support Final Cut Pro 7, I can't use the MX02 in Media Composer.
    Is there a way to set up two users -- one for Avid editing and one for Final Cut editing -- that will each load different sets of drivers?

    Not in one boot system. The only way I can think of doing what you want is to dual-boot - ie, either partition a single drive with two volumes, one for each configuration, or, if you can, use separate physical drives. The Matrox drivers are loaded at the system level, not the user level.
    If you have a spare drive, you would just clone your system across using Carbon Copy Cloner / SuperDuper, then boot to the second system and adjust the drivers as necessary.

  • PDF for multiple users with different values

    Is there a way to create a PDF to be sent to multiple users but have different values in the PDF? For expample employee A's offer letter is for $50/hour while employee B's offer letter is for $55/hour. But they have the same offer letter just with different values.
    I have Enterprise EchoSign and FormsCentral.
    Thank you!

    Thanks for asking, but FormsCentral currently does not support this.

  • In my household we have multiple users with different apple id's on one computer. Can we just change the login to sync our devices to the computer?

    We have multiple apple id's for each member of the family and we all use one computer. Will this cause problems when we all want to sync to the computer, after we authorize each apple id to the computer?

    Each user should have a separate user account on the computer. That will result in each user having a unique iTunes library and as long as each person logs into the computer with their own account, it will avoid unintentional cross synching and deletion of data.

  • Multiple users with different Ipods on same computer

    My household has one general computer that is used by myself and my two teenage daughters. We don't use separate logins because it is used mostly to just go online, check our email, and use Itunes along with updating our Ipods. This works fine for us except that we have different Ipods. My girls have the Ipod Mini's and I have the Ipod (with video screen).
    My question is this: Can one computer (running WinXPProSp2)authorize two different Ipods under the same user name? Also, can two (or three) different Ipods be "authorized" on the same computer?

    Yes, your not really authorizing ipods, you just authorize a PC to play songs you buy from iTUnes. Once its authorized all ipods can play the song that connect to it.
    You can separate the music that is loaded to each iPod (Like your music only added to your ipod and your girls ipods only updating there music to there ipods) By creating your own playlist and setting the ipod to update them. This is covered more here

  • There are multiple users with the same display name

    We have a user and when she get an item assigned to her she sees the following alert:
    "There are multiple users with the same display name USERNAME and at least one of them does not have read permissions to some of the files"
    Now I looked in the database and when I run the following query with the username:
      FROM [Tfs_Configuration].[dbo].[tbl_Identity] where displayname like '%USERNAME%'  
    Then I get 2 same usernames back, How can I get rid of one of them ? When I access TFS trough the portal I only find 1 occurence of this user.
    We use VS2013 and TFS2013 update 4
    Best regards

    Hi DSW,  
    Thanks for your post.
    In your query result, please check if these two users have the same Account Name. if they are two different Account Name in result, it indicate there’s two users have the same display name in your AD, please check that two users’ information in
    your AD. We suggest change one user’s display name in AD.  
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
    HERE to participate the survey.

  • Can I Turn off iMessage in a group text with multiple people with different devices? There's 1 person in the group text that doesn't use iPhone anymore and they can't see any messages that are sent unless we send as regular text individually.

    Is there a way to turn off iMessage for a group text that includes multiple people with different non-apple devices? When a message is sent, only the iPhone users can see the iMessage. Those without them cannot see the texts unless we send individual Text Messages or turn off iMessage completely.

    now I have this and it still doesn't work.
    Section "ServerLayout"
    Identifier "Simple Layout"
    Screen "Screen 1" 0 0
    InputDevice "Mouse1" "CorePointer"
    InputDevice "Touchpad" "SendCoreEvents"
    InputDevice "Keyboard1" "CoreKeyboard"
    Option "OffTime" "1"
    Section "ServerFlags"
    Option "AutoAddDevices" "False"
    Option "DontZap" "false"

  • BO xi 3.1 u2013 schedule a template for multiple reports with different column

    I need to migrate the existing reports from SQL Server Reporting Services to BO, and the column order in the report is very important to the clients since clients have existing code to ingest these reports into their database. Now I want to schedule a single template with different parameters for all reports in BO, or create a single template with lot of parameters for all reports. My question is how I might use one template to create multiple reports with different column orders in the reports?
    For example, client A has the following column order in their report: firstName, LastName, DateBirth, SSN. Client B has the following column order in their report: SSN, DateBirth, LastName, FirstName. Can I use one template to create these multiple reports?

    The only approach I can think of is to create a template report which uses variables
    For each column you would need to variable
    v_columnAName and v_columnAValue
    v_columnAName would have a if statement in it
    =if([client]="clientA" or [client]="clientC";NameOf([firstName]);if([client]="clientB";NameOf([SSN]);NameOf([lastName]));
    v_columnA would have a if statement in it
    =if([client]="clientA" or [client]="clientC";[firstName];if([client]="clientB";[SSN],[lastName]));
    This would only work when you had a small set of clients.
    This might be more managable if it was done in the universe

  • Single invoice for multiple orders with different divisions

    Dear All,
    while I am trying to do single invoice for muliple orders with different divisons invoice is gettting splitted..In copy control vbrk routine I  tried with 003 and 007 etc..but result is same..what configuration need to be done for getting the single invoice
    Thanks In advance

    single invoice for multiple orders with "different divisions" invoice is getting split
    FYI - Different Division means different Sales Area.
    So, sales doc (whether sales order, Delivery & Billing) is applicable to EXACTLY one sales area.
    Thus, combining docs with different sales area is practically impossible.
    Provided, you are using common division.
    Hope this assist you,
    Thanks & REgards

  • I have two users with different music on each itunes and i can only use one library, how do i use both for one iTouch?

    i have two users with different music on each itunes and i can only use one library, how do i use both for one iTouch?

    Chris, I believe this link may have the information you're looking for. Welcome to discussions!

  • HT1206 Lots of info about one user using multiple computers. What about multiple users with separate Apple IDs using same computer? Having problems getting my wifes new iPhone talking to her apple account on the computer we share (2 users)

    Lots of info about one user using multiple computers. What about multiple users with separate Apple IDs using same computer? Having problems getting my wifes new iPhone talking to her apple account on the computer we share (2 users)

    You need to create a user account for your wife (or yourself depending on who has the current user account). When syncing, each of you should sign in as a separate user, login to iTunes and then sync. I had this problem when my sister got an iPhone. When we did her initial sync, everything on my iPhone showed up on hers. Apple gave me this solution.

  • How can I edit multiple clips with different frame rates on the same timeline

    how can I edit multiple clips with different frame rates on the same timeline

    You do not want to edit material from different frame rates on one timeline. You CAN do this, but it is a very bad idea - and this is why.
    Once you establish the sequence frame rate - lets say it is PAL material at 25fps, any material that you drop into the sequence other than 25 fps will have to be changed to play at 25 fps. If the material you add is NTSC (29.97), FCP will DROP 5 frames per sec to bring the frame rate down to 25 fps. Which 5 get thrown away? Every 6th one. This yields a funky cadence that becomes even more complex as as there are also interlaced fields (DV/NTSC is an interlaced format). Oh, and by the way, the image sizes are different as well. DV/PAL has 576 lines of resolution and DV/NTSC has 480. FCP has to scale up the NTSC to fit the PAL frame.
    You do not want FCP adjusting these things on the fly. You want to do a thoughtful (and time consuming) conversion so that you end up with all your material in one format with the best possible image from the conversion process. Compressor can do an adequate job with Frame Controls turned on. The Natress Standards Conversion FCP plugin is another way to go. A third option is to find a post house that can do the conversion for you using a hardware based process.
    The good news is, once everything is in the same format, editing it will be painless and the output process very quick.
    Whatever frame rate/ image size you select, I'd suggest using ProRes for the codec. It is 4:2:2 color and will withstand color correction and composting with much more grace than any variant of DV based codecs.
    Have fun.

  • Multiple Orders with Different reasons on a Single day

    I am recently learning Device Management of IS-U Electricity. Now I have a problem with meter reading orders generated at the time of periodic meter reading with reason 01 and different system generated orders with reasons like 22, 21 , 16 and 11 which are the orders get created internally based on device replacement and modification.
    If the scheduled meter reading date lies on the day or the day before of device replacement or modification, the meter reading for the periodic order is getting prorated based on the meter reading entered at the time of replacement or modification. This is what I dont want.
    Is it possible to have multiple orders with different reasons on the same date? Any configuration changes are welcome.
    - Arghya

    You can acheive this using following config changes.
    SAP Utilities --> Device Managment -->Meter Reading --> Meter Reading Order -->Order Creation --> Define Automatic Interpolation for Meter Reading Reason.
    Uncheck  the 'Auto Interpolation' flag for Meter Reading reason 01.
    This will not use the Replacement or Modifiaction read.
    Let me know if anything more is reuiqred.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Ranjit Thakur.

  • Define Multiple Taxes with different Accounts

    Dear Members
    I have defined tax in Oracle R12 . and defined multiple rates. these all tax deducted in a single Tax account. but my requirement is, there should be multiple taxes with different acccounts. when I define multiple taxes the system gives error unable to Calculate the tax. when I only enable one tax it works.
    Current sanario tax rates
    2% Account # 666461
    3% Account # 666461
    3.5% Account # 666461
    Required Sanario
    2% Account # 666461
    3% Account # 666462
    3.5% Account # 666463
    Should be different
    Do you have any Idea How I configure it.

    Hmmm, thought I did that but ran into issues...Will give it a harder look.
    Thank you for your reply, tt2...BTW, I've been reading these forums for awhile now and your replies in other posts have helped me so thanks for all of them, too...

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