Multiple users with different Ipods on same computer

My household has one general computer that is used by myself and my two teenage daughters. We don't use separate logins because it is used mostly to just go online, check our email, and use Itunes along with updating our Ipods. This works fine for us except that we have different Ipods. My girls have the Ipod Mini's and I have the Ipod (with video screen).
My question is this: Can one computer (running WinXPProSp2)authorize two different Ipods under the same user name? Also, can two (or three) different Ipods be "authorized" on the same computer?

Yes, your not really authorizing ipods, you just authorize a PC to play songs you buy from iTUnes. Once its authorized all ipods can play the song that connect to it.
You can separate the music that is loaded to each iPod (Like your music only added to your ipod and your girls ipods only updating there music to there ipods) By creating your own playlist and setting the ipod to update them. This is covered more here

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    The only practical solution is to wipe and re-provision the units when they're returned.

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    Go for  MIRO without MRRL.
    Instead ERS, you can post single  Invoice(MIRO) for multiple POs  for one vendor.
    Check with Technical consultant and go for development to have single ERS output for multiple ERS invoice documents for single vendor.
    Biju K

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    Thanks for asking, but FormsCentral currently does not support this.

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    I am trying to use both my daughter's mini and my nano on the same computer. I can get my library (nano), but not her library (mini) even thought the mini does show up. How can I get her library and not my library?

    Hello Nancy,
    I'm not sure if I'm interpreting your post correctly and whether you are having difficulty connecting the mini or in creating a library. However there are a couple of methods for using more than one iPod on a single computer. Have a look at this article and go for whichever you feel suits your needs best: How To Use Multiple iPods with One Computer Hopefully this answers your question.

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    Is there a way to set up two users -- one for Avid editing and one for Final Cut editing -- that will each load different sets of drivers?

    Not in one boot system. The only way I can think of doing what you want is to dual-boot - ie, either partition a single drive with two volumes, one for each configuration, or, if you can, use separate physical drives. The Matrox drivers are loaded at the system level, not the user level.
    If you have a spare drive, you would just clone your system across using Carbon Copy Cloner / SuperDuper, then boot to the second system and adjust the drivers as necessary.

  • Two different iPods sharing same computer and iTunes

    How do I set up a second iPod on the same computer but keep them separate?

    Plug the new iPod into your computer and go through the iPod Setup Assistant when prompted. If you want to transfer different music to each iPod, try the options in this article.

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    Hi - hope somebody can help with this. Could you talk me through how to set up homesharing on the same computer for 3 different accounts (me, wife and son - the latter with parental controls). I've tried turning on the homesharing function and the "look for homesharing" but am having no joy. would be grateful for any help. Thanks.

    I have been able to share my media using Home Sharing on different accounts on the same computer. All you need to do is make sure you use the same Apple ID for all of the accounts when you set up homesharing and have all of the accounts logged into at the same time. Then you will be able to transfer media back and forth.

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    We have multiple apple id's for each member of the family and we all use one computer. Will this cause problems when we all want to sync to the computer, after we authorize each apple id to the computer?

    Each user should have a separate user account on the computer. That will result in each user having a unique iTunes library and as long as each person logs into the computer with their own account, it will avoid unintentional cross synching and deletion of data.

  • Help with two Ipods on Same Computer

    I have several questions in this one thread...
    I have two Ipods (Mine and my wifes). We each have seperate user names on the PC. I have all my music in the Public Folder, Music, Itunes. I have both Itunes preferences setup to share libraries, I have both setup to use that as one library, and I have considated the libraries. So the problems:
    1. How can I insert a new CD we own and have it be in the library and both Ipods sync it? I placed a new CD we own and it is syncing to my ipod, but not my wifes. I confirmed it is in the shared folder.
    2. Can you both use the songs you purchase on Itunes? It is saying no when I am syncing hers for songs I purchased on my acct. But I thought it could be on 5 different devices.
    Thank you for any help. I have searched high and low and I am sure the solution is here somewhere, but I keep doing what I find with no success.

    If the old iPod works, the new iPod will work.
    Simply plug it in.
    Create a new playlisy with the songs you want.
    Open iTunes orefs -> iPOd.
    Select Automatically update only selected playlists.
    Select the playlist you just created.
    That is all.

  • Need help to see if I can use 2 different Ipods on same computer....

    I recently updated from my Ipod shuffel to a Nano. The software automatically updated my computer when I pluged in the new one, but I have given my son my shuffle and have not been able to get it to work on my home computer, can I update his on my computer that I use for my nano?

    The ca-55 was the only adaptor to convert a car-k91 to pop port, you can not change it to another type of connector, you will have to buy a new kit.
    Danny b
    Nokia Accredited Installer
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  • I have multiple devices backed up to the same computer each with different data. how do i keep them from syncing all data when i back up or transfer stuff from the computer to a device?

    i have multiple devices backed up to the same computer each with different data. how do i keep them from syncing all data when i back up or transfer stuff from the computer to a device? one is an iphone 6 and the others are ipad mini first gens, each ipad has 64gb and the iphone has 128, need to keep the data seperate as they are not all mine

    Itunes content and pics are NOT part of the backup that itunes performs.
    Backing up, updating, and restoring iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone software
    You should transfer any purchases from iphone regularly:  File>Transfer Purchases  , if they fail to be transferred when you sync.
    You buy one and only one download.  It is your responsibility to move/copy/backup your purchases.
    You can try contacting itunes support and asking for an exception, but they are under no obligation to allow.

  • HT1206 Lots of info about one user using multiple computers. What about multiple users with separate Apple IDs using same computer? Having problems getting my wifes new iPhone talking to her apple account on the computer we share (2 users)

    Lots of info about one user using multiple computers. What about multiple users with separate Apple IDs using same computer? Having problems getting my wifes new iPhone talking to her apple account on the computer we share (2 users)

    You need to create a user account for your wife (or yourself depending on who has the current user account). When syncing, each of you should sign in as a separate user, login to iTunes and then sync. I had this problem when my sister got an iPhone. When we did her initial sync, everything on my iPhone showed up on hers. Apple gave me this solution.

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