#Multivalue Error on Webi when Using BEx Query

Hi All,
I have created a Webi Report on top of SAP BW BEx Query. I have created a variable in Webi on top of a dimension. When I add that variable in the report block some of the Measures are showing as #Multivalue. I know we can get rid of this by creating a universe and then changing the properties of the measure to sum. However we do not plan to have a universe and would want to make the changes in the BEx query or in the Webi Report whereever applicable.
Kindly suggest the solution at the earliest.

HI James,
Creat Variable =
use this variable in report , it will help you

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  • Created Webi report using BEx Query.

    Hi All,
    I am going to upgrade in BW and using BEx  & Webi Report. I have created webi report using BEx query. Now I need to test data in webi report.
    Can anyone tell me how to test data?

    compare the webi report data with Bex report. more you can compare webi report with SAP R3 system for random records.

  • WebI Prompts using BEx Query Variables

    I have the following issues with WebI report selection input paramaters (prompts) that use BW BEx Query variables. Could anyone please assist?
    Issue 1:
    The WebI report has one mandatory and two optional input paramaters (all paramaters from BW BEx Query). When I execute the report via WebI rich client directly, enter the value for mandatory input parameter and leave blanks for both optional input parameters, the report ran OK and has no issue. However, when I ran it through CMC a strange thing happen: I could not select the value for mandatory input paramater as it requires to have values for both optional input paramaters first (which I wish to have them blank and optional). When I refersh values for the mandatory paramater, it says "List of Values for current prompt requires values for following prompts:...(ie. the two optional parameters).
    Anyone has any idea - it seems like it is a CMC issue for the WebI...
    Issue 2:
    Take the same WebI report above, the issue here is the order sequence of the prompts (ie. the selection input parameters). How can we change/control the sequence of the prompts? Whatever sequence of the varaiables (input paramters) in BW BEx Query, the WebI ignores it. Please advise.
    Thanks & Regards,

    I did not see separate thread for issue #1, therefore I'll us this thread.
    I am running into similar issue when I get an error message ''List of Values for current prompt requires values for following prompts: <Name of the prompt>".
    We are using BO V4, SP2, Patch 10 with SAP BW as DB via BEx queries.
    I opened support ticket for this issue since obviousely it's still an issue after applying patch 10.
    It's not an issue when 'Rich Internet Application' option is selected to view report in 'Reading' mode (via Launchpad Preferences then Web Inteligence; defautl value for viewing is 'Web').
    I have not tried to use Client tools but even if it works with Client tools - it is not a solution for us. Our company does not plan to install client tools on end user computers.
    Bigger issue us is that report scheduling invokes Web version (not Rich Internet Application). Therefore we cannot schedule report that is giving us problem described. I tried scheduling report from Launchpad and from CMC and both game me error highlighted.

  • GetCellData error in WebI to SAP BEx Query

    Hi all,
    We have  multicube with a BeX query and and universe. We have created roles with authorizations and restrict users on Retun Line and Business Unit. We have created the authorization variables in the BeX query on Return Line and on Business Unit.
    When we create a query only using Return Line, the authorization works and returns the correct result. When we use only Business Unit we got no results which is incorrect, but when we use a query in Webi with both Return Line and Business Unit we get the following error:
    "A database error occured. The database error text is: Error in MDDataSetBW.GetCellData. See RFC trace file or SAP system log for more details. (WIS 10901)"
    Any ideas where the issue can be? We have double checked the authorizations in BW and they seem fine. We have also assigned ALL BU's on Business Unit in so not to restrict anything.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Ingo,
    We are still having issues with the authorizations. I think this is where the root of all evil is...
    My account has SAP_ALL so I can run eveything just fine.
    An account has been created to test against... XUSER. This user belongs to roles, ZCBW_BARTN_100 to restrict data on the Return, ZCBW_BUPC_B00000 to restrict data in Business Unit and Profit Centre, and a 3rd role ZFBW_GEN_BU_ENDUSER that is used for general authorisations for the user - I think.
    When the report is refreshed an error is raised: Failed to retrieve data form the database.... Database Error:'BAPI error #: 0. Unknown error when executing MDX.' When I remove ZFBW_GEN_BU_ENDUSER from XUSER, Crystal 2008 raises and error in the line of "XUSER has no RFC authorization for function group SYST. So this is leading me to think the issue is in the setup of this ZFBW_GEN_BU_ENDUSER role and certain access/autthorization has been removed preventing the user from executing the MDX via BOBJ correctly.
    When one has a user account, what is the minimum authorization needed in a role to be able to execute queries from BOBJ using the MDX drivers? I think this may resolve the issue as the guys here have really locked down on a lot of stuff.

  • 4.x: Document Link passing range parameter to a WebI rpt using BEx query

    I'm new to working with BEx queries, so I may use the wrong terminology.  I'm trying to create a document hyperlink from one WebI report to another.  Both are based on BEx queries, which I didn't create, nor do I have access to modify.  The BEx query for the target report has a parameter, Fiscal year/period, which is a range parameter.  The displayed value in a report or in pick lists is in the format "JUL 2010".  The key is in the format "K4/007/2010". 
    I have tried using the Document Link expert to configure passing the range parameter, but have been unsuccessful.  The typical result is an error message, ERR_WIS_30270, which is most likely the result of an incorrect format for passing the range.  I've not been able to locate adequate documentation that describes the syntax for passing a range value to a BEx parameter.  I've successfully created Document Links to reports using BEx queries that have a parameter that requires a single value, and I've done Document links in non-Bex reports in 3.1 without issues.
    Has anyone successfully passed a range value to a BEx paramter?   If so, what syntax did you use?
    The environment is BI 4.0, sp 2 (
    Edited by: Steve Green on Oct 7, 2011 8:04 PM

    Thanks for the heads up on the fixpack.  I tried looking at the note # you sent, but a search of SAP Notes says that the note has not been released.  However, reviewing the Fixed Issues in fixpack 6 shows the following item:
    Link to a WebIntelligence report using syntax OpenDocument fails when target document contains a prompt
    based on a BEx variable of type Interval. Error message is "An internal error occurred while calling
    'answerPromptEx' API. (Error: ERR_WIS_30270)".
    Behavior is now correct and refresh operation takes into account interval answer passed in OpenDocument URL.
    Now we just need to upgrade to fp 2.6 to see if it resolves this issue.  I've also opened a ticket with support, so I'll see what they say.
    Edited by: Steve Green on Oct 12, 2011 7:27 PM

  • WebElements: HTML not rendering when using Bex Query as Source

    Hi all,
    Has anyone managed to use the WebElements when creating a report on a BW source (BEx) query. I have used WebElements quite a lot on non-SAP sources and works like a charm. Now I would like to use it on a SAP environment, but the controls are not displaying, only the HTML text.
    Can anyone provide some insight to whether the WebElements are compatible on a SAP environment in Crystal or s there something special that needs to be done here.

    Dear Jamie & Jacques,
    Is there any news regarding this issue? I'm having the same issue here. I'm using BW datasource. My BOE, Crystal Report 2008, and Integration Kit are all on SP3 (with no FP applied yet).
    All the WebElements components are shown as HTML tag.
    But actually when i tried to remove the Datasource, the WebElements also don't show up. I've followed up all the instructions on the WebElements guide, and on the SDN link below.
    I added WECalculator and WEBuilder using formula syntax below to the report. But they only show up as HTML tag.
    Formula @calc (component WECalculator)
    WECalculator ("number", "0", "Integer", "Enter an Integer value.")
    Formula @builder (component WEBuilder)
    stringvar allelements:= {@calc};
    WEBuilder(allelements, 1)
    I've done everything as per the guide and SDN link below:
    browser interpretation
    [Interpreting WebElements in the browser;
    1) ensure that Can Grow is not checked on for the formulae that contain any webelements.
    2) ensure that the formula in the designer is only 1 line in height...these 2 are required to make pass through html work in the viewers
    done, i insert the 2 formulas to report and it appears as 1 single line.
    3) the web server should be restarted after making the change to the web.xml file
    if the above don't work please provide some more info such as
    a) which version of business objects enterprise you are using
    BOE, Crystal Report, and Integration Kit all on SP3. Below are the installation files i used (downloaded from SAP Service Marketplace).
    1. BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 SP3 (ENTERPRISE03_0-10007443.EXE)
    2. SAP BusinessObjects Integration XI 3.1 SP3, version for SAP solutions (BOBJINTGRSAP03_0-51038935.ZIP) u2013 Server installation
    1. SAP BusinessObjects Integration XI 3.1 SP3, version for SAP solutions (BOBJINTGRSAP03_0-51038935.ZIP) u2013 Client installation
    2. Crystal Report 2008 v1 (SP3) Win Server on IA32 32bit Full Build (51038906.ZIP)
    b) what viewer are you using
    I ran the rpt file (saved without using .rpt extension) through InfoView.
    c) does the select menu show up in the crystal reports designer html preview mode
    It only shows up as HTML tag as well in the Crystal Report designer HTML preview mode.
    Please help me.
    Kind regards,

  • MDX Error in WebI while running Bex Query

    Dear Experts,
    In my System BO XI R3.1 Enterprise and Integration kit For SAP has installed.
    While creating query with Efashion and MS Acess files query is running fine.
    But in case of BI queries(InfoCube or BEx Query) it is giving "Select Dimension 1 CrossJoin Dimension2...."Error(10901).
    Test Connection of BI (The server is responding)is working fine.
    How to solve the issue?
    Thanks in Advance
    Venkat P

    Hi Venkat,
    Obviously there is something wrong with your query.
    What happens if you parse the MDX using the BW transaction MDXTEST  - does it work ok?
    You need to try and identify at what point the query is failing, i.e. is it caused at the BW layer or is it a problem at the XI3.1 application layer...?
    I hope this is a very helpful answer to you.
    Kind regards,

  • #MULTIVALUE error in WEBI crosstab

    Hello Experts,
    I am using cross tab in a webi report and I get multivalue error in WEBI
    When I select the table property "Avoid Duplicate row aggregation", I get the below result
    As you can see, that in the first image, the Actual cost is calculated correctly, but the Quantity, is anot able to add up and gives multivalue error.
    Please help resolve.

    Hi Shilpa,
    You can use any context In or Foreach.
    Ex. =Sum(<Revenue>) In <Year>
          =Sum(<Revenue> In (<Region>,<City>,<Year>) In <Year>)
    Use contexts with Aggregation functions like Sum, Count, Min, Max etc.
    For better understanding of Calculation Context you can go through following document :
    - Smart measures are the ones which have  projection aggregate set as "Database Delegated" which in turn results measure to be calculated by the database itself.
    To create a Smart measures you can use calculated key figure or restricted key figure.
    In IDT we can achive it by applying projection for measure object.
    Hope this will help....!!!
    Veer S.

  • Error When Launcging BEX query into Web Browser

    Hi all,
    When Launching Bex query into Web browser from BEx Analyser it's giving this error message. We are using Bex 3.x tools.
    Technical Information for Message:
    Error loading template 0ADHOC
      Notification Number BRAIN 276
    Any help will appreciated!.

    If you want to continue to use the ABAP-based runtime, create the template using the Web Application Designer (SAP BW 3.x).
    The templates called using the new Web Application Designer have new objects that are independent of the objects saved using Web Application Designer 3.x. This means that, unlike the old templates, they can no longer be called using parameter template_id=abc. Instead, you can address them from an iView using template=abc and they use the Java Web runtime in the portal. Only the old templates can be executed in transaction RSRT.
    In Web Application Designer 3.x, you can use parameter template_id=abc to call saved objects.
    Note 1014795 - Error BRAIN 276 when you execute a Web template
    Hope it Helps

  • Error while connecting executing a webi report from Bex query.

    hi all,
    i need to create one webi report fron Bex query based on sab BW.
    But when I execute the query its shows "Unspecified error invoking method or accessing property "on change DocID"".
    i didnt get this msg.
    please help

    Hi Mohit Gupta,
    Degrade the java version to java 7 update 45 and also degrade the java security level to low from medium. Also delete the java temporary files and also clear your IE browser cache as well.
    This solved the issue for me.
    Chaitanya Krishna

  • Cnnection error while creating universe on Bex Query in BW

    I am getting connection error while connecting to BW Bex query.
    The error i am getting while creating universe is  A runtime exception has occured Error getting levels for hierarchy  dimension .....:Unknown error.
    After this
    Also while creating universe no key figures/measures are getting generated from Bex query to designer.
    Also in Bex query which are created as mandatory variables comes as  Prompts in webi.
    But when I try to parse in Condition filter it is throwing error.
    Currently that mandatory variable is From Date and To Date
    Is we require to change the prompt syntax in Condition filter.
    Also kindly suggest solution for Connection error as impemtation is getting affected.
    Gaurav Mang

    R u saying allow external acces in BEX query.This option in Bex Query designer.
    Or In whether while creating universes under properties tab there is use of OLAP universes option has to be made to Yes.
    This both things we have tried
    Let me know any other option to be tried.
    gaurav mang

  • WebI Report using BW Query

    I am using WebI Report using BW Query. I don't see some Formulas in Universe which is there in BEx Query.
    Did anybody face the same problem before?

    I meant that you should post in the forum the calculation contained in the formula that you cannot see in your universe.
    But let's start from the begining since you are new to SAP: Did you generated the universe yourself? If the formula was added in the query after the universe was created then you must refresh your universe (In the Universe designer  please select the option "Refresh structure" under the "view" menu) in order to get the newly created formula (I assume we are takling about a calculate figure here) in your universe also.

  • How to build and publish a webservice using Bex query?

    Hi Experts,
        Can anyone tell me how can i step by step to build and publish a webservice using Bex query,
    so another application can call this webservice.

    There i already a web service called query_view_data for the same available as delivered by SAP...

  • Error ORA-06502 When using function REPLACE in PL/SQL

    I have a PL/SQL procedure which gives error 'Error ORA-06502 When using function REPLACE in PL/SQL' when the string value is quite long (I noticed this with a string 9K in length)
    variable var_a is of type CLOB
    and the assignment statement where it gives the error is
    var_a := REPLACE(var_a, '^', ''',''');
    Can anyone please help!

    Even then that shouldn't do so:
    SQL> select overload, position, argument_name, data_type, in_out
      2  from all_arguments
      3  where package_name = 'STANDARD'
      4  and object_name = 'LPAD'
      5  order by 1,2
      6  /
    OVERLOAD   POSITION ARGUMENT_NAME                  DATA_TYPE                      IN_OUT
    1                 0                                VARCHAR2                       OUT
    1                 1 STR1                           VARCHAR2                       IN
    1                 2 LEN                            BINARY_INTEGER                 IN
    1                 3 PAD                            VARCHAR2                       IN
    2                 0                                VARCHAR2                       OUT
    2                 1 STR1                           VARCHAR2                       IN
    2                 2 LEN                            BINARY_INTEGER                 IN
    3                 0                                CLOB                           OUT
    3                 1 STR1                           CLOB                           IN
    3                 2 LEN                            NUMBER                         IN
    3                 3 PAD                            CLOB                           IN
    4                 0                                CLOB                           OUT
    4                 1 STR1                           CLOB                           IN
    4                 2 LEN                            NUMBER                         INI wonder what happened?

  • How to numberformat when using sql:query alogn with c:forEach JSTL tags

    Is there anyway to format the numeric values returned from the database when using <sql:query> alogn with <c:forEach> tags
    Here is my jsp code
    <c:forEach var="row" items="${queryResults.rows}">
    <td><c:out value="${row.COL1}" /></td>
    <td><c:out value="${row.COL2}" /></td>
    Col1 values are numeric without any formats Eg: 1000, 10000, 1000000 etc.
    how can i format them to 1,000 , 10,1000 , 100,000 etc

    It is polite to mention what your answer was. These posts are not just here for you to ask questions, but to be used as a resource for other people to find answers. Saying "I solved it" with no details helps noone.
    I presume you discovered the JSTL <fmt:formatNumber> tag?

Maybe you are looking for

  • Regarding planning data not available in reports

    HI SdN, In my reports I'm populating actual data and planning data.But as of now we have only actual data display's in our report.what we are doing is we are populating data in BW and analysing on the base of the product cutomer (compounded) combinat

  • Automatic Transfer of Texts into Line item

    Dear All, When we enter the G/L, Vendor, or Customer accounting document, if one line item contains text information and the same text should be copied into another line item automatically without entering '' or '+'. What are settings we need to do?

  • Dreamweaver has encountered a fatal error

    Hi I started to get this message a few days ago all out of the blue. So I uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. Can anyone please help and advise me. Many thanks Nig

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  • Urgetn .........Getting an error on inputfield

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