Music slightly out of sync when exporting in Premiere CS6, format problem?

Hi guys, i have a quick question.
I edited together a promo for a local band and everything is perfect in the sequence as far as being on point with the music at certain beats and such. However when I export it the music is slightly out of sync, which is bad when you edited everything specificly to the song. I am not using ANY audio from the footage but instead layed a music track over everything. I'm not sure what else to do, could it be a format problem? I am using h.264 (see below), but would AVI or anything else work better? any help is appreciated thank you!
I am exporting directly from inside Premiere CS6 using a custom H.264 preset. 24fps, VBR 2 pass encoding. Target 7MB, Max 11MB. (with render at maxium bit depth, and render at highest quaility selected.)
I put the audio settings to high, 320kbs AAC format.
I use a custom built PC with an i7-3770K, 32 GB RAM, and I exported to a 120GB SSD.
Any other info you need just ask.any types for uploading to vimeo so it doesn't get out of sync there? thank you in advance!
Also, any types for uploading to vimeo so it doesn't get out of sync there? thank you in advance!

I dont think that you will really get a problem while exporting in any of the given formats. But i would really like to check if the audio layer is exactly same as of the video. for eg - if my audio is 00:05:30 and my video is 00:05:20 , we might face issue with the sync.
We can try to put more black video to make it a match with the audio and then try to export.
Where do you have the media files , on a internal drive like c: or desktop? In case not , try to move the media files to desktop and then try to export.
Also instead of exporting the files to your 120GB SSD , try to export it on the desktop.
Hope it helps.

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    I made a large slideshow for a 40th anniversary party. It has 244 images & 7 songs. It is 29 min 54 seconds long. When I view the slideshow in iPhoto it works fine & the last image ends right at the end of the last song.
    When I exported it to iDvd, the audio gets out of sync with the video. By the end of the first song, the video is about 2 seconds ahead. By the end of the last image, the last song is cut of by about 30 to 45 seconds. I tried exporting the slideshow directly to iDvd. I also exported it as a large movie & it did the same thing.
    I'm using a 17" 1.67ghz powerbook with 1.5 gigs of ram.
    I'm using OS 10.4.2.
    I'm using iPhoto 5.0.4
    I'm using iDvd 5.0.1
    The images are scanned tiffs. I also have jpegs that I shot with my canon eos digital rebel xt.
    Anybody have any ideas or work-arounds?

    I suggest you either use iDVD to create two slideshows or use iMovie to get all 277 images and the 8 audio tracks into one slideshow. If you use iMovie after you get the slideshow/movie put together and completed quit iMovie. Then go into the iMovie project package (Control-click and select Show Package Contents). The find your movie in the Shared Movies folder and drag it into an open iDVD menu. This allows iDVD to to the rendering of the stills and give you a sharper image. That movie file you're dragging is a reference movie so leave it where it is and just drag it into iDVD's window.
    If you can live with two separate slideshow (consider it a potty break between the two) and you don't have or need the Ken Burns effect, you can get excellent results by building the slideshows with iDVD from imported stills. The sync to audio in this method works as advertised. I like to add a blank slide at the end of the slideshow so the music fades out during a blank, black slide.

  • Why does my audio slip out of sync when exporting?

    I am exporting an HD edited video. I shot 1280x720 & editing in FCP 6.0.5. I am using APPLE PRO RES 422 1280x720 30fps 48kz . Should it be (HQ)?? - I do not select re-compress all frames or make self-contained. I just want a QT reference file to view and then burn a DVD. My clip is 43 minutes long. HOWEVER, the audio drifts out of sync BIG TIME. Why is that??
    Here are my sequence settings:
    1280x720 Aspect Ratio HDTV 720p (16:9)
    Square Pixels
    Audio at 48kHz

    That's what I thought, however, when I play back the .mov file after exporting using "current settings", that's when I experience OUT OF SYNC audio. Do I ignore that and drag and drop that file into iDVD and let iDVD crunch it??? Is it just the playback of that .mov file that is out of sync?

  • Rate Stretch audio goes out of sync when exported.

    Audio, which is rate stretched using the rate stretch tool to 100.01%, plays fine in Premiere Pro CS6. However, when exported to Encore or to MPEG-2 file, the audio is no longer stretched and becomes out of sync by the end of the video. When I play the preview in Encore, the audio is out of sync. Switch back to Premiere, it is OK. Export a MPEG-2 file and author a DVD, the audio is out of sync. Go back to Premiere, it is OK. I record the audio using a TASCAM portable recorder. I have recorded and synched audio many times and this is the first time that it does not work, on two separate Premiere projects. Any ideas on how to fix this. Even better, is there a way to record audio so that it matches the video (from a Panasonic HD AVCHD camcorder) without requiring rate stretch adjustment?

    Try changing the speed with right click, Speed/Duration instead of using the Rate Stretch tool.

  • Audio/Video out of sync when exporting to MPEG4

    I am working on a project that is being edited on FCP 5.1.4
    Anyhow, there is problem when exporting to MPEG4- the audio/video is out of sync.
    Sequence settings show 29.97 editing base with 48 mhz sound, which is the same as the MPEG 4 settings, but they are not in sync. Anyone encounter this problem? I've never had this problem before previously.

    Hi Harm,
    last time you suggested the same but  I wouldn't know how to take the BM card out of the equation. I only have on station. If I export to Beta SP there is no problem.

  • Audio Drifting Out Of Synce when Exporting to Quicktime

    Using FCS2 and all material is HDV 1080i60 with audio 48k. Everything in my sequence plays and renders fine and is in sync. When I export to quicktime movie using current settings the sound goes slowly out of sync so that by the end of the project the sync is horrible and the actual project is short 11 or so frames??
    Any suggestions?? I have always done this in the past with no problems but since switching to FCS2 I have had nothing but problems when this comes up.

    I had a similar problem when I exported a 20 minute video to an .flv Playback looked and sounded fine but the .flv file direct out of Final Cut was out of sync with audio. I finally used the Render Manager under tools to remove all renders for that sequence and then just re-rendered in one shot. That export was clean. I had tried to break renders and re-render them but it didn't work, but the Render Manager seemed to fix what ever caused it. I haven't noticed again since on any other projects. Good Luck.

  • Video and sound slightly out of sync when screen mirroring

    When I start screen mirroring and play a video, then my macbook screen matches perfectly with the sound output from my stereo, but my tv is slightly delayed compared to my macbook which makes the sound and video out of sync. it is something like 1/10th or 1/20th a second, but it is extremely annoying.
    Anyone has the same problem or knows how to solve this?

    What format were the original items ?
    What frame rate are they in the original ?
    What format are they on the AppleTV (H264 video AAC audio is the most common, but there are others) ?
    What is the video frame rate now ?
    Most out of syncs come from an imperfect attempt to encode for AppleTV. ie. DVD frame rate is 29.97fps. Many encode this to 30fps. So the movie plays 0.1% too fast, too little for you to notice, but at the end of a 100 minute film, the audio is 6 seconds out of sync with the video. Or 3 seconds on a 45 minute TV show.
    Also check the source. I'd had DVDs (Alien Resurrection) jump 10 seconds out of sync in the middle of the movie. Back to the shop for that one.

  • Audio and video are out of sync when exported.

    I've been trying to export a clip from a sequence in fcp. I've marked in and out points, and use the export using quicktime option. And each time, the audio is out of sync with the video.

    Yea it still won't let me post images, so here are the settings:
    Sequence Settings: Frame size: 1920x1080 HDTV 1080i 16:9
    Pixel aspect ratio: square
    field dominance: upper.
    Editing timebase: 30.
    Quicktime settings:
    compressor: H.264.
    Quality: 100%
    Audio Settings:
    Rate: 48kHz
    Depth: 16-bit
    Config: Channel Grouped
    Item Properties: comicsonspot.MP$
    Type: Clip
    Creator: Quicktime Player
    Size: 1.7 GB
    Tracks: 1V, 2A
    Vid Rate: 60 fps
    Frame size: 1280x720
    Compressor: H.263
    Ok, there's a bunch more settings, let me know if you need any other info. Thanks again!

  • Video and audio goes out of sync when imported into Premiere

    I have some videos ripped from some DVD that an acquaintance made, with an open source program called HandBrake, with the default "high profile" settings. When I play it both in VLC and in Quicktime, it plays just fine, but when I import it either in Premiere or in After effects, the video and audio goes out of sync (the video ran faster than the audio and when the video stops, the missing audio is trimmed).
    Video info according to Premiere (in Spanish but you may get the meaning).
    Ruta del archivo: [...].m4v
    Tipo: Película MPEG
    Tamaño de archivo: 667,7 MB
    Tamaño de la imagen: 720 x 480
    Profundidad en píxeles: 32
    Velocidad de fotograma: 29,97
    Formato de audio de origen: 48000 Hz - comprimido - Estéreo
    Formato de audio del proyecto: 48000 Hz - Punto flotante de 32 bits - Estéreo
    Duración total: 00:30:35:15
    Velocidad media de datos: 372 KB / segundos
    Proporción de píxeles: 0,8889

    "HandBrake, these days, is almost entirely about H.264 video, aka MPEG-4 Part 10.  HandBrake is migrating to quality-based encoding."
    Hmmm.  I use HC Encoder to make my DVDs because it's the only free encoder I've found with the much more professional Constant Q encoding option.  But HC Encoder doesn't do HD sources for Blu-ray, so I've been wondering if I'd be stuck with the lame-*** consumer CBR and VBR options most encoders provide (including Adobe - hint, hint) when I eventually start working in HD.  This is a very interesting program, Handbrake.  I will have to check it out.

  • Audio/Video slightly out of sync after exporting media and trying to watch on iPhone

    Hey adobe tech heads
    So, I recently upgraded to the new Adobe Premiere Pro CC, from Premiere Pro and I have to say that there doesnt seem to be any difference to the normal functionalites. While I am merely a beginner, i suppose there are more complex features that i have yet to discover.
    But let me get to the point of this discussion. I have been making a few fun videos for friends of mine of their childrens birthday parties and such. I have a Nikon D3200 which is a 24 megapixel camera for images and have been shooting 1080p for the video, which i think uses 25 frames per second. (Dont quote me on that one as i am still learning all this techno-jargon). I was, in the beginning, having a slight issue with choosing the correct sequence settings in the beginning, but eventually managed to figure out that for my Nikon, i was choosing the DSLR, 1080p, 25fps option. So far, all seemed to work well, everything synced up, rendering the files often, and creating a fun memory for the parents, of their childs birthday party.
    Then is comes to exporting. I would just select "Media" and then "Export" which would bring up the Export Settings Menu. I would simply press the Queue button, and then in in the Queue section, i could choose to make a video file typically for Youtube in HD. Before posting this discussion, I did a quick youtube search, so not to waste all your time, and found this link of this guy who not only showed me that i dont need to Queue it up, and can direclty select Youtube HD from the Export Settings menu which i will try, but he also confused the #%^&$(*& out of me with all his bitrate settings talk (this part starts around the 3min and 32secs mark into his youtube tutorial) -  (The reason I am showing you this is because now, i am not sure if this is what may cause my slow phone/tablet issue)
    So here is my problem - Once i edit and export the file into the youtube 1080 25fps HD option, I open this new exported file on my pc and it works fine, perfectly synced and ready to share. Once i have uploaded it to Vimeo, which is my preferred social media network, it uploads fine, and on any normal pc/laptop, there is no problem and it runs just as smoothly as when it was edited. Although i noticed that the video seems to be playing at about half a second behind the audio when trying to show someone on any iPad/tablet or any mobile phone. I recently made this clip as a tester and to be able to show you awesome braniacs, because its kinda pissing me right off, that the video isnt perfectly syncing into the audio on the phones and tablets, but works just fine on a PC/Mac. I specifically made a point to match the images up to the beats of the songs, and if you watch where the little kid climbs up the indoor rockclimbing wall, this might help you understand my frustration. check the below link on your pc/mac, and then again on your phone and you will see what i mean. I even played them simutaneously together and you can see the delayed video on the phone/tablet than on the PC/Mac. 
    Any help would be greatly appreciated on how to fix this, as while its doing my head in, i am sure for you guys, a simply change on my lack of tech knowlege, will probably have us all smiling! Here is the clip -
    Thank guys. I look forward to your replies

    First of all, when you export, you should see the dialog box that has information about the source video as well as the export. If you are shooting 25fps then you are not in the USA. If you are in the USA, look harder at your export settings.
    But that isn't the problem you are facing.
    Are you using the Vimeo app to play the videos on the iPad or are you just playing it in a browser? Use the app if you aren't now doing so.
    I doubt that you are using anything other than AAC for your audio from what you have said about using the presets, but I have to ask. You are using AAC, right? That is what Vimeo prefers.
    Have you tried turning the HD off in Vimeo to see if that clears up the problem? That will probably be fine on a smartphone. An iPad might see the difference though.
    You are not going to be happy reading this thread, but here it is anyway.
    I don't even know what to make of this one.
    In any case, you will read for yourself that you may want to change browsers on the mobile device.

  • Exported slideshow to Quicktime, music now out of sync

    Hello: I created a slideshow in iPhoto with music and transitions in sync, then exported it to Quicktime. When I play it in Quicktime, the music track is slightly out of sync with the slides. Can anyone give me any suggestions? Thanks!
    Powerbook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. I think that problem was fixed with 10.4.8 and the newest Quicktime version. Download and use the 10.4.8 COMBO updater as opposed the the Software Update method. I'd do the same with the Quicktime version. QT 7.1.3 is required if you need to access videos from the iTMS. Otherwise QuickTime 7.1.2 for Mac will suffice. It depends on your iTunes situation.
    Do you Twango?
    TIP: For insurance against the iPhoto database corruption that many users have experienced I recommend making a backup copy of the Library6.iPhoto database file and keep it current. If problems crop up where iPhoto suddenly can't see any photos or thinks there are no photos in the library, replacing the working Library6.iPhoto file with the backup will often get the library back. By keeping it current I mean backup after each import and/or any serious editing or work on books, slideshows, calendars, cards, etc. That insures that if a problem pops up and you do need to replace the database file, you'll retain all those efforts. It doesn't take long to make the backup and it's good insurance.

  • Final Export of a Project Slightly Out Of Sync

    Hi there,
    I'm trying to find an answer to what seems to be a common issue when exporting projects out of Final Cut Pro X, however I haven't yet found any answers that work or that tell me things I don't already know (don't mean to sound know-it-all though).
    The issue is that after I have exported my project, the audio and video are out of sync. It doesn't drift as the video goes on; it's out of sync by the same amount from start to end. Of course, when editing and viewing the project in Final Cut, the sync is fine.
    The project was created from scratch with the Apple ProRes 422 setting, the two original camera angles were both 25p, the audio I'm using is 48K/24bit which the project is setup as also. The audio was originally recorded at 48k/24bit and mixed seperately in Pro Tools and was exported as a wave file (48K/24bit) and brought back into Final Cut.
    I can't think of what else to describe. All the project settings and the original footage and audio setting are exactly matched. There's no frame rate changes, no audio resolution changes, no MP3 in the mix, no apparent issue when viewing/editiing in the project, and I even tried optimising the video and exporting just to see if that made any difference.
    I usually listen to the audio via an RME souncard which is setup to be low latency. However, whether I view the project and then export via the external audio interface, or view the project and export via the laptop speakers (with not extrernal audio interface connected) it's the same result: slightly out of sync video!
    If anyone has any ideas I would be most grateful.

    Hey Russ,
    Thanks for your time. When I say a 'common issue' I found that when I searched it both on Google as well as this support forum I found multiple threads and questions pertaining to this issue of sync and/or drift.
    I tested this single angle idea by using the footage in a nother project and exporting part of that (without changing angles) and it seemed to be OK. However I have other projects which are only single angle but they export slightly out of sync as well. I haven't found a common denominator yet.
    When I say out of sync, it's not dramatic, however it's always the same - the audio is just a few frames behind the video. This has happened with most of my projects using different footage and different audio, etc. No matter what setting audio and video are recorded at, and regardless of whether I dramaticallty colourise or add effects to the video or not, it's always the same result; slightly behind audio when exported.
    With regard to presets, do you meet export settings? If so, I'm mostly exporting using H.264 and as a Quicktime Move (AAC) output. I've tried various resolution changes and tinkering but nothing has changed.
    If you're referring to project setup presets, I can't really change too many things because obviously the audio resolution and video frame rates are predetermined so I can't try 25p footage in a 30p project, etc.
    Thanks again,

  • Audio goes in and out of sync when burned dvd played on standard DVD player

    I made a short film recently (7:00 mins) and once completed and burned to DVD using iDVD and DVD Studio Pro about 20% of the clips have out of sync audio. Just slightly out of sync. Some more noticeable than others.
    Playing off the timeline syncs perfect, the exported prores 422 mov file syncs perfectly, and if the finished DVD is played on my mac or my pc the sync is perfect, but when played on a standard dvd player to my TV I get the syncing problem, but only at certain points through the film. As I said, about 20% of it. The rest of the film is fine.
    Shot on Canon 5d mkII - footage converted to prores 422 1920x1080. Audio recorded on Zoom H4N with some ADR recorded on logic pro. Audio synced manually using clapper board reference. Using a 27'iMac with current OSX update as of 14 March 2011. Edited in FCP 7, exported to proress 422, burned to DVD with current iDVD and DVD Studio Pro, all current versions and updates.
    I have tried exporting to mpg4 and mpg2 - no joy. I checked audio bit rates and discovered the logic recorded stuff was 44.1khz as opposed to 48, so I converted to 48 but still no fix.
    Any suggestions?

    Should I convert just the clips which are out of sync in the DVD, or all of theclips in the FCP timeline?
    If that is the issue, wouldn't I have the problem in the final prores mov as opposed to just when its played dvd to tv?
    Ill try it though. Its an odd problem so its likely to have an odd solution. Willing to try anything at this point.
    Thank you.

  • Audio/Video out of sync on export

    I am trying to export a music video I made back to my camera but the audio gets slightly out of sync. Any explanations? thanks.

    Welcome to discussions!
    iMovie Guru Lennart Thelander put together a pretty good list here:
    The problem:
    (Scroll down about two thirds to "What's the difference between locked and unlocked audio?" )
    The solution:
    Always use 16-bit/48kHz audio.
    iMovie: Audio and Video Lose Synchronization
    A few possible solutions here:
    iMovie: Improving audio and video synchronization

  • DVD audio slightly out of sync

    Whenever I watch a movie on the DVD player on my macbook, the audio seems slightly out of sync. This happens with any movie I play so I know it isn't the DVD that is the issue. It is like the audio of a characters voice plays a fraction of a second after it should. Has anyone else experienced this or am I just crazy? Is there a quick fix for this problem?

    First of all, when you export, you should see the dialog box that has information about the source video as well as the export. If you are shooting 25fps then you are not in the USA. If you are in the USA, look harder at your export settings.
    But that isn't the problem you are facing.
    Are you using the Vimeo app to play the videos on the iPad or are you just playing it in a browser? Use the app if you aren't now doing so.
    I doubt that you are using anything other than AAC for your audio from what you have said about using the presets, but I have to ask. You are using AAC, right? That is what Vimeo prefers.
    Have you tried turning the HD off in Vimeo to see if that clears up the problem? That will probably be fine on a smartphone. An iPad might see the difference though.
    You are not going to be happy reading this thread, but here it is anyway.
    I don't even know what to make of this one.
    In any case, you will read for yourself that you may want to change browsers on the mobile device.

Maybe you are looking for

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