My audio books that were bought through Itunes on my Iphone do not show up on my Itunes account.

I bought audio books on my iphone, but they do not show up on my itunes account on my computer.  The books I purchased through the computer show up on my itunes account.  My phone is at it's max and I need to remove these books, but do not want to lose them.  Thank you for your assistance.

This isn't completely coherent so I am not sure what is wrong other than some (al?) of your tracks have broken links.
If you are browsing through iTunes you are not looking at files you are looking at data entries that point to files, with those locations being incorrect right now. 
There isn't a file called iTunes media, there is a folder that should be in your iTunes folder called that.
You mention something about external drives. I presume one is for your Time Machine backup but is the other one used for iTunes?  If so, what do you keep there?
Here's some background information to help place this in context:
What are the iTunes library files? -
More on iTunes library files and what they do -
What are all those iTunes files? -
Where are my iTunes files located? -
iTunes 9 [and later]: Understanding iTunes Media Organization -

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    Hello wtcooper217,
    It sounds like your iPhone is not seen in iTunes but your computer does recognize it. I recommend the troubleshootings steps from the article named:
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    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
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    Hello there, Nau1988.
    The following Knowledge Base article should help with troubleshooting your issue:
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    Audiobooks are stored under Books, Audiobooks in your library.
    Select Books from either the top left drop down or the Left hand sidebar depending on how you arer using iTunes. Then Select Audiobooks from the headings

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    Try the iTunes "Transfer Purchases" menu item. This will transfer music purchased through iTunes on your iPhone to your computer.

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    I have had similar problems in the past like this one, give this a try:
    Go to your iPhone settings>music> scroll down to "show all music" and make sure its on.

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    OK. T-Mobile is NOT owned by AT&T... yet... The deal hasn't gone through yet. T-Mobie's US network is not compatible with the iPhone. Lots of things don't work right. There is not, and never has been an unlocked 3G sold in the US. Don't know where the phone originated, but more than likely it was in the US. If that's the case, the phone has been hacked/jailbroken to get it to work.
    Have you tried doing a restore or restoring the phone as new? I have to warn you, if you do so and the phone is hacked/jailbroken, it will re-lock to AT&T and will become unusalbe.  I think your best bet right now might be to save yourself a lot of grief and just upgrade to new phone from a legitimate source.
    I would never even consider buying an iPhone on ebay. 99% or more are hacked, jailbroken and/or stolen.

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    Thanks Alex! That did the trick! I just saw your reply. I thought no one had replied because I did not get an email alert. I think I had turned that feature off and forgot I had done so. Now it seems so obvious but for some reason I didn't look there. This is a big help. I can download stuff at work but at home I have only cellular data using a mobile wi-fi device and downloading movies, especially HD movies is just not an affordable option. Taking my iMac to the office would be crazy. I downloaded only my MacBook Air and copied the files onto a thumb drive but those were not recognized. I was at my wit's end. Thanks again!

  • I purchased an audio book back in march or april.  The store does not show it as purchased and I have been unable to transfer it from my old computer to my new laptop. I have followed all of the instructions for transferring for three different methods:

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    Therefore, t there any way to just completely delete all the old backup data out of my Time Capsule from my prior Mac Laptop?
    Here is how to do this:
    Open Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility
    Click Manual Setup
    Click the Disks icon at the top of the AirPort Utility window
    Click the Disks tab below the icons
    Click Erase
    The "Quick Erase" option will only take a moment or two
    Now you can backup your MacBook Pro. If you connect an Ethernet cable from the MBP to one of the LAN <-> ports on the TC, the first backup will go 3-5 times faster than wireless.
    Once you have the first backup done, you can use wireless for subsequent backups since they will only take a few minutes

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    You can't merge IDs, but if you want to change the ID:
    For iMessage, go to Settings>Messages>Send & Receive, tap the ID sign out, sign back in using the new ID.
    For FaceTime, do the same thing in Settings>FaceTime.
    For Purchasing, do this in Settings>iTunes & App Store.
    For iCloud, start by saving your photo stream photos to your camera roll by opening your My Photo Stream album, tap Select, tap all the photos you want to save, tap the share icon (box with upward pointing arrow), then tap Save to Camera Roll. Then go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account and provide the password and choose Keep on My iPhone when prompted, then sign back in with your new ID and choose Merge to upload your data.

  • It's not showing up on my iTunes Library

    Okay so previously I was an owner of an android and have recently switched to an iPhone 5s. I downloaded iTunes and did all the required steps and whatnot, but then I had also transferred all my music from GooglePlay to iTunes. For the most part it was successful, without flaw, the problem only occuring when I had to of the same artist, but different albums. I read the pop-up box about it having to merge and I thought it was good, right? Wrong. In my Music Folder on my desktop it says it is in iTunes, but the it's not showing up on my iTunes Library. Why isn't it showing up and how can I get it to show up so that I can listen to mutiple of their albums?
    (The first album from the same artist was uploaded via CD and the second was vis GooglePlay. I synced my phone to see if the other albums from GooglePlay had problems but found none. It's just when I have two of the same artists and different albums.)

    Copy file from DVD to your hard drive then add to library?

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    What was the error that displayed when attempting to update?
    Without that, we're simply guessing at what the problem might be.

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    You might need to remove and reinstall the Apple Mobile Device Service. Check out this article:

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