My computer can't read raw files from my nikon d4s in Photoshop cs6

i have a MacBook Pro and have Os X 10.8.5 installed
Photoshop CS6 can't open the raw files from my Nikon D4S.
I tried to install Adobe CameraRaw 7.1 but keep getting error messages. ALso tried to install the patch to no avail.
Any suggestions?
Thank you

ACR 8.4 provides support for the Nikon D4s, and there is now ACR 8.6 for Photoshop CS6.
Get it here: Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter : For Macintosh : Adobe DNG Converter 8.6

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  • How do I open RAW files from the Nikon D4s in photoshop?

    How do I open RAW files from the Nikon D4s in Photoshop? I have the updated newest version.

    The Nikon D4S is a brand new camera which has just been added by Adobe to Camera Raw 8.4.
    8.4 has not yet been finally released but you can download and install a pre-release copy for CS6 and CC (it is not compatible with CS5 and earlier)

  • I can not load RAW files from my nikon d810

    I Have a problem Reading RAW files from my nikon d810

    Op 26 jul. 2014 om 17:40 heeft Rikk Flohr <[email protected]> het volgende geschreven:
    I can not load RAW files from my nikon d810
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  • How can I open raw files from my Nikon D7100 in CS4 or CS5?

    How can I open raw files from my Nikon D7100 in CS4 or CS5?

    In the simple and short form, what happens with the ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) module is that it gets updated with regularity, to accommodate the camera mfgr's. changes for their newer models. That ACR works within the host program, such as Ps, PsElements, Lightroom, etc.. At a point, Adobe ceases to support older host program versions. When that happens, the user has a few options:
    Upgrade the host program version
    Use another host program, such as PsElements or Lightroom
    Use the free DNG converter, per Curt's suggestion. That is not host program dependent
    Glad that the DNG Converter works for you.
    Good luck,

  • Is there a possibility to open raw files from the Nikon D750 in photoshop elements 11?

    Is there a possibility to open raw files from the Nikon D750 in photoshop elements 11? I allready tried to install camera raw 8.7.1 but it doesn't work.

    Yes, I see:
    Letzte Aktualisierung
    The link I gave is listed in the faqs of this forum.
    Photoshop Elements FAQ List

  • New Computer - Can't import raw files from Canon 1D mk 4

    I just bought a new Toshiba Qosmio laptop and have reinstalled PS CS5 and LR 3.2 64 bit.  LR says there are no other updates to install.  Trying to import raw files from CF reader but LR is not showing me the raw files on the import screen.  I have installed Camera Raw 6.2 plug in.  It's been a long night but I can't see why files aren't importing properly.  What am I missing?  All suggestions greatly appreciated.

    The ACR plugin is not needed for importing files with Lightroom. LR has it's own "ACR" built in. The ACR plugin is used when opening Raw files from Photoshop.
    Try copying the files from your card-reader to your hard drive using explorer/finder, and try importing from there. There have been quite a few reports where the card reader (and its connection) have lead to trouble while importing into LR.
    Beat Gossweiler

  • Can't read Raw files from EOS 700D in CS4

    How do I update CS4 and Bridge with ACR 5.0 to accept .CR2 files from EOS 700D? Have tried downloading and installing ACR 5.7 but bridge still opens using 5.0. Any assistance greatly aappreciated, thanks.

    As i already mentioned support for EOS D700 starts in ACR 7.4 so ACR 5.7 won't open Raw files from this camera.
    However, you can use DNG converter to convert Raw files into DNG and import in CS4 aaplication.
    The Digital Negative (DNG) format is Adobe’s proposed standard format for camera raw files. DNG files are useful for archiving camera raw images because they contain the raw camera sensor data and data specifying how the image should look. Camera raw image settings can be stored in DNG files instead of in sidecar XMP files or the camera raw database.
    You can download the latest DNG convert from following place:

  • HT1338 Need help, iPhoto'11 can't read RAW file from Fuji X pro1 camera.

    How to update RAW file from Fuji x pro1 camera into iPhoto'11.

    OS X Mountain Lion: Supported digital camera RAW formats

  • Which Updates are required to read RAW files from a Nikon D300

    iPhoto 6 on Tiger can't read RAW (nef) files from my Nikon D300. Can I just update to iLife'08 or do I need Leopard as well?

    I'm not sure about iPhoto 08, but you will definitely need 10.5.2 for the D300.
    So if you don't want to update to iLife 08, try update to 10.5 first, see if that works for you.

  • I'm using a 30 days trial of PS  CC...but I Can't open raw files from my NIKON D 7100

    I can't open raw files in PS CC.
    I'm using NIKON D7100.

    Good morning, and may I just add  THANK YOU!
    While certainly not as efficient or handy, that is the answer.  I simply
    instructed my PC to open the containing folder, in this case my direct card
    reader, and manually copied the files to my hard drive (highlight first and
    last-SHIFT-Enter) and moved them to a pre-named subdirectory.
    I opened PScc and pointed to that file, clicked on the photo I wanted and
    VIOLA!  Opened in Camera Raw and I was off to the races!
    Perhaps the user groups can make some noise and someone at Nikon may take
    Thanks again for the suggestion.

  • Lightroom 2 Can't Read RAW Files from Canon 6D

    I bought a new Canon 6D in December.  I am currently editing in Lightroom 2.  However, Lightroom 2 does not seem to be capable of reading my RAW files.  I guess I need to upgrade to the latest version of Lightroom?  If so, will the new version incorporate my existing images from Lightroom 2?

    For the record, the Canon 6D was first supported in Lightroom 4.3 (and later versions but not earlier ones).
    Camera Raw plug-in | Supported cameras
    Adobe only sells current versions of Lightroom (currently 5.7).
    You can either pay a once off US$79 upgrade fee to upgrade from v.2 to v.5.7. See Products
    Or subscribe to the Photography Plan ($10/month) and get all future updates and upgrades included in your membership
    Creative Cloud Photography plan | Adobe Creative Cloud
    Or use the free Adobe DNG converter, convert all 6D Raw files to DNG format then edit in LR2
    Photoshop Help | Digital Negative (DNG)

  • Installed Adobe Camera Raw 8.7.1 but still can't read raw files from new a7ii

    Have latest update of LR. Just bought new camera A7ii but LR would not recognize raw files. Downloaded and installed Camera Raw 8.7.1 and restarted. Still can't recognize files. What did I do wrong?

    Have latest update of LR
    Please tell us the version number
    LR would not recognize raw files
    Exactly what happened? Is there an error message? If so, please quote the complete error message exactly as it appears, word-for-word, verbatim, changing nothing.
    Downloaded and installed Camera Raw 8.7.1 and restarted.
    As Bob Somrak said, this won't help, and he provides details on what to do.

  • Aperature can't read RAW files from my new Nikon D800. Help?

    My Aperature is version 3.2.4 and I have done all the software updates.  I shoot in both JPEG and RAW, but aperature can only read the JPEG's.  Can anyone help?

    The Nikon D800 raw support was included in "digital camera raw update 3.11", and that is the only one that I cannot find online any longer.
    The raw support for Nikon D800 has now been moved directly into the latest MacOS X Releases - for MacOS X 10.7 it is built into MacOS X 10.7.4 or later, see:
    and for Mt. Lion it is included in all releases, see:
    But according to this list:, if you are still using Snow Leopard, you will need the raw support from "digital camera raw update 3.11". What is the latest raw support you installed?

  • Iphoto can't read RAW files from Olympus E-PL1

    I just got an Olympus E-PL1. Iphoto doesn't recognize the RAW file with the extenstion .ORF
    The E-PL1 has the same sensor as the P1 and P2. I would assume that both those generate the same RAW data.

    Until the camera is supported try converting the files to .dmg file with the Adobe DNG Converter 6.1 which iPhoto supports. Many pros use the dmg format.

  • Photoshop CS6 is not recognizing the raw file from the Nikon D4S.

    Just picked up the Nikon D4S, took some shots to get acclimated and glad I did. When I uploaded them my PS program is telling me, "Camera Raw cannot open this file."  Than when I tried to edit an older image from my Nikon D300S I was getting the same message.
    Can anyone help? I believe I have the most current Camera Raw.  
    Thank You, Tami 

    I have Camera Raw 8.1. I found that I needed 8.4, so I downloaded the 8.4 converter plug in and I was able to open the images. However, I had to go through a few steps & than wait for the files to be converted to a dng file. I hope I don't have to go through these steps every time? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much,

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