My earphones mic and volume buttons don't work ever since the iOS 8.1 update! Please help me. One discussion person says they bought a new pair and THEY don't work either. What do I do? I'm about to have a breakdown!

I rely heavily on my earphones because well... I'm lazy but they don't work. They work on my friend's iPhone who hasn't updated yet but I've updayed and the mic and volume buttons don't work. Please make a correct update!

Nope, still same problem. I did an install, didn't work. Then I completely removed my IDT driver, restarted, installed the driver, restarted, same problem.
When I troubleshoot my audio it always asks me which one to troubleshoot. It only works if I do one of the "Speakers / HP - IDT" but I don't know why it has so many devices listed with the same name.
Also, after I troubleshoot and I can hear audio, if I go to "Manage audio devices" it still shows that no audio device is installed, which is why the webinars won't work.

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