My iPhone won't connect to wi-fi because of personal hotspot

My iPhone won't connect to the available wi-fi source at home, personal hotspot has disappeared from underneath wi-fi on settings and when you go into personal hotspot in network, you can't turn personal hotspot off, 4 iPod touches 4th gen, 1 iPad and 1 iPhone all running iOS 5.0.1 have all successfully connected, and personal hotspot does not represent any problems, I need help!

Has anyone found a solution to the above. I am having the same problems!
Thank you

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  • My iphone won't connect to my macbook because i need latest itunes, but can't upgrade itunes without 10.6.8, but can't get 10.6.8 without 10.6, which i have to pay for, ***?


    I Just found it on the apple site, it arrived on a cd a few days later and worked just fine again.
    i would recommend backing everything up just in case. Better safe than sorry, trust me. I've lost so much when i didnt back up once when re-installing the system.
    IT shoulldnt erase everything, bt it might, so back up just in case
    should you loose everything, then i have some tips on moving stuff fromyour iphone/ipod to the computer

  • IP Address Is Duplicate and iPhone Won't Connect

    Everything was working for last 2+ years, then my modem died yesterday. I replaced it, but can't get back to where I was. I ended up restoring network to factory settings and then doing connection.
    I have AT&T DSL service. When setting up the connection with my AirPort Extreme, have Ethernet with Bridge Mode. I receive message that "another device on the network is using your computers IP address." I didn't have this issue when setting up 2+ years ago. So, I manually changed the IP address, but this caused a message about DNS not being correct, which I ignored, because this at least gave me access to Internet, and I didn't have to "borrow" from one of my neighbors unprotected networks. I have implemented WPA2 security (which I had prior to this also).
    Issues I now have are:
    - iPhone won't connect, and it did before all this
    - HP Photosmart printer (which is wireless) also won't connect, as it did before
    I assume that all my issues are from not configuring correctly, and that it revolves around the IP address conflict.
    Any assistance?

    You need to do a Factory Default Reset on the AirPort Extreme (AEBS) to clear out all the old settings and IP conflicts.
    Pull the power plug on the AEBS
    Hold in the reset button and while you continue to hold it in, plug the power back in to the AEBS
    Release the reset button after 10 seconds.
    Open AirPort UTility and set it up again to Create a wireless network.
    It's easiest to click Continue and follow the guided setup.
    Ignore the Double NAT message when/if it appears.
    I know this works. I have the exact same equipment on my desk now.
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  • IPhone won't connect to Macbook Pro Hotspot!

    When I make my Macbook Pro into a hotspot my iPhone won't connect to the network. It'll detect, but won't connect. Running OS X 10.8.2 and  iOS 6.1 on an iPhone 5. Help!

    Post in the iPhone forum in as much as your settings need adjustment.

  • Iphone won't connect to windows 7 hotspot

    My iphone won't connect to a windows 7 hotspot (which I created in my laptop). I do find it in the iphone's WiFi menu, but it appears under devices rather than as usual WiFi coneection. When I try to connet, the following message appears: "JorgeHOTSPOT has no connection to the internet. are you sure you want to use this newwork?"
    Can anyone help me to solve this.

    One day later: My solution
    I went to the Apple Store with a Genius onliine appointment a few hours after posting this. They couldn't connect it either. One of the terminals had CORRODED. In 4 months. They replaced the phone. I think I used it in the rain once.
    My comment:
    I had a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I long ago in the stone age. This was one of the first PC's and competed with the Apple model I. It connected to external floppy drives with uncoated steel terminals on the connectors.  It cost $2200 in 1977 dollars, now at least $6500, because you could buy a VW for $4000 at the time. It was necessary to go over the terminals with a pencil eraser every few months to get the corrosion off and polish them up. At least they were external and you could do this in a couple of minutes. My point is Radio Shack made a computer that cost half as much as a car unreliable because they saved pennies using cheap metal connectors. Ditto with the iPhone. Apple, what are you thinking? At least please make a terminal-polishing kit, because I can't get a pencil eraser in that tiny slot to clean them myself next time.

  • Iphone won't connect to internet or send messages

    My iPhone won't connect to the internet at all nor will it even send SMS messages.  I've already tried resetting the network settings and that did not work.  Are there any other solutions out there for this problem? 
    Thank you!

    Your right....I can't believe it. I disconnected my phone from my wifi. Shut it down and turned it back on. Sent myself an email message and on the 3G network phone picked up message immediately.
    Now I am seeing if the 30 minute rule you had still applies here.
    What a mess...but I gotta say, Love the phone, better battery, amazing screen, faster....just a few things that are really important going wrong!

  • Iphone won't connect to my wireless

    My iphone won't connect to my wireless

    Your wieless what?
    Cellular network?
    What have you tried?
    What happened?
    Error message?
    What did it say?
    Any info?  At all?

  • Iphone won't connect to wifi

    My iphone won't connect to my home wifi. It say's connected but when i try and go online it say's unable to connect. I've tried forgetting the network, turning wifi off and on. The ip address is ok and my laptop connects ok.
    Has anyone got any ideas about how i can fix it?

    I am having the same issues as GirlyGirl.  Every other day or so my iPhone 3GS won't connect to wifi.  Before I was showing the wifi signal as if it were attached but I couldn't surf Safari.  Now even though under the wifi settings it shows I'm connected, I don't get the wifi fan showing I'm connected.  I've done the following:
    Renewed lease
    Forgotten network
    Reset Network Settings
    Reboot my iPhone
    Two days ago when I rebooted the router and Reset Network Settings it started working correctly.
    I've been working with my internet provider, they tell me my firmware on my 2wire is up to date & the issue is definitely with my iPhone.
    Security Settings:  WPA-PSK (TKIP) and WPA2-PSK (AES)
    My iPhone is attaching to the 169.x IP Address and the Subnet is The router, DNS and Search Domains are blank.
    Also to note, I changed the name of my device through the gateway router so I could identify it more easily.  As of today it had defaulted back to the old name which is the ip address. Even if I don't change anything it isn't keeping those settings.
    Other than restarting my router and taking everything down for 15 minutes each time, what else can I try? 

  • Iphone won't connect to wifi network

    iPhone won't connect to a wifi network - just get a message saying it won't connect to the network (it doesn't give me a message that I've got the password wrong). Other devices do join the network OK
    What should I do to try t resolve it?

    I bought my iPhone 4s yesterday and I'm having the same problem, my laptop, my old HTC Legend and my work macbook all connect to my wifi no problems.  My iPhone won't.
    I've read through everything I can find on here, and on Sky help and have tried:
    Resetting router
    Resetting network settings on iphone
    Using MAC address access control on the router
    Changing channels on the router
    Switching everything off and on
    Someone suggested doing 'forget network' on the iphone, but I can't find this option
    Turning off 3G and mobile data and trying to connect
    Checking password is correct (it is)
    Kind of at a loss now as to what I can do, I've emailed Sky and waiting for their advice, but should I take it back to the shop to exchange it?  Everything else I have connects just fine, no problem.
    It just says "unable to join network"
    Anyone help?

  • IPhone won't connect to my home wifi but iPad and Mac work. Help!?!?

    iPhone won't connect to my home wifi but iPad and Mac work. Help!?!?

    Unplug it from power, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in.  Wait 1 minute.  Try to connect.

  • HT201412 My iPhone won't connect to computer

    My iPhone won't connect to a computer. I can't update my phone

  • I've not upgraded to IOS 6 on my ipad, and my Verizon hotspot on my Iphone won't connect to my Ipad

    My Verizon hotspot on my Iphone won't connect to my Ipad and hasn't for a few weeks..
    Have tried re-booting the system, holding down keys etc.
    I have no idea what to do now as I am 100% technically challenged.
    Thank you for any very simple instructions on how to proceed

    It's in recovery mode and can't be used until you connect to a computer and restore it through iTunes.

  • My iPhone won't connect with my computer or charge. How can I fix this?

    My iPhone won't connect with my computer. It also will not charge. I changed the white charging cord, but I have the same problem. I connected other devices to the USB and they work. It's strictly the iPhone.
    How can I correct this?

    I forgot to mention, the iPhone does charge via wall plug.

  • HT4993 How do I fix this??? HELP!!!! My iPhone won't connect to my iTunes

    My iPhone won't connect to my computer.  Every time I pulg it in I get a message from my iTunes that says "iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because an invalid response was received from this device" 
    I am opperating the current versions of both software (iphone and itunes). 
    Any help would be great!

    1. Try and delete stalled Podcast
    2. Sign out of Apple ID>Reboot>Sign in again

  • TS1398 My iPad & iPhone won't connect to iTunes store.... it worked just fine earlier today... but not now. Nothing has changed.  I've gone through all of Apples suggested troubleshooting guides but it still won't work! Help?

    My iPad & iPhone won't connect to iTunes store.... it worked just fine earlier today... but not now.
    My daughter also has an iPad and an iPhone and these too won't connect either (use the same iTunes account)
    Nothing has changed since this morning,  I've gone through all of Apples suggested troubleshooting guides but it still won't work!

    p.s.  I just signed out of my apple id on daughters iPad and tried to create a new apple ID and still got the message CANNOT CONNECT TO ITUNES STORE......    
    so is this a problem with apple rather than my devices? Just seems weird that all our apple devices are doing this this afternoon when they were just fine this morning.......
    P.P.S  Just got a text from a friend with iphone and ipad......they are having same issue so at least I know it's not just me, so what's going on here APPLE?????

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