My iPod says "cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found. Always when half way through a sync. It also shows apple logo when I try to access photos and I think the issues are linked. Any ideas?

My iPod says "cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found" it also defaults to apple logo when I try to access photos. I think the issues are linked. Any ides?

So you have tried removing/trashing your iPod's photo cache? See here for more information on where to find this file.
iTunes: Understanding the iPod Photo Cache folder

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  • I tried to sync my Macbook Pro photos in iPhoto with my iPod Touch.  I have done this numerous times, but today I got an error message saying the required file cannot be found.  At the same time all of my photos on my iPod vanished.  Can anyone help me?

    I tried to sync my Macbook Pro photos in iPhoto with my iPod Touch.  I have done this numerous times, but today I got an error message saying the required file cannot be found.  At the same time all of my photos on my iPod vanished.  Can anyone help me?

    Try deleting the photo cache from your computer and then re-try the photo sync - the location of the cache, and how to delete it, is on this page

  • I am trying to sync my iphoto events with my iphone, but when i do, it says the required file cannot be found.. how do i solve this problem?

    i am trying to sync my iphoto events with my iphone, but when i do, it says the required file cannot be found.. how do i solve this problem?

    Try erasing the iPod photo cache.

  • I went to sync my iPhone 4 as usual and when it got to the end stage of the sync where it sync the photos from iPhoto, I get a message pop up that says, "The iPhone cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found." What do I do?

    I went to sync my iPhone 4 as usual with my iTunes account on my MacBook Pro and when it got to the end stage of the sync where it syncs with iPhoto, I get a pop up message that says, "The iPhone cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found." What do I do?

    Hi. I am having the same problem.
    I have updated iPhone software and carrier settings, OSX Lion on the comp and in step 4 of 4 during photo sync about half way through, the error message comes up and now my pics are gone from the phone. I did empty the cache and the problem still persisted. I changed cables, I restored the phone and synced from the back up and even restored and created a new phone identity, still no love.
    I am puzzeled, any suggestions?

  • My i pad will not import certain albums i once had on my i pad since iv'e done a restore,it keeps saying i pad cannot be synced because the required file cannot be found

    Can anyone please help,my i pad 1 will not sync with certain photo albums from i photo that i once had loaded on the i pad, i have done a format but with no joy, it keeps saying i pad cannot be synced,the required files cannot be found,

    Have you tried deleting the photo cache ( ?

  • I am trying to sync my photos to ipod touch but it keeps saying it can't sync as the required file cannot be found.

    I am trying to sync my photos to my ipod touch (previously Synced) but keeps telling me it can't sync as required file cannot be found

    Try deleting the iPod Photo Cache folder. For its location see:

  • IPod cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found - Aggghh!!!!

    I have a new iTouch, which is fine, I am just having a very, very bad experience of iTunes., in fact so bad it may go back to apple soon and I shall dust off my old Creative Zen
    The Problem:
    When I try to sync any music, audio book or photos, the message comes up:
    " iPod cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found" and nothing is synced,
    It syncs my contacts and calendar from Office Outlook fine, and the alarm works on the appointments.
    I think I have tried just about everything, I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes, done the whole Restore option in ITunes.. run the Diagnostics and all passes fine. I have searched the form and found another answer mentioning security issues, but mine have not changed. It is not the compatibility of photos or DRM with the music, I have tried a single music file (of my own song) and a single compatible photo.
    Googled the darn problem and there seem to be as many differing views on the problem as there are computers out there, from my hard drive being screwed (which it is not) to a registry file missing.. Tried all but…..
    Well if anyone can come up with an answer they can expect a very large thank you!!!
    Any answers?

    Do you sync photos to your device?

  • Ipod cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found

    Up until recently, the only thing there was wrong with my Ipod was the occasionally "100% freeze that only could be solved by draining the Ipod from battery", which it did less than three times a month. Then this sunday, when I was going to work (nightshift) I took the bus as usually, and listened to music on my Ipod for about half an hour.
    I hear music and podcasts from my ipod when I work, I connect my ipod to a jackstick and connect it to the radio of the wagon I drive around in. And then it started acting weird. The sound seemed to freeze up, but after 1 min or so, it played a fraction of a second and seemed to freeze up again. So I held down the toggle button and menu button, which did restart it as it should.
    I chose the same podcast and it started playing as if nothing were wrong. But then it did the same thing, and on the display where the name etc. of the item I was playing were supposed to slide from one side of the ipod to the other, was moving a bit and then coming to a complete stop, and then it would move a bit again.
    So I drained it from battery, and recharged it, when I got home from work. When I woke up I tried to play the same podcast, without listening to it, though, it did play, but the timer moved awkwardly, the seconds moved in a funny way.
    Then I tried using the restore function, in Itunes, thinking it would perhaps erase some bad software and installing it all over. But now When I try to synchronize the ipod with my itunes library, it synchronizes a few songs and then the red circle that comes with 'do not disconnect' disappears from the ipod and itunes says "the ipod 'name of ipod' cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found."
    After that the picture with the red circle and the'do not disconnect' freezes up, and the only way to turn it back on is to hold down the menu and toggle buttons, as if trying to get the ipod to go into disk mode. Also, Itunes can't see the ipod anymore.
    I went to the shop yesterday and said there was something wrong with it prior to my restoring it, but the guy in the shop made it sound like it was my fault for pressing the restore button, and that it would most likely start working if the software on it were updated.
    The software on my ipod is up to date, and I've tried removing and reinstalling the newest version og Itunes.
    I'm sorry for the wall of text that just hit you headon, but I hope that telling all the details might shed some light on my problem.
    I hope someone out there can help me, or refer me to another topic with a solution. I just realized how addicted I am to that little piece of hardware.
    Thanks in advance

    I've just made an interesting discovery (at least I'd like to think so myself:).
    When I got home from the gym today I plugged my ipod in the computer to recharge the battery (I had without any incidents heard around 60 songs). When Itunes detected my ipod it didn't recognise the library on my ipod and it wanted to restore the ipod and copy it's current library onto the ipod. Fine, I thought since it's completely indifferent. Only Itunes started with error 69 again.
    So I thought, to heck with it.
    I deleted my library 100 %, and I've just finished the hard work of sorting out my new library and my new playlists. I only added music, about 1600 tracks and synced - WITHOUT any errors occuring. I tried then to add the podcasts, of which there are 61 and Itunes was able to sync 55 of these before getting the error 69, the last 5 being podcasts of older date, which it hasn't had any problems with earlier.
    So right now, I'm thinking can the podcasts interfere with me syncing songs? or something far out like that?
    btw. itunes recognises the library on the ipod, so I don't think that's a problem anymore.

  • Photo sync error- can't update because the required file cannot be found

    After setting preferences for updating photos, i get the error-
    "can't update ipod because the required file cannot be found"
    It seemes to update all other stuff like music and podcasts, but will not update photos.
    This is driving me crazy!
    Any help would be appreciated
      Windows XP  

    The same problem exists with the German Windows version of iTunes (
    The error message says nothing!
    I wasted a lot of time checking the photo files but there was nothing wrong.
    Then I monitored the hd-access to find out WHAT a file is missing: it seems to be about the cache files of the program that isn't orientated right about it's own files!!! It seems to be a big fat bug!!!
    The hint here really helps but it also means that all compressed files will be deleted and compressed again. That takes hours of time and lots of GB temp-space on the drives.
    I think Apple should deliver a bug-free version of iTunes as soon as possible. And Apple should talk to the customers for that they must not waste their time because of bugs in Apple software.
    Will Apple read this?
    I can't find an email-adress to send it directly to apple.
    PC   Windows XP Pro  

  • ITunes cannot sync to the AppleTV because of a problem on your computer.  The required file cannot be found.

    I have two first Gen Apple TV's and a new MAC Book Pro.  I have about 600GB of music and 40GB of photos located on an external hard drive (Western Digital).  In the past, I have not run into any issues when syncing music or photos. Recently, I get an error message "iTunes cannot sync to the AppleTV because of a problem you your computer.  The required file cannot be found."  I noticed this after I added a few folders to my photo folder, which the AppleTV is pointed to for accessing and syncing my photos.  I went to the AppleTV to look to see if the new folders were in the photos, but they were not listed and obviously not syncing from the hard drive to the AppleTV.
    For trouble shooting, I disconnected my upstairs AppleTV from iTunes, then reconnected, pointed the AppleTV to the applicable music and phots folders on my external hard drive.  The music synced fine, but the photos did not sync.  I got the same error message. 
    Does anyone have any advice to what the issue may be??
    I read some posts similar to mine and the referenced deleting the iPhoto file cache.  I did not try this as I do not use iPhoto as the source for my photos syncing to my AppleTV's.
    Thanks - Scott1508

    Looks like my WD Hard Drive may have an issue.  I pointed the Apple TV to the photos folder on my other WD Hard Drive, which is formatted for MAC and it synced the photos fine.  I had never had an issue with the first WD Hard Drive, but it was never formatted for MAC. 
    Not sure if this could be the issue???
    I am considering getting an Apple Time Capsule (2 TB) for my back up, but also need a second back up for all my music and photos. 
    Does anyone have advice on moving to the Time Capsule as my main back up and keeping a WD as the secondary back up??

  • Ipod cannot update. The required file cannot be found?? Any help please.

    I like many others have major problems with my Ipod, we downloaded the Itunes 6 , removed it, went back to 4.9, connected the Ipod, everything got erased. ( but it was still on the computer thank goodness, anyway now I can't put anything back on to my Ipod, it say "Ipod cannot update. The required file cannot be found"
    I have Windows Xp Pro 2, what can I do, please lead me in the right direction.

    OK - Looks like your iTunes is working and has the songs you expect in it. No need to uninstall iTunes.
    Are the Playlists on the iPod only, or are they in iTunes only, or are they on both? Are they populated with the songs you expect?
    You can save the Playlists by 'Exporting' them individually to a PC file. Within iTunes, select (highlight) a playlist, go to File==>Export Song List and save the file to a 'Playlists' folder that you create. Save the playlists as a .txt and an .xml file (do both for each playlist: data redundancy is good).
    Do you have the original photos that are on the iPod? We will have to Restore the iPod and all data on it will be erased. As you have all the necessary music on iTunes, all we would be concerned about are the photos. Or anything else you haven’t mentioned.
    As long as you are satisfied with the state of your iTunes (all music and playlists present and accounted for), then you can comfortably Restore the iPod and place it all back on the unit. Restoring an iPod will not impact your iTunes. It just clears off the iPod's HD and replaces the operating system with a fresh copy. This should correct your inability to download any additional music to the iPod.
    Before you proceed with the Restore below, make sure that you have copies of all the data on the iPod so you do not lose anything.
    First, make sure that the iPod is fully charged.
    Make sure that you have the latest iPod Updater software (if you already do, skip to *)
    You also need to install the new Updater software (if applicable) by double-clicking on the file that downloads.
    After you install the Updater to your PC, reboot your computer.
    After rebooting, run the Updater.
    * Go to: Start ==> Programs ==> iPod.
    It should initialize then ask you to connect an iPod.
    Connect the iPod when asked (not before) and you should have two options available: Update or Restore.
    -- Choose the Restore option and it will update your iPod's firmware to the latest version and format your iPod's hard drive.
    After the Restore complete, re-register the iPod with iTunes, choose your syncing preference and place the music back on the iPod. Do whatever it is you do with the photos (I just have a mini, so no experience with photos), and you should be good to go.
    Post back if you have any questions. Especially if you are unsure of anything before you perform any additional processes.

  • The ipod "matthews ipod" cannot be synced the required file cannot be found

    When i try to sync my ipod touch 3ed gen it shoes that it is syncing at the top of the page but at the end of the sync a message pops up that says : the ipod "matthew's ipod" cannot be synced the required file cannot be found. after i chec my ipod and there's nothing on it. can anyone tell me why this would be happening.

    That error is usually resolved by deleting your iPod Photo Cache folder. See the following for its location:

  • The IPhone " 3 drea 3" cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found

    i updated the software on my iphone last night to the 2.0 and when i tried to sync my phone to put my songs back on it i got this message "The IPhone "<3 drea <3" cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found" whats wrong with is and how do i fix it ??

    Just another finding on my part ... I was able to sync my "last imports" from iPhoto, which were a bunch of JPG files that were scans of old family photos. As soon as I tried to sync other folders from the library, that's when I was notified with the error. Do you think this might be a complication with RAW images? I also thought about file names ... most of the photos have the sequential DSCNxxxx title.

  • IPhone cannot be synced The required file cannot be found

    could you help my iphone cannot syncing it showing a message "The iphone .......... cannot be synced, The required file cannot be found". I trying to reinstall a itune, update my iphone it still showing a message.

    Hey Rawins,
    Thanks for the question. The following article outlines the error message you are receiving and steps to a potential resolution:
    iTunes: Unable to sync photos
    - This error appears: "The iPhone/iPod touch '[device name]' cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found."
    If you encounter any of the above issues or another issue while syncing photos, try the following:
    1. Ensure that you are syncing the device with the computer with which you normally sync photos.
    2. Within iTunes, select the device, then select the Photos pane and turn off Photo syncing.
    3. Sync your device.
              Important: This will remove all synced photos from your device.
    4. Disconnect your device and update to the latest version of iTunes.
    5. Remove your iPod photo cache.
    6. Connect your device to iTunes.
    7. Select the device, then select the Photos pane and turn on Photo syncing.
    8. Sync your device.
    If you still see an alert that there is not enough space to sync your entire photo library, selectively add photo albums until the device is full.
    Matt M.

  • "iPhone cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found." HELP!!

    This is by far the worst problem I have ever had with the iPhone and I'm about to just give up and get a newer, better smart phone. I have an iPhone 3G and Windows 7 OS. I have updated all my software and cannot sync. I seem to be able to sync all my applications just fine as long as I am not selecting to sync my music. When I try to do that I get an error message that says: "iPhone cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found." All of my applications cease to work and I get like 1000 error screens that want to inform me of the error and they continue popping up as I close after the other. I selected to convert the files to 128 kbps AAC as well in order to save space. Even if I do not select this option I get that error. I also get a number of other errors that are just frustrating, but this error is the most consistent. I am able to sync my ringtones. I get the feeling that Microsoft and Apple are making their software incompatible for a reason and I just don't appreciate it. I have tried the rememdies suggested on this message board relating to the same error message and nobody seems to know anything. Restores are useless and frustrating. Factory settings work the first time but every sync after that just fouls up my whole iPhone all over again. The same problem is occuring with my wife's iPhone as well. If I cannot get help here or they do not come up with a solution soon I will never buy another Apple product again. I'm not sure if it's an Apple or Microsoft issue, but whatever the ***** BAD and needs to get fixed. I have talked to several people experiencing the same problems and they are pretty ticked off as well. It's just ridiculous.

    Well, attempted again today and now my iTunes locks up whenever I select a song! Also, my Volume Mixer on my Windows 7 will not open. Just terrific. Where's my MacBook???????????????

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