My itunes wont work on my laptop

help itunes wont work on my laptop every time i open it it works for a few seconds then it says something about a windos error

Make sure you have the Current Version of iTunes Installed on your computer
iTunes free download from
Then See Here  >
You may need to try this More than Once...  Be sure to Follow ALL the Steps...
Take your time... Pay particular attention to Steps 3 and 4.
After you have Recovered your Device...Re-Sync your Content
To remove a forgotten Restrictions passcode you will need to  Restore the Device as New...
OR... From a Backup created Before the Restrictions Code was set....

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  • ITunes wont work because of DEP

    My itunes wont work because of DEP closing it. I have tried unistalling my quicktime and unistalling my itunes and reinstalling them but it still wont work. i have followed a couple of discussions but  it still wont work. Can someone help me please.

    many thanks. That's got another possibility ruled out.
    Checking again. When you did your iTunes reinstall, was it a complete iTunes uninstall/reinstall as per the instructions from the following documents?
    Removing and Reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7

  • My itunes wont work after update

    my itunes wont work after update. whats the problem.

    also, the curser just goes round and round. cant close by clicking x, have to close frome the place that says close. then message says program not responding.

  • My itunes wont work I just installed some new update and now it wont even come up, I click the Itunes icon and nothing happens

    my itunes wont work I just installed some new update and now it wont even come up, I click the Itunes icon and nothing happens. Please help me I've tried uninstalling it and downloading it again but that didnt help :/

    DFU mode? How do I do that? So far the only thing I can do is hold down both buttons to power it on and nothing is on the screen and it wont reconize on my computer....

  • Itunes wont work anymore...error 7

    My itunes wont work anymore on my latop, i uninstalled it and reinstalled it but when i try to get in to my itunes and error 7 message will pop up saying that it was installed incorrectly and ive installed it several times to find the same thing happening. I dont know what to do anymore so if someone could help me out i would really appreciate it a lot!!!

    I got an upgrade iTunes request from Apple. And upgraded. I should never have done that. Now it says that "iTunes is not properly installed". Other strange messages are also coming up, like missing .dll files etc.
    I have deleted all Apple programs. Used Revo Uninstall that also deletes registry files and left over files. I have used ByeiTunes and Registry mechanic. I have used everything that is suggested on this site: ftware-from-a-windows-computer/
    After doing all this, I got the same error message. So what wrong with Apple? When you have bought the product, you are left out in the dark. I have given up. Synchronizing the calendar with Outlook I can do manually, pictures that I have downloaded to my phone, I can access directly, and pictures taken by the phone I have to send to myself through e-mail. Music I never download using iTunes.
    I have had enough. After this and after Apple has changed the plug that leaves me with 8 useless chargers and stands, there will be Samsung next time. I'm running Windows 7, 64 bits.
    Hans (Professor of Marketingy). I wonder if Apple is reading this?

  • Itunes not working on my laptop. It gives me an error meassage, "The procedure entry point dispatch_get_specific could not be located in the dynamic link library "

    itunes not working on my laptop. It gives me an error meassage, "The procedure entry point dispatch_get_specific could not be located in the dynamic link library "

    See Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates.
    The issue seems similar to that in the first box though it would be nice to have the complete error message. Tearing out all iTunes components and reinstalling as given in the second box should resolve.

  • ITunes not working on my laptop

    I have tried getting iTunes to work on my laptop but cannot.  It will not connect the the iTunes store, I cannot manage my songs, will not sync etc.  I have a Dell.  Does anyone else have this issue?

    I suggest going to to download the latest version your computer can support.

  • The new itunes update will not install properly and now itunes wont work at all

    k, so I tried installing the new update for itunes and now it wont work at all. it says that the mobile device isnt installed. i have uninstalled and reinstalled itunes 4 times now.

    My issue is it wont even reinstall onto my computer
    Yes I'm aware of that. The procedures are also for trying in cases where iTunes can't be reinstalled due to a "Could not start Apple Mobile Device service" message.
    If you're getting a different error message relating to the Apple Mobile Device Service (or Apple Mobile Device Support) when you try to reinstall iTunes, post back to let us know what that error message says. (Precise text, please.)

  • Itunes wont work because of quicktime or something?

    well heres the deal
    itunes was working fine for me
    until one day i decided to upgrade cause it said i should
    from then on
    now it wont open because it says i need a high version of quicktime. it says i have quicktime 6.5 i and i need 7.0
    everytime i try to download quicktime 7.0
    it still doesnt open
    what am i doin wrong?

    hi Connie!
    how do u kno if u have a k lite mega code pack?
    hmm. i think it's something you need to install, so if you don't know you have it, you probably don't have it.
    let's try this again, using a QT 7.0.3 standalone installer this time.
    first use the QT part of the uninstall instructions given here to get rid of that existing QT you have:
    after you do that, download the Windows Installer Cleanup utility and use it to check if you still have an entry for Quicktime. if so, remove it:
    then download the standalone QT 7.0.3. save it to your hard drive (we'll run the installation from there rather than online). again, switch off any antivirus and antispyware prior to the install:
    reboot after that install. will itunes run properly now?
    love, b

  • Just got new hard drive and now itunes wont work

    I had my hard drive replaced in April and started having problems right away. I finally had a chance to bring it in today and they replaced the hard drive again. I don't have an external hard drive so I couldn't back up my music that way, so I tried using CDs and that didn't work either. At the store, the guy that was helping me suggested I use a flash drive. So, he did that for me. He said when I set up the computer I should open the flash drive first and drag and drop the saved music into the music folder and then open itunes. I did the first part but when I opened itunes I got a message saying "The file 'itunes library' cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of itunes.
    Does anyone know what that means? itunes wont open at all and I can't even listen to my old music. Any help would be appreciated.

    Did you try using the File>Add to Library option? I would dump everything you put in the music folder, since it's not recognizing it, and then try to re-import it using that option.
    Technically, the prompt means that you're using, for example, iTunes 7 to try to open a file that iTunes 9 created, and it won't be able to do it. Do you know what version of iTunes you used to create the original file, and which version you're using now? It's hard to imagine the one you're currently using is older than the one creating the file.

  • Itunes wont work on windows 7

    Itunes stopped working after I updated on my computer and I have windows 7.  It wont open at all now

    When I click on my start menu,scroll to iTunes and click it, nothing happends. The computer works for a sec then stops. So it won't load on the computer. I have updated everything and uninstalled and re installed iTunes and nothing changes.

  • Itunes wont work after downloading mac os x lion

    After I downloaded Mac OS X lion/10.7 and iTunes 10.4 iTunes wont open it pops up a window saying check with developer to make sure this version of Mac OS X supports iTunes. please help

    How can I find out how old my Office:mac program is? It cost $149.99 at the Apple Store. I think it's only 3 years old. So Apple wants to kill Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.? Fine, a fair warning would be appropriate. I would not have "upgraded" if I knew $29 was really that plus upgrading everything else.
    That's totally unlike Apple to not be able to access common documents when doing an upgrade.
    Get real! Word and Excel can't be accessed by Lion?!?!  I just want to work on my daughter's homework...
    What a pussycat.

  • New Itunes wont work!!! :-(

    I dont know whats going on, when i opened itunes it said that there was a new update and i was all like ya!!!....Not any more!!! When i was downloading the quick times part there was some errar and it said i could debug. so i did and everthing was fine. When i went to open up itunes it would not open at all. It would just show the bizzy icon and then nother. I removed both itunes and quick times and then trying to reinstall but still nothing. No errar this time but sill wont work. Need help plzzz.

    i'm getting the exact same thing on my computer and i don't like it, iTunes has only gotten more and more problems ever since v.4(the version i started with), it seems like they need to take MORE TIME on the updates before they put them out and instead of having us have to hunt for the fix to the problem we're having and fixing it ourselves they should make corrected updates. all i know is i'm growing more displeased with each update of iTunes. am i the only one that feels this way???
      Windows XP  

  • Itunes wont work

    My itunes suddenly stopped working today..
    I downloaded 10.1 yesterday or something, worked perfectly fine for some time, but now it wont open.
    (this actually happend after i used a jailbreak on my iphone 4. (greenp0ison or something like that).
    The error message i get is: (badly translated because it's in norwegian)
    The element iTunes.exe as this shortcut is referring to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut is no longer working as it should.
    (i'll just throw in the norwegian one too:
    Elementet iTunes.exe som denne snarveien referer til, er blitt endret eller flyttet slik at denne snarveien ikke lenger virker som den skal.)
    I've tried uninstalling/installing and repairing the file several times, but it just wont work..
    Would love some help, thanks

    Why doesn't Apple just fix this problem? It's been days now.
    It seems Apple intentionally makes it difficult to find solutions to a problem.
    I still can't import CD's to my iTunes Library.

  • ITunes wont work now

    Yesterday I downloaded the latest iTunes and then when I went to use it today it wont open and I keep getting a message that says 'iTunes cannot run because it has detected a problem with your audio configuration'. I haven't changed any of the settings on my computer so I dont know why it is saying this. I uninstalled my ipod and iTunes and re-installed them but it still wont work. Can anyone please help me.

    The audio configuration problem is usually a Quicktime issue, see:
    For more general information about launch problems and the new version of iTunes see:

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