My pictures are not showing up in photo stream on CPU anymore? It is turned on in the setting of my iphone 4 but not automatically sycning?

Anyone able to help?

Disable Photo Stream in the System/iCloud preference pane
and in iPhoto's Photo Share preference pane.
Reboot and reenable both respectively. That should jump start Photo Stream. 

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  • Mountain Lion, photos are not showing up in photo stream

    I recently installed Mountain Lion, now photos are not showing up in photo stream on the computer.  What should I do?

    Disable Photo Stream in the System/iCloud preference pane
    and in iPhoto's Photo Share preference pane.
    Reboot and reenable both respectively. That should jump start Photo Stream. 

  • Why are my pictures not showing up in Photo Stream?

    Ok, I have set up upgraded everything to the correct versions.  I have set up and enabled Photo Stream on my iMac and on my iPhone.  I have enabled Photo Stream on the iPhone.  I have set up my iCloud services.  I can drag pictures to the Photo Stream app, but when I take pictures they do not appear in Photo Stream.  What am I doing wrong?

    I found the problem.  AS it turns out, when I created my iCloud account I eneded up creating a NEW ID.  The process is a little bit confusing and it is apparently easy to get one ID on the iCloud on your iMac and another on your iPhone.  This is what I had done.  It was a simple matter of signing out of iCloud on the Mac and then signing back in wiht my original Apple ID (the one on the iPhone) once I signed backin, pictures starte appearing in the Photo Stream.  Easypeasy!

  • Photos not showing up in photo stream after being imported to iPhoto from a DSLR camera?

    I have a DSLR camera and for the longest time, I would import photos from a shoot to iPhoto and after about 20 minutes they would have all shown up in my photo stream on my Mac and my iPhone. But recently, the photos will not show up on either photo stream and trying to share a new photo stream with myself never works. Help?

    Hi there,
    I would recommend taking a look at some of the troubleshooting steps found in the article below.
    iCloud: Photo Stream troubleshooting
    Hope that helps,
    Griff W.

  • IPhoto not showing videos in Photo Stream

    Does anyone know why I can't see my videos which have transferred from my iPhone to my computer via Photo Stream?

    WTH is the difference between "my photo stream" and "iCloud Photo Sharing"?
    "With iCloud Photo Sharing, you can share photos and videos with just the people you choose, and you can let them add their own photos, videos, and comments.
    iCloud Photo Sharing adds new features to shared photo streams, including the ability to share videos and allow subscribers to contribute to your shared streams. These new features work with the following devices and software:
    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using iOS 7
    Mac using OS X v10.9 or later and either iPhoto 9.5 or Aperture 3.5
    Apple TV with Apple TV software 6.0
    Windows PC using Windows 7 or later and iCloud Control Panel 3.0 or later
    If you are using earlier versions of iOS, iCloud Control Panel, iPhoto, or Aperture, you can still create and view shared photo streams. Learn more."
    The above is from
    I can share my iphone 4S videos with others via the Share option to icloud (it sends them an invite and they approve and then can view the videos) but I can't figure out how to use photo stream to get them to my Macbook Pro (yes, I can probably connect via itunes but thats not the point).
    A little postscript, does anyone have the faintest idea how to read these support pages on the iphone without a magnifying glass?

  • How do I see other subscribers photos on a shared photo stream on iPad Air? I can see all people on Mac book pro, but not iPad Air.

    How do I see the other subscribers photos on a shared photo stream on iPad Air? I can see everyone on mac book pro, but not ipad. I can only see myself and the owner. Please help.

    Hello there, missjanellez.
    The following link from the online iCloud Help menu provides some practical information in regards to shared stream functionality:
    Manage Subscribers to your shared streams.
    On an iOS 7 device
    In the Photos app, tap Shared at the bottom of the screen, then tap Streams at the top of the screen.
    Tap the shared stream whose subscribers you want to manage, then tap People.The Activity stream doesn’t have subscribers.
    Do any of the following:
    To invite more people, tap Invite People, enter email addresses or tap the Add button to select from your contacts, then tap Add.
    To remove a subscriber, tap the subscriber, then tap Remove Subscriber.
    To choose whether subscribers can add photos and videos, tap Subscribers Can Post.
    If the subscriber list doesn’t include Invite People, you don’t own the shared stream.
    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.

  • Two copies of the same album on iPhone (but not in iTunes library) ?

    Something very wierd is going on...
    In my iTunes library there are 2 albums which appear to be duplicated on my iPhone.
    In my iTunes library there is only one copy of the following two albums...
    1. Armin Van Buuren - Imagine (11 tracks)
    2. Armin Van Buuren - Shivers (10 tracks)
    Yet on my iPhone these 2 albums are duplicated.
    When viewing on the iPhone in coverflow, the albums appear as...
    1. Armin Van Buuren - Imagine (11 tracks)
    2. Armin Van Buuren - Shivers (10 tracks)
    3. Armin Van Buuren - Imagine (11 tracks)
    4. Armin Van Buuren - Shivers (10 tracks)
    Even stranger, when viewing in Album view (phone held in potrait mode) one album appears 3 times...
    1. Armin Van Buuren - Imagine (11 tracks)
    2. Armin Van Buuren - Imagine (11 tracks)
    3. Armin Van Buuren - Imagine (11 tracks)
    And the other album appears 2 times...
    1. Armin Van Buuren - Shivers (10 tracks)
    2. Armin Van Buuren - Shivers (10 tracks)
    Yet when I look at the music on my iPhone using iTunes (Devices->iPhone->Music), these tracks are not duplicated.
    I cannot work out what the **** is going on.
    Can anyone help ?

    See One cover, too many tracks and One album, too many covers. A tiny spelling discrepancy in the Artist or *Album Artist* field is making one part of the iPod app see two copies of the album, the *Greatest Hits* "bug" then gives each copy of the album all of the tracks rather than just those with the matching value of Artist/Album Artist.

  • I bought an album from iTunes on the computer. The songs were able to automatically transfer from the computer to my iPhone but not my sisters iPhone. I tried to connect my sisters iPhone to the computer to synch, but it will not synch onto her phone.

    I am getting so frustersted. Not only have I connected her phone to the computer but when I try to transfer her purchases it only transfers her apps. Please help!!!

    Transfer Purchases
    File > Devices > Transfer Purchases
    More Info Here  >
    Download Past Purchases

  • I have cracked the underscreen on my iphone but not the top screen. Leaving LED lines down my screen is this reparable with a standard iphone screen repair costing £80?

    Please help

    Apple UK replaces the iPhone with a refurbished item for £119 assuming it is a 3G to a 4 (4S is £139 )
    Was the screen replaced at an Apple Store if so you are OK however if by a 3rd party
    you may have disqualified yourself for the refurb special price

  • Photos-App: How do I find out which photos are used in a Shared Photo Stream?

    Hi folks,
    I just ecountered a “problem“ using a Shared Photo Stream.
    FYI: I have circa 1.200 images stored in Photos-App. About 360 of them are used in a Shared Photo Stream.
    Now I'd like to delete all the fotos NOT used in said Stream.
    Since the images in said Stream are not in the same order as they were originally taken, there are also many images between the ones used.
    So now I am confronted with the time-consuming task of comparing and deleting the photos, switching between Stream and Album/webview all the time.
    And do it all by hand. Naaaaaaaah! ):
    Any ideas on how to speed up this whole process?
    (I already wrote Apple to maybe add a label or icon to the photos used in a Stream (when in any other view) so it gets easier to identify the right ones.)
    Greets, Tim

    Incorrect. Photos added to the Camera Roll are automatically uploaded to Photo Stream. Photos deleted from the Camera Roll are not automatically deleted from Photo Stream.

  • I've updated one of my contacts and the entry is corrected on my iMac and my iPhone, but not MacBook.  Why not?

    I've updated one of my contacts (to correct their email address) and the correction was made on my iMac (where I made the correction) and my iPhone, but not on my MacBook.  All three devices are on the "cloud"...

    but not on my MacBook.  All three devices are on the "cloud"...
    On the Macbook switch Contacts off then back on in System Preferences > iCloud then restart the Mac.

  • My imports are not showing up in Photos or Events

    My imports are not showing up in Photos or Events.  The only place I can see them is in the "Last Import" folder.  When I try to re-import them it pops up the Duplicate warning which means they are in the library but not showing up.  Any ideas?

    If they are in last import then they should be there - check the date on one of the photos in last import and look for that date in your library - last import, photos and events are simply different ways of viewing the same photos - if they are there in one view they are there in all views - somewhere
    Select a pic in Last Import and Right-Click on it. Choose 'Show Event' from the menu. This will bring you to the Event containing the photo.
    If the photo is in Last Import, then the photo is in the Library somewhere,  just not where you expect it to be. Usual causes: the date on your camera is wrong, and so the date on the photo is wrong, or the sorting of the Events has changed (View Menu -> Sort Events)

  • True colors are not showing on some photos.

    True colors are not showing on some photos. Today a black sweatshirt displayed as blue. Is there an adjustment?

    Reload the webpage while bypassing the cache using '''one''' of the following steps:
    *Hold down the ''Shift'' key and click the ''Reload'' button with a left click.
    *Press ''Ctrl'' + ''F5'' or ''Ctrl'' + ''Shift'' + ''R'' (Windows and Linux)
    *Press ''Command'' + ''Shift'' + ''R'' (Mac)
    Let us know if this solves the issues you are having.

  • Why do pictures I took on my iPad show up in photo stream but not the iPad camera roll?

    Why do pictures I took on my iPad show up in photo stream but not the iPad camera roll?

    The developers may not have made a version compatible with Mac OS X; if they have, it is a separate download.

  • Photos uploaded through icloud control panel are only synced with iphone but not with ipad

    Photos which are uploaded through icloud control panel are only synced with iPhone but not with iPad. Photos taken with iPhone or iPad are synced with all devices. So, why I do not get the uploaded photos from my pc to iPad? I alredy disabled photo stream on all devices - same failure

    If only one device is not getting updated data, you need to troubleshoot that device and not photostream itself.
    Verify that ipad is connected to wifi, charged over 20 percent, camera app is closed and take a photo of the screen (or anything else, but then close that camera app).
    Open photostream folder on that ipad and see if picture shows up. If you network is good, should not take long.
    Don't forget that while your phone can use wifi and cellular (even it suppose to use wifi for photostream, cellular networks got much better since original photostream was implemented) - you ipad is probably wifi only.
    If picture shows up - you ipad and photostream have no problems and you can go to other devices one by one.

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