My Verizon Plan (Need Advice)

So here is my situation. My upgrade is coming around (though my two-year contract doesn't expire till like beginning of August) and my current phone is on its last legs. I'd really like to upgrade it. The thing is, I'm going back home (to India) from mid-May to mid-August (Might just be here till end June though!). And I'm most probably going to be studying abroad (in South Africa) from January till July. Meaning I'll only be in the USA from mid-August till mid-December and then from 2013 mid-August till end-May of 2014.
So I'm wondering what I should do about my plan. I don't want to pay for the months that I'll be out of the country and I do want a smartphone with a data plan and unlimited texting. Minutes can be as minimal as possible. I'm willing to give up my current plan which has unlimited data usage if necessary.
Thanks a ton,

Thanks Eric.
That limitation on the 4770K (Hasswell) is now clear for me.
On the Intel website, the i7 Extreme Processors list, the 3930K is not present. It's a 2nd Generation.
Should I opt for it of for a 4th Generation ?
On the audio side I will check with Steinberg.
The Matrox MXO2 has 5.1 audio monitoring. I will check if it works with NUENDO. With Audition CC it should work for sure.

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    DB :
    platform: Solaris
    SGA: 8 G
    one of my query is taking too much time, explain plan gives below output.
    kindly advise what i can do to improve the performance
    Plan hash value: 430877948
    | Id  | Operation                    | Name                          | Rows  | Bytes | Cost (%CPU)| Time     |
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       6 - filter("DSH_DELIVERY_DEBIT"='DEBIT')
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    some comments:
    it would be more simple to read the plan with indentatitions: you could use a fixed-width font
    it's hard to tell much about the plan without seeing the corresponding query (though in this case the predicate section gives some information on the query - especially step 1)
    the plan shows the use of a sql profile: so the CBO uses additional statistics to generate the plan
    in step 3 there is an index skip scan: that's only a good idea if there are few distinct values for the leading column of the index and the selectivity of "TICKET_REFERENCE_1" IS NULL is good
    in step 6 there is a Full Table Scan for the driving table of a nested loops join: the cost value for the scan is very small and so is the cost for the complete NL join - and that could be misleading
    I would use the gather_plan_statistics hint to get a plan with rowsource statistics to check if the cardinalities the CBO works with are correct. If they are not you could try to disable the profile (or create a new profile; of course after checking who created the profile and for what reasons). With an accurate sql profile the CBO should have enough information to create an accurate plan in most cases.

  • SBS 2011 Migration Plan need advice

    I currently have an issue with our SBS 2011 server, its about to hit its 75 device limit and I need to seriously consider migration to a standard server. So I will need to migrate my MS exchange onto a new server as I don't like having exchange and my domain controller on the same box (want this is house and not 365)
    If possible I want to upgrade the SBS 2011 license to a Server 2012 license and upgrade the CALs along with it. Is this possible and does anyone know where I can obtain pricing for exchange and the upgrade?
    This topic first appeared in the Spiceworks Community

    I checked that and they are only pointing to the new SBS 2011 server. I turned off the DHCP server on the old server per the SBS 2011 Migration doc. If I Login to that computer as admin it logs in fine. I believe it's getting helled up on loading the GP.    
    Thanks for the quick reply!!!!    I can remote in right now so if you can think of anything else.  I am not even worried so much about the slow login as I am the folder redirection issues.  I need to get these users going on the
    new server as the old one will shutdown in 5 days.

  • Need advice on on a Mac Pro 1,1 Media Center

    I currently have a 2009 Mac Mini running as my home media center, but I recently came by a FREE Mac Pro 1,1 and have decided to repurpose it as my media center so I can migrate my Mac Mini to my bedroom TV where it will live an easy life doing nothing but run Plex Home Theater, Netflix, and EyeTV. This machine falling into my lap was also quite timely because my 4-bay Drobo is running low on available expansion and another Drobo isn't in the budget at the moment.
    This vintage mac pro is running Lion 10.7.5, has 1 old and crusty 500GB hardrive, dual x5160 processors, 4GB RAM (one stick i'm pretty sure is toast judging by the red light and the kernel panics), and the standard NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256MB graphics card. It will be used primarily for the following: network storage for iphoto and itunes libraries, streaming video, Plex Media Server & Plex Home Theater, and Handbrake encoding. I also have a goal of safety of data for my movies, photos and music as this machine will supplement my current Drobo storage.
    My plans are for a 128GB SSD boot drive installed in one of the PCIe slots and then to load up all 4 of the 3.5" drive bays with WD Green hard drives. I have also ordered 4GB of replacement RAM, so upon removal of the faulty unit I will have 7GB.
    Here is where I need advice because I am not very familiar with RAID and the differences between hardware or software raid. Am I better off getting four drives of the same size and setting them up as RAID 5 (I think) using Apple's RAID utility or should I throw in three 1TB drives and then install a fourth 3TB or 4TB drive as a Time Machine backup for the other three?
    Should I upgrade the OSX to the technically unsupported latest version? Or is it not worth the trouble for this application?
    Also, is there any benefit to upgrading the graphics card to the ATI Radeon 5770? Would this yield an improved image quality? I am outputting to a Denon AV Reciever and subsequently to a 100" projection screen, if that makes a difference. I also noticed the 5770 has an HDMI port, wich would be nice, but not necessary since I can use a DVI converter and woud still need to use the optical audio out anyway.
    Much obliged for any input

    My plans are for a 128GB SSD boot drive installed in one of the PCIe slots and then to load up all 4 of the 3.5" drive bays with WD Green hard drives. I have also ordered 4GB of replacement RAM, so upon removal of the faulty unit I will have 7GB.
    PCIe cards that use or support SSD are not bootable until you get to 2008 (and that is limited too).
    Green are not suited for any form of array unless say NAS and WD RED.  Better option would be 3 x 2TB WD Blacks in a mirror, and too many people only use two drives, well 3 is much easier safer and works better. Might want to invest in product even.
    Best price and quality, got my 1,1 with 8 x 2GB (ideal is 4 or 8 DIMMs)
    2x2GB FBDIMM DDR2 667MHz @ $25
    With price of 250GB SSD $155 I'd go with that or stick with $89 for 128GB .

  • New user of G4 - need advice on selection of printer, DV and digital camera

    I am a recent convert to mac and need advice from experts on the following:
    I plan to use my G4 MDD primarily for home computing, experimenting with digital photography, create DVDs and explore multimedia primarily as a hobby. Please advice me on selection of a decent digital camera and or a DV camera. I am not sure if I have a decent DV camera - whether this will be good enough for still photos as well. My G4 has firewire ports.
    Also I am interested in buying a printer that I can use with my mac as well as connect to a two other windows systems. My printing needs are primarily documents and maybe photos.. I think that going in for a laser printer makes sense in terms of reliability .
    I am not looking for the highend equipment - willing to spend upto 750 $ on all items. Thanks in advance.

    welcome to discussions.
    Digital Camera, DV camera and colour Laser Printer all for $750 ??
    I'm afraid you'll have to go for an inkjet printer if you want colour photos. Expensive doesn't even begin to describe Colour Laser Printers. HP make good printers, but tend to be a bit more expensive to run, Epson make excellent photo printers, are are a bit more economical to run, take a look at the iP4000 and iP5000. I still use my old HP DeskJet 1200 (does A3), and a DeskJet 970Cxi (everyday), both use the same cartidges. These are about 7 years old, there are modern versions retailing now at about half of what I paid for these then(always the case).
    Digital cameras can be decided by what purpose you intend to use them for. I have an 18 month old Nikon D100 digital SLR. 6M pixel (which was a lot then) but that might not matter, it takes Nikon lenses (and other manufacturer lenses to the same spec), so I can shoot with a 300mm, 400mm, 600mm lens. Nikon has a D50 out now, a cheaper, newer version of my camera. I can print A3 photo real from 6M pixels and with the right lens I don't need to crop my pictures too much. If you want to print photo real A4 (and that's a LOT of ink) a 3-4M pixel camera would be fine. Most cameras now are 5-8 M pixel, this is because the pictures they take have to be cropped drastically because they have an inadequate lens. On top of that my Nikon takes really great pictures, better than any of my other digi cameras (but not as good as my ancient Olympus 35mm muji-zoom compact with 200 film).
    So if you're going to take a lot of close ups in well lit areas, product shots, interior shots with flash, ie. "snaps" rather than photography, any cheap digi camera will do. Good points are
    - USB / Firewire connectivity,
    - non-proprietry battery technology, ie. it uses 4 x recharable AAs instead of a battery that only fits that camera, and it comes with a AA recharger.
    - non-proprietry storage technology, ie. it uses Compact Flash or some other that is used by a large portion of cameras, rather than just be that manufacturer.
    - digital zoom is worthless.
    If you're doing outdoor photography, wildlife, landscapes, etc, you may want something with a changeable lens and SLR technology, a digital SLR. Not all digital SLR cameras have changeable lenses. Same good points as above, but be prepared to sacrifice one of the points for a good camera. Heavy cameras are easier to hold steady with a big lens, so try for a metal case (it'll be coated in plastic anyway).
    For outdoors the most important thing is the amount of light entering the camera (indoors you can control the lighting with flash / fitted lighting), digital SLRs can have enormous lenses (my 28mm hyperzoom lens has a 72mm diameter), compare this to a compact digital camera with a 12mm diameter lens, I take 36x the light of a compact. And it shows in the picture quality.
    I'm a complete duffer with DV cameras so I won't lead you astray with this, but be aware some do offer the option to take digital pictures. Indeed some digital cameras can take low quality short movies.
    Let us know if you have any more questions.

  • Need advice on a proof printer

    Hello. So glad I found this site!
    I'm currently a print graphic designer and starting a home based business integrating my print design knowledge with newly acquired web design skills to offer a complete package.
    I am working on an HP computer, as I cannot afford the Mac I want now. I have all of the Adobe software for PC already, but need advice for a printer.
    The machines I work on now are like $18k - 25k color lasers, and clearly that is not in my budget. I'm a little lost as to what to look for in a printer that can handle color proofs of my artwork. I create a lot of raster images in PS, but logo design is one of my focuses, so vector output is essential. I almost always create outlines of fonts for the final press ready file, so I'm not so worried about fonts, but color matching is important.
    I've been reading about Postscript and PCL, but am still very confused.  I'm also a little confused as to what a rip does or if I need one.  We use one at my shop, and I know how to use it, but it lives on the server and was explained that it was only necessary for networking the printers.
    I am planning to outsource all of my final printing, but I need a printer for proofing. I've been looking at inkjets for affordability reasons, but now I'm not sure if I need a color laser.

    Dear VectorGirly,  I currently have an OKI Postscript c9800 printer. I use postscript printers because I calibrate and use color profiles to get the closest colour match to the outsourced commercial print that I can. I know this is more than you budgeted for, but it really depends what you end up focusing on. (ie web or print). I focus more on print, hence my printer has to proof postscript correctly for me. I am PC based but my files print to both PC and Mac platforms.
    Regarding logos and colors ... firstly, my monitor is calibrated with a Pantone Huey. I use matching color profiles in all my design programs: Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop. My print PDFs include the color profiles. When I email or post proofs of logos or corporate stationery to clients I make sure they understand that colors will look different on various monitors because they are not calibrated for print and are RGB or color prism based rather than CMYK for print. Even if you choose a Pantone color, unless everything is calibrated and with color profiles, it's unlikely that you will get the same color on your screen, let alone on the client's screen. And if the client is wanting a color that looks good on their screen, it's even harder. I always recommend they look at the proof colours on various screens including friends so they can understand how it changes according to monitors.
    Regarding PCL and Postscript: When I purchased my OKI (and my former Fuji Xerox pscript), I sent an existing print PDF (that had gone to commercial print previously) to the head office and asked them to do printouts of all the printers I was interested in. All the printers based as PCL were very inaccurate color. The two with postscript took my PDF and printed correctly and were very close to the final printed output. As I am pedantic on colour (colour in Australian spelling), I had to choose the high end postcript laser. Having said that, I am also very interested in the Fuji Xerox Phaser 8500 which is postscript and solid ink (great for the environment and people with allergies and low running costs - much better than laser) - but I need the A3 and banner printing option and they haven't made one for that size yet. I am hoping the new release may offer a bigger size paper. I have a very high allergy level and have to have the window open and a mask on when changing toners and printing, hence my interest in the solid ink for the future.
    I always download my fonts through the print PDF to the printer - I never use printer inbuilt fonts. This is so I know that WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) when I print commercially as they also download/use the embedded PDF fonts.
    Also, somewhere down the line you may find yourself forced to choose between focusing on web and print.
    I recommend you choose what you love best.

  • Need advice on Career in SAP after completing 9 yrs in IT mainly in Telecommunication Domain with BMC Remedy Tool knowledge

    Need advice on Career in SAP after completing 9 yrs in IT mainly in Telecommunication Domain with BMC Remedy Tool knowledge.
    Which Module of SAP I can learn and get into as I have Tool based knowledge in BMC Remedy and fair knowledge in SQL, as I come from non-IT background. What are career prospect after completing  any SAP module now will my previous experience will be taken into account?

    One of the reasons nobody has replied to you yet is that, this is a question with so little information provided.
    - There is no mention of your education background.
    - Your work background is very vague.What exactly did you do in Telecommunication Domain?
    - What exactly did you do in BMC Remedy? Where you just an end-user or did you do any background support work?
    - What exactly did you do in SQL? Did you work on it or did you just attend training?
    - Why do you want to jump into SAP? And what precisely you want to jump into in SAP?
    - What are your interests? Technical or Non-technical?
    - What's your career objective? Where do you want to be 5 years from now?
    Without providing these information how can anyone help you? Picking a module and going with it makes no sense. What if you spend an insane amount of time and money learning a module in SAP (based on some random suggestions given here) and realize that this is not what you were looking for, or there is little scope for that module in the market? What then?
    It's your career that you are planning. It definitely deserves more thought-process and planning to go into.

  • Newbie needs advice on starting a project

    Hi all.. New to DVD Pro, need the wisdom of experienced users before I waste a whole lot of time....
    I've got a show mixed (2 cameras, multitracked audio mixed in logic express and synch'd) and rendered from final cut express to a self-contained QT movie, 16 GB, runs maybe 90 minutes, with a dozen or so chapters representing different scenes.
    The intended product is a DVD for friends, families, actors, and support for grant writing to philanthropic organizations (it's a small grant-budgeted theater of disabled adults). The DVD should, of course "play all" and each segment.
    I plan to have a main menu to choose "play all, scenes 1-6, scenes 6-12", not sure if I'll need 2 or 3 submenus....
    Here is the question.....
    Shall I import as an asset just the whole show (which I think is what I should do), or should I break it and render each "chapter marker" from FCE to a separate .mov (the temptation would be that each segment could fade in and out from black, rather than cut in abruptly and end abruptly with a return to a menu). Alternatively, if I used segments with fade-ins and fade-outs, it would lose the continuity of the seamless "whole show" when the view chooses "play all".
    That's why I need advice - because I don't know how it's all gonna work, what the options and capabilities are, but I felt like i needed to get beyond iDVD.
    So thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!!!!
    btw... it will be done on a late-2008 vintage 2.4 GHz core duo macbook pro with 2 GB ram, 250 GB hard drive, osX 10.5.?, dvd studio pro 4
    Thanks again! Peter

    If you want to be able to play just parts of your video as well as a "play all" then what you need are Stories. There is a complete tutorial on setting up stories at;

  • Will the re furbished iPad with Verizon 4G LTE service connect up to my Verizon plan

    Is it true that a refurbished iPad with Verizon service is very difficult to set up with a new Verizon plan?

    The SIM is the main thing you need.  New SIM you should be fine.  As far as the number, you can look that up yourself on the device in settings > general > about.  It will either be blank or have a number.  You can also try clearing things out following the suggestions in my post on the thread below.

  • Need advice about certification: do J2SE 1.4 or wait for 1.5 to go out?

    I need advice here! I am studing for Java Programmer certification (310-035) and I know now that the certification does not have any expiration date, instead it's version based. So, if I get now a J2SE 1.4 certification, soon it will be outdated... I guess!
    Does anyone know or have any ideia of WHEN java 1.5 sdk will be avaliable, and anyone can tell me how long it will take for a new 1.5 programmer certification be avaliable for general public?

    Do both. 1.5 is far enough away that you do not want to wait for it.
    And besides, 1.5 has enough new stuff in it that you'll want to recertify anyway.

  • Need advice on video software.

    Need advice on video software.
    I currently use adobe elements 3 and have done so for a few years now with no problems. my os is XP and my system is a couple of years old, but we do have a brand new win7 machine in the house.
    I am currently look at Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 Ultra OR Adobe Premiere Elements 8. Reviews for both softwares seem very good BUT, when I dig deeper into user reviews instead of editor reviews do I find problems.
    Major problems with program crashing all over the place, at start up etc, and it is still not getting along with any win7 machine? Major problems with drivers. Honestly, I do not want to have to jump through dozens of hoops to get any software to run. After I pay for it, it should run, period.
    Has anyone else here used both softwares and can you give an honest opinion of each?
    I am also asking these same questions on the cyberlink site.
    I would like to upgrade my video software to take advantage of the new features that are coming out but I really don't want a big headache trying to run one or the other. To be fair, when I bought adobe elements 3 I had also bought pinnacle, which has gathered dust since my first week with it, which is why elements was purchased. That was money wasted and I do not wish to repeat this. I would like to go with Premiere Elements 8 but remain very unsure.

    If your newer machine is Win7 64-bit, it might be worth waiting for SP-1 to be issued, and then hope that 64-bit drivers are fully included. The 64-bit drivers now seem t be an issue at this point, and that will affect any NLE program.
    Also, and regardless of which particular program you choose, optimizing your computer, the OS, the hardware, and the resources management, will go a very long way to insuring success. Few programs can tax a computer, as an NLE can - any NLE. Video and Audio editing will stress your system, like almost nothing else can, except for heavy-duty CAD, or 3D work, though those are usually done only on specialized, optimized computers, designed just for those applications.
    Not the specific advice that you seek, but it's the best that I can do.
    Good luck,

  • I need advice:  I love my apple TV.  But my laptop at home, only has a 750gig hard drive.  Is there a possibility of having all my media on an external hardrive to still connect to the Apple TV?

    I need advice:  I love my apple TV.  But my laptop at home, only has a 750gig hard drive.  Is there a possibility of having all my media on an external hardrive to still connect to the Apple TV?
    Is there like in a hard drive of which iTunes can read the media, which will not require me to add and delete media onto iTunes, because of a lack of space on my laptop?

    just get an ext HD, and point your itunes library to that drive so now you'll just keep all your media on this ext

  • JMS to Synchronous Web Service Scenario (Need Advice to use BPM or Not)

    Hi Experts,
    We have a scenario where we fetch data from JMS Sender and Send it to MDM Webservices.
    We want to have the files processed in such a way that until we get a response from webservice back that it was sucessful ,then only we need to process the next file.
    We would need advice as can we use BPM for this.
    We are thinking of having BPM like this:
    RecieveStep(Asyn)-SynchronousSend Step(with wait)-Stop
    The problem with this is when processing huge files the processing time of the Queue is taking very long and sometimes we are getting SYSFAIL.
    Please would anyone advice as how can we approach this scenario either using BPM or without.
    Also Can we use multiple queues or multpile instances concept for this scenario.
    Please Advice.
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Prateek,
    Thank you very much for your quick reply.
    The response from Webservice does not need to be sent anywhere.
    We just want that after recieving the response back from webservice(SOAP) then only we need to process the next file.
    Can we control something from Sender JMS adapter side as well as it is picking up all the files and all files wait at BPE until each one gets processed.
    Is this possible without BPM or with BPM.
    Please advice as what wud be possible steps inorder to achive it through BPM or Without BPM.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Major Issues with installing 4tb internal. Really need advice please

    In the process of a long needed upgrade to my 2010 Mac Pro Quad core 2.8 and have run into a serious headache that I really need advice on so I can get back to work. I've already spent 2 days dealing with all of this...
    Just did a new SSD install and Migration which went fine but I'm also updating the rest of the internal drives. My main (non boot) drive was being upgraded from a Seagate Barracuda 3tb to a 4th Deskstar NAS (it was showing as compatible with my desktop, see links below). My 3tb ran fine for years but now due to it being heavily used I want to switch to a new drive and I can also use a bit more space.
    The issue I'm running into is that initially on boot, my system was telling me it couldn't recognize the disk and it wasn't even showing up in Disk Utility. I had to purchase a SATA USB 3 kit to attach it as an external to get it to show which worked without problem. With the USB kit I was then able to partition it (GUID, Mac OS extended journaled) and format it properly. After reinserting the drive into my tower as an internal it failed to show again. After a few attempts of restarts and trying various bays it popped up but showed as a non formatted drive and I was told again that the system didn't recognise it. I was then given the option to initialise and was then actually able to then format and partition it though Disk Utility while it was installed as an internal.
    Figured that was problem solved but when I went to check the drive and getting ready to transfer files over I noticed that Disk Utility was only allowing the First Aid and Partition options but not Erase, RAID, Restore which I'd never seen before. I then also noticed that none of the drive connection info was in the same format nor will it even provide drive bay info, connection info or read/write status (See screen shots). This is what I can't figure out and really need to clarify before I put full trust into using this drive.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated...
    Deskstar 4tb internal info which is installed in Bay 2
    3tb Seagate which I trying to retire and transfer from.
    Here are the weblinks to the Deskstar 4tb drive and the compatibility list but I support isn't allowing me to add direct links so add the www. before hand.
    (Drive - (compatibility list -

    What OSX version?
    Disk Utility in later versions of ML and I think Mavericks have problems formatting with 4 TB internal drives. -4tb-sata-drive

  • I'm desperately needing advice to a common question.  I use Quicken and love it.  But the Mac version is not as great as the PC.   Has anyone installed it by segmenting their Mac with Parallels or Fusion or Boot camp.  If so, which one do you recommend.

    I'm desperately needing advice.  New Mac.   Used Quicken on my PC.  Researched all software for Financial programs and Quicken is still the most recommended.   I want to use Quicken on my Mac.  The Mac version is not highly rated so I would need to partition my Mac.   Has anyone done this for their quicken program and if so, which partitioning program did you use - Parallels, Fusion ware or Boot camp?

    Lisa Ellies-Laye wrote:
    Thanks.  Hadn't heard of it. ?  Is there any concern installing this free program on my Mac.    Have you used it?  Apart from being free is there any other advantage of Parallels and VMfusion. ?
    Virtual Box is safe and well developed, it offers similar or identical features to the paid competition, it may be a little less polished but that's all.
    Download and try it out, nothing to lose (except time).

Maybe you are looking for

  • Migrating to on the same server/host:OS=Windows/VMWARE

    I am migrating data and performing an upgrade from to on the same VMWARE virtual hosts. Each host is a production host. The customer does not have test, QA, or development environments or hardware either virtual or otherwise to suppo

  • How to restrict user to not enter same value in tabular form

    Greetings ! i m asking second time the questiion because i was not answered preivously, so please dont mind if it is a duplicate one, question was: i created tabular form as shown in example. i want to validate username as you see in my example to re

  • Virtualbox modules compilation from virtualbox-source no longer works

    Since virtualbox-source dropped /usr/bin/vboxbuild and started depending on dkms, I can no longer compile VirtualBox modules for my kernel. I use: [email protected] ~> uname -a Linux myhost 3.4.6-1-ck #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Jul 22 09:37:50 EDT 2012 x86_64 GNU/

  • Mighty Mouse Scroll Issues

    I have a strange problem with my mighty mouse. On my Mac I have 2 separate logins - both with admin. The scroll up and down works with one of the logins but not the other. I have tried over and over with both logins, turning the scroll on and off but

  • Mail locks up when trying to make attachment

    I'm having a problem with Mail . . Whenever I click the Attachment button to make an attachment, the application locks up . . Any clue?? This has never happened before, and I've had this computer for nearly 3 years now . .