N95 8gb V20.0.0.16 Multimedia Key not working

Hi, I think I found a bug!
make sure the phone is in portrait mode:
1. press the multimedia key
2. press it again to exit
3. Turn the phone to bring it to landscape mode (make sure auto rotate is enabled)
4. press the multimedia key
For me the menu does not start. When I switch it back to portrait, the menu still doesn't launch, so I have to restart my phone to get it working again.
Can anyone verify this?

Just now i read that post. But that guy(wintomato) post that on 15th of march. So it was not about v20. Because v20 just released few days before. When I used v15 nothing happened like that. Maybe it's depened on particular theme or devices. Like my camera has 2 green spot after v11. But very few pepole has these prob. Good luck
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  • Font rendering issue & multimedia keys not working

    Hi, yesterday i switched to KDEmod 4.1 and I have two major problems...
    One is font rendering issue... I did not change anything in my font-related packages (cairo, freetype, fontconfig, libxft) and i have to add that this setup worked perfectly in KDEmod 3.5.9, but now it looks like this:
    This bug occurs only in qt apps and mostly in kmenu... i.e firefox renders my fonts flawlessly...
    Second problem are multimedia keys on my keyboard...
    They worked in KDE 3.5.9, but now I cannot set them up properly... Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't...
    KDE recognizes the pressed key, but when I assign specific action and press the key, just nothing happens...

    You might be able to solve your font issue by going to System Settings -> Appearance -> Fonts.  I enable ant-aliasing.  I also clicked on configure and select "Use sub-pixel rendering" to RGB and the hinting style to Full.  I also use the Force fonts DPI to 96 DPI.  This makes the fonts pleasing to my eyes.
    This is how I got my multimedia keys to work in KDE4.1:
    Go to System Settings -> Regional and Language and make sure to set the County or region to your location.
    khotkeys needs to be running.  I added it to the autostarted progam list. System Settings -> Advanced tab -> Autostart
    When I got the multimedia keys working, I was really tring to get the keyboard shortcuts to work.  In addition to the above steps, I also deleted
    ~/.kde4/share/config/kglobalshortcutsrc.  I do not know if deleting this file is needed to get the multimedia keys working, but it was to get the keyboard shortcuts woring.
    Restart X
    Go to  System Settings -> Keyboard and Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts
    I set the volume control in the KMix component section.
    To get the keyboard shortcuts to work, go to the menu editor and select the program you want to create a shortcuts for.  Click on the advanced tab and create the shortcut in the shortcut field.  Save.
    Then go to  System Settings -> Keyboard and Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts. Change the component to KHotkeys.  Select the Program and then select the default shortcut that you just created.  (This works for the multimedia keys aswell).
    Hope this helps,

  • Apple wireless keyboard multimedia key not working well??

    it's strange, i cannot use the multimedia key at all with a mini, no matter with fn combination or not. i cannot activate playbacak function on f7 to f9. even change speaker volume with f11 n f12 key.
    i have check system preference with the fn key assistant on or off... i believe at least the volume function should work, right?
    anyone have idea/ experience on this?

    update the os would do

  • Multimedia Menu Key not working (N95)

    I have problem in the multimedia menu key (N95), it is not working, i pressed the key more than once, but the multimedia screen didnot appear, although it was working perfect from 2 days, Can anyone tells me how to solve this problem. Thanks

    16-May-200704:01 PM
    capbadge wrote:
    Thanks for confirming my suspicion.
    It's what Nokia will do about it now and how do we alert them?
    Well this is an official Nokia forum and there are representatives that look over the forum so I'm sure it'll be picked up as an issue and worked upon.
    Can someone do a check for me please as my multimedia key started working for me again, and I don't recall restarting it (or it rebooting) between the alarm going off and the multimedia key starting to work (unfortunately I haven't been able to find an "uptime" tool for the Symbian 60 environment).
    Could you close all open applications on your phone, then goto Tools->Memory card and backup the contents of your phone onto your memory card, and THEN try the multimedia key to see whether it starts working again ?
    If it does, then I think I know what is happening. I've noticed that if I have MobiPocket open and do a backup of my phone contents onto memory card, what the phone does is actually close MobiPocket down so that it hasn't got any files open, then back everything up, then re-opens it for me. If this is the case, and the multimedia key starts working again for other users after carrying this action out, then it may be that the backup operation is closing a process which has been left running in the background of the phone once a recurring alarm has gone off.


    Anyone had any problems with there N95 top left shortcut key not working,mine won't do anything when pressed then suddenly has a mind of it's own and keep pressing it's self and sending blank text messages to my first contact in my address book...
    Tried software load,no cure is it back to the shops..

    my daughters as just started doing the same i have updated the software and had buttons changed but still the same

  • HP Pavilion G6 Notebook PC, multimedia "previous, pause/play, next" (f6 f7 f8) keys not working

    My Laptop is around 3 years old next month, the multimedia keys have worked 100% every single day since then, and I use them a lot to listen to music.
    They have suddenly stopped working yesterday, and all my other multimedia function keys work perfectly.
    In addiction to this, my bluetooth speakers pause button doesn't work on the Laptop, but works on my other devices.
    I have disabled and enabled again the action keys in BIOS, removed and installed HP Quick Launch, and everything I have seen on the internet that could help, and it's still the same.
    [Product Number: QJ349EA#ABU
    Serial Number: [edited Serial Number by Moderator]
    Processor Name: AMD A4-3300M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Grapics]

    Hi @iLoveMakonnen ,
    Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums. I needed to edit your post and remove the Serial Number. From our Rules of Participation:
    Protect privacy - yours and others'. Don't share anything about yourself that you would not want to see on a road-side billboard. Don't post contact or other personal information-your own or anyone else's-or any content that you receive in one-to-one communications without the author's consent. For example, don’t post your computer’s serial # or contact information publicly, and do not allow someone you don’t know to remotely take control of your computer.
    If you need people to contact you directly, either ask them to send you a private message or subscribe to the thread so you will be notified when there are replies. You may also click on your name anywhere in the forum and you will be taken to your profile page, where you can find a list of threads you have participated in.
    Sharing personal email addresses, telephone numbers, and last names is not allowed for your safety. If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message in reply.
    Thank you
    I work for HP

  • T410 both CRTL keys not working

    Hello All,
    This is driving me nuts.  All of the sudden the CTRL keys (both left and right) do not work on my T410.  I thought it was a virus (I had a torjan) so I wiped the HD and did a clean install of Win7 pro 32 bit.  Problem persists.  
    I can attach an USB keyboard and the CTRL keys work on USB keyboard.  I can go into BIOS and toggle FN and CTRL keys, then the FN key works as a CTRL key just fine, but the CTRL do not as FN.
    I have two kids age 5 and 9 and they might have messed with something.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  I cannot find the solutions.  I find it very strange that both right and left CTRL keys would mechanically fail at the same time.
    Mike - Toronto Canada

    Try alt + ctrl + fn and see if it helps.
    Also try going to "Ease of access center" then "make keyboard easier to use" then see if any "sticky keys" or other modes are turned on.
    Check out the Community Knowledge Base for hints and tips.
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  • A s d f g keys not working on a wireless Apple keyboard for Imac

    a s d f g keys not working on a wireless Apple keyboard for Imac.
    When I type they on't work.
    *Exmple o complete entence.
    Plee help! Thi i very rutrtin. I on't wnt to ue cut n pte or ome letter.
    Thnk you in vnce.

    Make a Service appointment for the keyboard at your local AASP.
    Apple - Find Locations
    I'm not sure how old it is, but it is covered for 1 full year as long as it didn't take that 19 story dive.

  • Volume and brightness keys not working with new keyboard on imac

    I just purchased a new wired keyboard for imac and brightness and volume control keys not working . i have tried adjusting keyboard settings. I have software version 10.5.8. Do I need to upgrade software. Thank you for any help.

    Do you have "Automatically Adjust Brightness" check box ticked in System Preferences > Displays > Display ? If so, you can't manually adjust brightness.

  • Some keybaord keys not working after suspect virus on Tecra A

    Apostrophe, delete, semicolon and end keys not working after a suspected virus attack. I found record of the same problem on the net but apparently this guy fixed his problem after he found scroll lock or num lock on.
    This is not the case here but there is something going on with numlock - register shows 2 and not 0. change to 0 but when reboot back to 2 again.
    Suspect changed back by bios. I thought i couldnt get to bios because DEL key not working but found ESC works.
    Tried to reset default values for bios but then cannot save and exit as this required the END key to work.
    I was running XP at the time of the (suspected) attack and could not rectify the problem so put the computer back to the OEM status which i hoped would help - it did not, same problem so rather than install all the software on the computer again with XP i upgraded to Windows7 - fresh install.
    Still keys do not work - it was a real pain to start with as my computer was set up to ctl+alt+del to log in and i had to do this with on screen keyboard - XP - this also showed that numlock was on before and after windows boot.
    The reason i suspect a virus - my wife was watching one of her tv shows on line from home country (another toshiba laptop) and i needed to use that laptop for something else so i asked her to use mine - later on we turned the laptops off and in the morning turned tham back on again, the other laptop with AVG virus protection flagged several hits and this one with (FAMOUS and completely up to date) Norton flagged nothing - once i got into it using on screen keyboard.
    Problems with this computer was found after scanning with a different antivirus.
    Anyway - i am left with 4 keys that do not work on my keyboard (actually they did work after i logged into the computer for the first time but i had to hold them in for a long time - and then next time i rebooted, not work at all and havent ever since)
    Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated, i have been working on this all weekend with no joy at all.
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks Xardas,
    I have essentially done both - tried Toshiba OEM status found on a small partition of the toshi hard drive - no good - then did a fresh install of Windows 7 - still no good
    You know - as cunning as it sounds - i cannot reload the default settings in BIOS as it requires the END key to work so i can Save & Exit - all i can do is Exit Without Save - i sort of feel snookered at the moment.
    Toshiba got back to me today and said that i have tried everything they would have (yeah for sure) and to take my machine into a service centre for a hardware check - yeah right on boys!
    Check out this guys post below found on Kioskea.net - getting close to a year ago...
    ms ml - Nov 10, 2009 12:52am GMT
    Hi there, I was hoping that you might be able to help me with the problem that I seem to be having with my Toshiba Satellite Laptop Keyboard too. For a few days now I havent been able to use a few of the keys on my keyboard, including (1) delete (the backspace key is still working though), (2) colon/semicolon, (3) apostrophe/quotation marks and (4) end (the home and PgUp and PgDn keys are still working though). Any suggestions?
    Identical to my problem....obviously this guy had the same problem as well...see below - same thread.
    yab - Feb 9, 2010 4:47am GMT
    hi did you ever figure this out? i have the same exact problem...
    However, i was not able to solve my problem the way this guy did - my scroll lock is not activated - it seems to work ok (on and off) i tested it using Excel to move around the cells.
    yab ms ml - Feb 9, 2010 7:57am GMT
    Nevermind. For me it was scroll lock. My apostrophe, semicolon, and delete keys are alive and working again. I hope you have the same easy fix.
    Incidently - never hear from the first guy again - probably ended up being his scroll lock.
    all sugestions welcome - sorry my smily face has no eyes -) guess why!

  • Esc key not working in windows 7

    I have a HP Pavilion dv6-4XXX series. It's almost been 2 years I bought this notebook. 
    Recently I faced an issue. The "ESC KEY" has stopped working. However I could find that it's working fine in BIOS but not when I am logged in to windows. I have windows-7 installed.
    Please let me know what could be the issue and the solution for the same.

    Hello siddharthmishra,
    You’re having a problem with the ESC key not working.
    Go to device manager and uninstall the keyboard and restart the computer. This should uninstall and reinstall the driver for the keyboard.
    Here is a link to device manager.
    If the problem has not been happening for very long, you might try a System Restore. This will take the system back to before the problem started happening without affecting any of your files.
    Here is a link to a System Restore.
    Let me know how everything goes.

  • Command, option, ctrl, fn keys not working

    thanks to a visiting dog who got tangled up the power adapter my laptop ended up on the floor, wide open with the keyboard popped out. I have inspected the connector cable and it looks OK to the naked eye. I disconnected the keyboard cable and re-connected.
    When using an external USB keyboard all keys function normally. When using the built-in keyboard the only keys not working are the command, option, ctrl and fn keys. I have restored modifier keys to default (I had never changed them) but this did not help. I also toggled the "use F1-F12 to control..." option in the keyboard preferences to no avail and have restored keyboard shortcuts to no avail.
    Is my keyboard shot? Is the a pref file I might delete?

    Hi, Mel. If the external keyboard works properly, I'm afraid you have to figure your built-in KB has been dogged to death. I hope the pet owner will do the right thing by you. I also hope the KB is all that was damaged. How are your adapter cord, plug, and DC-In port? Does your battery still charge OK?
    Whenever anything visits my house that's active, inattentive, and built low to the ground, my Powerbook runs on battery power only. I haven't seen one yet, but the new magnetically-connected, easily- and harmlessly-detached MacBook Pro AC adapters sound like a superb idea to me. Too bad our PBs can't use 'em.

  • Keyboard: some keys not working

    Some keys not working.  Need help/suggestions.  Not great with computers so PLEASE give details/steps re: how to do what you suggest - thanks!
    Details: intel based iMac running snow leopard 10.6.8.  Apple wireless/bluetooth keyboard (came with the iMac).
    Some keys suddenly stopped working:  space, tab, capLock, option key to the right of space bar (one on the left works), down arrow
    The problem happens in various programs (safari, pages, etc)
    The keyboard is fine on another iMac
    A different keyboard is fine on this/the involved iMac
    (nutshell: keyboard works fine - computer works fine, unless they're together)
    Here's what's been tried/checked:
    -checked the settings for universal access ("mouse keys" are off) and checked for any bluetooth keyboard shortcuts.
    -in system preferences "speech" is not set for "speak selected text when the key is pressed" - this is not checked/selected
    -tried creating a new user but had the same issue so it's computer-wide rather than just a user account
    -removed the keyboard and reconnected (using the +/- signs and "disconnect" and putting in a new code of numbers to pair keyboard)
    -language/text is set for english
    -did the keyboard viewer and the keys in question did NOT highlight when pressed (but don't forget the entire keyboard is fine on a different computer so thekeys aren't the issue)
    -"slow keys" is turned off re: keyboard in system preferences.
    Any help is welcomed.  It's frustrating knowing the keyboard works, just not with this computer.  Please help.  Many thanks!

    yes - not sure how this works...if you can see my original post there are a lot of details in there.  If you can't...
    nutshell: the keyboard works on a different iMac
                 a different keyboard works on this/the involved iMac
                 I tried to create a different user and the keyboard still does not work so it is computer-wide
                 I also removed the keyboard from the computer (using the +/- symbols and disconnecting and then repairing it.  The problem remained
    Thanks for any help.  It's crazy that the keyboard is fine and the computer is fine but together, there's the problem.
    Thank you!!!

  • Sound key not working

    volume key not working ofter last update

    Hello Amandodsouza,
    It sounds like you are experiencing some unexpected behaviour with the on screen keyboard after updating to iOS 7.1.1. I would start by closing all the running apps on the phone:
    iOS: Force an app to close
    Double-click the Home button.
    Swipe left or right until you have located the app you wish to close.
    Swipe the app up to close it.
    When you have done that and restart the phone and test the issue again:
    iOS: Turning off and on (restarting) and resetting
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    All the best,

  • E545 and Function key not working

    Any help here is apprecited. My function (Fn) key is refusing to work at all. None of the special features are able to be used. I've checked all my drivers, and followed the instructions in the User Guide, but some of the options described in the guide are even showing on my computer.
    I'd love for some help on this issue, as the computer is pretty worthless right now.

    Hi Jamesbjenkins,
    Welcome to Lenovo Community!
    As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with keyboard function keys not working on your ThinkPad E545.
    Is the system updated with all the latest drivers and application? To confirm with I request you to run ThinkVantage system update tool. This will search for all the required drivers and application for your system and will update.
    Hope this helps.
    Best regards,
    Hemanth Kumar
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