Nano isn't recognized by computer and won't charge via USB port

I'm having a problem with a couple of my Nanos and I can't figure out/find a remedy for it. The Nanos aren't recognized by the computer, nor do they charge when I plug them into the computer with the USB cable. They do charge when I use a FireWire cable, but the computer still doesn't recognize them. They do turn on when I connect the USB to them, so something is "connecting". Is this a hardware issue? Many people have had success with resetting the iPod, but I've had no luck with that. Thanks for any help.

im in the same boat as you man, i got mine from a friend at school, and after a month of having it, my computer wont recognize it anymore. it palys jsut fine, noting malfunctions, it will even charge( with some protest...), but itunes nor the computer even knows its there...
ive hunted dozons znd dozons of help forums and still cant find a solution that works.
should i jsut give up the ghost and get a new one...?
id really hate to think that all this effort is wasted and that apple cant offer us a simple solution of somesort atleast.
and the 5r's is BS and does nothing everytime i try it.
Does Anyone have ANYTHING usful to offer us?!
im crossing my fingers...

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    This link may be helpful.

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    I upgraded my iMac to iTunes 9.2 when it came out.
    My wife then upgraded her iPhone 3GS to iOS4.
    Since then it is not recognized in iTunes and does not charge via the wall adapter.
    I realize this topic crosses over with several ongoing discussions, but there are no 3rd party peripherals involved here.
    The only major changes to our set up have been the itunes and iOS upgrades.
    The battery is running down, any ideas to fix this, or other similar experiences welcome.

    Went to the Apple store and they replaced the cable.

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    My iPod Classic is not detected by my Windows 8 computer when I connect it via USB port.  How can I get windows to detect this device?  A message from windows says: the device has malfunctioned.

    Try TS1363: iPod: Appears in Windows but not in iTunes.
    See also Corrupt iPod classic.

  • IPAD 2 Won't Charge on USB port on my laptop, my desktop Mac but will charge via the wall plug

    I am confused on what to do with my IPAD 2.  It won't charge via my USB Port on my PC that I travel with.  Also I just purchased a new desktop Mac and it will not charge on that USB port either.  But it will charge via the Wall Plug that came with it.  I am worried when I travel to different countries to use the wall plug.  I have an adapter to switch power.  I am from Canada and travel oversees where the power is 240 vs the 120 at home.  If I use my plug adapter and plug in my ipad to the wall Will I destroy the battey in my IPAD 2.  I love my ipad to travel with but it is very frustrating when it will not charge on my PC or on the airplane.  Then I am afraid to use the wall plug in the airport because of the difference in power.  Would really appreciate some help here because I am oversees 2 weeks a month and only get a couple days use of my IPAD.  I have all my books and everything on it and need to be able to recharge it.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

    For better future reference, you should be aware that the voltage means nothing when it comes to charging power. All that that is telling you is that the Power Adapter will work across that voltage range, i.e., you don't need a transformer to plug it into the outlet (although you may need different plugs, which is a separate topic).
    What matters is the amperage (A) and the power in watts (W). The Power Adapter puts out 2 A @ 5 VDC (volts DC), which means it's producing 10 watts of power. It will output that across the entire voltage range.
    A high-power USB port on a PC will put out 0.5A @ 5VDC, or 2.5 W. Be aware that not all of the ports on any given PC are likely to be putting out even that much power, at may well be putting out less than half as much. That's why you'll often see the "Not Charging" when plugged into a USB port, especially on Windoze laptops, and why it will charge very slowly even when it works.
    FYI, the charger which is sold with the iPhone looks identical, is called the same thing, but only puts out 1A. It will work on the iPad but will charge more slowly. By that same token, the iPad charger will charge an iPhone just fine, it will just charge faster.

  • Ipod nano not recognized by itunes and won't charge

    Ipod nano is about 3 months old, worked fine before with itunes, but now ipod doesn't start itunes, doesn't show up in finder, and doesn't charge.
    I have switched usb ports, reset the ipod, downloaded itunes 6. I downloaded ipod update, but computer doesn't recognize ipod so it isn't updated. I tried "restore", but again not recognized. I tried Isync but it can't find ipod.
    Do I need a new cable that attaches ipod to computer?
    powrmac   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    The cord might be the case, but first, try these suggestions:
    Try putting your iPod into disk mode, then try connecting it to your computer again...
    <a href="How to put your iPod into disk mode</a>
    Do you have a wall charger? If so, then try connecting your iPod to that, and does it charge, or not?
    Have you checked this link out?:
    <a href="">iPod doesn't charge correctly
    Does your iPod appear in "My Computer"? If so...
    iPod shows up in Windows but not in iTunes
    If not...
    iPod missing in "My Computer" or in iTunes
    Post back on what happens when you try these things out. I hope this helps!

  • IPod isn't recognized by iTunes and won't let Windows format it

    I have an iPod classic that won't do much of anything. It won't turn on and rarely gets past the apple logo. It it does get past the apple logo though it asks as if you just bought it and asks your language and has nothing on it. If you go into settings though it says that all of the memory it used up. It also has the games on it but if you try to play them the iPod crashes. If I plug it into the computer iTunes won't recognize and and Windows will not format it.
    I do not care about getting any of the previous data on the iPod back I just wish to use it again.

    Hi Pigwarts5ever,
    If you are having issues with your iPod Classic not being recognized by iTunes on your Windows machine, you may find the following article helpful:
    Apple Support: iPod not recognized in My Computer and in iTunes for Windows
    If you are able to get it recognized, your best next step would be to restore it to factor settings:
    Apple Support: Restoring iPod to factory settings
    - Brenden

  • Iphone 4 not recognized in Windows and won't charge

    My iPhone 4 suddenly stopped charging via ANY charge medium, connected directly to USB port with adapter, via an iHome-like stereo, nor will it work in a wall charger. Also, neither a Mac (10.7) nor will a Win 7 computer with updated iTunes recognize it. Every time I connect it I get a message "USB device not recognized and has malfunctioned..." I have already changed the battery out (it was already out of warranty) still not charging or being recognized. Any help resolving this would be far more than appreciated!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

    Clean the iPhone charging port with a clean dry toothbrush. See it this helps. If still problem, clean port with toothbrush and some Isopropyll Alcohol. Clean especially the pins which are on top of the port mid-rib.

  • IPad isn't recognised by computer and no longer charges

    I can't update to ios5 as my ipad2 isn't recognised by the computer when I plug it in to USB port.  I've tried to charge the iPad but the iPad states "not charging". It only trickle charges now.  Tried re-installing iTunes, using different USB ports and connectors as well as carols different plug sockets.  Very grateful for any suggestions as I'm baffled! Thanks

    You could try testing with another program like Image Capture found in the Applications folder.
    If that program also does not show the camera then try a different USB port on the computer.
    If you have a memory card reader you could try that as well.
    If the issue still persists then checking your camera's settings in keeping with TD's advice would be a good idea. It may be in the wrong mode.

  • IPod Nano isnt reconsized by My Computer and iTunes.Still Charges,HELP ME!

    My iPod 8gb 4th Genoration Nano wont sync. It doesnt appeer in My Computer and iTunes but it still charges. When it works, it says 'iPod cant sync' or if i try and restore it it says 'iPod cant restore'. Some times it says 'This USB device is not reconised'. Sometimes it works. I have tried to restore it and restart it.
    above my solution

  • My black Nano: discharges and then won't charge via USB

    (I'm going to cross post this as I mistakenly replied to a thread in the first gen. nano forum)
    (december 25 2006)
    Took a new 8gb black nano out of the box this morning and it looks dead in the water. When it's plugged into my macbook pro via USB, it makes a very faint rapid clicking sound. Nothing comes up on the screen. Attempts to get a spark of life from other computers (iBook, G5 iMac) were fruitless.
    Charging, letting it sit, attempts at resetting.. nothing has had any effect.
    We'll be bringing it back to an apple store tomorrow morning.
    (december 27 2006)
    Ok, a little update. My dad brought the nano down to the apple store (two hours away - he was going to be in the area for work) and purportedly they hooked it up to a wall charger and it fired right up. Started charging and worked. They handed it back to him and he came back home.
    When he got home, we tried to power it on: no luck. Reset sequence: no luck. Plugged it into the USB cable: nothing. Tried it on other macs in the house with the same cable: nothing. Finally had the bright idea to try the firewire cable from my sister's older iPod. Wham! Charging, but the nano doesn't support data over firewire. So we let it charge for a little and then plugged it back into my MBP with the USB; now there was both charging and data action. It got all charged up and loaded with music.
    Today it came off the USB cable, fully charged, and was used intermittently during the day. I was watching the battery indicator; it seemed to be going down rather quickly. In the afternoon I charged it back to full again and went for a run with the nike+ kit (totally awesome, by the way)
    By the end of the run (40 minutes) it was in the red. I plugged it in for a few minutes to sync, and then disconnected it and left it alone.
    7 hours later, it's bedtime - and the nano is unresponsive again. Totally dead. No power. Doesn't charge.
    I just found the firewire cable and plugged the nano into my MBP using that - charging! It's alive. I'm just going to let it charge all night. We'll see what happens tomorrow after a run in the morning.

    There was a power change for Nanos a couple of versions back from Firewire to USB. This means that some car adapters and wall adapters will work with older iPods, but not newer ones.

  • IPhone 3G Stuck at Apple Logo and won't charge from USB

    My wife recently dropped her iPhone 3G down the toilet (clean water!), after retriving it and allowing it to dry I turned it on but there was no response.  I plugged it in to the mains and switched it on, at first all looked good, it lit up and displayed the Apple logo, however after about 20 seconds the screen went blank and nothing else happened.  I pressed the power button again and the Apple logo reappeared, again for about 15-20 seconds.  It does nothing else and isn't charging.
    Having read other posts about performing a factory reset, I plugged the phone into my computer but it doesn't come on at all (not even the Apple logo).  The USB port and cable work as they charge my iPhone4 fine.  This means that Windows/iTunes are unable to detect it is even there so I can't turn it on to perform a reset.
    Any advice?  Shorted battery?

    Are you doing this?
    If you can't update or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • HP Photosmart B110a constantly goes offline and won't print via USB either

    Macbook Pro OSX 10.6.8
    HP Photosmart B110
    I've connected the printer to my wireless network without any issues, but when I first tried to connect my macbook pro to the printer, it would keep disappearing from the network. Once I finally managed to connect it, every time I go to print something now, it will always say it is offline. Even when I try and bypass the wireless connection and connect via USB, it will still say it is offline. 
    I've have tried reinstalling the printer and driver many times, and I've tried connecting 2 other macbooks via the wireless and all experience the same issue. It is starting to get incredibly frustrating having to reinstall the printer over and over again.
    I would appreciate a solution that would prevent it from always going offline, even If I have to give up the wireless 'feature' and permanently print via USB. I do not have time to continuously fiddle with the settings every single time I need to print a document.

    Let's set a static IP address for the printer:
    - Print a Network Config Page from the front of the printer. Note the printer's IP address.
    - Type that IP address into a browser to reveal the printer's internal settings.
    - Choose the Networking tab, then Wireless along the left side, then the IPv4 tab.
    - On this screen you want to set a Manual IP. You need to set an IP address outside the range that the router automatically sets (called the DHCP range). If you do not know the range, change the last set of numbers (those after the last '.') to 250
    - Use for the subnet (unless you know it is different, if so, use that)
    - Enter your router's IP (on the Network Config Page) for the gateway.
    - Enter for the first DNS and for the second DNS.
    - Click 'Apply'.
    Now, shut down the router and printer, start the router, wait, then start the printer.
    After this you may need to redo 'Add a Printer' using the new IP address.
    Say thanks by clicking "Kudos" "thumbs up" in the post that helped you.
    I am employed by HP

  • IPhone 3G won't charge from USB port

    Suddenly I am getting an error sound (no message though) on my computer when I plug my iPhone into its USB port and it no longer charges the battery. I don't have iTunes on this computer (not allowed/work computer) but I have been using the USB connection to recharge my phone until yesterday when it stopped working.
    Here's what I've tried:
    1. Tried 2 different cables - same result, no charge and an error tone.
    2. Tried connecting to a USB hub, direct to several USB ports on computer, and via a USB port on the computer's keyboard - same result, error tone and no charging.
    3. Tried various combinations of two cables and two AC wall adapters, all work fine to charge my phone.
    4. Tried plugging my iPod into the USB port on the computer and Windows XP immediately identified it as a iPod and started charging it.
    I have not tried plugging it into my home computer where I sync it since this started happening yet.
    Is there something wrong with my phone?

    I've had a computer "suddenly" refuse to charge an iPhone that it had previously charged reliably.
    In my case it was because Vmware was active in the background managing a background Virtual Machine, and it grabbed the USB port on behalf of that background machine, which immediately gave the proper beep sounds, but since the virtual machine had no drivers, it didn't charge. (in fact the charge indicator went backward fairly quickly).
    If you have to ask what Vmware is, this is probably not your problem, but there may be similar scenarios that could cause this with background tasks, or other logged in users running things that think they "own" the usb port.

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