Navigation Bar with Rollovers inside to extend all the way across x-axis

I have a dreamweaver cs4 question. I need to have a navigation bar, that lines up with a background image that DOES not move when scaling the webpages in and out. The images must have rollovers, is there a way to either insert a repeating x-axis image and placing text on top and adding a script element to make the text rollover links?
All I need is a navigation bar with rollover links in the middle that extends all the way to the sides of the page regardless of browers or screen size.
Currently I have a divtag with rollover images and a background image that has the same image as the divtag so it looks like the navbar goes all the way across, but when I zoom in and out the background image or the div tag moves just by 1 pixel making them not lined up. example here: its more evident in google chrome
Please help! this is killing me and I dont have much scripting experience so I am trying to do this using the UI elements.
Or is there a way to prevent the background image from resizing when zooming in and out, like a fixed or absolute dynamic to apply to the background?

If you quit using position absolute for a basic layout, you will be amply rewarded.
Going through many of the posts with a similar topic you will find out why.

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  • How do I extend my background all the way to the browser's edge?

    I'm making my first website with iWeb, and I'm learning as I go. I tried to use some wallpaper as my background instead of black or white, but when I published the site to a folder, it has black bars to the left and right side of my site rather than extending all the way to the borders of the browser. I had begun designing my site with a black template, so that explains why they're black, but why are they there? How do I extend an image to fill the entire browser space. Also, can I change the dimensions of my site, so it's not just a slender rectangle in the center of the browser? Thanks for your help.

    I'm not sure if I am able to help, but will try.
    First, I'm not sure you can fill to the browser's edge. (could be wrong though). If you want to adjust the web page so it is not just a narrow strip down the middle, open your inspector and go to the Page section (second from left). There you will see the name of your page and Page Size. Where it says Content Width and Height you can put your dimensions in there, which should solve that problem. I usually use dimensions of 1024 px wide and 3500 Height.
    I have found if I want to use an image as a background that I am better off placing it on the page and sizing it to fit the way it looks best. If you visit my site and go to Mark's page that is what I did for the background on that page. When I've tried to do it from the Page section of the inspector I never seem to get satisfactory results.
    I hope this helps and you enjoy your site.

  • Extending width all the way to left and right?

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    Thanks for any help in advance

    The reason that the pink area does not stretch accross the page is because it is constrained by the outer container div.
    Your site structure is a typical method of centering a website in the browser.  Everything gets placed in a container which is give a width and a left and right margin of auto.
    The way to change it is to get that section of the page out of the container.  Place it under the rest of the page in it's own container and then add the pink background to that.  You might then need to put the content of that section in another div and use the same technique to centre it.
    You can see that with the top section of the page, the effect is achieved with a graphic.  You could to the same again with a pink graphic and then try to set that in the CSS.  However, this won't be easy if the content of your pages changes.

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    the newer version doesn't differ markedly from the previous one, but, until now, they were not usually a step backward. Upon installing Firefox 4 the welcome page indicated several new features. Specifically an app bar, and a bookmark button next to the home button. However neither of these features are on my copy of the program. Frankly, the only change that I see is the new position of the home button; and I don't like it. Moving the home button all the way across the page from the other commonly used buttons makes absolutely no sense to me, especially if the touted bookmark button doesn't exist. The new speed, if it continues, is nice, but other than that I see no real improvement over Firefox 3. So what's so great?

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  • Is their any tutorials on how to make a navigation bar with drop downs in Dreamweaver CC now ?

    Is their any tutorials on how to make a navigation bar with drop downs in Dreamweaver CC now that they do not have the spry option?

    bbull2005 wrote:
    Preran, why wouldn't Dreamweaver include it's own menu/navigation bar widget?
    I can't answer on Preran's or Adobe's behalf, but I think you'll find at least part of the answer here:
    Adobe decided to discontinue development of Spry in August last year, and Dreamweaver CC made the switch to using jQuery UI widgets and effects. One reason for dropping Spry was that it failed to work correctly in some browsers. Judging from the fact that the jQuery UI menubar is now "on ice", creating a flyout menu that works reliably across all devices is proving more difficult than originally envisaged.
    Because all other widgets in Dreamweaver CC use jQuery UI, it's a reasonable assumption that Adobe hoped the jQuery UI menubar would be ready in time, but it wasn't.

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    Hi Brad,
    Thanks for your reply.
    No, not really. I used to work with XARA up till now. And being an Adobe Cloud user I think it a bit silly using two different systems. In XARA I can create a custom button and turn them into a navbar. For your information I include a few links to sites I created with Xara and I would like to know if I can create the same type of navbars with Abobe Muse. I already found out that all the other functions are available and some work a lot better in Muse, but I’m stuck on the navbar issue. I know I can create a button in Adobe PS and use it in Muse. But I didn’t manage to figure out how to create a navbar in Muse on basis of a button created in PS. or or
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    Onderwerp:  How to create a navigation bar with custom made buttons?
    How to create a navigation bar with custom made buttons?
    created by Brad Lawryk <>  in Help with using Adobe Muse CC - View the full discussion <>

  • Navigation Bar with template

    I'm administering a web site I inherited from someone else
    who did not use templates as part of designing. Since I took over
    in November 2005 I created a template and began to implement it
    little by little on all the pages. I haven't done it to all of them
    because I notice that the navigation bar dosen't work the same on
    all pages.
    home page
    working page w/out template:
    none working page w/ template:
    working page[L=working page w/out template
    I know he used javascript to do this but i'm not sure what
    code is the one determineing the bar that is highlighted according
    to where on the menu you click.
    Thank you for your help.

    sarahpeller wrote:
    I'm creating a site in Dreamweaver 8. I've placed a navigation bar with roll-over images in the template for the site. In the navigation bar settings, I set the first button to link to "healing.html", second to "resources.html" etc. But when I preview this in my browser, the links are not working. I get this error message:
    File Not Found
    Firefox can't find the file at /Darwin/Users/sarah/Sites/amy_martin_pt/Templates/healing.html.
    This directory looks correct except for the "/Templates" part. I didn't specify that the healing.html file was in a folder called "Templates". I don't know how to fix this or why Dreamweaver is automatically doing this.
    Can anyone help?
    As has already been said have you defined your site correctly at the outset? Site>New Site>Local Info etc?
    Plus you are correct your pages should be in the site root folder NOT the templates folder. Only .dwt files should reside in that.
    I assume that you have saved the template to your defined site folder and created a new page from the template and saved that?

  • Navigation Bar with Segmented Control

    I've been looking everywhere for this, I just don't get it ...
    I'm completly new to iPhone development and the last few days I've been playing around with it.
    Here's what I want: a navigation bar with Segmented controls (like you would see in the App store with 'New' and 'What's Hot') and when you select a segment, a view will be loaded, Just like it is in the App store, and then you can switch between the segments.
    I've been looking and the only thing i've found is how to change the background color:
    - (IBAction)changeSeg {
    if (segControl.selectedSegmentIndex == 0) {
    self.backgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
    if (segControl.selectedSegmentIndex == 1) {
    self.backgroundColor = [UIColor blueColor];
    if (segControl.selectedSegmentIndex == 2) {
    self.backgroundColor = [UIColor greenColor];
    Thanks in advance! (it's probably very simple but I just can't find it)

    I implemented something similar. In my case the view was a UITableView, so I simply set the data source and delegate to a specified UITableViewController based on the segmented control and then reloaded the table.
    If there is a better solution, I would also like to know about it.

  • How to align navigation bar with banner?

    Hi i need to align my navigation bar with my banner how can i do this?
    i have attached a picture of how it looks in chrome 1280x1024
    I used Anthony Marchese's guide to do it ( but it will not align ive tried everything!!
    also how can i resize a div??
    please help??

    1  <!doctype html>
    2  <html>
    3  <head>
    4  <meta charset="utf-8">
    5  <title>MusicAtTheD's - the home</title>
    6  <link href="css/styles.css"rel="stylesheet"type="text/css">
    7  <style>
    10  #body {background-image:url(images/washedddd.jpg);background-repeat:no-repeat;background-positi on:center center;
    11  background-attachment:scroll;
    12  }
    14  #navbarOFF li {
    15  font:17px Arial;
    16  display:inline;
    17  list-style-type:none;
    19    }
    20  #navbarOFF a {
    21  background-color:#09F;
    22  color:#fff;
    23  text-decoration:none;
    24  padding-top:15px;
    25  padding-right:28px;
    26  padding-bottom:15px;
    27  padding-left:28px;
    29    }
    30  #navbarOFF a:hover {
    31  background-color:#F90;
    32  color:#666;
    34    }
    35  body {
    36  background-image:url(images/washedddd.jpg);
    37  background-repeat:no-repeat;
    38  }
    39  </style>
    40  </head>
    42  <body bgcolor="#999999"leftmargin="70"
    43  " topmargin="50">
    44  <div id="header"> <img src="images/websitefinalll.jpg" alt="banner" width="752" height="161"></div>
    45  <nav>
    46  <div id="navbarOFF">
    47  <div align="center">
    48  <ul>
    49  <li><a href="#">the home</a></li>
    50  <li><a href="#">the boys</a></li>
    51  <li><a href="#">the gang</a></li>
    52  <li><a href="#">the studio</a></li>
    53  <li><a href="#">the band</a></li>
    54  <li><a href="#">the music</a></li>
    55  </ul>
    56  </div>
    57  </div>
    58  </nav>
    60  </body>
    61  </html>
    1  #body {
    2  background-image:url(images/washedddd.jpg);
    3  background-repeat:no-repeat;
    4  background-position:center center;
    5  background-attachment:scroll;
    6  }
    7  #header {
    8  height:160px;
    9  width:800px;
    10  margin-left:auto;
    11  margin-right:auto;
    13  }

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