Need Advice About Powerbook Start-up Issue

Hi all, I've been having issues with my Powerbook recently. First, was the narcoleptic thing that had been going on since November - that was fixed by Apple two weeks ago.
However, when I got it back, the PB would go to sleep early despite the SP settings, and/or shut down if I left my PB on battery power.
Today, the Powerbook will not startup. It will chime, but after that the display just stays black. The fans are running, but that's it.
I tried: the PMU reset, zapping PRAM (it won't do it), booting from the installer disk, booting from the hardware test, T-starting into my G5, etc. I also tried booting AC only and battery only. Still the display stays black, and I have to hold down the power button for it to turn off.
Any suggestions would be great...would like to avoid sending it into Apple again, but maybe that's unavoidable, short of purchasing another laptop?

Sometimes the easiest is the answer, try hitting the F2 key to bring up the brightness.
Hopefully your video is OK, maybe try hooking up an external monitor.
Target Disk Mode would also be in the mix of things to try.

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    Hello. I just got a new mac through an education deal at school. I hate this process of transferring files from one computer to the next but have never done it from one Mac to another before so thought it would be pretty smooth. Im new to the whole Migration Assistant and so need some advice about what to do next.
    I tried using migration assistance upon first turning on my new mac but was using wireless and it just wasnt working. My computer kept saying my new mac wasnt responding and I kept having to select ok or cancel every minute and with 15 hours to go, i thought f^*# it. So I decided to just start the computer up and manually transfer files. Then I found an ethernet cable, turned file sharing on and am using my public folder to transfer but its turning into The Most Tedious task and things arent transferring properly (like certain folders arent copying contents, just the folder itself).
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    Sorry my post is so long
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    Also, now that I have an ethernet cable, if I go ahead and use migration assistant to transfer the account from my old computer, will Logic only be available through the new account I have set up on my new computer? Would I have to log out of one account and into the other and back and forth to access the different files/programs? Any help would be much appreciated

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    Here's wishing you all a very happy New Year!! Mr Greenhorn is back again! I have a question about zip and rar files. As some of you may remember, this is my first Mac, so I'm used to using the zip/rar programme on my old Windows O/S. Now I receive zip/rar files and can't open them. What is anyone's advice about downloading the zip/rar programme onto my Mac? Any particular pro's and con's? Any particular site to download from? Now my Mac has a compression programme included which converts files to zip files, but is that compatible to the actual zip/rar programme? And finally, where is the advantage to compressing files? Is it only for uploading or is there some benefit to having files 'compressed' on your actual laptop?

    Hi There
    Mac OS X has a built in Archive Utility which doesn't support .rar files. To uncompress rar files you will need a utility like RAR Expander or Stuffit Expander both are free. I suggest doing a search on MacUpdate ( or VersionTracker ( to find a programme that you like.
    I personally don't see any advantage with keeping compressed files on your laptop (unless the archives being used often for emailing, uploading to websites etc). Compressing files does save disk space but if you get to the point where you need to compress your files to gain disk space then I suggest buying an external HD or a bigger internal HD.
    Hope this helps

  • Need advice about coalesce and deallocate unused space

    Hi experts;
    Here looking for an advice about coalesce and deallocate unused space.
    I got this tablespace with 87% full, one of the table in that tablespace has 1,150,325 records.  I'm going to delete 500,000 records from that table, but to release the space used by those records I understand that I need to execute other procedure. I was reading about coalesce tablespace and deallocate unused space.
    I found that apparently, both process can help me to free space. If you want to share with me your comments, about  advantages or disadvantages about them, in order I can take the best solution?
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    after deleted rows, the high water mark is still the same and so the size of the table. you need to bring down the water mark
    here is what you need to do to bring down the high water mark. We do this monthly for performance purpose.
    This is an EBS R12 system  but the procedures are the same for EBS database or non EBS database.
    After you purge or delete data in a table
    1) alter table APPLSYS.WF_ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_VALUES move; <-- this operation will invalidate all indexes attache to the table
    2)select owner, index_name, status from dba_indexes  -- list all invalid object for user APPLSYS
    where table_owner = upper('APPLSYS')
    status NOT IN ('VALID','N/A');
    3)spool idxrebuild.sql --generate script to rebuild indexes.
    select 'alter index ' ||owner||'.'||index_name ||' rebuild online;'  from dba_indexes
    where table_owner = upper('APPLSYS')
    status <> 'VALID';
    4) run idxrebuild.sql   -- to rebuild indexes.  -- at this point if you check spaces on the table, it is still the same, you need to run #5
    5)exec fnd_stats.gather_schema_stats ('APPLSYS');  --fnd_stat is for EBS system you can replace with the database equivalent command.
    use this statement to count the block before and after the operation to see the different.
    select DISTINCT(SEGMENT_NAME), count(blocks) "Total Block" from dba_extents
    owner IN ('APPLSYS')
    AND segment_name = 'WF_ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_VALUES'
    Hope this help.

  • Need advice about headphones and splitter for HP EliteBook

    I would like some advice about what headphones and headphones splitter I should use for an HP EliteBook. I am going on a plane trip with my kids, and I plan to get them both Leapfrog headphones. However, I need a headphone splitter so that they can both watch a movie on the same computer.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for a splitter for an HP EliteBook? I tried Amazon but couldnt find anything.
    This question was solved.
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    The following one is for more than 2:
    and the following one is from Amazon:
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  • Need advice about making a application log over every task succsessfully done to a target

    I need an advice about how to make an application log over every task succsessfully done to a target with an unique ID.
    I have developed an application with several tasks on the menu which have to be done in a certain order to program and test a target board,
    and the user want a log about which tasks are done to the target, so it is easy to know which step is next on the menu (It is a very routinebased  job).
    Do somebody have any good advice on how this can be done in a cleaver way ?
    Best regards,

    Also, now that I have an ethernet cable, if I go ahead and use migration assistant to transfer the account from my old computer, will Logic only be available through the new account I have set up on my new computer? Would I have to log out of one account and into the other and back and forth to access the different files/programs? Any help would be much appreciated

  • Need advice about certification: do J2SE 1.4 or wait for 1.5 to go out?

    I need advice here! I am studing for Java Programmer certification (310-035) and I know now that the certification does not have any expiration date, instead it's version based. So, if I get now a J2SE 1.4 certification, soon it will be outdated... I guess!
    Does anyone know or have any ideia of WHEN java 1.5 sdk will be avaliable, and anyone can tell me how long it will take for a new 1.5 programmer certification be avaliable for general public?

    Do both. 1.5 is far enough away that you do not want to wait for it.
    And besides, 1.5 has enough new stuff in it that you'll want to recertify anyway.

  • Need advice about a WiFi set-up

    Dear Gang,
    I want to have a pure 802.11n network using the 5 ghz spectrum and the wide array setting. However, I have one desktop computer that is 802.11g. I'd like to run a 25 ft. Cat 5 cable to one of the LAN ports on the TimeCapsule and then shut-off the WiFi on this computer. However, strangely enough, I've always had all my computers (even desktops) networked via WiFi so I don't know how well using the LAN works.
    What are the thoughts of the group?
    I know that ethernet should give me greater speeds to the TC's hard drive and should solve my problem with bringing a non-802.11n machine in to a "pure" network, but I don't want to do so if the set-up is arduous or if doing so makes me lose a lot of features that I get in an all WiFi network.

    I'll definitely take your advice about the ethernet cables - thank you.
    Your info is reassuring as it means that my dual G5 will get a little more life out of it by connecting it in to my "pure" system via ethernet.
    Two other quick questions:
    -should I connect my new iMac via ethernet to the router, too, even though it's capable of going on my system in 802.11n 5ghz?
    -also, as an aside, I'm trying to figure out if my new 802.11n network will equal my current 802.11g network in terms of distance as I have an Apple TV that's a few rooms over. That Apple TV gets about 4 bars of signal from my current network. Do you think that 802.11n at 5 ghz will have an equivocal range?

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    Oracle Windows 2000
    Please, give me an advice about best character set
    configuration for XML DB.
    During installation Oracle istallator suggests
    charset =AL32UTF8 for multilingual data and ncharset=
    Is it good settings for database, which will be
    used for usual multilingual data and XML DB ?

    Yes, we strongly recommend the use of AL32UTF8 for XML DB.

  • Need advice about keyframe spacing (at least I think that's what is causing the issue)

    I have never noticed this ever happening before, I think it's because it's going from non-static to completely static images.
    It's a small tidbit at the end of an animation.  Once the credits start rolling, the video begins to pulse every second or so.  here's an unlisted youtube link I uploaded so you can see.
    finish - YouTube (bump the quality up to 720 to view what i'm talking about better)
    The stills start around 45 seconds.  and every second or so, you can see the picture pulse.  this seems to change with how far apart I space the keyframes.  The longer I space them the less frequently the pulsing appears to happen.  So, before I go and do that, is there something maybe very obvious or something I should know about spacing keyframes that is essential or would otherwise addess this issue.
    Thank you.

    If the keyframes are Bezier try changing to linear.

  • Need advice about migrating data

    I just bought my daughter a new MacBook. She launched the Migration Assistant tool to transfer her data from her iMAC. Both computers are running Leopard, and the iMAC is just 1 year old. The problem is that she set up the transfer to go through our home wireless network, which is only wireless G, and the computers indicate the transfer will take 18 hours.
    My question is this: Can I just click off the transfer and start another transfer approach that will be faster? For example, when she first started working with the iMAC, we migrated about 25 GB of data from a Windows machine using an external hard drive that was the back-up drive for the Windows machine. This transfer occurred very quickly, well under an hour. Is it possible to transfer the data directly from the Time Machine external drive, which had been attached to the iMAC, to to the MacBook using the USB ports (there is no Firewire port on the MacBook, believe it or not)? I should be able to just copy the data files and paste them into the new MacBook, just as I did when I transferred her data from the Windows maching to the iMAC.
    Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.

    This KB article has some suggestions for migrating data for the new MacBooks.
    Also, an ethernet cable between the 2 Mac should work great for you. The info below might be helpful as well.
    You shouldn't have a problem re-trying the migration again. If Migration Assistant detects duplicate user accounts it will give you the option to overwrite them with the new copies or rename them.
    *Using Time Machine Before Initial Launch of New Mac*
    Before starting the new Mac for the first time, attach the hard disk that contains the Time Machine backups from the old Mac. (For Time Capsule/AirDisk users: If you will be attempting this wirelessly, ensure that you are in range of your Airport wireless device. Alternatively, for faster migration of large quantities of data, connect your Mac via ethernet to your wireless device.)
    Startup the new Mac and begin the setup process. You will initially see the video introduction.
    At “Welcome” select your country and then preferred keyboard.
    At “Do You Already Own a Mac?” you are asked “Would you like to transfer your information?”
    +from another Mac+
    +from another volume on this Mac+
    +from a Time Machine backup+
    +Do not transfer my information now+
    Select “from a Time Machine backup” and click “Continue”.
    At “Select a Backup Volume” choose your Time Machine backup disk and click “Continue”. (If you are attempting the migration wirelessly, then click “Join...” and select your network first.)
    At “Transfer Your Information” check all the categories you wish to migrate over. If you wish your Mac to be in the same state as your last backup, then check everything. If, however, you are only interested in transferring one user account, then click the little disclosure triangle next to "Users". A list of all the previous users will appear. Just uncheck the user accounts you do NOT wish to migrate over. In other words, have only the desired account checked.
    Give the installer time to calculate sizes.
    Once that is complete, the “Transfer” button will become active and you can click it.
    After the migration, verify the registration information, click “Connect” and you are done.
    Once the migration is complete use Disk Utility to repair any permissions issues.
    *Using Time Machine After Initial Launch of New Mac*
    If you happened to initially set up the new Mac using a different username than the username on the account you wish to migrate, then skip to “Attach the hard disk containing...”.
    If, on the other hand, it is the same username as the account you wish to migrate over, then do the following:
    Go to System Preferences --> Accounts.
    You may need to unlock the lock in the lower left to make changes.
    Below the pane on the left click "+" and create a brand new Administrator User account on the Mac with a completely unique name - not the name of your own User account.
    Now logout of the account you are currently in and log back in using the new Admin account you just created.
    Attach the hard disk containing the previous Macs' Time Machine backups to the new computer. (For Time Capsule/AirDisk users migration will be much faster if you connect your Mac directly to the router via ethernet.)
    Now go to Applications --> Utilities --> and launch Migration Assistant.
    At the welcome dialogue click "Continue." You may be required to enter your Admin password.
    For Migration Method chose "From a Time Machine backup or other disk". (Do not choose…
    "Full System Restore" unless it is exactly the same Mac you are restoring to.)
    At “Select the System to Transfer” choose the hard disk containing the previous Time Machine backups and click “Continue”. Give Migration Assistant some time as it connects to the drive and scans the disk for eligible data to migrate.
    At “Select User Accounts to Transfer” put a check beside each account you would like migrate over to the new Mac.
    At “Select the Items to Transfer” you can choose to migrate “Applications” over. If an application already resides on your new Mac, only the newest version will be transferred. Additionally, other “Files and Folders” that resided at the top level of your old Mac can be transferred at this point as well. Files from the “Library” folder of your old Mac will always be transferred over unless you uncheck the other two options.
    Click “Continue”.
    At “Select Computer Settings to Transfer” choose which settings you would prefer transferring to the new Mac. If you want a completely fresh system to start with, then do not check any of these options. This can be helpful if your previous system was experiencing issues.
    Click “Transfer”.
    If you have already created a User Account on the new Mac and it happens to be named the same as the User Account that is being migrated then Migration Assistant will report,
    +"There is an existing user account with the same name as an account you are transferring."+
    At that point, you will be able to choose one of the following:
    +• Rename the user account you are transferring+
    +• Replace the existing user account with the one you're transferring+
    +• Do not transfer this user account+
    If you wish the new Mac environment to be exactly the same as your old Mac, then avoid selecting “Rename the user account...”. Rather, select “Replace the existing user account...”. It will not be deleted but saved in a new folder labeled “Deleted Users” found in the main Users folder. Click “Next”.
    At this point the transfer will begin with a bar displaying the progress. Once completed click “Quit”.
    *Full Backup After Migration to New Mac*
    Bear in mind that in all cases Time Machine will not continue to backup the previous Macs’ backup sets but will perform a new full backup. This is normal. Time Machine will resume incremental backups after the full backup has completed. To view previous backups, Control-click or right-click the Time Machine icon in your Dock or Option-click the Time Machine menu extra and Choose "Browse Other Time Machine Disks," then select the previous Mac’s backup set. You will enter Time Machine and be able to browse your previous back ups and restore files. []
    Let us know if this resolved your issue.

  • Need advice about replacing desktop, with laptop?

    I need to replace my old desktop. Know nothing about laptops! Would like to clear my spare room of computer desk and junk! Would a laptop serve the same purpose, as a desktop?
    I'm a retired lady and mainly use my computer for email, internet surfing and some games.
    I would not use for traveling.
    How would I connect to my broadband? Can I plug in without relying on battery? Can I still use my printer?
    In other words, can I use a laptop just as use my desktop?
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    Hi Patsy.  I am confused on why so many are trying to steer you away from the laptop when it sounds like that is just what you are wanting.  Personally, I think you would love a laptop.  Like you I don't travel all that often, but the biggest advantage of the laptop for me has nothing to with travel and everything to do with the mobility of it within my own home.  If I want to lay on the couch and play on the internet, go outside on the patio and read an article or sit in bed and play a game on the computer or watch a DVD, it is no problem.  I have had my laptop about a year now and it is hands down more convenient than the desktop in my study. 
    In answer to a few of your questions, yes a laptop would work with your internet in exactly the same way as the desktop, BUT you would need to purchase a wireless router in addition to the laptop.  This router is what allows you to be wireless in your home.  You can then plug in anywhere in the house or work off the laptop battery, whichever you so choose.  The printer is the same way.  You could hook the printer directly to the router or if the printer has wireless capabilities, it could be recognized by your router and be wireless too, meaning it simply needs to be plugged in and not connected to anything else and you could still send documents straight from your laptop to it.
    As for computers, if you ever see a poster start talking in detail about graphics cards, more than likely they are high-end gamers.  In other words, not simple computer games but very graphic intense games that call for really good graphics cards.  From what you describe your use as, which is very similar to mine, you are just wanting it for internet/email, basic computer games and maybe some word processing abilities.  Most laptops you get today will probably have a graphic card that supports all you need.  The following is just my opinion on laptops based on needs that sound close to mine, so hopefully I won't get jumped on too much by other computer experts.  I would encourage you to avoid taking the cheapest route with a laptop.  That isn't to say avoid a good deal, just go for a good brand.  In my opinion the good brands do not include Toshiba (just personal experience based on several people who have gotten one in the last couple of years and reading up on them before buying) or Gateway (although I think they may have been purchased by Asus as was eMachine, so the quality might be better now.  They use to be crap!).  I would stick with HP or Dell myself.  I have a Dell, which again high end gamers are not as fond of because they have an integrated  graphics card.  For what you would use it for, a Dell would be more than fine, and they have been around a long time for a reason!  That is what my old desktop is too, and they have always responded to my issues, even when not under warranty anymore with that desktop.  As for what to look for, you should be able to get a decent laptop for $400-$550, maybe cheaper, but get a little more to the laptop and it will last you a little longer. I would look for something that is a Core2Duo versus simply Dual Core.  Try to go for at least 3GB memory, 4GB is better. As to the size of the hard drive, if you mainly just save pictures and documents like me a 160GB hard drive is more than enough, but if higher, even better. The huge retailer that starts with W, which apparently can't be written here, has some good deals on both HP & Dell, and they offer relatively cheap extended warranties.  Which by the way, I would highly encourage an extended warranty on a laptop.  Here are 2 other good deals I just came across on good laptops {Links removed per Community Guidelines} The 2nd deal has a bigger hard drive and a 17" screen versus a 15.6".  The bigger screen means it is going to be a little heavier though.  I originally wanted the bigger screen myself, but ended up going with the 15.6" as it was just easier to lug around.  They are so close in weight though, I don't know that it would matter that much to some.  As to hooking all this stuff up, such as configuring your router, printer etc.  If you know anyone that is good with computers it is usually a pretty simple task for them.  Most of kids in high school can do it with their eyes closed now.  If you don't know anyone, Best Buy has a service called the Geek Squad that will come and do it for you.  Have no idea the cost there, but I do know it doesn't have to be purchased at Best Buy for you to buy that service. 
    Anyway, I know I wrote you a book, but I hope this info help.  I really think you will be more than pleased with a laptop once you get the purchase and setup out the way anyhow!   Good luck, Leigh. 

  • Need advice, 5d mark ii autofocus issues

    Hello everyone!
    Me and my 5D mark ii need some advice. I bought it some years ago, but didn't use it too much until the last year or so (long story) and I really should have, since the warranty is long expired :/
    I'm having issues with autofocus. I was shooting some product photos in studio when I realized that this was a pretty big issue, I've just told myself that it was a user error other times when a shot was out of focus, but this was getting serious and I'm honestly not that horrible of a photographer
    I recently also purchased the spyder lenscal, to check if it could be my lenses (though it did seem weird that this issue would affect ALL my lenses, and that it would only happen sometimes) and with my first test I took a photo and it looked a little off center, so I did a minor micro adjustment, turned the focus ring all out, made the camera focus and take a photo, and the focus was now WAY off. I found it odd, so I simply turned the focus ring again, focused and took another shot, and this time the focus was almost spot on. Oh, I only used center af point, the red point shows focus where I wanted it. I did the above several more times, in good lighting and camera on tripod, and some photos turned out pretty sharp while others were completely out of focus. I own 2 lenses, 17-40 and 50mm, and this happens on both though it seems to happen less frequently with the 17-40. I also find the autofocus hunting something fierce from time to time, no matter if it's in a well lit studio, outdoors or indoors.
    Have anyone else had this issue and had it fixed at a certified canon service center? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth fixing or if it's time looking for a new camera. Honestly, I do want it fixed. I bought this camera with a small inheritance, investing in a camera that was going to stay with me for as long as possible as I usually dont have the funds to buy new ones that often. I'm afraid that sending it in for repair will cost so much that it would be wiser to just get a new one.
    I'm guessing there isn't anything I can do myself about this issue. Does anyone know how much approximately it costs to get something like this fixed?
    Sorry for the wall of text, and thank you for any advice you can give me.

    Here are several ideas...
    Okay, first of all you wrote you are seeing the same issues with both lenses: 17-40 and a 50mm.
    Which 50mm? If it's the 50/1.8, it's a micro motor lens with a reputation for somewhat iffy auto focus. Many folks who try to Micro Focus Adjust it eventually give up, because it isn't very consistent. It also tends to hunt a lot in lower light. You probably would see better results with only the center point and this lens, but a USM lens such as the EF 50/1.4 or similar would give much faster, more consistent AF.
    The 17-40 is an f4 lens... so can't take full advantage of the f2.8 sensitivity of the center AF point. Still, as an USM lens, it should focus more surely and quickly than the EF 50/1.8.
    What focus mode are you using? One Shot or AI Servo?
    See the AF point pattern in the above response? Note the 6 points right around the center one (roughly on or within the circle denoting the spot focus area), making for a total of 15? Those are "hidden" Assist Points that have to be enabled in the menu, are not indicated in the viewfinder and only work in AI Servo focus mode. The other nine points (center one, plus 8 peripheral), as seen indicated in the viewfinder, are available in both One Shot and AI Servo.  For the type of photography you are doing, I'd be using One Shot, which gives greater accuracy than AI Servo. (Notes: 1. Above ignores AI Focus mode... because it really isn't a focus mode at all. In AI Focus the camera is supposed to decide for you whether or not the subject is moving, then switch to using the appropriate mode: AI Servo for moving and One Shot for stationary subjects.  2. Live View focusing uses contrast detection AF instead of phase detection that's done with the AF points seen in the viewfinder, is even more accurate than One Shot, although it's much slower.)
    Of the nine "usual" AF points, on 5DII (and 5D original for that matter), yes, only the center one is the more sensitive "cross" type. All the others are single axis an less sensitive. However, for the types of things you shoot, they should all be usable. The 5DII's AF system is rated down to about -.5 or -1.0 EV light levels, if memory serves. I find the center point on mine is actually a little better in low light than my 7Ds or, before them, 50Ds... all of which are rated the same as the 5DII.  Slower, yes, but still able to lock on after the 7Ds and 50Ds gave up completely.
    Anyway, I most often use the center point only on my 5DII (and with other cameras). You do have to be a bit careful focusing and recomposing, though, with any shallow depth of field shots.
    Regarding calibrating your lenses using MFA... I haven't used the product you mention and don't know how you are using it.. Canon and Reikan Focal both recommend the "target" for most lenses be at a distance 50X the focal lenght of the lens. So a 50mm lens would have a target 2500mm or 2.5 meters (or about 8 feet) away. A zoom lens is harder to MFA.... you probably should check it at both extremes of the focal length range and if they aren't the same (seldom are) might need to arrive at an average amount of adjustment or skew it a little toward one end or the other that you use most. (Note: newer cameras with a later version of the MFA feature allow for two adjustments to zoom lenses, one at each end of the zoom range.)
    Also, I've heard of folks having trouble doing calibration indoors, in artificial light. In particular, any common fluorescent lamps can mess with AF. Best if possible to do it outdoors in sunlight or light overcast or light shade.
    Stopping down to f11, you should get a lot of depth of field that would hide most minor focus errors, unless the subject is very close (i.e., near macro distances).
    If the camera and lenses haven't been used much, you might try cleaning the lens to camera electronic contacts. I recommend just lightly dampening a clean, lint free rag with a few drops of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and carefully wiping the contacts with that. There might be finger oils or something on them effecting AF performance.  
    It also might be worth having the camera cleaned. Perhaps some dust has settled on the AF sensor array or on the mirror that's effecting AF performance.  I don't recommend trying to clean these yourself, perhaps aside from a puff of air from a bulb blower.
    How are you viewing and evaluating your images? I ask because many people make the mistake of over magnifying images.... looking at a 5DII's image at 100% is like looking at a five or six foot wide print from 18" away... so close that minor and meaningless flaws are bound to be seen. I usually evaluate image focus and sharpness at 50% or 33% with my cameras (though I do work on images at higher magnifications for other reasons).
    Also, some softwares can be a little "flaky". I use Lightroom extensively and have to be careful. When I open an image at even moderate magnifications in the Develop module, it takes a while to load, showing an enlarged thumbnail intially that always looks poorly focused... And I find if I have the crop tool active, it takes even a little longer to render the image correctly and show it's true sharpness and focus accuracy.  
    Finally... do you have any filters on the lenses? If so, try some tests without any filters. I have seen filters effect AF performance. If not using one it's possible a lens hood might help, too, by keeping oblique light off the front of the lens.
    All that being said, it is possible something is wrong with the camera and you should have it (and the lenses) looked at.
    Hope this helps! Keep us posted.
    Alan Myers
    San Jose, Calif., USA
    "Walk softly and carry a big lens."
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  • Need advice about H.264 and Apple ProRes 422.

    When exporting a "master file" I can encode the video as H.264 or Apple ProRes 422 (etc). The H.264 is more compressed but still in 1080p? Does this mean that I do not have to compress the file with "Compressor"? What is the advantage of using ProRes and what is the advantage of using H.264? I want of course the files to be as small as possible but still at the best quality. Any advice?

    ProRes is an editing format. If you are archiving a finished project, you can create an extremely high quality "print" with H.264. ProRes 422 will use approximately three times as much memory. ProRes 422(HQ) roughly four times and ProRes 4444 up to 10 times (compared to the size of the file FCPX will export as H.264). 
    FCPX exports (shares) H.264 in highest quality (over 45Mbits/sec [if needed] for 1080p), you have no options to adjust for smaller files (or lesser quality from FCPX.)
    To get "as small as possible," you'll need to learn more about compressing video. As a comparison (to FCPX), YouTube limits a maximum bandwidth of 8Mbps (used to be 5Mbps -- I *still* compress to 5Mbps before uploading.) Even compressed this highly, H.264 provides excellent results. [Compressing in ProRes is going from 4444 down to 422 Proxy (not to be confused with proxy media used in FCPX which is 1/4 resolution, i.e. 960x540 for 1080, ProRes 422.) You cannot compress each of the different ProRes flavors individually.]
    You'll need other software to compress further than FCPX.  I use Quicktime 7 Pro. Compressor is another way to go (Compressor will let you set "compression markers" so you can vary the bitrates through various sections of your work).  The way to figure out your compression level is to find a section (less than a minute) with the highest motion high contrast (and/or changing gradients) and export at different bitrates. Watch for "jpeg artifacts" (blocking) and once you've gotten past that, that's the bitrate you should compress to. (I've had some clips that required at least 20Mbps.) It just takes a little practice to get a feel for it.

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