Need Help Installing Adobe Reader

I am trying to locate my course catolog through my educational institute and it is requiring me to install adobe reader and below is the error mesage.
Please advise what to do next.
Thank you,
Adobe Reader did not install successfully
You can troubleshoot your installation with the following resources:
Community Help
Frequently asked questions
Reader Help and Support Center

pwillener wrote:
It would help if you'd specify your operating system & version, and what Adobe Reader version you are trying to install.
...and from where.

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  • Need help installing adobe reader... im getting error 1935..

    need help on installing adobe reader im getting an error messaage 1935.. pls help

    Please confirm the Reader version and the operating system.
    You can Follow article.

  • Need help installing Adobe Reader, Error 1402

    Hello, this is my first time here at the forums.
    So my problem is obviously having trouble installing Adobe Reader X (Latest Version) I had to reinstall it due to this error,
    I've tried looking at these steps: but they didn't work.
    I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit.
    I get stuck at step 10 of More Solutions (Advanced)
    The error I get when I try to 'Replace permission on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects' is:
    Auditing - 'Registry Editor could not set security in the key currently selected, or some of its subkeys.
    The key that cannot be opened during installation is in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE32\Software\Classes\PDF.PdfCtrl.6\CLSID
    I've already set full permission to access this key.
    The 'Replace permission on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects' checkbox is actually named
    'Replace all existing inheritable permissions on all descendants with inheritable permissions from this object' on my Windows, I think it's basically the same thing, because it's in the same spot as the one in the support picture, so I'm just assuming that's Windows 7 and I'm using Vista which shouldn't be too different.
    I've already followed all the instructions correctly, and I don't have spysweeper, McAfee on my system or any viruses/spyware, I update Windows regularly and my AntiVirus is Norton AntiVirus which is updated as well, and this doesn't seem to interfere with the installation files as you can see this is a registry problem.

    Please confirm the Reader version and the operating system.
    You can Follow article.

  • Need help installing Adobe Reader 11

    Adobe Reader will not update. I have tried following multiple forum help suggestions. I have received errors 1302, 1310, and one other. Usually get error 1310.  I am running Windows 7 Professional. The downloader will download the files , attempt to install them , gets to 97%-100% completed , then fails.  I have tried uninstalling & reinstalling. I have tried using the cleaner to remove all traces of Adobe files. I have tried fixing permissions. I have tried ensuring we are installing as admin. I have disabled Mcaffee Antivirus to install. I have tried installing adobe X (10) - which succeeded installing btw, and upgrading from there. In that case , the update immediately fails. I have gone into my folders to make sure admin has full access to the folder. I have tried downloading and installing multiple times as another post suggested.  I do not know what else to do. I can use Adobe X to view my docs but I want to stay up to date security wise. Please help !!!!

    Have you tried the offline installer from ?
    If that also does not help, please give us the full 1310 message.

  • Need help installing Adobe Reader on my Mac

    I am trying to download Adobe Reader XI onto my mac running OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 through Safari.  Every time I download it gets almost through the installation and then gives me the error "Installer: Installing at base path/installer:  The install failed (The installer encountered an error that caused it to fail)."
    I have done all the trouble shooting on the website but nothing is working.

    Try the offline installer from

  • I need help installing Acrobat Reader - messaged failed to connect to a DDE Server. Can't access documents

    I need help installing Acrobat Reader - messaged failed to connect to a DDE Server. Can't access documents

    Please see if "acrobat failed to connect to dde server" when openning Adobe Acrobat XI PRo helps.

  • I need to install Adobe Reader to take a course but I cannot get it to work

    I am trying to take a 3 hour course online and I have to download adobe reader.  I have done this or so my computer says I have, but still cannot get the information I need to take the course to work.  I get a message saying "if the I need to install adobe reader".
    How do I get this fixed? I need this course in order to renew my tradesman license.

    dawnefrom providenceforge wrote:
    I am trying to take a 3 hour course online...
    Are you expected to download files from the course to look at on your computer or will all of the course be done completely online? If the course takes place entirely online, what may be needed is the Adobe Reader plugins getting installed properly in Safari. Since you're posting this in the Yosemite forum we can assume your using Yosemite, not Snow Leopard (10.6.8), so the plugins may not automatically be working. Assuming Reader has actually been installed, take a look at the instructions Adobe gives for activating the plugins.
    BTW, do you have "Adobe Reader" in your Applications folder?

  • Need to install adobe reader on a non-networked computer.

    Need to install adobe reader on a non-networked computer?
    How can I get the adobe reader.exe program rather than an installer program?

    You can download and use the full offline Reader installer from

  • Need help installing adobe flashplayer

    Need help installing adobe flashplayer for nokia Lumina 710 windows 7 phone

    Flash Player does not require Java.  But JavaScript needs to be enabled to run it.
    See if anything in here helps:

  • Need help installing Adobe Pro 9 Product code [removed by moderator] to my new PC tower.

    Need help installing Adobe Pro 9 to my new PC.

    Hi albertc40027908,
    You might need to deactivate Acrobat 9 from your old machine.
    Then, install the software from a CD (if you have) and activate with the same serial number.
    If you don't have a CD, then you might install Acrobat 9 pro from the below mentioned link:
    Download Acrobat products | 9, 8
    Hope this helps.

  • Need help installing adobe flash on mountain lion o/s for my mac

    need help installing adobe flash on my mac with mountain lion operating system

    What kind of problem are you running into?  Have you gone to
    Here's a help document that might assist you with common problems.  If you continue to encounter problems, please post back.
    Macintosh Installation Help

  • I need to install Adobe reader 9.4 on a Win7 Pro/64 bit machine. Will it work?

    I need to install Adobe reader 9.4 on a Win7 Pro/64 bit machine. Will it work? and where can I find the downloadable file?

    Yannick8995 wrote:
    where can I find the downloadable file?
    English version 9.4.0
    Other versions: navigate the FTP site

  • Need help installing Adobe Pro on my new computer

    In 2013 I purchased Adobe software for my office computer. The computer died in 2014 and now I need to install Adobe on my laptop.
    Can I get help, please
    Denise Brown

    Hi deebrn77,
    Are you running into a specific problem with the installation, or just need guidance on how to get started? If necessary, you can download Acrobat from this page: Download Acrobat products | Standard, Pro | XI, X.
    And, if you need your serial number to complete the installation, then this document can help with that:
    Finally, if you had purchased an Acrobat subscription, then this document provides great instructions for downloading and installing an Acrobat subscription: Acrobat XI Subscription | Download and install
    I've tried to cover the bases; but if you still need help, please let us know!

  • Need help with adobe reader

    I cant install adobe reader, when I try my system locks up.
    I am useing windows xp

    What version of Reader are you trying to install? What service pack are you running on XP? Have you disabled your virus and spyware protections when installing?

  • I need help installing Adobe photoshope elements 12

    I need help downloading adobe photoshop elements 12

    HI Marlene McGann
    Download it from below link :
    Follow the Important instructions given on the page to start your download.
    Use your serial key to activate it.

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