Need Help Locking Digital Signature Field

I am working on a form with a number of sections to be completed by various departments. When a section is completed, I have a digital signature set to lock the fields related to that section. The form is sent to the next department and so on… Locking the form fields with the digital signature works just fine. The problem I have it that when viewing the form in Acrobat 8 Pro, the digital signature can be right-clicked on and cleared. This unlocks all the related fields and makes the form free for editing.
Is there a way to lock the digital signature to prevent using the “Clear Signature” function?
Thanks for any help,

Thanks for the quick reply.  Upgrading to Acrobat 9 may be an option.  If not, is there a way to lock these fields with scripting?  Or applying a password after signing?
Thanks again,

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  • Need help making digital signature field read only if required fields are null

    Using Adobe LiveCycle Designer, I have a digital signature field.  I want to prevent users from being able to digitally sign the pdf if any required fields in the pdf are null or blank.  I'm a newbie to scripting so any detailed help would be greatly appreciated.  The required fields in the pdf include radio buttons, check boxes, text field, etc.  I appreciate any help anyone can provide.

    Exactly how you check a field for being empty depends on what type of field it is. For text fields, you should get the field's value as a string and compare it to an empty string, something like:
    var val = getField("Text1").valueAsString;
    if (val) {
        app.alert("Field is not empty");
    If there is a default value that needs to be changed, you would compare to the default value:
    var f = getField("Text1");
    var val = f.valueAsString;
    if (val !== f.defaultValue) {
        app.alert("Field value is OK");
    For check boxes and radio buttons, you'd compare to the string "Off", which means none in the group is selected.
    For dropdowns (combo boxes) and list boxes, there is normally one value selected, so you would have to get the value and check against the default value (or something else) to see if the field is properly filled in.
    You could place the script there, but I usually use a separate button that I encourage the user to click in order to check the field. The problem with using the Will Save event is you can't prevent the save from happening.
    The script can loop through all of the fields (and test all required ones), or you could set up an array of field names to check.

  • Need Help in Digital Signature

    We want  to implement digital signature functionality for
    1.Bid invitation creation/Bid creation process
    2.File signing for documents uploaded in C-folder.
    It would be better if you could share documents about how to implement digital signatures.
    Please note my yahoo ID : [email protected]
    Thanks & regards,

    Hi ,
    If you wish to use your own texts/mono/signatures when outputting a purchase order, proceed as follows:
    1. In the step Adjust Form (Layout Set) for Purchasing Documents, check to see at which points you can store your own texts in the standard form MEDRUCK.
    2. Enter the texts in accordance with your requirements using the SAPScript editor. To do so, choose SAPscript Standard Texts.
    Assign unique names to your texts (e.g. names containing the key for the purchasing organization).
    3. Choose the desired text type (e.g. texts for document item) under Document Printout: Purchase Order.
    4. Create a new entry and enter the following data for it:
    Print operation (e.g. new printout or printout of changes (change notice))
    Purchasing document type and item category
    Text object, text ID and the text name
    Print sequence in which the text is to be outputted
    In the standard system, the purchasing form is called "MEDRUCK". MEDRUCK is a multi-purpose form controlling the output of RFQs, POs, outline agreements, delivery schedules, reminders/urging letters, rejection letters, change notices, and order acknowledgment expediters.
    Changing the Purchasing Form
    Before you make any changes to the standard form, you should consider the following.
    Change Existing Form or Create New One?
    You can either change the standard form or create a new form by copying the standard one.
    When you change the standard purchasing form, you must first create a correction number, because changing the standard form represents a customer modification. Thereafter, the system maintains both your changed version and the SAP version of the form.
    If you create a new form, you must assign it to the appropriate message type (PO, rejection letter, etc.) before the system can use it for printing.
    Its recommend that you always create your own form. This makes it easier to distinguish between your customized form and the standard form provided by SAP.
    Hope ths helps
    please reward points

  • Need help with Digital Signatures Please

    HI Folks,
    This is probably a really ignorant question but.....I have
    users who download packaged files to run on their own PC. Have run
    into the problem of the security warning - Publisher could not be
    verified....and providing the choice to run, or cancel the file.

    keithgcampbell wrote:
    > HI Folks,
    > This is probably a really ignorant question but.....I
    have users who download
    > packaged files to run on their own PC. Have run into the
    problem of the
    > security warning - Publisher could not be
    verified....and providing the choice
    > to run, or cancel the file. Suggestions?
    On your web page warn users that this happens or buy a
    digital signature
    and sign your files?
    Andrew Poulos

  • How do I delete a digital signature field?

    I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 on Snow Leopard. I created a digital signature for a PDF file but it didn't look good, so I decided to delete it. I figured out how to delete the signature, but the signature field with the little red arrow did not delete with my signature. I want my PDF form to revert to the way it was before I created the signature. I cannot simply close the PDF without saving because I'd lose all the information I've already entered. Stupid me forgot to save before attempting the digital signature.
    HOW CAN I DELETE the digital signature field? Help!

    Hi SM,
    The place to look for permission settings is on the Security tab of the Document Properties dialog. You can get there by selecting the File > Properties menu item and then select the Security tab.
    One thing to note is if the file is Reader Enabled you will need to use the File > Save a Copy menu item to create a non-Reader enabled version of the file. You cannot edit a Reader Enabled file. As an aside, the Save a Copy menu item won't be there if the file is not Reader Enabled.
    If the file was created using Designer (which is only on Windows and I know you are using a Mac) then it has to be edited in Designer.
    If the file was certified, then you need to remove (clear) the certifying signature before you can edit the file, and to do that you must have access to the private key that was used as part of that signature operation.
    Finally, if the file is encrypted (e.g. Password Security or Certificate Security), you can edit the file, but you have to get Acrobat to realize you are the document owner which means you need the Permissions password or or logged in using a document owners digital ID (the former is only for Password Security and the latter is only for Certificate Security).

  • Can't get digital signature field to work

    I am using Acrobat Standard.  I am trying to create a form with a digital signature field.  My problem is that when the PDF is opened with Reader on the same PC it works as expected.  Soon as it is emailed/moved somewhere else the box doesn't do anything, no ability to digitally sign or even type in that field.
    So I am struggling with creating a PDF on one PC that needs to be digitally authorised by someone else on a different PC, using Adobe Reader.
    I have been using Save as...>Reader Extended PDF
    Please help!  Apologies if this something obvious and simple, this is the first time I have tried to do this.

    Gerorge, thank you so much.  I have since upgreaded to Pro and am now trying to figure out how to use the digital signatures correctly.  I have sent out a test form and had a coworker complete, sign and send back but when I open up the form it says I have a signature error.  and then i get this pop up when I click on the signature
    What am I doing wrong?  I work in HR and need these to be valid signatures.  Thank you so much in advance!!!

  • Reading digital Signature field ..

    Hi Experts
    Can anyone please help me on this..
    I have created an adobe interactive form wherein i have put a digital signature field, now after the user fills up the form i need to read it through webdynpro Java. How do i read that field.
    I tried to map it to String attribute in context, and then read, it came out to be null..
    does anyone have a fair idea about this.., please help..
    Edited by: amita arora on Feb 7, 2008 5:23 AM

    Hi Amita
    Were you able to solve this?

  • Adding digital signature field with LC Designer vs. LC Digital Signatures

    Hi All,
    When digital signature field named "SignatureField1" is added to PDF document using LC Designer it appears as "form1[0].#subform[0].SignatureField1[0]" in Adobe Reader signatures tree.
    Same field added by LC Digital Signatures service appears as "SignatureField1" in the same tree.
    Why? What is the difference between those objects?
    LC Digital signatures ES2
    Adobe Reader 9.3.0
    Thanks, Yan

    First off, there is no difference between the two signature field objects.
    I'll do my best to explain why there is a difference in how the signature objects are named in the Signature pane of Reader\Acrobat.  When you add the signature field using LC Designer, the object is defined in the underlying XML (XFA) that defines the form.  The  (SOM expression) you see in Reader (via the signature pane) matches the structure of the form.
    When you add a signature field to a form using LiveCycle Digital Signatures ES2, you are appending a signature field "on top" of a PDF form (the underlying XML has been rendered into PDF).  The signature field is not defined in the XML, therefore Reader\Acrobat do not display the same naming syntax.
    Does this help?

  • Generate a PDF from Excel with a Digital Signature Field?

    I have an excel workbook that is filled out weekly- I then have to generate a PDF with a digital signature field for a manager to sign (vouching for the data).  I currently have to manually generate the PDF and then manually add a digital signature field.  Is there any way to generate the PDF from excel with a digital signature field that can then be signed?
    Thanks for any help

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  • It is possible to add a defined sized Digital Signature field at a certain location on the document using the Adobe SDK?

    I have a need to create a Digital Signature field of the same size, in the same location, on many PDF documents over and over.  I would like to do this automagically through the Adobe SDK if that is possible.  Has anyone done something like this before, and if so can you briefly describe how?  Thank you.

    You can do this most easily with JavaScript.

  • Adding Digital Signature Fields to Multiple Pages in a Document

    I have a batch processing java script which will place digital signature fields in a drawing.
    Sometimes the drawing could have multiple pages and the script needs to place the digital signature fields onto each page.
    The problem with the script I have is that the digital signature fields are only appearing on the first page.
    Can anyone please provide assistance with modifying my script so that the digital signature fields appear on every page?
    // Drawing signature field rev 0
    var numpages = this.numPages;
    for (var i=0;  i < numpages; i++) {
    var a = this.addField("Checked", "signature", i, [1783, 174, 1724, 198]);
    var b = this.addField("Designed", "signature", i, [1783, 149.5, 1724, 173.5]);
    var c = this.addField("Design App", "signature", i, [1783, 125, 1724, 149]);
    var d = this.addField("Proj App", "signature", i, [1783, 101, 1724, 125]);
    Thanks very much.

    Just index the field names:
    var numpages = this.numPages;
    for (var i=0;  i < numpages; i++) {
    var a = this.addField("Checked"+i, "signature", i, [1783, 174, 1724, 198]);
    var b = this.addField("Designed"+i, "signature", i, [1783, 149.5, 1724, 173.5]);
    var c = this.addField("Design App"+i, "signature", i, [1783, 125, 1724, 149]);
    var d = this.addField("Proj App"+i, "signature", i, [1783, 101, 1724, 125]);
    Tho there's no point in signing each page in the same document, tho I also see engineering folk do this. They just love signing every data sheet.
    And the result will not be good. Each signature will cause a problem/alert for the previous signatures.
    Care to indicate your engineering company?

  • Checking Digital Signature Field

    Hi There,
    How do I check if a digital signature field has a signature without having to call validation, for example signatureValidation()?
    Issue - I have a script that hides some text in PreSign event and if the user clicks cancel during the singing process, I want to undo the hiding. The idea is to have a script in the PostSign event to check if the signature exists and then undo. I'm trying to avoid calling signatureValidation() and invoke a send validation if the signature validation already took place.
    Please help.

    refer to -

  • Digital Signature Field == null

    I created a button that will only execute if the digital signature field has been signed. However even when the signature field is signed use of the button after the signature still pops up with the scripted message "This document has not been signed yet.".
    I have the button excluded from locking after signature.
    Here is how I wrote the checking script.
    //checks if form has been signed
    if (form1.Page1.SignatureData.CASignature.rawValue == null)
           "This document has not been signed yet.");
    { /// some code that excutes fine without the if statement above}
    Any ideas on what I could do to check if this digital signature field is signed? Thanks.

    I can't get the first line to fire in LiveCycle Designer ES 2.0
    I created a new file with only three items. 1. Text field named "signedFlag" made "User Entered - Required" in the Object + Value tab.
    2. A signature field named "SignatureField1" that doesn't lock anything after signature. 3. A button with the script:
    form1.Button1::click - (JavaScript, client)
    var oState ="form1.SignatureField1").signatureValidate();
    if (oState != 0)
    {      signedFlag.mandatory = "disabled";"Congratulations your button worked.","Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!",3,2);
    {      signedFlag.mandatory = "error";
 "This required box in red above is not completed.","Warning",3,2);
    I created the for either case being succesful, "disabled" or "error" so I could see if the script was firing after signing the document and then clicking the button. With or without these messageBoxes the var oState doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas?
    I changed the names in my scirpinting so I know, names are not the problem as you mentioned previously. Thank you for your time.

  • Trigger a Signature Date when Digital Signature Field is Signed

    I'm looking for a way to have a date field populate when a digital signature field is signed on my Adobe Designer Form. The signature technology I'm using does not work seamlessly with Adobe LiveCycle Designer and is unable to add the date when the document is signed. So I was thinking I could call a function to add the date to the date field when the signature field is signed. I just dont know how to do it.
    Please help!

    Here is some code that will allow you to check the signature field:
    // check to see if Claimant signature field is signed.
    var oSOM = claimsign.somExpression;  // Returns the full SOM expression i.e. xfa[0].form[0].form1[0]...
    var truncSOM = oSOM.substring(15); // Truncating 'xfa[0].form[0]' from SOM to get acroforms name of the field.
    var oState =; // Get the current field's signed state
    In this case the signature field is called claimsign. After running this code the variable oState will conatin a value ....if it is 0 then the field is not signed. So you can add code like this:
    if (oState == 0 ) {
         // signature field is not signed
         app.alert("You must sign the form before submitting")
    } else {
         //The signature field is signed
         go through your submission process code
    Hope that helps

  • How to add digital Signature Field in cfdocument pdf files?

    We are generating pdf files using cfdocument to populate values and wondering how we can add digital signature field in those pdf files. Any help or comments would be deeply appreciated.

    Yes, we have options to add digital signature to the pdf. We have one attribute called "Permissions" in "cfpdf" tag. If we provide permissions = 'AllowSecure', then system would allow digital signature for that pdf.
    Please go though the docs for details info. I will post in details next.

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