Need Help making a navigation menu for a website

Alright so I've been having some problems getting this to work correctly. I am making a navigation menu for a website and I'm trying to get when I hover over the main header a drop down appears animated of course below it. I also want when you highlight a specific text line for it to highlight blue along with a rectangle behind it to change to a lighter shade of red.
Some of the problems  I have been running into is play and stop commands on mouseover and them not stopping when they should and getting the text to change color.
Thanks for the help.
Here are some screen grabs of what I am doing

Your page's code is still a bit of a wreck.  Do you ever look at it?
<style type="text/css">#p7MBM_1 {
  width: 951px;
You need a doctype first - I recommend HTML4.01 Transitional.  Open this (and other pages) in DW and use FILE | Convert > HTML 4.01 Transitional, then save.  But wait until you do the other changes recommended below before doing this.
Add a <head> tag below the <html> tag.
Add a <title> tag below the <head> tag.
Add this below the <title> tag - <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
Add </head> below this -
<style type="text/css">
.style10 {font-family: "Goudy Old Style"}
You may want to change that font-family style to "Goudy Old Style, Geneva, Times, 'Times New Roman', serif", since Goudy is not web safe.
Move <body> below that </head> you just added.
That will clean your code up a bit.  Let's look at the page again when you have done these.

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    Hey everyone, fairly new to applescript programming. I just bought a usb camera for my macbook because I use it for video conferencing/playing around, and it is better quality than the built in isight. However, in order to use this camera I need to use drivers from a program called camTwist. This being said camTwist needs to be opened first and the usb camera must be selected from camTwist Step 1 list in order for any other application to use the camera. I just want to make a simple program that would open camTwist first, then select "webcam" from the list (double click it like I always have to in order to select it) in order to activate the driver, and then open photo booth which would then be using the camTwist driver in order to take pictures.
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    Solved my problem but now I need help with something else! First I used CamTwist user options to create user defined hot keys with the specific purpose to load the webcam. I chose Command+B. I tested it out in CamTwist and it worked. The program follows a logical order from there. First it loads CamTwist, then after a short delay it presses the hot keys in order to load the webcam from the video source list, then another short delay and Photo Booth is opened with the driver loaded from camTwist. Everything works Perfect! Here's the code:
    tell application "System Events"
    tell application "CamTwist" to activate
    delay 0.5
    --Press command+b which is a user defined hot key to load webcam
    key code 11 using command down
    end tell
    delay 0.5
    tell application "Photo Booth" to activate
    My Next question is, would it be possible with this same script to have both applications quit together. For example I always quit Photo Booth first, so when I quit photo booth is there a way to make CamTwist also quit and keep everything within the same script? Please let me know. This forum has been very helpful and lead me to a solution to my problem! Hoping I can solve this next problem as well! Thanks everyone.

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    I have been working my way through your six part printed instructions and I am styling the header and navigation menu.  The bullet points disappeared which was correct and the tabs moved to the right, as they should, but one tab sits underneath another tab and all tabs are covered up by my main heading.  This is dreamweaver CS6.
    It looks a bit of a mess!

    I have moved this to the main Dreamweaver forum, as the other forum is intended to deal with the Getting Started video tutorial.
    The best way to get help with layout problems is to upload the files to a website and post the URL in the forum. Someone can then look at the code, and identify the problem. Judging from your description, it sounds as though the Document window is narrow, which would result in the final menu tab dropping down to the next row. Try turning on Live view or previewing the page in a browser. Design view gives only an approximate idea of the final layout. Live view renders the page as it should look in a browser.

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    I'm not much of a programmer since my experience is in animation, but I need to make a popup window link to/activate a lightbox. I did well just to get the button to make the popup work since I have no programming experience! So now, on to something a little more complex for me! A button is basically supposed to bring up a menu (which I got to work) and the menu is supposed to have links that the user can click on to open up a lightbox similar to the one that opens up on the first click of this example:
    These were the instructions I was given, but I'm not sure where to even place this code! Please help!
    For example for Brides/Target this looks like this:
    if ("") !== -1) { 
                document.domain = "";
            $('.productImages1').click(function() {   
                openLightbox(" um_1_1&term=200-03-1024?ref=tgt_adv_XC&afid=d_brides&cpng=2013weddingregistry&DFA=1");   
                trackEvent("show", {page: 19, id: 'A-10077709', name: 'riedel-vivant-champagne-flutes-set-of-4'});    //_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Target Advertisment', 'Show', 'Page 19 - item 1']); });

    I was also given this information, but since I can't really read or write code, this means nothing to me. Is this something I can paste in the stages action panel or on the actual buttons that I'm wanting to call up the lightboxes? I like Edge because it seems to be easy and user friendly for creative/non-programmers like myself, but this is getting a bit complex for me. How can I go about this without having to code HTML5 from scratch?
    In the header of the HMTL file, you'll need to add a reference to the Zmags API.
    Example in Header
    <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
    Example with Javascript section:
    <script type="text/javascript">  // Opens the specified url in a lightbox, and applies the supplied css to it, if any; otherwising defaulting to the // standard width and height for the lightbox. To explicitly close the lightbox, call close() on the returned lightbox. function openLightbox(url, css) { return, css || {"width": "100%", "max-width": 1010, "height": 780}); } // Shares the specified url on the given network, with optional title and image. This will automatically trigger // tracking of the shared url, so no need to do so here. function shareUrl(network, url, image, title) { return'widget', network, url, title || 'Check out this product from Target', image); } // Tracks the logical action, e.g. "show", "overview" event, with the supplied arguments. The actual event action/label // formatting is handled by the Zavior configuration, and can have values injected, like if "args" = {page: 7, name: 'foo', id: 'bar', item: 1}, // a configured label can utilise these data like "${page}" and "${item}". function trackEvent(action, args) { if (!args) { args = {}; } return"google_analytics", action, args); } if ("") !== -1) { document.domain = ""; } $('.productImages1').click(function() { openLightbox(" 552#prodSlot=medium_1_1&term=11992552?ref=tgt_adv_XC&afid=d_brides&cpng=2013weddingregistr y&DFA=1"); trackEvent("show", {page: 8, id: 'A-11992552', name: 'giada-de-laurentiis-for-target-6-qt-cast-iron-dutch-oven'}); //_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Target Advertisment', 'Show', 'Page 8 - item 1']); }); $('#activateBtn').click(function() { document.getElementById('activateBtn').style.visibility = 'hidden'; //trackEvent("overview", {page: 8}); $('#big_wrapper').animate({ left: '+=100%' }, 1000, function() { //do nothing }); }); $('#deactivateBtn').click(function() { $('#big_wrapper').animate({ left: '-=100%' }, 1000, function() { document.getElementById('activateBtn').style.visibility = 'visible'; }); }); </script>

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    Thanks George, interesting thought.  I looked on Adobe's site and they "advertise" fillable forms for the iPhone and Android markets, but on the Windows Phone tab, that is mysteriously missing.  lol    Maybe it will come later?   Meanwhile, I'll google to see if there are any PDF viewers that can handle it now.   Thanks for the reply.  :-)

  • Need help on Multi level menu implementation

    Hi All,
    Need help on Multi level menu implementation

    Hi Anu,
    Please go through this link Implement Multilevelmenu navigation

  • Need Help to create new screen for RF Sapconsole

    Hi Guru's
    I'm new on RF (but some years in ABAP) since last week.
    I need help to create new screens for RF (SAPLLMOB).
    Can someone explain me the procedure to create screen (with ABAP code after) or perhaps someone have an exemple (simple or not) ?
    I have to develop 2 new screens with really few time.
    And, another subsidiary question :
    how SAP can transfert information between the flash gun and the screen i have developped.
    Is there some code to add to enable this functionality or it is include in SAPLLMOB on standard fields ????
    It's a new strange world for me today...
    Many thanks to everyone who can explain me

    I am facing this problem as well. Is there any reference to create the new screen?
    Hope someone can help! Thanks!

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    How do I reorder songs in a playlist in the new itunes??? I can no longer just click and drag. When I click, it doesn't move!!!! Need help ASAP- trying to prepare for an aerobics class and need songs in a specific order!

    Use View > View Options, and set 'Sort By" to "Manual Order."
    Then you will be able to drag-n-drop songs up and down the list.

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    Need help with a activation code for Adobe Acrobat X Standard for my PC, Don't have older Version of Adobe Acrobat 9, 8 or 7. 

    You don't need to install the older version, you only need the serial number from your original purchase. If you don't have them to hand, did you register? If so, they should be in your Adobe account. If not you really need to contact Adobe, though it isn't clear they will be able to do anything without some proof of purchase etc.

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    I need help getting new authorization codes for digital copies of movies. Can someone help me out?

    There's a lot of results in Google when you search for this but unfortunately refreshing the page doesn't seem to generate a different code anymore. Mine also says already redeemed

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    I need help in Downloading Adobe Elements for my Mac & Adobe Acrobat for my laptop...I have been battling for the last day.

    ~graffiti wrote:
    PjonesCET wrote:
    I know if you attempt to download and exe file to Mac from a Mac Partition you'll get something like. Cannot not understand file format octet-stream. This means it does not recognize MS execute files.
    Not necesarily. I've done it a few times.
    PjonesCET wrote:
    I'm not sure you can download a PC copy of Acrobat 9 unless you operating from bootcamp or other such application and running the PC partition.
    Yes. You can.
    I've learned something. New. This must be recently changed. That last time I clicked on a Link I though was a dmg file and turned out it was and exe file my Macs wouldn't allow me to do so. But haven't tried recently everytime and exe file comes up I cancel. I gues I am used to the time everytime a Virus or some other nasty was downloaded it was packaged in and exe file and Macs owuldn't allow it. I suppose with the INtel guts now they can no longer refuse to download.

  • I need help making a new Arch install ISO

    I have posted a couple of messages, but as yet no one seems to have responded, probably because they have not read them.
    I need help building a new ISO for Arch, to take account of dmraid.
    I can and have built ones that get so far, and clearly I am not that far away.
    All I need help with now is getting at the contents of the initial ramdisk (/isolinux/initrd.img) so I can make a new one with modifications, and if anyone can help, I need a hand working out how to use the kernel26.img that I will end up with on a system.
    Any help appreaciated.

    As far as I know this will be included in the next ISO release. I solved it by manually bringing the dmraid package to the install and wrote a guide on installing your root system on dmraid. However when the system crashes I have the slight inconvenience of having to install dmraid and manually mount the sets to do a recovery. I guess this is the part you want to get rid of aswell. I decided to wait until the next holy ISO.

  • Maestro need help also code is 75957252 for bios password reset

    maestro need help also code is 75957252 for bios password reset
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Check your other post. I replied there.
    ****Please click on Accept As Solution if a suggestion solves your problem. It helps others facing the same problem to find a solution easily****
    2015 Microsoft MVP - Windows Experience Consumer

  • I need help getting the license number for Adobe Photoshop Elements. However, It doesn't recognize me as an authorized user. Can someone help?

    I need help getting the license number for Adobe Photoshop Elements. However, It doesn't recognize me as an authorized user. Can someone [email protected]

    I am having the same problem...did you ever fix it?

  • I think I need help with driver (software) settings for D110a

    I think I need help with driver (software) settings for D110a all-in-one
    Product: D110a all-in-one
    OS: Windows XP Professional
    Error messages: None
    Changes before problem appeared: None--new installation
    The quality of photo images (mostly JPG files) in printouts is awful even though the files display beautifully on the PC screen. I am using
    IrfanView software for displaying/printing. As far as I can tell, IrfanView is not the problem.
    When I print the same images on a Deskjet 5150 attached to a different PC also running XP Pro and IrfanView, the quality of the printouts is at
    least acceptable, Some would probably say good or very good.
    It's dificult to explain in words the problem with the printouts. A picture of really pretty vegetables (squashes, tomatoes, watermelon, etc) comes
    out much too red. Moreover, the red, which appears shaded on the screen, seems to be all one shade in the D110a printouts.
    Something similar happens to a view of a huge tree in full leaf. On screen, there are subtle variations in the "greenness" of the leaves. In the
    printout, all green is the same shade. In the same printout, the trunk of the tree is all a single shade of grey. It isn;t even obvious that the
    trunk is a round, solid object.
    I liken the effect to audio that disappears entirely when you lower the volume and gets clipped into square waves in even moderately loud passages.
    I don't know whether the D110a driver software permits adjusting the parameters that appear to be set incorrectly, and if adjustments are possible,
    how I would identify which parameters to adjust, how I would access them, or how I would adjust them. I'm hoping that someone can help. Thanks.
    I forgot to mention that I have used the diagnostic application and it tells me that there are no problems.
    e-mail me at [email protected]

    brazzmonkey wrote:
    Hi everyone,
    I noticed the following message when network starts on my gateway
    Warning: This functionality is deprecated.
    Please refer to /etc/rc.conf on how to define a single wired
    connection, or use a utility such as netcfg.
    Then I realized the way network settings should be written in rc.conf has changed. But I can't figure out how this should be done.
    Currently, my set up is the following (old way):
    INTERFACES=(eth0 eth1)
    eth1="eth1 netmask broadcast"
    eth0 is on DHCP because the IP is dynamically assigned my ISP.
    eth1 has a fix IP because it's on the LAN side.
    No problem to use DHCP on eth0 with the new settings.
    But for eth1, I don't know what I am supposed to write for gateway.
    Wiki isn't clear on that one either, and it looks like many articles still refer to the old way.
    Any guidance appreciated, thanks.
    you can't define 2 interfaces the old way (even though I saw some tricky workaround somewhere in the forums).
    Use, f.e., netcfg:
    Comment your old lines.
    In /etc/rc.conf insert:
    NETWORKS=(Eth0-dhcp Eth1-static)
    DAEMONS=(..... !network @net-profiles ....)
    In /etc/network.d create 2 files:
    First one is named  Eth0-dhcp.
    DESCRIPTION="Whatever text"
    HOSTNAME="your hostname"
    Second one is named Eth1-static.
    GATEWAY='' # your gateway IP
    DNS=('') # your DNS server
    The names Eth0-dhcp and Eth1-static are not magic. They just must be the same in rc.conf and in /etc/network.d.
    Hope it helps.
    PS: netcfg must be installed.
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    i've just bought a shiny new HD TV (sony bravia). I want to play keynote photograph slideshows. I don't want to burn DVDs for slideshows, but play the presentation directly on the TV from my macbook. What, in your opinion is the best way to do this?