Need help to see if I can use 2 different Ipods on same computer....

I recently updated from my Ipod shuffel to a Nano. The software automatically updated my computer when I pluged in the new one, but I have given my son my shuffle and have not been able to get it to work on my home computer, can I update his on my computer that I use for my nano?

The ca-55 was the only adaptor to convert a car-k91 to pop port, you can not change it to another type of connector, you will have to buy a new kit.
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  • Can i use 2 different accounts on same computer?

    i used to have an account from itunes wayyyyyy when it first came out, bought 48 songs and now i want to redownload them. the only problem is it wants me to authorize this as my computer. which it is, but my boyfriend started using itunes on this computer which isnt the one i had itunes on. so now when i go to download the purchased songs it says "you must authorize this as your computer" so i guess 2 questions,  so if this computer breaks can i authorize it on a new one? and will it mess up my boyfriends account at all? he has a lot more songs than i do and still uses it which i dont. please help me, this is really bugging me.

    You can't cancel an Apple ID. You can use either ID on both devices, but purchases are always tied to the Apple account that the purchase was made with.

  • Using 2 different ipods on one computer

    Can someone please help, i have a color ipod set up on my computer, and my friend brought over a original ipod (the same as mine but with no color) and we are trying to put songs on her ipod and mine but for some reason the computer will not recognize the one with no color....HELP....what am i doning wrong???

    Apple don't like this.
    The simplet method would be to:
    1) Make both iPods "enable disk use"
    2) Plug in her iPod
    3) iTunes will probably ask if she wants to delete all of her songs and replace them with your library, select NO.
    4) Open the iPod in Windows Explorer
    5) Simply drag & drop the chosen songs from your library onto the iPod in Explorer.
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  • Can two users have ipods on same computer?

    2 people in my family now have the ipod shuffle, and we both want to use the 1 family computer for storing our "different" musical tastes. Can we both have the ipod experience, using the same computer? Before I start loading up all her songs, I want to know if it's possible for us both to have different music on 2 differnt ipods...both are shuffles... Any ideas?

    Just create a new account for each "iPod User" and from there they can do what they want under their own iTunes Account.

  • Can you have 2 Ipods on same computer and each have a different library

    I am running two Ipods on one computer. I have it set for manually chaning the songs not automatic. My question is do we have to share a library? Is it possible for us to each have our own library and if so how do you do that.

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    Using Multiple iPods With One Computer

  • My itunes comes up with this when i try to download purchased songs: this devise is already associated with an apple id. this devise can be used with another apple id in 82 days. i need help to see if i can fix this problem please.

    i have an iphone 4s i signed out of my itunes on the devise and my friend signed herself into ituned but i signed her out an myself back in but my purchased songs and tones cannot download. it gives me a message of:this device is already associated with an apple id. this device can be used with another apple id in 82 days! is there anyway for me to fix this or override something. im freaking out!!

    Sorry: once a device has been authorised for a particular iTunes account you can't change it to another until 90 days have passed. This is to prevent people cirumventing the restrictions of purchases to one account from consteantly swopping between accounts. You will have to wait for the 82 remaining days, and there is no workaround.

  • I need help to see if I can get an adaptor for CA-...

    My phone is due for upgrade however new nokia's have a different charging adaptor so my old car CA-55 doesnt work. Is there an adaptor because I dont have bluetooth in the car?

    The ca-55 was the only adaptor to convert a car-k91 to pop port, you can not change it to another type of connector, you will have to buy a new kit.
    Danny b
    Nokia Accredited Installer
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  • Need help with my contacts and email - used to have ipod touch

    Hi all
    I had an ipod touch in the past that I used to sync through the laptop i'm on now. However, I sold that quite some time ago and just got a new iphone the other day. when I hooked it up to my laptop to set up, my old touch account came up. This normally wouldn't be a problem but now it's syncing all my OLD contacts (thousands of them) and old email accounts...some of which are not in my windows live mail anymore.
    How do I go about:
    1) getting rid of all these contacts that were just loaded onto the phone
    2) starting new to add only the contacts I have in my windows live contacts list?
    I've tried deauthorizing the computer but that didn't do anything other than delete old apps I had on the touch.
    Much appreciated!

    Were you provided an option to transfer the backup from your Touch to your iPhone that you accepted?
    Which supported application on your computer are you syncing contact info with?
    With Vista, this can be with Outlook 2003 or 2007, or with the address book used by Windows Mail with Vista - which is the name change for Outlook Express with Vista. The address book is called Windows Contacts I believe and the sync option for contact info is selected under the Info tab for your iPhone sync preferences.

  • How do i use 2 different ipods on 1 computer

    I have an ipod video and my brother has the nano. We first installed the nano and the video ipod on 2 different logins with windows professional. Now I-Tunes only reads the video ipod on both logins. How do I make them both work with I-tunes?? Please help.....

    I didn't think I could search for a similar thread for much longer, but just after posting this one I found the solution to my problem, and for now it has worked successfully.
    To anyone else experieincing similar problems perhaps you should read:
    How to use multiple iPods with one computer

  • Can you run multiple iPods on same computer?

    I have a "regular" ipod and have successfully loaded iTunes (dated 10-12-2005) on my pc. My husband just bought a shuffle but we cannot seem to run them on the same pc. Why not? iTunes just will NOT recognize the shuffle. I have successfully loaded the shuffle on our kids' pc; but all 2,000 songs are on my pc. I DON'T want to reload all of them. ANY suggestions? Comments?
    I did try to update the iTunes. Ran into other problem - iTunes wouldn't even start - had to uninstall/reinstall.
    Dell   Windows XP  

    I had the same problem with iTunes not recognizing my
    iPod Shuffle. What I did to fix the problem was to
    download the latest version of the iPod updater and
    select the restore option. It should reset the
    factory settings and flash the device with the latest
    software. I recommend trying to get iTunes to
    recognize the shuffle on its own, and then connecting
    the additional unit.
    Sounds great - but every time I load updater I cannot even start iTunes. VERY frustrated.

  • Question regarding using two separate IPODs on same computer

    I recently bought my husband an IPod since he loved mine so much. I already had ITunes on my computer (obviously), so I had him signout and then establish a separate account under his name before attaching his IPod to the computer. Once on ITunes, my library remained in the que even under his new name. He was thrilled because it saved him the issue of having to mess with downloading songs. He deleted off some songs, added others, and moved things around. Now, no matter what name you log-in under, the same library and playlists come up. Is there a way to fix this, or avoid it from here on out? I want MY LIBRARY back.

    It sounds like you're talking about logging into your separate iTunes Store/Apple accounts which will only affect which of those accounts is charged for purchases.
    It does not change Libraries or anything of that nature so, unfortunately, unless you made a back-up copy of your iTunes Library file before your husband started making changes, your LIbrary - as it was - no longer exists.
    As for the future, you may want to have a look at this article in the Apple Knowledge Base and let us know if it brings you any combination of joy and/or satisfaction.

  • Hi - I need help. I would like to use my old iPhone 3 as an iPod for music only. Problem is that my phone is locked with a password I can't remember. I havent used the phone since I got my iPhone 4. Anyone who know how I can reset the phone to standard?

    Hi - I need help. I would like to use my old iPhone 3 as an iPod for music only. Problem is that my phone is locked with a password I can't remember. I havent used the phone since I got my iPhone 4. Anyone who know how I can reset the phone to standard installation or just get acces to the phone. There is no SIM card in the phone.

    Hi Lawrence,
    Thanks for your prompt response, however I have first seen it now. I have placed an active SIM card in the iPhone turned it off and on. It now says SIM locked, please write access code. The problem is I don't remember the password. When I connect it to iTunes it tell me that I have to write the password before it can be used with iTunes...... Do you have any good ideas? I see you are from the NYC area.... used to work there back in the early 90´   Those were good days..... What a City

  • Need help badly!! how can i use the front camera i...

    guys, i need help with the front camera of my device
    how can i enable the front camera of nokia N900 to shoot photos or videos,
    this problem is really bugging me...
    need help badly...

    You can't.. it is terrible..
    the only app that really uses it is mirror
    Open this link on your phone to install mirror
    the camera firmware is bad, so the image quality is truely terrible.. play with mirror to see.. it may be fixed in a future firmware release (it *IS* better than it was.. the firmware last year had a line through the picture!)

  • I upgraded to 20gb iCloud but it isn't enough to back up. I get constant error messages saying there is no backup space and I've not been able to use the upgrade. Apple promised to refund then didn't. Please help is there anyway I can use this space?

    Please see the subject line thanks
    I upgraded to 20gb iCloud but it isn't enough to back up. I get constant error messages saying there is no backup space and I've not been able to use the upgrade. Apple promised to refund then didn't. Please help is there anyway I can use this space?

    If you were told they would refund the price for the iCloud storage - Contact AppleCare and ask to speak with a senior advisor.  Have the case number for the promised refund available.
    If you are trying to update your device, but you don't have sufficient space to download and install the update, you need to delete content from your device.  Buying storage in iCloud does not add space to the device which is what you need.
    You can always update using a computer with iTunes installed - this method is faster, and will allow you to make a backup on the local computer (Local backups restore faster than iCloud backups).

  • I get error 0x80073cf9 now and I need help to FIX Windows Store can't update any Apps & can't install any Apps now?

    Hi I hope some one can tell me step by step how to fix windows 8.1, I can't update any of my Apps and can't install any new apps now and I get error code 0x80073cf9?  But my problem is different than most of the other FIXES I read about, because nothing
    fixes my problem to be able to install new Apps and get app updates and stop getting that error code?
    I keep getting same error code 0x80073cf9 after I try any of the FIXES I have read about and tried all  the fixes on  my Lenovo Z580 laptop, that came with windows 8 and updated to 8.1.  And ever since I bought this laptop I could
    always install and update all my apps for the last year when I had Win 8 and Win 8.1 now.   This has been going on since April and May and its driving me crazy!    And from the May updates I did get all the updates and
    I also installed the KB update  that said I need this KB to get all updates in the future.  
    But all the other people when they get this error code they could not even open and use any of their Apps already installed.  And they also get the error code when they try to update or get a new apps.   
    But I can click on any APP installed already and use all my Apps with no problems.     I have read so many how to fix this error code but nothing works! :-(      I have tried a lot of 
    the fixes on Microsoft forums that says do this and the fix will get rid of the error code but I keep getting the same error code after I try that  fixes.    And I have read a lot of other windows 8 an windows 8.1  web sites when
    I search for how to fix this error code?   And tried all of the fixes that were different from the Microsoft forum fixes. But after I try those fixes I still can't install any apps or can't get my app updates? 
    Please to any person's who can help me by giving me  more that 1 fix, because I have tried so many fixes, If you know more that 1 fix tell me how to do your fix step by step so I can understand what you say to do to fix my windows store? 
    Thanks for any and all help?  And if I don't get any help in this section of the forum I will try to put this in a different area, if I don't get any help at this section of the forum I will try to ask this in another part of he forum ok?   
    I really need HELP with this so I can get my laptop working again to install new apps and get the updates to my apps? 

    Fixed the problem by going to settings/store and logging out with apple ID.  Then logged back in with password and updates, apps, and iTunes store seem to work ok now.

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