Need help with conversion progrma for MTS video files.  Can't download videos from Sony TX-10 camera

Have new macbook pro 13".  Can't download videos from our Sony TX-10 camera.  I understand I need some kind of conversion program for MTS video files.  Need recommendation for a good conversion program to convert the video files.
Thanks, chieftd

Well, sigh, that's not going to work.
I love how I can do months of research to choose the best camera for my needs and budget, which is NO easy task these days, but surprisingly find it on the unsupported list when it's a very popular camera.  So, while it seems to support a whole bunch of other AVCHD options from Sony, not the NEX cameras.
The NEX cameras are the latest generation of mirrorless cameras (which, ironically, are great b/c they give dSLR quality still images while actually producing HD video that always records silently and stays in focus b/c it's mirrorless).  The NEX 7 was just reviewed as Camera of the Year.
Bleh. Oh well. Maybe someday.
And, for anyone reading, Roxio Toast Titanium did convert it just fine but it took about 20 min or my time to set up a handful of clips and then a couple hours to complete converting them for the quality I was looking for.  One was about 10 minutes of a kids' performance on Christmas and it took a long time. It's just not feasible given how many video clips I do with the camera a week - well, feasible when you consider all the cameras where this would be seamless.
Thanks for posting your reply - I appreciate it.

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    * Takes one command line argument: your name and surname. When the
    program starts, display the date and time with a welcome message for the
    * Display all the available options to the user. Your calculator must include
    the arithmetic operations as well as at least five scientific operations of the
    Math class.
    -Your program must also have the ability to round a number and
    truncate it.
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    * Make use of helper classes where possible.
    * Use the SDK to run your program."""
    When the program starts, it asks the user for his/her name and surname. I got the program to ask the user again and again for his/her name and surname
    when he/she doesn't insert anything or just press 'enter', but if the user enters a number for the name and surname part, the program continues.
    Now my question is this: How can I restrict the user to only enter 'letters' (and spaces of course) but allow NO numbers for his/her surname??
    Here is the programs code that I've written so far:
    import java.util.*;
    import java.text.*;
    public class Project {
         private static String nameSurname = "";     
         private static String num1 = null;
         private static String num2 = null;
         private static String choice1 = null;
         private static double answer = 0;
         private static String more;
         public double Add() {
              answer = (Double.parseDouble(num1) + Double.parseDouble(num2));
              return answer;
         public double Subtract() {
              answer = (Double.parseDouble(num1) - Double.parseDouble(num2));
              return answer;
         public double Multiply() {
              answer = (Double.parseDouble(num1) * Double.parseDouble(num2));
              return answer;
         public double Divide() {
              answer = (Double.parseDouble(num1) / Double.parseDouble(num2));
              return answer;
         public double Modulus() {
              answer = (Double.parseDouble(num1) % Double.parseDouble(num2));
              return answer;
         public double maximumValue() {
              answer = (Math.max(Double.parseDouble(num1), Double.parseDouble(num2)));
              return answer;
         public double minimumValue() {
              answer = (Math.min(Double.parseDouble(num1), Double.parseDouble(num2)));
              return answer;
         public double absoluteNumber1() {
              answer = (Math.abs(Double.parseDouble(num1)));
              return answer;
         public double absoluteNumber2() {
              answer = (Math.abs(Double.parseDouble(num2)));
              return answer;
         public double Squareroot1() {
              answer = (Math.sqrt(Double.parseDouble(num1)));
              return answer;
         public double Squareroot2() {
              answer = (Math.sqrt(Double.parseDouble(num2)));
              return answer;
         public static String octalEquivalent1() {
              int iNum1 = Integer.parseInt(num1);
    String octal1 = Integer.toOctalString(iNum1);
    return octal1;
         public static String octalEquivalent2() {
              int iNum2 = Integer.parseInt(num2);
              String octal2 = Integer.toOctalString(iNum2);
              return octal2;
         public static String hexadecimalEquivalent1() {
              int iNum1 = Integer.parseInt(num1);
              String hex1 = Integer.toHexString(iNum1);
              return hex1;
         public static String hexadecimalEquivalent2() {
              int iNum2 = Integer.parseInt(num2);
              String hex2 = Integer.toHexString(iNum2);
              return hex2;
         public double Round1() {
              answer = Math.round(Double.parseDouble(num1));
              return answer;
         public double Round2() {
              answer = Math.round(Double.parseDouble(num2));
              return answer;
              SimpleDateFormat format1 = new SimpleDateFormat("EEEE, dd MMMM yyyy");
         Date now = new Date();
         SimpleDateFormat format2 = new SimpleDateFormat("hh:mm a");
         static Date timeIn = new Date();
         public static long programRuntime() {
              Date timeInD = timeIn;
              long timeOutD = System.currentTimeMillis();
              long msec = timeOutD - timeInD.getTime();
              float timeHours = msec / 1000;
                   return (long) timeHours;
         DecimalFormat decimals = new DecimalFormat("#0.00");
         public String insertNameAndSurname() throws IOException{
              boolean inputCorrect = false;
                   while (inputCorrect == false) {
                        while (nameSurname == null || nameSurname.length() == 0) {
                             for (int i = 0; i < nameSurname.length(); i++) {
                             if ((nameSurname.charAt(i) > 'a') && (nameSurname.charAt(i) < 'Z')){
                                       inputCorrect = true;
                        inputCorrect = false;
                        try {
                             BufferedReader inStream = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(;
                             System.out.print("Please enter your name and surname: ");
                             nameSurname = inStream.readLine();
                             inputCorrect = true;
                        }catch (IOException ex) {
                             System.out.println("You did not enter your name and surname, " + nameSurname + " is not a name, please enter your name and surname :");
                             inputCorrect = false;
                        System.out.println("\nA warm welcome " + nameSurname + " ,todays date is: " + format1.format(now));
                        System.out.println("and the time is now exactly " + format2.format(timeIn) + ".");
                        return nameSurname;
              public String inputNumber1() throws IOException {
              boolean inputCorrect = false;
                   while (inputCorrect == false) {
                        try {
                             BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(;
                             System.out.print("\nPlease enter a number you want to do a calculation with and hit <ENTER>: ");
                             num1 = br.readLine();
                             double number1 = Double.parseDouble(num1);
                             System.out.println("\nThe number you have entered is: " + number1);
                             inputCorrect = true;
                        } catch (NumberFormatException nfe) {
                             System.out.println("\nYou did not enter a valid number: " + "\""+ num1 + "\" is not a number!!");
                             inputCorrect = false;
                        return num1;
         public String calculatorChoice() throws IOException {
              System.out.println("Please select an option of what you would like to do with this number from the menu below and hit <ENTER>: ");
              System.out.println("Please select an option from the list below: ");
              System.out.println("1 - Add");
              System.out.println("2 - Subtract");
              System.out.println("3 - Multiply");
              System.out.println("4 - Divide (remainder included)");
              System.out.println("5 - Maximum and minimum value of two numbers");
              System.out.println("6 - Squareroot");
              System.out.println("7 - Absolute value of numbers");
              System.out.println("8 - Octal and Hexadecimal equivalent of numbers");
              System.out.println("9 - Round numbers");
              System.out.println("0 - Exit program");
              boolean inputCorrect = false;
                   while (inputCorrect == false) {
                        try {
                             BufferedReader inStream = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(;
                             System.out.print("Please enter your option and hit <ENTER>: ");
                             choice1 = inStream.readLine();
                             int c1 = Integer.parseInt(choice1);
                             System.out.println("\nYou have entered choice number: " + c1);
                             inputCorrect = true;
                        } catch (NumberFormatException nfe) {
                             System.out.println("You did not enter a valid choice number: " + "\""+ choice1 + "\" is not in the list!!");
                             inputCorrect = false;
                        return choice1;
         public String inputNumber2() throws IOException {
              boolean inputCorrect = false;
                   while (inputCorrect == false) {
                        try {
                             BufferedReader br2 = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(;
                             System.out.print("\nPlease enter another number you want to do the calculation with and hit <ENTER>: ");
                             num2 = br2.readLine();
                             double n2 = Double.parseDouble(num2);
                             System.out.println("\nThe second number you have entered is: " + n2);
                             System.out.println("\nYour numbers are: " + num1 + " and " + num2);
                             inputCorrect = true;
                        } catch (NumberFormatException nfe) {
                             System.out.println("You did not enter a valid number: " + "\""+ num2 + "\" is not a number!!");
                             inputCorrect = false;
                        return num2;
         public int Calculator() {
              int choice2 = (int) Double.parseDouble(choice1);
              switch (choice2) {
                        case 1 :
                             System.out.print("The answer of " + num1 + " + " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 2 :
                             System.out.print("The answer of " + num1 + " - " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 3 :
                             System.out.print("The answer of " + num1 + " * " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 4 :
                             System.out.print("The answer of " + num1 + " / " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                             System.out.print(" and the remainder is " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 5 :
                             System.out.println("The maximum number between the numbers " + num1 + " and " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                             System.out.println("The minimum number between the numbers " + num1 + " and " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 6 :
                             System.out.println("The squareroot of value " + num1 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                             System.out.println("The squareroot of value " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 7 :
                             System.out.println("The absolute number of " + num1 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                             System.out.println("The absolute number of " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 8 :
                             System.out.println("The octal equivalent of " + num1 + " is: " + octalEquivalent1());
                             System.out.println("The octal equivalent of " + num2 + " is: " + octalEquivalent2());
                             System.out.println("\nThe hexadecimal equivalent of " + num1 + " is: " + hexadecimalEquivalent1());
                             System.out.println("The hexadecimal equivalent of " + num2 + " is: " + hexadecimalEquivalent2());
                        case 9 :
                             System.out.println("The rounded number of " + num1 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                             System.out.println("The rounded number of " + num2 + " is: " + decimals.format(answer));
                        case 0 :
                             if (choice2 == 0) {
                   return choice2;
              public String anotherCalculation() throws IOException {
                   boolean inputCorrect = false;
                   while (inputCorrect == false) {
                             try {                              
                                  BufferedReader br3 = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(;
                                  System.out.print("\nWould you like to do another calculation? Y/N ");
                                  more = br3.readLine();
                                  String s1 = "y";
                                  String s2 = "Y";
                                  if (more.equals(s1) || more.equals(s2)) {
                                       inputCorrect = true;
                                       while (inputCorrect = true){
                                            inputCorrect = true;
                                  } else {
                                       System.out.println("\n" + nameSurname + " thank you for using this program, you have used this program for: " + decimals.format(programRuntime()) + " seconds");
                                       System.out.println("the program will now exit, Goodbye.");
                             } catch (IOException ex){
                                  System.out.println("You did not enter a valid answer: " + "\""+ more + "\" is not in the list!!");
                                  inputCorrect = false;
              return more;
         public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
              Project p1 = new Project();
    *Can you please run my code for yourself and have a look at how this program is constructed*
    *and give me ANY feedback on how I can better this code(program) or if I've done anything wrong from your point of view.*
    Your help will be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

    Smirre wrote:
    Now my question is this: How can I restrict the user to only enter 'letters' (and spaces of course) but allow NO numbers for his/her surname??You cannot restrict the user. It is a sad fact in programming that the worst bug always sits in front of the Computer.
    What you could do is checking the input string for numbers. If it contains numbers, just reprompt for the Name.
    AND you might want to ask yourself why the heck a calculator needs to know the users Name.

  • Is it available for free.  where can i download it from and keep it updated.

    Is Adobe available for free.  Where do I download it from, and how can I automatically keep it updated?

    Adobe is a software company making dozens of things. Some of them are free and some aren't.
    What "Adobe" do you want? Or, if you're not sure what you want, let us know what you want to do.

  • I need help with exporting project for the web

    Probably something i am doing wron g but here are the problems. When I use Quicktime Converter, if I try to convert to a Quicktime movie or an MPEG-4 nothing happens and i get a 'File error;File Unknown message' when i try to convert to an AVI File, it works, but even though I have already rendered the project, it shows up with little flashes of blue that say 'unrendered'. and finally, when I try to make it a w
    Windows Media File, it stops after 29 seconds. Any ideas?
    I have an iMac with dual core processor, and FCE HD 3.5.1. I have my video files on an external drive.
    iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  

    perform a search using the term export for web and it should throw up some ideas.
    here's one for starters:
    If you're using flip4mac to convert to wmv, the trial stops at 30 seconds - you need at least wmvstudio to export to wmv:

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    Hi ,
    Need help generating statistics from previous month from date of enquiry till current date of enquiry.
    and have to display it according to date.
    Date of enquiry : 03/02/2012
    Application Type| 01/01/2012 | 02/01/2012 | 03/01/2012 |...... | 31/01/2012 | 01/02/2012 | 02/02/2012 | 03/02/2012 |
    sample1 20 30 40
    sample 2 40 40 50
    sample 3 50 30 30
    Hope you guys can help me with this.

    932472 wrote:
    1)If i run the query at 12 pm on 03/2/2012. the result i will have to display till the current day.
    2)displaying the count of the application made based on the date.
    Application type 01012012 | 02012012 | 03012012 | ..... 01022012| 02022012|03022012
    sample 1 30 40 50 44 30
    sample 2 35 45 55
    sample 3 36 45 55Explain how you get those results from the sample data you posted.
    It would help a lot if you posted the results in \ tags, as described in the forum FAQ. {message{id=9360002}
    SELECT     application_type as Application_type
    ,     COUNT (CASE WHEN created_dt = sysdate-3 THEN 1 END)     AS 01012012 (should be getting dynamically)
    ,     COUNT (CASE WHEN created_dt = sysdate-4 THEN 1 END)     AS 02022012
    ,     COUNT (CASE WHEN created_dt = sysdate-5 THEN 1 END)     AS 03022012
    , COUNT (CASE WHEN created_dt = sysdate-6 THEN 1 END)     AS 04022012
    FROM     table_1
    GROUP BY application_type
    ORDER BY     application_typeThat's the bais idea.
    You can simplify it a little by factoring out the date differences:WITH got_d     AS
         SELECT     qty
         ,     TRUNC ( dt
              - ADD_MONTHS ( TRUNC (SYSDATE, 'MON')
                        , -1
              ) AS d
         FROM table1
         WHERE     dt     >= ADD_MONTHS ( TRUNC (SYSDATE, 'MON')
                        , -1
         AND dt     < TRUNC (SYSDATE) + 1
    SELECT     SUM (CASE WHEN d = 1 THEN qty END)     AS day_1
    ,     SUM (CASE WHEN d = 2 THEN qty END)     AS day_2
    ,     SUM (CASE WHEN d = 62 THEN qty END)     AS day_62
    FROM     got_d
    See the links I mentioned earlier for getting exactly the right number of columns, and dynamic column aliases.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • Need help with correction inscript for duplication on regular basis

    I am using Oracle on Win 2008 R2. We have Archive mode enabled and no rman catalog is used. I have a requirement where i have to duplicate prod sevrer on regular basis to development server.
    I have created few batch files so that the entire process in automated. Stored all the scripts in c:\script\clone\ directory.+
    I have taken the backup copy of password and spfile from prod server and copied to the development server in same location.
    These are the scripts i run in order:
    set ORACLE_SID=orcl
    sqlplus / as sysdba @c:\script\clone\2_test.bat
    shutdown immediate
    startup nomount
    host rman target sys/[email protected] nocatalog auxiliary / @c:\script\clone\3_rman.rcv
    run {
    allocate auxiliary channel d1 type disk;
    duplicate target database to ORCL NOFILENAMECHECK;
    When the duplication process in about to finish, i get below error:
    contents of memory script:
    shutdown clone;
    startup clone nomount;
    executing Memory Script
    RMAN-03002: failure of duplicate DB command at 07/31/2012 08:02:21
    RMAN-03015: error occured in stored script memory script
    RMAN-06136: Oracle error from auxiliary database: ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation
    Recovery Manager complete
    When i press exit, this window closes and i can run the alter database open resetlogs;+ command from a new sql prompt. I check online and some suggest there might be a window open with system user connected. Please suggest any changes in the script.
    Best Regards,

    Having another session with system user will cause rman to throw this error. For example another session used to start up database in nomount mode still being active.
    Duriing the cloning process the rman session needs to be exclusively connected to the auxiliary instance (no other session are allowed).
    Duplicate post
    request for help with rman cloning script
    Best Regards
    Edited by: mseberg on Jul 31, 2012 5:02 AM

  • Not exactly iweb - need help with a graphic for my site

    This doesn't fit anywhere so dumping it here. I drew by hand a graphic I want to use with iweb to put on my site as my site's logo. Main problem is that getting the background transparent isn't working well as when it was scanned the scanner didn't back the background "pure" white. I have tried adjusting the whitepoint and setting the color depth down, but still no good. I don't know a ton about graphic program use. I have an older copy of graphic converter that came on this powerbook when i got it. I would be fine having the graphic loose the marker look and have solid fill colors - just I am not good enough with computer drawing tools to do it on the computer! So I either need to get a volunteer to help me out, or some help with some detailed instructions to get this to work out... (also I am broke so no cost/shareware is only option here)
    many thanks!!!!
    I can get you a scanned jpg of the pic if needed.

    THANK YOU/___sbsstatic___/migration-images/migration-img-not-avail.png so the tolerance makes it not care so much about the gradations in color? what else is tolerence good for?
    I have a cleaner copy now after someone suggested GIMP, so played with it last night - though couldn't figure out transparency - that was clear on converter- just not cooperative till these wonderful directions.
    So now I know how to do it without messing with the pic, and with messing with it - both good lessons and got a bit brighter color out of the deal.
    many thanks for the straightforward and clear directions, they worked perfectly/___sbsstatic___/migration-images/migration-img-not-avail.png extra strars for you/___sbsstatic___/migration-images/migration-img-not-avail.png

  • Need performance! - Need help with Server Architecture for SSAS on Azure VM

    I would like to build 100% Azure VM base solution. We can install as many as needed.
    I have large amount data in DW. (100GB-1000GB)
    I would like to provide PowerView reports in SharePoints.
    I would like to have report data be as real time as possible. (Min data is updated once in 2 hours)
    These are requirements:
    -SharePoint 2013
    -SSAS OLAP Cube
    -SQL Server DW&Staging DB (Currently DW&Staging on same server)
    I need help specially what can be done with SSAS to meet requirements? Should be installed to own application server? Possible to install multiple SSAS? SSRS needs own server?
    I appreciate also links to server topology diagrams.

    I assume you mean 100GB-1000GB (not 1000TB) right?
    For Sharepoint I would refer to the sizing guide for diagrams and sizing:
    SSRS (and Power View) will run in the SharePoint farm on a SharePoint app server potentially with other SharePoint services.
    I would definitely put SSAS on a dedicated server for a cube that size. Depending on how well your data compresses, there may not be a VM in Azure with enough RAM to put your model into a Tabular SSAS model. I would prototype it with a subset of data to see
    how well it compresses. You can always use a Multidimensional model as a fallback.
    Depending on how much processing the SSAS model impacts user queries (since it is happening during the day) you could build an SSAS processing server and a separate SSAS query server and run the XMLA Synchronize command to copy the cube incrementally from processing
    to query servers.
    Does that help?

  • Need help with adjusting size for photos in my website

    Wow it's super to know about adobe forum which i never thought existed, i have been to the adobe site several times befor but never noticed there is a forum
    Ok i have few issues would like some help if possible.
    I have a website for public holidays and festivals and i have been really stressed in the ways i am adding the photos which i am buying from fotolia. First in my featured images the screen is very wide and i am really having hard time with adjusting the photos so they would fit in a way and show the best part of the photo in the screen, once the featured image is clicked on then their is no problem since it opens up in the full size. Is their a speacial tool in adope (i have cs4) which deals with images in this aspect? Secondly, before i was downloading the image with the regular size in which i bought them (around 3000 px) but that significantly slowed my webiste and i had to resize them into around 500 px, but now the image is small. what is the way around that, is there a feature where i can keep the photo big size with high resolution and little px. I see many big nice resolution photos but very small in size. i have just purchased a lot of photos that i would be posting soon and would like to do them right from the start.
    I don't know if i explain the situation right in words but you can take a look here, most photos for the posts are on the main page, please take a look and tell me how i should revise or make better for my photos in the featured images.
    I have very little experiance in photoshop so i made a very simple logo, but is there a tool that is speacialy designed to help make it easy doing a professional logo?
    Any comments, hints or help would be highly appreciated
    Hmmm one more do i add a pic for my profile? i don't see anywhere i can do so

    You should use the crop tool to crop your images. You should never squish your images, it really looks unprofessional:
    For your problem with saving images, you can optimize your images for web using the "Save for Web…" menu option:
    Make sure that you save your images at the dimension that you want them to display on your website (It looks like all your images in the blog are 620px wide, go with that).
    As for your logo, you can make them in Photoshop or Illustrator, but I would reccomend making yours in the latter. Here are some tutorials on logo creation:

  • Need help with XI certif for technical consultant

    Hi XI experts ,
    I am trying for certif for Development Consultant SAP NetWeaver u201904 - Exchange Infrastructure & Integration Technology -  C_TBIT44_04 .
    Can somebody please give me some sample questions and answers?
    I really will appreciate such help since I donu2019t have any idea what kind of questions are at the exam!
    I only have heard it is not an easy exam to take.?Is this true?
    Also any shared experienced will be appreciate it. If you have, please give me more hands on information , not just course numbers and syllabus.
    Looking forward to receive info from you. Please use emal contcts in my Business Card.
    Thanks in advance all!

    Yes its true ...any SAP certification is never ever be the easy stuff...that could be easily achievable....
    You need to be well prepare for the Certification. There are many SDN links available for sample questions. you can just search on SDN as well as on Internet.
    1. SAP XI Certification - Important Topics
    2. Regarding XI Certification Material.
    3. Xi sample Certification questions
    XI certification passing used to be normally 65%. It may vary based on the runtime exam rules.
    There are marks as well as no of questions allocated for every section, so you may refer below link
    you can go to the following site and check the information.
    SAP XI Certification - Important Topics All about XI certification

  • Need help with installing Windows for the bar exam

    I need to retake the bar exam in Feb 2011 and I've decided to switch to typing. I am trying to figure out what Windows I need (the software says XP is fine but is that even available anymore)- so can someone walk me through this process? I've partioned my hard drive with the default 5GB but should it be more?
    I'm looking at buying Windows- is XP okay or should I shell out for 7-i.e. is one more compatible with Macs?
    And then finally, in the installation instructions they mention that I need my Mac OS disc for the process- is that the snow leopard disc or something else? My discs are in storage right now so should I wait until I get them before starting this process or can I get replacements if I accidentally threw them out in moving?
    Sorry for all the questions, but well, I'm racing to get everything done and I want to make sure I don't crash my system halfway through the exam!

    You don't need Boot Camp, but even XP will have a lot of stuff to update from after the install, and that takes temp space. Just as your Mac shows 5-10GB there is add'l hidden space used.
    Apple's 'requirements' has gotten others in trouble and I was pretty sure it was more like 10GB. Plus a lot of XP discs are now SP3.
    XP out of the box but connected to the net is just waiting for malware, average is 15 minutes to be infected. 7 is better and just in case you need it again.
    System Builder can come in 32 or 64-bit but XP is 32-bit only.
    VirtualBox by Oracle is a free VM.
    1GB for one program actually seems like a lot, or is that RAM requirement?

  • MOVED: need help with finding gpu for win 7

    This topic has been moved to MSI Notebook.

    I'm not going to be much help with Boot Camp however I can direct you to the Boot Camp forum where there are more people that know how to troubleshoot it and Windoze 7. You can find it at:

Maybe you are looking for

  • Importing java class in servlet

    hi, i need to import a java class file in a servlet. how do i do that. also, when i remove the following lines, the import & the line following line, //JavaClass class=new JavaClass(); msgsend class=new msgsend(); it compiles ok, else i get the error

  • BAPI for FI document changing

    Dear Experts, Is there anyone who knows the name of BAPI function for FI document change? Thanks. BR, Chris Kim

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    I've bought in UK 15'' macbook pro retina display on Augest 2012, But having problem with charger, but i am in NEPAL now! so is there any apple Store in NEPAL? or What can i do?