Need leading Zeros in the excel sheet which is sent from ABAP

Hi ,
I am downloading data from SAP to excel sheet using the WS_DOWNLOAD Function Module. The numeric data in not having leading zeros.  if it is 0010 it is displaying 10 in the excel sheet . i need the leading zeros in the excel sheet. without manulally changing it to Text in the excel sheet .
   Is there any way to do it .

Hi Chetan,
      filename                = w_file_path
      filetype                = 'DBF'                       "declare the File type as DBF then leading zeros will appear
      write_field_separator   = 'X'
      confirm_overwrite       = 'X'
      data_tab                = Itab.

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  • Color to the header of the excel sheet which is downloaded from report

    Hi ,
    According to my requirement i need to Color to the header of the excel sheet which was getting downloaded from the report output.For the downloading to the excel i am using "EXCEL_OLE_STANDARD_DAT" function module.In the report output color is getting displayed.
    so suggest me how can i achieve this.
    Thanks in Advance,

    As far as I know, using EXCEL_OLE_STANDARD_DAT directly is not very flexible and it doesn't have any coloring options.
    However, if you use OLE manually in your code, you can get color.. check this sample program
    *& Report  ZKRIS_OLE3_PALETTE
    *& Displays the full OLE color range in excel
    TYPE-POOLS ole2 .
    DATA:  count TYPE i,
           count_real TYPE i,
           application TYPE ole2_object,
           workbook TYPE ole2_object,
           excel     TYPE ole2_object,
           sheet TYPE ole2_object,
           cells TYPE ole2_object.
    CONSTANTS: row_max TYPE i VALUE 256.
    DATA index TYPE i.
          h_cell        TYPE ole2_object,        " cell
          h_f           TYPE ole2_object,        " font
          h_int         TYPE ole2_object,
          h_width       TYPE ole2_object,
          h_columns     TYPE ole2_object,
          h_rows        TYPE ole2_object,
          h_font        TYPE ole2_object,
          h_entirecol   TYPE ole2_object.
    DATA: h_range       TYPE ole2_object.
    DATA: h_merge       TYPE ole2_object.
    IF sy-subrc NE 0.
      WRITE: / 'No EXCEL creation possible'.
    SET PROPERTY OF excel 'DisplayAlerts' = 0.
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'WORKBOOKS' = workbook .
    SET PROPERTY OF excel 'VISIBLE' = 1.
    * creating workbook
    SET PROPERTY OF excel 'SheetsInNewWorkbook' = 1.
    CALL METHOD OF workbook 'ADD'.
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'WORKSHEETS' = sheet
        #1 = 1.
    SET PROPERTY OF sheet 'NAME' = 'Color Palette'.
    DATA: col TYPE i VALUE 1,
    row TYPE i VALUE 2,
    col1 TYPE i VALUE 2,
    col_real TYPE i VALUE 1.
    row = 1.
    col = 3.
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'Cells' = h_cell
        #1 = row
        #2 = col.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Value' = 'No.'.
    col = col + 1.
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'Cells' = h_cell
        #1 = row
        #2 = col.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Value' = 'Background'.
    col = col + 1.
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'Cells' = h_cell
        #1 = row
        #2 = col.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Value' = 'Foreground with white background'.
    col = col + 1.
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'Cells' = h_cell
        #1 = row
        #2 = col.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Value' = 'Foreground with black background'.
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'Rows' = h_rows
        #1 = '2:2'.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_rows 'WrapText' = 1.
    col = 9.
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'Cells' = h_cell
        #1 = row
        #2 = col.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Value' = 'No.'.
    col = col + 1.
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'Cells' = h_cell
        #1 = row
        #2 = col.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Value' = 'Background'.
    col = col + 1.
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'Cells' = h_cell
        #1 = row
        #2 = col.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Value' = 'Foreground with white background'.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Bold' = 1.
    col = col + 1.
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'Cells' = h_cell
        #1 = row
        #2 = col.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Value' = 'Foreground with black background'.
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'Rows' = h_rows
        #1 = '1:1'.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_rows 'WrapText' = 1.
    GET PROPERTY OF h_rows 'Font' = h_font.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_font 'Bold' = 1.
    count = 1.
    count_real = count.
    row = 2.
    col = 3.
    DO 56 TIMES.
      PERFORM write_num_and_color.
    * autofit
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'Columns' = h_columns
        #1 = 'C:L'.
    GET PROPERTY OF h_columns 'EntireColumn' = h_entirecol.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_entirecol 'Autofit' = 1.
    * write palette on lhs
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'Range' = h_range
        #1 = 'A2'
        #2 = 'A20'.
    CALL METHOD OF h_range 'Merge' = h_merge .
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'Cells' = h_cell
        #1 = 2
        #2 = 1.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Value' = 'Palette'.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Orientation' = 90.         "angled.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'HorizontalAlignment' = 3.  "center align
    GET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Font'    = h_f.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_f 'Bold' = 1.                    "bold
    SET PROPERTY OF h_f 'Name' = 'Comic Sans MS'.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_f 'Size' = '14'.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'VerticalAlignment' = 2.  "center align
    * autofit
    CALL METHOD OF excel 'Columns' = h_columns
        #1 = 'A:A'.
    GET PROPERTY OF h_columns 'EntireColumn' = h_entirecol.
    SET PROPERTY OF h_columns 'ColumnWidth' = 4.
    *&      Form  write_num_and_color
    *       text
    FORM write_num_and_color.
      index = row_max * ( row - 1 ) + col.
      CALL METHOD OF sheet 'Cells' = cells
          #1 = index.
      SET PROPERTY OF cells 'Value' = count_real.
      col = col + 1.
      CALL METHOD OF excel 'Cells' = h_cell
          #1 = row
          #2 = col.
      GET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Interior'   = h_int.
      SET PROPERTY OF h_int  'ColorIndex' = count_real.
      col = col + 1.
      CALL METHOD OF excel 'Cells' = h_cell
          #1 = row
          #2 = col.
      SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Value' = 'Sample Text'.
      GET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Font'    = h_f.
      SET PROPERTY OF h_f 'ColorIndex' = count_real.
      col = col + 1.
      CALL METHOD OF excel 'Cells' = h_cell
          #1 = row
          #2 = col.
      GET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Interior'   = h_int.
      SET PROPERTY OF h_int  'ColorIndex' = 1.
      SET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Value' = 'Sample Text'.
      GET PROPERTY OF h_cell 'Font'    = h_f.
      SET PROPERTY OF h_f 'ColorIndex' = count_real.
      row = row + 1.
      col = col - 3.
      count = count + 1.
      IF count = 29.
        count = 1.
        row = 2.
        col = col + 6.
      count_real = count_real + 1.
    ENDFORM.                    "write_num_and_color

  • Field length shows more in excel sheet which is sent via email

    I am sending excel sheet through email. I have data in internal table which i move to the email internal table and data is been sent via email using a excel sheet.
    Now, when I open the excel sheet, i see that all fields get displayed but the last field is shown as too much length meaning field length is 15 chars but in excel sheet it shows as almost 40 - 50 chars.

    Decalre one more field in your internal table ,which should be last field.
    and do not pass header for this field and just pass the empty value to this field.
    if not use this FM : EXCEL_OLE_STANDARD_DAT
    Reward Points if it is helpful

  • How to retain leading zeros in an excel sheet

    In my application I need to export the response from a struts action class to an excel sheet. I have done the coding but while exporting to the excel , the leading zeros are getting truncated. If the value is '01' it is displayed as '1' only.
                             response.getOutputStream().flush();This is the code which I am using to export all the data to the excel.Here the variable data is a String .
    Kindly help on this issue.
    Thanks in advance...
    Edited by: 2569 on Jan 10, 2008 8:59 PM
    Edited by: 2569 on Jan 10, 2008 9:51 PM

    2569 wrote:
    I tried that way also, but its not working. I have defined all the values as strings only. Thanks for ur replyWhich API are you using to write excel files? You can try to surround the numeric string value with singlequotes (or escaped doublequotes)String numericString = "'01'";so that Excel interprets it as string.

  • Need to open the excel sheet in the selection screen

    Hi All,
    my requirement is to upload the data from excel sheet but that excel sheet have mutiple tabs and all individual tab have mutiple records inside. I need to open the excel sheet from selection screen and select dynamically any tab and i need to put all the records into internal table of that paricular tab.
    Please suggest how it can be done.
    Edited by: Julius Bussche on Oct 21, 2008 11:41 AM

    madhu singh wrote:
    > Thanks for reply but this FM is actually transfer the tha data frrom excel sheet to the internal table. which we can use later before that i need to open the excel sheet on the selection screen.
    it depends on which event do you call the FM. If you call in INITIALIZATION (or LOAD-OF-PROGRAM) than the Excel sheet will be uploaded before the selection screen appears at all. The problem with the above FM is that it will upload the actual tabstrip of the sheet, probably not what you want (and definetly no multiple ways). To upload data form Excel from multiple tabs, you need to code it on your own with the help of OLE commands.

  • Need to show leading zeros in the number field when printed from RDF

    We have a requirement to show leading zeros in the rdf output.
    We cannot use a format mask to achieve the same as the length of the field is not fixed.
    for ex if we have 0.68 then the same is printed in RDF as .68
    we cannot use a format mask as the length of the field is not fixed.
    we need to
    Kindly suggest if any solution exists for the same.

    the numbers after the decima can be anything..
    it can range between 2 to 10 or more...
    as told by you if we put the format as to_char(.68,'90.99') it shall give 0.68 but what for numbers like0.678,0.4567,0.765433 it will display only 2 digits after the decimal...
    The requirement is to dispaly the number as it is ,only the zeroes before the decimal should stay intact..
    we are not able to achieve this in rdf output..
    if it is
    0.678 then 0.678 shld be dispalyed
    0.4567 then 0.4567
    0.765433 then 0.765433
    one format mask shld wrk for all the above..
    we would not be changing the format mask for each number....

  • Need leading zeros to fill the front of a 10 character parameter being passed-HELP!

    I have a prompt 10 character parameter that some people forget to insert the zero at the beginning of the number. ex.(they type "594468010", suppose to be "0594468010").  How can I fill in the leading zeros for them after they type in the prompt box?  My prompt comes from a command.  Here is a sample of the where clause:  WHERE DB.ID_NUMBER = '{?I_IDNO}'
    I tried to use LPAD('{?I_IDNO}',10,0), it works with plsql, but not when I run the crystal report.
    Does anyone have any ideas?  thanks for your help in advance!

    a) you can always use your database specific cast / convert function to convert the text field into a number for the purpose of record selection. then change the prompt type to numeric. crystal commands are database specific so you'd want to check your database help on what specific syntax to use for the cast / convert in the command.
    b) the other choice to leave the command & prompt type alone & use an edit mask on the command prompt...this would then force the end user to enter the leading zeroes as the edit mask would force a certain length on the entry. so in the crystal field explorer edit the prompt and put in an edit mask of 000000000 for example if you wish to force the end user to enter 9 numeric characters.

  • How to set the Data types of the Excel sheet while exporting details to it.

    Hi All,
    We are trying to export some order details to the excel sheet from a jsp. It is working fine when the local system language is set to English.
    But when i change it to Russian. the details like Line Numbers(e.g: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and so on... ) are getting changed into some other data type(e.g: 01.янв, 02.янв, 03.янв and so on....).
    i guess this is mainly due to some data type mismatch, so i tried setting all the possible charset for response in the jsp, but could not succeeded.
    This is only for the details which or of decimal format, working fine for the details which are in String type. like Description, Item name etc...
    As it is high preference issue for our client, Please help me in this regard ASAP.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Praveen Reddy B

    hi Shiv..
    Its not an OAF page but it is from Apps only (i.e.Oracle iStore).
    we tried writing this:
    <%response.setContentType("application/; charset=UTF-8");%>
    <%response.setHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=downloadOrders.xls" );%>
    table {
    border-style: solid;
    table th.mainHeader {
                                            border-style: solid;
    font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
    table th {
                                            border-style: solid;
    font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
    table td.color1 {
                                            border-style: solid;
    font-family:"Times New Roman", Times, serif;
    table td.color2 {
                                            border-style: solid;
    font-family:"Times New Roman", Times, serif;
                                  table td {
                                            border-style: solid;
    font-family:"Times New Roman", Times, serif;
                        /*BigDecimal resp_id=RequestCtx.getResponsibilityId();
                        String respIdParam="";
                        String respkey="";
     orderDetailsBean = new;
                        java.util.ArrayList ls = new java.util.ArrayList();
                        String resp_key=request.getParameter("respkey");
                        String noofDays=request.getParameter("noOfDays");
                        String qCustAcctId=request.getParameter("qCustAcctId");
                        String decideTab=request.getParameter("decideTab");
                        String startDate=request.getParameter("startDate");
                        String endDate=request.getParameter("endDate");
                        String queryCondition=request.getParameter("queryCondition");
                        String queryOperator=request.getParameter("queryOperator");
                        String queryValue=request.getParameter("queryValue");
                        String queryDateValue=request.getParameter("queryDate");
                        <table cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" width="100%" border="0" class="OraBGAccentDark">
                                       <th>Customer Name</th>
                                  <th>Request Date</th>
                                            <th>Payment Terms</th>                                                                      <th>Freight Terms</th>
                                            <th>Sales Channel</th>
                                            <th>Ship to Location</th>
                                            <th>Bill to Location</th>
                                            <th>SalesTerritory Country</th>
                                            <th>Order Type</th>
                                            <th>Order Total</th>
                                            <th>Customer SKU</th>
                                            <th>Shipped Quantity</th>
                                            <th>ScheduleShip Date</th>
                                            <th>Unit Price</th>
                                            <th>Extented Amount</th>
                                            <th>Taxes Total</th>
                                            <th>Freight Charges</th>
                                            <th>Case pack charge</th>
                                            <th>Charges Total</th>                                   
                                            <th>Ship Date</th>
                                            <th>Tracking Number</th>
                                            <th>Waybill Number</th>
                                            <th>Delivery Number</th>
                                            <th>Pro Number</th>
                                            <th>Hold Applied</th>
                                            <th>Pallet Qty</th>
                                            <th>Invoice Number</th>
                                            <th>Promo Number</th>
                                            <th>Ship Method</th>
                             int pSiteid=0;
                             java.math.BigDecimal mSiteId=oracle.apps.ibe.util.RequestCtx.getMinisiteId();
                   if(decideTab!=null && decideTab.trim().equalsIgnoreCase("days"))
                        else if(decideTab!=null && decideTab.trim().equalsIgnoreCase("dates"))
                        else if(decideTab!=null && decideTab.trim().equalsIgnoreCase("condition"))
                        for(int i=0;i<ls.size();i++)
                             String orderNumber= orderDetailsBean.getOrderNumber();          //Order Number
                             String customerName=orderDetailsBean.getCustomerName();          //Customer Name
                        String orderedDate=orderDetailsBean.getOrderDate();               //Order Date
                             String bookeddate= orderDetailsBean.getBookedDate();          //Booked Date
                             String requestdate= orderDetailsBean.getRequestDate();          //Requested Date
                             String orderstatus= orderDetailsBean.getOrderStatus();          //Order Status
                             String ponumber= orderDetailsBean.getPoNumber();               //PO Number
                             String currency=orderDetailsBean.getCurrencyCode();               //Currency
                             String paymentterms= orderDetailsBean.getPaymentTerms();     //Payment Terms
                             String frieghtterms=orderDetailsBean.getFreightTerms();          //Freight Terms
                             String fobterms=orderDetailsBean.getFobTerms();                    //Fob Terms
                             String saleschannel=orderDetailsBean.getSalesTerms();          //Sales Channel
                             String billtoloc=orderDetailsBean.getBillToLocation();          // Bill to Location
                             String shiptoloc=orderDetailsBean.getShipToLocation();          //Ship To Location
                             String salesterr=orderDetailsBean.getSalesCountry();          // Sales Territory
                             String ordertype=orderDetailsBean.getOrderType();               // Order Type
                             String ordertotal=orderDetailsBean.getOrderTotal();               //Order Total
                             String linenumber=orderDetailsBean.getLinenumber();               //Line Number
                             String item= orderDetailsBean.getItem();                         //Item Name
                             String sku= orderDetailsBean.getCustomerSKU();               // Customer SKU
                             String desc= orderDetailsBean.getDescription();               //Item Description
                             desc = URLEncoder.encode(desc);                                        // Added by Sunil
                             desc = URLDecoder.decode(desc);
                             String qty=orderDetailsBean.getQty();                              //Ordered Quantity
                             String shippedqty=orderDetailsBean.getShippedQty();               //Shipped Quantity
                             String scheduleqty=orderDetailsBean.getScheduleDate();          //Schedule Date
                             String unitprice=orderDetailsBean.getUnitPrice();               //Unit Price
                             String xamount=orderDetailsBean.getXAmount();                    //Extended Amount
                             String taxestotal=orderDetailsBean.getTaxesTotal();               //Taxes Total
                             String freightcharges=orderDetailsBean.getFreightCharges();//Freight Charges
                             String palletcharges=orderDetailsBean.getPalletSurcharge();     //Pallet Charges
                             String chargestotal=orderDetailsBean.getChargesTotal();          //Charges Total
                             String linestatus=orderDetailsBean.getLinestatus();               //Line Status
                             String shipdate=orderDetailsBean.getShipDate();                    //Ship Date
                             String warehouse=orderDetailsBean.getWareHouse();               //Ware House
                             String trackingnumber=orderDetailsBean.getTrackingNumber();//Tracking Number
                             String waybill=orderDetailsBean.getWayBillnumber();               //Waybill Number
                             String deliverynumber=orderDetailsBean.getDeliveryNumber();     //Delivery Number
                             String pronumber=orderDetailsBean.getProNumber();               //Pro Number
                             String holdapplied=orderDetailsBean.getHoldApplied();          //Hold Applied
                             String palletqty=orderDetailsBean.getPalletQty();               //Pallet Qty
                             String pallethash=orderDetailsBean.getPalletHash();               //Pallet Hash
                             String invoicenumber=orderDetailsBean.getInvoiceNumber();               //invoice Number
                             String promonumber=orderDetailsBean.getPromoNumber();               //Promonumber
                             String shipmethod=orderDetailsBean.getShipMethod();               //Promonumber
                   <td><%= desc %></td>
                   <%     }
    Please suggest the needful...
    Praveen Reddy

  • How to modify data in the excel sheet.

    I have a requirement like ,
    i have a excel file which contains only one column (all the data in the single colume )so now i have to modify that excel sheet and have to make some more columns based on my requirement.
    this shud be converted like this
    column1     column2
    mumbai      kolkata
    delhi           chennai
    mumbai      kolkata
    can i directly modify the excel sheet based on my requirement without using internal tables in between.
    like excel ->internal table-> modified internaltable-> excel.
    Edited by: Sravani Bellana on Dec 18, 2008 5:46 AM

    Hi sravani,
    true that we need to specify the rows and columns,
    I have worked on such applications i shall describe the possibilities and then you can find the necessary option,
    1)  Function module:SAP_CONVERT_TO_XLS_FORMAT .
    it needs
    file path p_file type rlgrap-filename and
    i_tab_sap_data  (the internal table name).
    2)  Function module : MS_EXCEL_OLE_STANDARD_DAT
    it needs
    file path p_file like RLGRAP-FILENAME
    data_tab (int_data "internal table with data)
    fieldnames (int_head "internal table with header)
    3) if the download application is a one time then go for the following option:
    write the program to display the data in the internal table on the screen.
    execute the program.
    type %pc on the command bar and try downloading using the options displayed.
    hope any one of these work out.
    get back if you till have any clarificatrion

  • Unknown column in the excel sheet created using Export to Excel

    I created an excelsheet for the table data using the below link
    but problem here is when i open the excel sheet it is having some unknown columns apart from the expected like amount/#agg next to the actual column amount and it is happening only for the cloumns which have some numbers.
    I dont know where these columns are coming from.
    Send me the solution and points will be rewarded for the helpful answers.
    I want to put some name to the excel file instead of using system created file name.for this requirement where do i need to change the code

    You can export to excel even not relating with any libraries
    Follow this way..
    Take one singleDimensional array, arrColNames[], and one Two dimensional array, arrValues[][].
    File f=new File("Sample.xls);
    FileOutputStream fos=new FileOutputStream(f);
    for(int i=0;i<arrColNames.length;i++)
    for(int j=0;j<noOfRows;j++)
    String arr[]=arrValues[j];
    for(int a=0;a<arr.length;a++)
    The exported excelFile will be stored in your server. If you want to open it using FileDownLoad UI Element,
    Create value attributes resource of type Resource, behaviour of type FileDownLoadBehaviour, reso of type String, fileName of type String , Then then append this code
    FileInputStream fis=new FileInputStream(f);
    FileChannel fc=fis.getChannel();
    byte data[]=new byte[(int)fc.size()];
    ByteBuffer bb=ByteBuffer.wrap(data);;
    IWDCachedWebResource objCachedWebresource=null;

  • Format strings, need leading zeros

    I have a data input where serial data is converted to a numerical value, then multiplied by a conversion factor, and the result then converted back into a string for outputting to a data file.
    I have not been able to get small numbers, such as "497" to get converted into a string "0497". Have tried the %04d format string, which gives me an output of 4970000 - not quite what I need.
    Am using the, which has a "format string" input, but values which should work like "%04d" do not give me the leading zeros.
    Ideas? Thx!

    The format string works on the numeric input of the function. The string input is for adding a string prefix to the output and is not a required input. In your example, if you wire the string to a Scan From String function and wire the output of that to the numeric input of the Format Into String, everything will work just fine. I've attached a corrected VI.
    Attachments: ‏14 KB

  • My Excel Sheet is not reading the numbers i am placing in the excel sheet

    I need help My Excel Sheet is not reading the numbers i am placing in the excel sheet and if i am trying to place a new formula into that cell it is reading it as zero even there is data in that cell. 

    Hi Abed23,
    Are the cells formatted as text perhaps?
    Regards, Jan Karel Pieterse|Excel MVP|

  • Upload the excel sheet in table maintenance

    I have a requirement to add a button in the application toolbar of the table maintenance screen of a custom table. This button should upload the excel sheet data into the maintenance screen online.
    I have created the button in the table maintenance generator. Also, uploaded the data into the internal table from the excel sheet.
    The problem is I am unable to populate the data from the internal table to the maintenance screen online.
    Any pointers in this regards will be appreciated.
    Best regards,

    Hi Mukul,
      I created a custom table ZHEDGERES. Then in the table maintenance -> environment -> modification -> user interface I selected Individual interface.
      Then, in the Menu painter for the program SAPLZHEDGERES, modified the PF status EULG and added the additional button in the Application toolbar. This application toolbar needs to be used to trigger the upload of excel into the custom table.
      Below is the standard code which is generated in the screen painter of the custom table.
      Need to add logic to extract the values from the excel sheet to an internal table and append the values from the internal table to the table control of the table maintenance.
    Best regards,

  • Pros and cons of jxl api and apache poi of manipulating the excel sheet.

    i want a list of pros and cons of jxl api and apache poi of manipulating the excel sheet.
    also i need to know which one is better jxl or apache poi.

    Hi Ricardo_Lorenzo,
    Whether to go for Multiserver instances or Single server, is totally a user requirement based decison. If a user has Single website, or multiple websites (of the same nature, in terms of functionality), usually the part of same domain, then they would go for Single sever installation. One single instance will handle the requests from all the websites (if there are multiple). There would not be a clustering/failover setup within ColdFusion and can use the ColdFusion Standard or Enterprise version.
    On the other hand, if a user has multiple websites, all with different functionality and have multiple applications (may or may not) running, then they can go for Multiserver installation. Each website can be configured with individual instances. Clustering can be done within ColdFusion if needed. One would need an Enterprise license of ColdFusion for the same.
    Hope this helps.
    Anit Kumar

  • How can we put the leading zeros for the extract file.

    hello experts..
           Iam extracting values from one ztable in this for one filed length will be 2, for this field i need leading zero s at the time of extract... please help me....

    Declare the field as NUMC data type, automatically you will get the leading zeroes.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I've tried copy and paste from Photobucket, but that doesn't work. I'm asking how to have the image appear in the body of the email, not as an attachment.

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    Hi all, If I want to install 2 distributions on one drive, I know I can share the swap partition. What about the /boot partition? My personal view so far, is that sharing a /boot partition is a bad idea, as overwritting can occur. Any ideas/solutions