Network's IP Changed and lost internet connection

So the IP Addresses of the computers in my networks are
Suddenly we encountered power outage for a few seconds. After it my the computers ip addresses in the network is now different. And I cannot access the internet and network anymore.
Help please, I've tried restarting the modem,router and switch still nothing happens

You need to check layer by layer then....
From where you get the DHCP IP?
from where your NAT / PAT is done?

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    Just purchased Airport Extreme ac and lost internet connection 3X in less than one week. Fisrt time, reset to factory settings and fixed problem. Has occurred 2 additional times and connection re-established by unplugging AP extreme. Anyone else having these problems?  Do I have a bad router?  Thanks.

    I definitely think this is a Mavericks issue.  My iMac running Mavericks is the ONLY system in the house that drops the network randomly while all other systems never lose the network.  No idea how to resolve this, but here is the workaround I'm posting: 
    I've had the 'network drop' issue with my Airport Extreme for the last 2 months.  It reconnects when I pull the ethernet cable and plug it back in.  I've tried downgrading the AE firmware, resetting to factory, etc.  Nothing worked.  I finally threw in the towel and created a script that monitors my network connectivity and restarts my interface if it senses it has dropped:
    while true
      yup=`ping -c1 -t2|grep from`
      if [[ -n $yup ]]
         then echo "Internet is connected!"
            ifconfig en0 down; ifconfig en0 up
            echo "Down at `date +%m%d%Y%H%M%S`">>./dropped.out
      sleep 5
    I know its a workaround, but its saving me the headache of constantly pulling my cable and putting it back in!
    Good luck!
    -Mike Gray

  • I started to download a movie for rent and lost internet connection. Now it tells me to go to my downloads but I can't find them where should I look.

    I started to download a movie for rent and lost internet connection. Now it tells me to go to my downloads but I can't find them where should I look.

    Me too!!! It says check your Downloads, but unable to find Downloads...

  • HT201274 I was in the middle of a restore on my Ipad 2 and lost internet connection about 2/3 of the way through the firmware update, and now it fails everytime I try to restore. It says ERROR 2. Can anyone help?

    I was in the middle of a restore on my Ipad 2 and lost internet connection about 2/3 of the way through the firmware update, and now it fails everytime I try to restore. It says ERROR 2. Can anyone help?

    Resolve specific iTunes update and restore errors - Support - Apple
    Configure your security software
    Related errors: 2, 4, 6, 9, 1000, 1611, 9006, 9807, 9844. Sometimes as a result of this issue, a device might stop responding during the restore process.
    Check your security software and settings, which can block ports and prevent connection to Apple servers during update and restore.

  • Uploaded Iphone 3GS to iOS 5 and lost internet connection (WiFi works)

    I uploaded my Iphone 3GS to iOS 5 and lost 3G internet connection (WiFi works). Anybody has that same problem??
    I lost all my music too. What I don't get is that when my iphone  is connected to Itunes, the music appears there (i even can play it), but the device doesn´t have it. I try to sync it but it doesn't work. What can I do?
    Help please!!!

    I went into Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network.and changed my APN in the 'Cellular Data' section from to will not work for you, that is my provider's setting.  I would contact Telcel and see what your APN settings should be, but I get the impression having read through many conversations now that the upgrade to iOS5 sometimes changes these settings.
    I left the 'Visual Voicemail' and the 'MMS' settings the same and everything seems to be working ok...
    Oh - and I did lose my music after.  I've managed to restore my purchased by going to the iTunes store on my phone and dowloading them all again.
    Good luck, hope that sorts it.

  • Installed OSX 10.4.3 And Lost Internet Connection ! Help Please.

    I have posted this in the Tiger forum but know there is a lot of general expertise amongst FCE users (grovel, grovel!) and I only upgraded to Tiger so that I can get FCE 3.5 for this computer!
    I have updated from 10.3.9 (Panther) to 10.4.3 (Tiger) on my eMac.
    Everything appears OK except I cannot connect to the internet.
    On finishing the installation I got an error message saying "Could not load login file".
    Incidentally, during the installation I disconnected all peripherals including my USB Broadband "modem" (I can't remember the correct terminology).
    My "modem" is a "Speedtouch" and in the dock I have an application named "Diagnostics" which has to open to allow the Speedtouch to connect to the internet.
    "Diagnostics" will not open.
    When I look in my Network configurations the Speedtouch name has a red dot alongside and it is not connected.
    If I open Network Port Configurations the Speedtouch name is greyed out and cannot be selected.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    PS. Luckily my iMac internet connection is OK !

    Nope! I have nothing resembling a stingray or any other aquatic creature!
    OSX 10.4.3 was successfully installed thanks to the resolution of the above hiccup and I have now downloaded and installed the OSX 10.4.7 Combo update which brings my OS to "state of the art" status.
    I will now be able to install FCE 3.5 - if I can get round to parting with the cash!
    Then we'll see what everyone's talking about.

  • HT5569 Updated my iPad to iOS 7.0.6 and lost internet connectivity.

    The iPad connects to the router. The router sees the iPad, the iPad sees the router. All other devices on router work and have internet. iPad has no internet activity. Completed restart, reset and not sure what else to do. Issue started immediately after upgrade to IOS 7.0.6.
    Any ideas would be helpful..

    Hello Robh700,
    Thank you for the details of the issue you are experiencing with Wi-Fi on your iPad.  I recommend following the sections titled "Resolution" and "Unable to access the Internet while connected to Wi-Fi" in the following article for the issue you described:
    iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections
    Thank you for posting in the Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • Time reset and lost internet connection

    Booted up this morning and got a message that the clock had reset to a date sometime prior to 2008 and had requests for access from xgridcontrollered, DNSResponder and 2 other things. Not having seen those items before, I denied access. After restarting modem, resetting the clock/time (manually) and restarting everything again, everything came back and I got connected to Internet. A Google of xgrid, et al, revealed that they are part of my OS, so I understand that. I'm just not sure how the clock got reset and created the issue in the first place.
    Any thoughts? My suspicion is that something happened to the modem connection overnight and it needed to be restarted. Computer came up and couldn't access Web to sync date and time and freaked out.

    The same thing happened to me after restart from the last Safari update. Mac restarted fine initially but then suddenly shut down with no warning and when it finally restarted again after a few attempts was set to Dec. 1969 which caused internet connection issues. Reset the date, reset the modem, soft reset the airport, and restarted. It then became apparent it was definitely the automatic time configuration in talking with apple that was causing the crash so I've also turned that off for the time being to avoid subsequent hangs and crashes. Not sure myself how it got reset, but stability is variable at this point.
    Processes hang unexpectedly and now the battery has gone from 95-100% charge to an 'X' in the toolbar. When I clicked on the X'd battery, it said the battery was not charging and then set to 0%. Now when I check on the battery charge information, however, it says the cycle is one. So now my question is, did this battery just coincidentally die at the exact same time as this other issue arose or is this somehow related? (The battery IS very old, but was generally between 96-100% when fully charged, as it was when this occurred. Also, other issues are present. Some may be related and some are likely not which adds to the confusion. The forum I originally visited to troubleshoot this was 72 pages long... modem/airport reset stopped erratic shut downs until the battery drained.)
    Both Safari and Firefox run now, but become increasingly slow with continued use.
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  • HT1725 Can I cancel my purchase and restart it? I bought the hangover 3 and lost internet connection and now it wont download at all. A bunch of errors keep coming up.

    Can I cancel my purchased movie and re-purchase it? The movie wont donwload and just comes up with errors.

    if it helps at all...
    I downloaded Quicktime seperately from iTunes and i got that with no problem and it worked just fine but i cant get iTunes at all
    and i have follwed the instructions on the website about uninstalling everything but nothing seems to be working there any possible way that anybody can help me out with this.
    any help that anyone can offer is very greatly appreciated,
    Please & Thank You.

  • Anyone have intermittently lost internet connection, poor network speed and signal with new Time Capsule?

    I just bought the new TC with 2gb HD. Replacing 1st Gen Airport Express. I have all the latest firmware and hardware updates. Using: iMac, multiple macbooks and airbooks, multiple iPads, android tablets, iPhones. With the new TC, I have less than impressive range and speed and my internet connection keeps disappearing intermittently. Restarts of my cable modem and the TC sometimes help. This all started with addition of new TC. I have suffered similar episodes in the past with old APE with new firmware updates. Anyone else seeing these problems? I have heard a lot of people say the new TC drastically improved their network range and speed.

    The TC is failing and this happens at times with cable or fibre connections due to the WAN port having issues.
    The Express uses 100mbit ethernet ports and does seem to have less issues. On the TC the gigabit is sometimes confused. If you have a small swtch around try using that between the fibre connection and the TC.
    If you are using a patch cable to a wall outlet.. the other thing you can try is a crossover cable.. these are still readily available and it has helped for some people.
    Do a factory reset of the TC.. and then see if you are getting the public IP onto the WAN port.
    If you do there are some other issues that happen so if you can.. give us a screenshot of the wan settings you are getting in the airport utilty.
    You can just cover the last few digits of the public IP.. although unless it is static it will change anyway.


    I've been getting this message when I try and play some
    games...Flash 9.0.115 is required to view this content. Your
    current version is 9.0.47. Please download the latest Flash Player.
    But every time and try and download it I get this error
    I've tried changing settings but nothings working, can anyone
    please help me

    Here's what I did:
    Read the information in the service note about the ridiculously sensitive download manager (DM)
    It gives instructions about internet settings necessary for the DM to work on multiple browsers. I use IE 7. Some were really non-obvious, like windows need to have no constraints on size, position.  Most have to do with security, Active X settings.
    However even after I followed the directions, I got the same error message.
    But I'd gotten the general idea of what the DM needed, and went back to my Internet Options, and made a couple of additional changes. I'm not sure which of these was responsible for the success, but I'm resetting them afterward anyway.
    For all the settings in which they allowed Prompt or Enable, I chose ENABLE.
    I set Enable (vs. Prompt) for Download signed Active X controls (not secure)  - this prompts a security risk bar, which didn't interfere
    I also:
    Set ENABLE for Run components not signed with Authenticode
    Set ENABLE for Allow previously unused ActiveX controls to run without prompt
    Set DISABLE for Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls
    Set DISABLE for Automatice Prompting of ActiveX controls
    Set  DISABLE for Use Pop-Up Blocker
    Set ENABLE for everything in under Scripting section
    Anyway, you get the idea.  I was trying to give the poor software every break I could, and it downloaded with no problem.
    And then, the acid test.....I tried the site that had crashed because of lack of Flash 10 - and it tna perfectly....
    Take that ADOBE!!!!
    I hope something equivalent works for you.

  • My iMessage doesn't work, and I keep getting a message saying I've lost Internet connection(when really my wifi is just fine) and it won't sign me in. Help?

    My iMessage doesn't work, and I keep getting a message saying I've lost Internet connection(when really my wifi is just fine) and it won't sign me in. Help?

    Thank you soo much ! Every now and then I would check my DNS and it would say but I just checked now and realised it was somethin something something THANK YUU SOO MUCH ! REALLY APPRECIATE IT AND YU DESERVE THOSE  49,085 points !!!

  • I lost internet connection while entering in an Itunes gift card and now there is no money on my account and it says my card has been used

    I was entering my itunes gift card and after  hit submit I lost internet connection. I never got my giftcard redeemed and now the card wont work. Help please

    To Contact iTunes Customer Service and request assistance
    Use this Link  >  Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact

  • [SOLVED-partly] Linux and no internet connection

    Well, since mid November I have nothing but problems with my Arch Linux machine. I can't get any internet connection on that machine. I have a network at home with 2 windows machines (XP & Vista), a Windows 2003 server running as an Exchange server and DNS server and Domain controller and ps3, xbox 360 and Wii. The two windows machines run on a static IP, the ps3, xbox 360 and Wii run on dhcp. All machines run on LAN through a switch except the Wii it runs on wireless. Now my Arch Linux machine also runs on static IP set up as described in the installation guide via rc.conf, hosts and resolv.conf. As mentioned earlier since mid November I haven't been able to get any internet connection on that machine. I haven't changed anythnig in my setup on the machine or the network. when i start the machine for the first time during a day I actually do the get internet connection and network connection but if I restart then I lose it. I am not able to ping the gateway or the DNS server. I can get interrnet back again I turn off the machine and turn off the motherboard and let the machine cool off for 20 minutes. Then if I turn it on again I have internet again but if i'll have to restart then the problem reappears.
    After two weeks with this issue I decided to get network card but that didn't help either I still had the problem. Then I simply bought a new machine (DELL Studio) and did a fresh installation of Arch and STILL the problem exists and it is driving me FREAKING CRAZY NOW!!! I tried to my machine on dhcp but still the same issue. internet on first boot, reboot no internet or network, shutdown machine and motherboard (unplug machine) --> internet again after waiting 20 minutes. None of my other machines running windows or the consoles have problems getting internet. I've tried to run distros on the machines (Ubuntu Live CD) but I have the same problem. I am very close to going back to windows and I REALLY don't want to (been using Linux since 2003) but this problem here is a show stopper/EPIC FAIL. I am very very happy with Arch Linux and really don't want to change distro either. I need suggestions now on what I can look for in order to find the problem. I've already changed network cards, bought a new machine and even bought new switch because we thought it might be the switch causing the problems (8 port switch) because turning off the switch would give me my internet back. Again it is only my Linux machine that is having the connection problems none of the other machines have those.
    Kind Regards
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    Well, I celebrated a bit to fast after 30 minutes or so I lost internet connection but not by restarting. I didn't use the computer for like 30 minutes and when I did tried to open a browser nothing happended. I tried then to ping the gateway and the server but couldn't reach them. So I turned off the computer completely for 20 minutes and then I started again and chenged the DNS address from my server to the DNS addresses I get directly from my ISP. So I'm going around the server now and seems to work for now. This morning I could start the machine and restart it 2 times and every time I had internet. Hope this solves it for now, still don't understand what the problem is though.

  • Lost internet connection while restoring iphone 4S from backup after iOS 6

    Hi everyone..
    I have just updated my iPhone 4S to iOS6 yesterday. It was iOS5.1.1 and was in jailbreak mode before the update.
    I did sync my iphone and did the 'Backup' as well before the update by using my latest iTunes via my laptop.
    The iOS6 update was successful.
    However, the 'Restore from backup' failed.. many times!! Everytime I tried to Restore from backup, i lost internet connection towards the end of the 'restore in progress'  process so it was never complete. I had to pull out the iphone cable or restart my pc every single time that happened. Because i cannot get an internet connection after that happened. I cannot connect to any wireless network, so I had to restart the pc!
    (the iPhone says 'Restore complete' as soon as I pulled out the cable. But phone stays as NEW phone, none of my backup data was restored).
    During the 'restore from backup' attempts (via iTunes 10.7 on laptop), I have tried:
    - Restoring to factory settings first and then restore from backup = tried many times and still failed.
    - Uninstalled Apple mobile device and iTunes and re-installed them = still failed.
    - Switched OFF the phone and hold the Home button while connecting to the laptop. Restored to factory settings, then tried to restore from backup = still failed!!
    - switching to different USB ports on my laptop including USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 = no luck, still failed.
    -Laptop is on Windows 7 and have had NO such problems so far. I have been using iPhone since 3GS.
    -Internet connection is via wireless router, steady connection.
    -My 3GS was on jailbreak mode before. I bought iPhone 4S and successfully restored from my '3GS backup' without any problem.
    -iTunes 10.7 installed/updated.

    Nevermind.. I just found the solution to my problem.
    I copied the Backup folder into my mate's laptop and did the 'Restore from backup'.
    All is good now.. Only need to re-install my apps, soon after all will be back as per normal!

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