Networking os 10.4.6 and windows

I am having a heck of time networking win 98 to tiger. I know my log on screen name and password must match my tiger short nameand have window file sharing on. When I go and search the network on the pc, the mac computer name comes up different. What amd I doing wrong? Also, what best way to set xp up and a file sharing network up with macs. I use be able do pc to mac no problem now its the opposite way a round now.

Perhaps the following articles/sites will help you:

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  • Networking Snow Leopard to XP and Windows 7

    Hi all,
    I have a MacPro (OS X 10.6.3), a Pentium (Windows XP) and a Toshiba Laptop (Windows 7).
    I use a D-Link DIR-825 Xtreme N Dualband Gigabit router with the Snow Leopard and Windows XP PCs, a Lexmark laser printer and an Epson inkjet connected (wired) into the back. The Windows 7 laptop is connected wirelessly). All PCs see the internet and can network print, however, they can't see each other or file share. As usual I have to ask Apple and then Microsoft for help as D-Link do not support this network query saying that it is the PCs' operating system setting that I should look at. Can anyone help?

    First all make sure in both Window systems that you allow local file sharing. For your first problem read this MacRumors thread and the posts will show you how to connect to the Windows 7 machine. Plus this Gizmodo blog article for Vista might help you.
    In the D-Link router go to the router settings and give each networked device a "DHCP Reservation" address so you always know the IP of each of your networked devices.
    Lastly make sure you using the same time sever in all three computers.
    Good Luck.

  • Network browsing with Samba, Linux and Windows

    I'm having trouble with OSX 10.4.8 and a SMB network. My
    server is running Linux Debian, and exporting shares via Samba.
    I have a couple of XP boxes on the network, and they can see all the shares in the workgroup, and can mount them.
    However, from the OSX machines, when I click on 'connect to server' and then click 'browse' I get an empty box.
    If I enter the server share manually, (smb://server/share)I can mount it as normal.
    Also, if I go to the terminal, smbtree shows the entire tree correctly (the same as viewed from XP). Also smbclient -L server shows a list of
    all shares, and nmblookup returns correct data.
    I can ping all the machines, and they are all on the same subnet.
    I have recently done the following:
    on the Linux Samba server:
    set OS level to 255
    set domain master yes
    set local master yes
    set wins support yes
    preferred master yes
    From the Windows machine I can see the whole network, including the Mac. I can also mount the user's home dir which is shared on the Mac.
    From the Mac, I see nothing when I click 'browse' from 'connect to server', but still I can connect if I manually type the path. Notably, I cannot the Mac listed in it's own browse window.
    From the Mac terminal I can see the whole network using smbtree, including the Mac and it's share.
    The Mac smb.conf file sets the os level to 8, and wins server to the IP address of the Linux Samba server.
    smbclient -L localhost -U also works, showing the local machine's NETBIOS name, and the shared home directory.
    If I run nmblookup -M WORKGROUP, the master is reported as, correctly.
    However, nmblookup -T does not work. I don't know if it should.
    Any help / suggestion would be appreciated.
    Mac Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    There's going to be something about that OS Level setting, I think.
    Check your Mac's setting again (yours is 8, I see.)
    Make Debian's OS Level not quite so high?
    Disable mac's OS Level completely? (comment using semicolon)
    remembering to restart samba server at mac and/or Linux after any changes to SMB.conf?
    I'll keep looking. I run a similar network (Linux, Win x 7, Mac x 1) and it "Just Works"

  • HP PSC 1500 and network printing on both Mac and Windows computers

    I have an HP PSC 1500 hooked up to a network on my Windows XP desktop, which is the hub for my home network. I've purchased a MacBook Pro and want to be able to use the HP printer but it doesn't appear as a printer option on the MacBook.  I've loaded Bonjour Printer Wizard but it doesn't recognize my printer.  Does this mean I now need to purchase a new printer or am I simply overlooking a network setting????
    Any help would be appreciated.

    I managed to figure it out. Read a post by "sebas10" dated Nov 5, 2006. Here are the steps I followed.
    1. Install Gimp-print, ESP Ghostscript and HPIJS Foomatic. You will to download them off the Web. Google them to find the sites.
    2. Go to "System Preferences". Select "print & Fax".
    3. Click on "+" to add a printer.
    4. In "Protocol" choose "HP Jet Direct - Socket"
    5. Type in the IP address of your print server.
    6. In "Print Using" choose HP.
    7. Then choose HP PSC 1100 Foomatic/hijs.
    And lo behold I finally managed to print to the HP Deskjet F388 All in One after about 6 months of strugling to find a solution. Shame on HP for not providing a solution for this.

  • Network with XP (32 bit) and Windows 8.1(64 bit)

    The HP printer F4280 is connected directly to the XP computer and via a wired modem network connection to the Windows 8.1 computer.
    The XP computer gets perfect prints. The Windows 8.1 computer gets incomplete prints - the shaded stuff is printed, the plain print is missing.
    I tried new drivers on each - the XP only accepts a 32 bit driver. I put a 64 bit driver on the Windows 8.1 computer - nothing improved the 8.1 prints.
    What can I do??
    This question was solved.
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    Actually the network setup we have works fine for most print jobs from the Widows 8.1 computer. The one case of difficulty involved an Adobe Readert file on my Widows 8.1 computer that failed to print fully on the HP printer on the other computer. I think Adobe Reader is the problem or the file set up by the site with the file I wanted to print.
    Generally speaking the HP set up we have works well most of the time, even with Adobe Reader files. But that one file was a mess and caused my concern. I can live with it, I think!

  • Network issue between Macbook Pro and Windows

    I have a Macbook Pro 2012 model running 10.8.5. Also have a Win7 PC.
    When both are connected to the home router via wire (or the Windows on wireless), everything is fine from network connectivity point of view. However if I move the Mac to Wireless (either 2.4 or 5GHz), Mac can't ping/reach out the Win7 computer and vice versa. Win7 can be wired or wireless, does not matter.
    I checked not only ping, but http, https, vnc protocols. None of them works when Mac is on WiFi.
    I also have printer, smartphones/tablets connected to the local lan and all are accessible either from the Mac or the Windows (including the home router and internet behind it).
    First I thought it should be a Windows problem, so tried to shut the firewall down on that side, but did not behaved differently. Firewall is down on the Mac all the time. And firewall was somehow ticked out with the wired test when the Mac received pings from the Windows computer.
    The other reason why I thought about Windows, when I boot it up, I can ping it for a couple of minutes. Then ping breaks.
    Due to the 100% success of the cable test, now I started wondering if the Mac has some misconfiguration. Any suggestion I should check?

    One more comment. Wired connection seem to be stable neither. I have ping running to the Windows computer and after a couple of minutes, it gets broken.
    However if I have both WiFi and cable connection to the home router and disconnect from cable (after ping is broken), I get the network to the Windows comptuer back. Nothing serious on the network change, I just get 192.168.1.x instead of 192.168.1.y as IP).
    During this network switch I do nothing with the Windows computer.
    This is not valid if I want to connect to the Windows computer via Microsoft sharing (smb://192.168.1.x), then it immediately breaks the connection. Can't get it back until Windows is restarted.
    Getting lost...

  • Unidentified network" with Server 2012 R2 and windows 8- Domain & NIC teaming

    i have problem with my network ,before that i had just my domain but now some servers  specially win 2012 detect a network (name:network 4)
    my 2012 windows server cannot be joined to doman also windows 8,but sometimes this problem solves without any troubleshooting and i can join again
    what can be problem

    Hi S.Sanadi,
    According to your description, my understanding is that “Unidentified Network” causes problem with joining domain, and this problem will be resolved automatically.
    If there is no default gateway or the default gateway is useless, the network will be identified as unknown. Check to see if the IP configuration is correct when the network identified unknown. Open command prompt and type:
    Ipconfig /all
    If the parameter is correct, try to ping IP address of default gateway and check to see if it works well.
    Besides, if the connection should be identified as a Domain network and is not, then the likely causes are failure to contact DNS servers or domain controllers on that interface. Ping the IP address of DNS server and DC to make sure that these resources
    are available.
    Eve Wang

  • Setting up a network between MacOS X Mavericks and Windows 8

    I searched the internet for some working instructions to set up a network between above mentioned computers. Until now non of the instructions I followed did work, so I like to have an instruction specialy written for above OS's, can someone provide me with a reliable instruction ?? Both computers are up to date, and believing some of the guys ( and girls) online it must be very easy to set up a network, until now I never succeeded in a PC to PC connection, so let's hope for the best in a PC to Mac connection.

    I did what you wrote above, I see the Mac now on my Windows machine, BUT, when I click in Windows on iMac it asks for a Network password and username, which username is meant ? and which password ? I filled in the password which I use when I start the computer, for both computers the same, but I get an error message. or do I have to make a new uniq username and password somewhere?
    When and how do I see the Windows computer on my iMac ?

  • Windows 7 home premium and windows 8.1 pro op network problem

    I have two PC-s, one is with windows  7 home premium  and the other one with  windows 8.1 pro op system.  They are wired via ethernet/ home network. Till I had old Windows  XP instead of Windows 7, the two PC-s were connected,
    file sharing and device sharing was easy and functioning. 
    Today it doesn't,  windows 8.1 finds the other PC and creating the network, even identifying the different folders on the other PC however as I want to open a file, then loading forever starts, but
    on the other side the windows 7 PC is frozen, only the hard switch off helps. ...
    Any idea what to do? The diagnose shows that the access was lost.

    Here is the forum for you

  • I am unable to share files satisfactorily over my home network between Mac and Windows

    Please advise.
    I have an iMac with a LaCie Thunderbolt external hard drive and a Windows 7 laptop connected via ethernet network to a Belkin router with a WD MyBook Live Duo attached to it via USB.   The iMac also has a virtual PC in it using VMWare.
    I have never been able to get file sharing to work satisfactorily across the network.
    From the iMac, which is now running Yosemite, I can access the laptop and the external hard drive fine, but connections to the WD network drive are very slow and unreliable.
    From the laptop, I can access the iMac and the WD network drive OK but while the LaCie share formatted for windows is visible, I am unable to open the individual files. 
    I was advised that I need a server.  I have therefore bought and installed OS X Server on my Mac but I don't understand it and have absolutely no idea what to do to make it work.  I open the LaCie share for example and cannot change anything - I get the message " 'Ignore ownership on this volume' is turned on for the volume containing the Share Point.  All permissions will be ignored.  This can be turned off in the 'Get info' window in the Finder."  Except it can't, because there is no such option in that window.
    I can find no help  anywhere for this.  Please tell me how I set my network up so that files can be shared freely across it.

    Poor show Apple
    Apple personnel aren't here.  We're all just users like yourself and apparently there's no one here who's seen your post and can offer a solution.

  • How do i set a peer to peer network between my iMac and windows machines?

    I want to set up a peer to peer network between my iMac and Windows based computers in my house.  I also want it to a wireless set up.  Mostly being done to share videos, pictures, and music. Any insight would be appreciated.

    I'm trying to connect my MacBook Pro to Wifi using internet sharing
    Just connect the MacBook to the same internet as your iMac.
    MacBook > Wi-Fi router > Internet.
    You are connected to the internet with your iMac.
    iMac > Wi-Fi router > Internet
    Why do you want to go MacBook (via Wi-Fi)  > iMac > Wi-Fi router > Internet?

  • Windows 7 and Windows Xp Joint Network...

    Dear Members.......i want to ask 2 very common question i tried a lot to find a solution on internet, but couldn't so i am here.
    Our Network Details.
    we have a small company with 15 computers all of these computers, when we bought they had installed windows 7 ultimate. just old 2 computers has windows xp. office is divided in to two parts one network is connected through switch (No internet access) and
    the second network is connected through wireless router (all have internet access).
    Question 1. in our wifi network where all the computers has windows 7 ultimate we have problem of usb diagnostic for exampel if i insert a usb to one computer its reads it but if the same usb i insert in another computer it does not read
    it but that computer reads some another usb in this situation for me its very hard to find where is problem if all the computers does not recognize a usb i can imagine that problem is in usb but all the computers reads the usb with there own choice.... i have
    tried this(i opened the device mangaer and delete everything under the usb port....and restarted the computer. but it did not solved my problem.
    Question 2. in our second network which is connected through Ethernet cable, i saw in host file there is no mapping against any ip address, but when i ping a computer through its name or ip address both of them works. my question is here
    that i have not mapped the any computer name with there ip address in host file so how it works...?
    Tahir Mehmood

    For the first question, from your description, seems a computer issue rahter a usb issue, make sure that you haven't set any usb restriction group policies, some policies can block special usb devices as the admin wants, please refer to this link
    If you haven't set any policies mentioned above, then there might be a driver issue, if so, have you tried to reinstall usb controller?
    Regarding to the Ping, please see explanation about "how it works" in the following technet link
    Yolanda Zhu
    TechNet Community Support

  • I'm running iTunes on Windows 8.  When I try to update to iTunes 11.1.0, I receive error messages that refer to a "network resource that is unavailable" and that "the older versionof iTunes cannot be removed."  What do I need to do?

    I'm running iTunes on Windows 8.  When I try to update to iTunes 11.1.0, I receive error messages that refer to a "network resource that is unavailable" and that "the older versionof iTunes cannot be removed."  What do I need to do?

    Perhaps this can be of help:
    It fixed the problem for this DukeHutchens in this thread:

  • Setting up a small business network using mac and windows pcs

    Setting up a small business network using mac and windows??

    Ok that sounds great. What is your actual question as it relates to AirPort networking? Is it: Can I set up a wired/wireless network with an AirPort base station that support multiple Mac & PC clients? If so the answer is yes.
    If, instead, it is how to I configure an AirPort network to support a small business you will have to provide more details on both your networking & computing equipment in order for any of us to help you.

  • Can I Use a network drive to work with Mac and Windows?

    Is it possible to introduce a network drive which can be accessed by both Mac and PC? I manipulate images in Photoshop on my Mac but the software I use to create slide shows is only available in PC format. This software is used more or less universally in the area of photography I am invo;ved with so changing is not an option. Can anyone advise me please.

    Yes sure. Any NAS type drive formatted in any way will work. Both Mac OS X and Windows communicate by Ethernet Packets to a Networked drive and it is up to the NAS device OS to translate those Ethernet Packets to the format used on the drive.
    Even if you are using a standard external drive connected to a Router or another computer, which is what a NAS is (A self contained computer with Operating System and hard drives), that router or NAS box does all the translating.

Maybe you are looking for