New G/L account assigment MATD Excise Transaction Type

Hi expert
I need to assign a new G/L while performing TCode J1is,i am using Red Doc Type MATD

I need to assign new G/l account for Excise Transaction Type MATD, and when i take Excise Transaction Type OTHR BED amount disappears in J1IS after clicking Enter button.
Have you maintain assessable  value in J1ID for your material ? check J1ID setting for your material and plant ,vendor,material chapter ID and cenvate determination
check it
Kailas ugale

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  • Excise transaction type 57RC

    Can anyone tell me how to incorporate 57RC excise transaction type
    When i try to create entries of credit and debit for this transaction type in "specify excise accounts per excise transaction", system is giving an error that "57RC transaction type is not maintained in the J_1ITRAN table"
    How can i create this entry??
    Please inform me, as this is urgent

    Go in SE11 and give table name J_1ITRAN and press display.
    Then go in Utilitiestable contentscreate entries--new entry.
    Make a new entry of 57RC.

  • Excise Transaction Type for consignment fill up / stock transfer

    When i post excise invoice on account of removal due to sales (through J1IIN), SAP pulls uses DLFC excise transaction type. Following entry is posted at the time of J1IIN:
    Excise Duty paid A/c.. Dr
       To Excise Duty payable (Basic + ECess + SHEC)
    My requirement is, when i post excise invoice on account of removal due to consignment or stock transfer, SAP should pass following entry:
    Excise Duty paid on consignment A/c.. Dr
       To Excise Duty payable (Basic + ECess + SHEC)
    Excise Duty paid on stock transfer A/c.. Dr
       To Excise Duty payable (Basic + ECess + SHEC)
    For this, i will have to create different GL accounts and assign it to "CENVAT SUSPENSE" in excise transaction type table.
    But i does not know which excise transaction type does SAP uses for consignment fill up and stock transfer. Please suggest.

    1.basic settings-create subtransaction type.
    create subtransaction type
    cf-consignment fillup
    st-stock transfer
    2.account determination- Specify Excise Accounts per Excise Transaction
    copy DLFC and name it as DLFC and cf and also st.
    3.account determination-Specify G/L Accounts per Excise Transaction
    copy dlfc and maintain DLFC  and subtransaction type cf and also st.
    change the gl account for cenvat suspense for st and cf combination.

  • Excise Transaction type "ETT" for UTILIZATION

    Hi ,
    I am doing my first entry of J2iun (monthly utilization).I could able to post the transaction,
    BUT the part-2 entry created by system (table J_1Ipart2) for this utilization has
    Excise Transaction TYPE : " " (Blank)
    internal number = 0000000000
    Document type = " "
    Is this way only system works for J2IUN ( Utilization) ??
    Also the Accounting document generated for this Transaction is like
    Dr     104270010A     RG 23A Basic Excise Duty Receivable
    Cr     104270010A     RG 23A Basic Excise Duty Receivable
    Cr     104270010B     RG 23A Special Excise Duty Receivable
    Cr     104270011C     RG 23C Basic Excise Duty Receivable
    GL 104270010A is being Dr as well as Cr , there feel this entry shouldn't be correct.
    But I could findout any GL settings for BLANK ETT in "SPECIFY EXCISE ACCOUNTS" and SPECIFY GL Accounts" For excise trasnactions in SPRO.
    Need your inputs

    Dear ,
    As per my knowledge
    UTL setting is as
    UTLZ          CR Credit     PLAAED PLA AED account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     PLAAT1 PLA AT1 Account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     PLABED PLA BED account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     PLACESS PLA cess account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     PLAECS PLA ECS Account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     PLASED PLA SED account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     RG23AED RG 23 AED account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     RG23AT1 RG 23 AT1 Account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     RG23BED RG 23 BED account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     RG23ECS RG 23 ECS Account
    UTLZ          CR Credit     RG23SED RG 23 SED account
    UTLZ          DR Debit     CLEAR CENVAT clearing account
    Pardeep Malik

  • CIN Excise Transaction Types / Sub Transaction Type

    Dear Sir,
    In CIN , what is the purpose of using Excise Transaction Type , Excise Transaction Sub Types .
    During the posting of Excise Invoice (Tcode J1IEX) , how SAP determine that Excise Transaction Type is "GRPO" . Does the determination of Excise Transaction Type is based upon the Purchase Order or any thing else .
    Request you to kindly help on the above please .
    Award of full point is assured please .
    With Regards
    B Mital

    Excise Transaction type  is the main type in excise  like document in Purchase order.
    Whenever any excise related transaction are performed  taxes will be sitting in the G/L account.
    In SPRO->Logistics General->-Tax on Goods movement-> India> Account determination--> Specify G/L accounts per excise.
    In this only the excise group and the Excise transaction type are mentioned and the relevant G/L accounts are mentioned.
    If additional duty is involved in the Excise( say in Mumbai(OCTROI) it will be classfied under sub Excise transaction type.
    GRPO is the excise transaction type for Good Receipt with P.O
    You can go thro the drop down in the ETT for other related excise transaction types.
    For capitals goods it will be different.
    G.Ganesh Kumar

  • Excise Transaction Types

    Dear Gurus,
    What is the importance of the step " Specify Excise accounts per excise transaction" ?
    As there are many excise transaction type defined , i wanted to know when do all these transaction types comes in picture?
    How system select them automatically and what is the importance of them from the perspective of MM and FI?
    What are the factors on which the appropriate selection of these transaction type is depend upon?
    Best Regards,

    Hope the following will be hepfull
    Subtransaction types
    CIN uses transaction type as a way of differentiating between the various excise related processes. They are:
    GRPO – Goods receipt for purchase order in Plant. Also used in Depot for a PO and material document
    EWPO – Excise invoice without purchase order
    57FC      -  Subcontracting Challan
    57NR – Reversal  and Recredit for Subcontracting Challan
    CAPE-  Capital Goods credit accounts
    OTHR- Excise Invoice for Other Movements
    DLFC- Factory Sale and Stock Transfer via SD
    CEIV- Cancellation of Generated Excise Invoice
    DIEX- Differential Excise Invoice Credit
    MRDY- Excise Duty reversal without reference
    MRRD- Excise Duty reversal if material used for non-production
    MRWO- Excise Duty Reversal for Write off Cases
    TR6C - PLA account adjustment through TR6 Challan
    UTLZ- is used for determining the accounts when a JV is posted with an option of fortnightly payment
    The Transaction type that are not used : 57CM, 57GR, CAGI, CAGR, GRTR.
    Gopal SP

  • Excise Transaction type used in J2IUN

    All SAP Gurus,
    which Excise Transaction type is used in J2IUN?

    there will not be any ETT for Utlization process..
    ref the link
    Re: Exise Transaction type and Document Type for part 2 record created by J2iun

  • Available Assigment Blocks for Transaction Type(s)

    Hi ,
    How can I assign a Standard SAP Assigment Blocks for Transaction Type(s) ?
    Example assign Available Assignment Blocks "Activity Journal" to Transaction Type 0010
    Thank you .

    this can be acchieved by redefinition of method ON_NEW_FOCUS in the context note of the assignment block, like this
      query = CL_CRM_BOL_DQUERY_SERVICE=>get_instance( 'BTQAct' ).
      query->add_selection_param( iv_attr_name = 'BU_PARTNER'
                                  iv_sign = 'I'
                                  iv_option = 'CP'
                                  iv_low = lv_bpno ).
      query->add_selection_param( iv_attr_name = 'PROCESS_TYPE'
                                  iv_sign = 'I'
                                  iv_option = 'EQ'
                                  iv_low = '0001' ).
    Best regards

  • RLFC Excise transaction type during consignment return

    Hi All,
    During consignment return for adjusting JV can we use RLFC transaction type instead of OTHR.
    So far we used only OTHR. What are all the impacts if we move to RLFC all of a sudden.
    Please explain.
    Raja Durai

    Dear Friend,
    As per the SAP new package ETT RLFC has been introduced for Excise sales return. New tab   "Return sales Excise" available in J1IH for post Return excise invoice automatically. .
    We added ETT RLFC in table J_1ITRAN and did configuration for account determination for excise, this is helped us to post excise invoice for Sales return.
    Please refer SAP Note: 1907900 - Error 8I-402 for return sales transaction(RLFC)- J1IH

  • Error message 81447   Excise Transaction Type during Purchase return

    Dear Freinds,
    I am running an purchase return cycle on non returnable basis (i will not receive the material back from the vendor )through transaction code mmbrl, I create a document and then use J1IS to make an excise invoice , but while making excise invoicing its showing an error message no 81447 "GL account has not been assigned for PLA AT1 in customisation.
    So  I maintain GL accounts for PLA AT1 in Tax Goods Movement  -> Acct Determination-->Specify GL Accounts per Excise Transaction , for Excise Grp /ETT-CEIV/Company code/Sub transaction type (22)
    Still it was giving the same error as mentioned above .
    So I again maintain PLAAT1 for Excise Grp /ETT-OTHERS /Company code/Sub transaction type (22)
    still its giving me the same error .
    Now kindly tell me where I  am going wrong, am i selecting wrong ETT or sub transaction type.
    In my scenario what should be the ETT & Sub transaction type .
    Kindly guide .

    What reference document type you are using in J1IS??
    It should be MATD. MATD ultimately goes to OTHR. So in your configuration check whether G/Ls are assigned properly to OTHR. Subtransaction type depends upon your business requirement. If you want accounting entry in some seperate account say CENVAT CLrg purchase returns, then you have to use subtransaction type & also needs to assign the same with OTHR by maintaining desired G/L in CENVAT sspe column.

  • Excise transaction type-Regarding

    i want to update RG23C register, when i post purchase order (me21n), it automatically taking GRPO Excise tran.type, as per my knowledge it should take CAPE. i maintained GL accounts for CAPE.
    can anybody suggest me how to post the capital goods, how the system will pick up CAPE trans.type.
    thanks in advance

    Did you check this setting?
    IMG > Logistics - General > Tax on Goods Movements > India > Business Transactions > Incoming Excise Invoices > Specify Which Movement Types Involve Excise Invoices
    Please check whether 101 movement type is allowed for both the transactions types?

  • Excise Transaction type

    Dear Friends,
    In local sales excise invoice creation Excise values are flowing to Ed on sales, Educess on sales,Sec Edu cess on sales & Cenvat on suspense G/L accounts.
    1. For Customer sales returns - Processing with J1IH - Addl Excise, the G/L accounts are picking Cenvat on Purchases .Whats the ETT used for reversal to select cenvat on sales G/L accounts.
    2.Is there any other tcode used for Reversal of Sales Excise Invoice other than J1IH?
    3.Iam referring the Original Excise Invoice(Sales Excise Invoice) for J1IH.This is fine I guess?
    4.J1IH screen is not showing Modvat Account Selection tab?Is there any note to be applied?

    1.  DIEX will be the ETT
    2.  No
    3.  Absolutely right.  You should refer original excise invoice only when you make any adjustments in J1IH
    4.  Once you give the required datas in the initial screen and execute, you will find BED, ECess fields will be in blank.  You need to key in manually the values to be adjusted and then, again click on "Determine G/L Accounts".  There you can change the G/L Account if need and give the required Business Area and save.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Accounting entries for excise invoice for purchase returns in J1IS

    Dear Friends
    1) I  recorded an excise invoice for  goods receips in J1IEX . The  accounting entry is
    Input BED a/c   DR
    Input ECS a/c   DR
    Input H.css A/c   DR
    CENVAT clearing   CR
    2)  There were  some damaged  items and  same returned to vendor.  I  did  RETURN Delivery in MIGO.  The excise invoice  in J1IS  gives  error  " BALANCE IN TRANSACTION CURRENCY". Here I  used Ref document type - MATD 
    What is the  Excise transaction type   for  ' other  outward movement'  in J1IS  to which I  should  assign the excise accounts   to reverse    (1) above.  Is it  OTHR  or  GPRO.

    Dear Mathews,
    It is not capital goods. Also  if I  do a JV in J1IH, the entry goes and is as below :
    Cenvat clrg   DR,   Input -BED /E.cess/ S.cess   CR
    But  J1IS  does not save, though I have  assigned  all  said accounts in  'Excise accts per excise  transation'   for OTHR. Also I read in wiki that  the entry for purchase return excise inv in J1IS is ' CENV CLRG  ....DR ,   CENV RECEIVABLE  ...CR ' .If so, then  do i creat new GL for Cenv Receivable ? What is its effect on  FORTNIGHTLY  UTILIZATION
    thanks for telling
    Edited by: Kamala Surianarayanan on Mar 6, 2009 6:38 AM
    Edited by: Kamala Surianarayanan on Mar 6, 2009 6:38 AM

  • GL account to Transaction type linkage

    I am looking for configuration where GL account is linked to Transaction type.
    In HR when I run posting PCP0 accrual amount posted to GL account.
    In FB03 I can see the transaction type so I am looking for information how to link GL account with transaction type.

    GL accounts are not linked to transaction type.
    In Fl Documents where you see transaction code  - PCP0, which would mean the posting is happened through PCP0 from Payroll.So from payroll each wagetypes which is paid or deducted or withheld or Employer contribution are linked to a symbolic account. Then the symbolic accounts are linked to GL account. This can be configured for normal posting and month end accruals.
    After this configuration you run PC00_M10_CIPE for US to create a posting document. This posting document will have data that GL accepts. Then you go PCP0 transaction to release and post the document to FI.
    To find the GL account mapping run pc00_m99_DKON transaction without any parameter just molga=10 for US. and select "display as variable list". Check the report output to find the wagetype to GL mapping.
    This link can be changed via
    SPRO--> IMG
    >>Payroll: USA
    >>>Posting to Financial Accounting
    >>>>Preparation ( read this )
    >>>>>Prepare overview of wage types  ( read this )
    >>>>>Create overview of accounts ( read this )
    >>>>Employee grouping and symbolic accounts
    >>>>>Define symbolic accounts ( may be required if its a new GL account link for wagetypes)
    >>>>Wage Type Maintenance
    >>>>>Define wage type posting attributes ( wagetype to Sym account link)
    >>>Activities in the AC-System
    >>>>Account Assignment
    >>>>>Assign financial accounts  (Sym to GL for liabilities/ bal sheet accounts)
    >>>>>Assign expense accounts (Sym to GL for exp accounts)
    Under these nodes there are steps to complete the config. I'm not going to explain the steps ...because that information is already drafted clearly in SDN Wiki. Please search the WIKI.

  • Accounts posting in Excise

    Can anyone tell me what are the accounts affected during excise transaction in terms of SAP B1 and normal practise.
    1. Purchase
    2. Sales
    3. Tax Payment
    4. PLA

    Following accounts you have to create
    For Purchase (in Asset Drawer)
    1. Input Cenvat A/c.
    2. Input Cess a/c.
    3. PLA A/c.
    4. Incoming CENVAT Clearing Acct
    For Sale (in Liability Drawer)
    1. Output Cenvat A/c.
    2. Output Cess a/c.
    3. Outgoing CENVAT Clearing Acct

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