New photo app does not import all of my photos from iphoto library

I have just installed  10.10.3 on my Macbook and the new photo app does not import all of my photos from iphoto library. I have about 3200 photos in the library and only 2300 are presented for import. I only have 1 library so I didn't choose the wrong one. Any suggestions?

Upon closer inspection it appears that the missing photos are in a folder called IPhoto Library.  This folder is greyed out when I choose the import folder.
When I use 'show package contents' it reveals the missing photos (below).  Why is my iphoto library so scrambled!  Thanks for any insight.

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    Running iOS 7.0.4 on an iPhone 4S. The new Photo App does not display all photos properly. All photos show up as thumbnails. However, when you tap on some of them, only a blank page is displayed. The rest is fine. This issue started after the upgrade to iOS 7. Is this a bug? Hardware-related?

    Upon closer inspection it appears that the missing photos are in a folder called IPhoto Library.  This folder is greyed out when I choose the import folder.
    When I use 'show package contents' it reveals the missing photos (below).  Why is my iphoto library so scrambled!  Thanks for any insight.

  • Sometimes when I connect my iPhone to my iMac to sync, it does not download all my selected photos to my iPhone

    Lately when I connect my iPhone or iPad to my iMac to update files, when I select events and photos to add, iTunes does not import all events or all photos from these events.  It tells me that 672 photos were not imported and to check iTunes.  (10 Where in iTunes do I check to find out what the problem is in not importing these images?  (2) Why is iTunes not importing all selected events from my photos or skipping (not importing) selected photos?

    i figured this out through other posts. simply turn your restrictions off and restart your phone. all apps should be open to you.

  • Iphoto does not import all items from camera

    I have been importing photos into Iphoto from my canon SD300. I have noticed that on occaissions it has skipped a few files while importing. In particular it has skipped movie clips. When the camera is connected Iphoto says it is ready to import and tells you the number of images and movie clips, and it recognizes all of them. However, once the import function is over on the last occaision I noticed that two clips and one image was not imported. I manage to get the missed image/clips by inserting the memeroy card in a card reader and dragging the missed image/movie clips into Iphoto.
    I would appreciate if any one knows why Iphoto does not import all the items from the camera even though it recognizes that they exist and how I should fix this problem.

    Hi imac2,
    I don't know why iPhoto skips some of your files. I can tell you that I use Image Capture to download my images and video clips. My video clips from my Canon can get quite large (over 1010 mg). iPhoto can import smaller clips that digital camera made, but now a lot of the newer camera can create very large video clips and I don't think iPhoto can handle importing them.
    Once I download my images and video clips I put them in dated folders. This makes it much easier to back up the video clips and images. I then import the folders of images into iPhoto. I like having more control.

  • ITunes does not import all artists/songs from folder

    I have had several issues with getting itunes to import all the music I have. I have selected the folder that I want itunes to be associated with. But when I go into itunes not all the artists imported. However, if I select add a folder, and then the artist, it imports the artist. I have tried to add the whole folder again, but still does not import all the artist/songs. At first I didn't think that I had imported the CDto the folder, but then when I went into my music folder it was there.
    A couple of times when I have opened iTunes it was like starting over. I lost my playlists. I am not as concerned in getting those back as long as I won't lose all the changes I am now making. We also own two iPod shuffles, don't know if that makes a difference.
    Thanks inadvance for any information!

    I had a similar problem with a Jimmy Buffett album,I sent the iTunes store an e-mail described the problem including the album title and receipt number and within 24 hours they responded and had done a "reset" and problem solved.
    Give it a try

  • My nano does not sync all the checked songs in my library. Can this be corrected?

    My nano does not sync all the checked songs in my library. Can this be corredcted?

    Was the iPod previous synced to another iTunes library/computer or set up via wifi? If so you can only use the manual method and that only works with music and videos.
    iTunes: Syncing media content to iOS devices and iPod
    If you want to use this computer as the one syncing computer you need to
    Syncing to a "New" Computer or replacing a "crashed" Hard Drive: Apple Support Communities

  • How can I add location to a photo that does not have a gps location? On iPhoto it was easy.

    how can I add location to a photo that does not have a gps location? On iPhoto it was easy.

    You can use the Settings in the slideshow to Show Captions,  either the Description filed be display, the Title field or both.
    If you create the slideshow in iDVD from still photos from iPhoto you can add the Description and/or Title via the settings in iDVD.
    Since iDVD adds both automatically the user must go thru the slideshow and remove those items not wanted.

  • CC app has a yellow and blue shield on it and the app does not show all my apps.

    When I click on the app, it does not show all  assets I have and does not show the listing of all the assets and their status. How can I correct this? Vij

    Hi Vij,
    Kindly share the below mentioned details, so that we can try to assist you with this.
    OS version:
    Screenshot of the app:
    Atul Saini

  • My new orkut page does not works anymore after uptading firefox from Firefox v9.0.1 to 10

    My new orkut page does not works anymore after I uptaded this morning my browser firefox from Firefox v9.0.1 to 10 . How can I find that version mozilla Firefox v9.0.1???

    Hello, friend. Thank you so much. I've already solved the problem once you sent me that link.

  • Does not import all JPG photos from local folders

    Using Lightroom 5.3 under Windows 7.
    Photos are located on local disk.
    I received a selection of photos from our research project which I want to import.
    Most of the photos have been imported correctly.
    However, import of some 500 photos fails.
    "synchronize folder" detects the new photos (501)
    "synchronize" command reports that "no photos or videos were found to import"
    Windows security settings on the files are all the same (inherit from parent folder).
    Disk has enough empty space left (56 GB)
    The photos are in Jpeg format, typically around 500 to 2000 kB each.
    Produced from Photoshop CS5, up to 3267x2244 pixels at 300 dpi.
    Photos open correct in other viewers.
    Are the any limitations to
    - folder and file name length?
    - spaces in file names?
    Thanks in advance,

    JPGs will not import for one of the following reasons
    you have shot JPG+RAW on your camera and the Lightroom option is set only to recognize the RAWs but not the JPGs from the pair
    the JPGs have previously been imported into Lightroom, and so Synchronize or Import will not import them a second time (nor is there a good reason to import them a second time).

  • Aperture does not import all files in folder.

    I have a folder with 3460 images.  They are a combination of NEF, TIF, and PSD and xmp files.
    When it was finished importing it said it had imported the 3460 images; however, there are only 3278 images showing.
    I tried starting a new library, and importing the same folder again.  Again, I got 3278 images.
    If I use the Finder and go to the folder, it shows 3496 files; however, 36 of those are .xmp files.
    Any idea how I can check to see which files are not importing?  Or what I can do to get these 182 files in Aperture?
    Many thanks for any help.

    Could be just chasing a ghost, but at least we'll know we don't have to capture it.  Let's do two things to determine how many Images Aperture thinks are in the Library.
    Select the container "Photos" listed near the top of the Library Inspector.
    Clear the filter.  (In Browser view, click the magnifying glass icon _inside_ the search field, and select "Show all" from the dropdown menu.)
    Deselect all.  ("Edit ▹ Deselect All".)
    Expand all Stacks.  ("Stacks ▹ Open all Stacks".)
    What does Aperture report in the bottom border of the Browser?  Should be something like "1234 items displayed".
    Close Aperture.
    "{option}+{click}" the Aperture Dock icon.  (Hold {option} down until the dialog shows up.)
    Select your Library from the list.
    What does Aperture report below the list of Libraries (you may have only one Library in the list)?  Should be something like "1234 versions, 1234 originals".

  • does not finish uploading library to iCloud photos

    I participated in the iCloud photos Beta version and uploaded my iPhoto library successfully to iCloud Photos beta.
    Since the is available I upgraded to 200GB iCloud drive storage to have my photos synced and saved between iPhone, iPad, and Macbook.
    The used my lokal "iPhoto library" and added the photos to the lokal " library" on my MacBook Pro
    In my options on the MacBook Pro I activated the "iCloud Photo library" as well as "download originals to this mac", "my photostream" and "iCloud Photo Sharing"
    My problem: The upload from MacBook Pro to iCloud Photos does not continue and is stuck at adding 7.512 items for a week now (as shown in picture). I tried differend internet connections, pausing and continuing the upload etc.
    Does anyone have a idea where the problem could be? Thank's a lot for reading and your help!
    MacBook Pro
    OSX Yosemite 10.10.3

    I see this question in a lot of places and in several Apple discussion groups. I've tried a number of the proposed solutions. I have 99GBs to upload. I got about 30GB uploaded twice, but then it kept stalling there (I have plenty of space). The solution that came closest was for me to turn off icloud, shut down Photos, rebuild Photos library (I think it's cntrl + option + double click on Photos icon), then start it all again. This let me get 60GB up fairly quickly, but it's been stuck there for a few days now. I also took my iMac into work and hooked it up to the bigger system there, since many people proposed doing that, assuming that those environments have bigger "pipes."  Anyway, I did all of this, and it's still stuck, uploading maybe one photo every six hours or so.

  • Photo browser does not show all aperture projects (missing 12)

    Has anyone experienced this issue? My photobrowser (mail) only gives me a partial list of what I have in aperture. Discussed this with apple support a month ago and he couldn't figure it out so suggested that I rebuild, which I did, and the problem went away, but now it's back. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks a bunch.

    Hi Tony,
    Many thanks for your comments.
    Yes, I did try all possible ways of connecting my drive to the iMac and even to my laptop (Firewire & USB).
    I also did the consistency check.
    I am not sure about the set-up of "Ignore ownership on this volume"? Never heard about this and will try to find out how to check that.
    The most extraordinary thing is that ALL my photos are visible in the "All Photos" blue folder, though they do not have the respective Project folder in the library window...?
    Since each project are existing in my Aperture file library when I open the "Show Package Contents", I am lost at what to do next to recuperate those projects in their previous state in my Aperture profile.
    My next move, I think is to try again to restore the vault onto another drive since you mention that size should not be an issue.
    By the way, can you tell me if a properly restored vault should recreate all project folders and its subsequent albums + smart albums in the Projects window?
    Many thanks for your support.

  • Photo does not open in Photoshop as before from Iphoto

    I have a large library with approx 9700 pics. In the past, I was able to double click on a photo in Iphoto and it would open Photoshop CS (PS). PS opens but the chosen photo does not open. I have also noticed that all of the albums in Iphoto are not seen in the PS file browser and that the photos are in numbered folders that I did not create.
    thanks for any help.
    joel wilman

    Hi jwilman,
    To answer your first question:
    You must have done an Archive and Install and the Scripting folder for PS did not get put back where it belonged. You must find that folder and put it back in the root library. or reinstall PS to get the folder.
    Try this suggestion I copied and pasted from MacFixIt first
    "Photoshop CS: Fix for file opening problem Yesterday we reported that since installing Mac OS X 10.4, Photoshop CS refuses to open any new files or create any new documents, reporting a "program error" when one tries to do so. Our previously reported workaround involved re-installing Photoshop CS, but MacFixIt reader Bryan Schappel now offers a faster solution:
    "This happens because the Archive and Install option does not copy over a necessary folder for Photoshop. The critical folder is called 'ScriptingAdditions' and is stored in the main Library folder. This folder contains one file 'Adobe Unit Types' that makes Photoshop open files that have been double-clicked or dragged to the PS icon in the Dock.
    "Simply move this folder (and file) from the 'Previous System' backup to the Library folder, relaunch Photoshop and all is well again. No need to completely re-install.""
    I copied an pasted instead of putting the link in because it is not on the front page and you would have to search around to find it. Hope it is ok to do that here.
    To answer your second question:
    iPhoto 5 now stores the Album information in a data xml file. The Albums folder within the iPhoto Library folder is no longer used. At some point, usually after a rebuild, you will no longer have that folder in the Finder.
    If you need to access photos from an album it is very difficult for a third party application to navigate the iPhoto Library in order to find the photo you need. You will have to know the date of import in order to find the photo.
    There are some third party applications that can read the xml file and can navigate the iPhoto library and show you the Albums. Hopefully more applications will be revised to read this file.
    Until then you will have to Share/Export the photos to the desktop. You can then navigate to the desktop to use the photos (example: web uploading from online photo site)
    If your application supports drag and drop, you can drag the photo from an open iPhoto Library window into your application.
    For email you can also use the email icon within iPhoto to open a message with the highlighted photo attached.
    You can also use spotlight to find images in an Album...
    This is what I have done using Spotlight to find my images that are in iPhoto albums without opening iPhoto..
    In iPhoto, select the album, then select all, go to Photos/batch change.
    Change the comments to text. In the text field I put the name of the Album.
    Do this for each album.
    Close iPhoto.
    Open Spotlight and put in the name of the Album ( you have to remember the names of the albums or have then written down)
    In the spotlight search results. click on "show all"
    Under "Images" click on the "xx more" to show all the images in the album.
    Make sure you have it in icon view, the icon view box is the last one on the blue images line.
    Now you can control click on the image to "reveal in finder", open in iPhoto or Mail, etc.
    I am not sure if this is going to make you happy and it is a little more work, but you can find images in albums and even view them in a slideshow (by clicking the play arrow at the end of the Images highlighted blue line) using Spotlight, all without opening iPhoto.
    One important thing to know is you can set up a graphic program to be an external editor (when you double click an image in the library} such as PhotoShop or PS Elements. You set up that within iPhoto Preferences. Just make sure you save the image flattened and with the same name. The edits will then be relected in iPhoto when you hit "save".
    Two Apple kbs for you to read
    Don't tamper with files in the iPhoto library folder
    About the iPhoto Library folder
    This is a view of how the iPhoto Library looks in the Finder.
    It is organized by Year folders. Inside the Year folders are Month folders. Inside the Month folders are the days of the Month. Inside the day folders are the photos you took on that day. If you imported video clips and RAW files on that day they will be in an Originals folder. If you have edited any photo imported on that day, the original will be in that folder also.

  • Firefox will not import all of the favorites from Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 8.1 64-bit OS!

    There is another post about this problem in the forum, but the answer does not work. This is the first time I've ever encountered this problem when installing/using Firefox on my desktop PC. I have a new (3/25/14) Dell XPS 8700 desktop tower with Windows 8.1 64-bit (and now Update 1) installed, along with Internet Explorer 11. I previously had a 2005 Dell Dimension 5100 desktop tower running XP Pro SP3 32-bit, which never had any issues running Firefox, but has since died. I used to run Firefox as my default browser, but not any longer. Now, during the install process, Firefox asks if you want to import from Internet Explorer, as it has always done before. I chose yes, and it reported that it pulled everything in from IE. However, it only imported my favorites folders whose names start with a numeral, and then A, B, and onward down the alphabet, but it doesn't import anything more after getting to the folders whose names start with E. So, all of my remaining Favorites folders whose names start with F, G, and forward down the alphabet from there are all absent from Firefox's Bookmarks. I also tried importing the favorites after installing Firefox, which I don't prefer since Firefox installs a folder called Internet Explorer to go to first to get to your favorites. However, still, Firefox only brought in my favorites folders from A to E, and stopped there again. I do not see any way to export my favorites from Internet Explorer (there is no import/export option under favorites, nor anywhere else in IE 11). Uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox resulted in the same problem, even after making sure to delete my settings, etc., in the process. Please update Firefox's installation executable so it's able to import ALL of Internet Explorer 11's favorites folders and their contents, complete, as it has always done before. Please contact me when the corrected executable to install Firefox properly is ready for download. Thank you.

    If there are problems with importing the IE Favorites in Firefox then export the favorites in IE to an HTML file and import that file in the Firefox Bookmarks Manager.
    If you do not have the menu bar in IE then right-click the toolbar at the top to enable the Menu Bar.
    *Export the favorites in IE to an HTML file (bookmarks.html):<br>File > Import and Export
    *Import the HTML file in Firefox:<br>Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks > Import & Backup > Import Bookmarks from HTML
    See "Import from another browser" and "Import from file":

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