I'm having a problem with my newly built P.C. that I hope someone can help me with. When I turn the power on,  the P.C. powers up for about 5 seconds and then there is one beep sound and then the power goes out on it. What is causing this problem and how and what do I check?
My System info;
ASPIRE X-Plorer case,
MSI 945G Platinum mobo,
Intel Pentium 4 630 Prescott 800MHz FSB 2MB L2 Cache LGA 775,
GeIL DDR 2 Series 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM Unbuffered DDR2 533 (1 Stick),
COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power RS-430-PMSR/P ATX12V Max: 400W, Peak,
DVD Burner NEC ND-3540 A,
Western Digital WD 200 Caviar SE Serial ATA Hard drive,
Your cooperation and assistance is highly appreciated, thank you for reading.

Thanks to all that responded. I think I found out what the problem was. It was probably those little wires for the reset switch and power on etc... I think I had the negative and positive backwards, I disconnected them and used a magnify glass to make sure that I can see what I was doing this time and bingo. The P.C. powered up and stayed on.
However I have another dillema now with my X-FI Sound card (Extreme music) When I install it in the 1ST pci slot the computer didn't detect new hardware installed. I tried all 3 of the slots and nothing. I even tried to install the software but that also stated something like it couldn't find such hardware on my P.C.  My XFX Geforce 6600 PCI-e card works fine however. I don't know what to do here so I hope someone on this forum can help get this thing running on my newly built P.C. By the way, this card does work because I installed it in a Dell Dimension 4500 that I also own and no problems at all.  This is really driving me nuts. Thanks again for reading.

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  • Please Help!! First time builder needs help figuring out components for $2000 machine

         Hello everyone I know this question comes up alot, but after reading through much of it I still need a little help.  I just graduated college, doing production, and want to do editing professionally.  Learned on Final Cut but as I have used Pro for the last year on my own (on a HP HDX 16t, I know its horrible), I have decided to go with CS6 and learn everything there is.  I don't have the budget for a warrior computer but at least I would like to get something that will 1)allow me to learn and develop using Pro, AE, and PS. and a little 4D in the future 2) allow me to gradually up grade as I become a professional and demands increase.  Due to me current limitations, my independant projects have been for youtube exporting in FLV. (rendering a 3 min clip takes about 30-40 mins... so sad haha)
         I have about $2000 USD (not including the monitor) to invest in this.  Before this week I have had no prior knowledge of computer building, I've learned a great deal from this forum, and I am ready to build this bad boy.  here are my questions and some of the possible components ...
    CPU - I'm going with intel i7. My question here is whether the 3930k hexa is really that much better      than the 4770k quad.  Is this a no brainer must go with 3930? I do plan to OC.
    MoBo - I  have looked at some many versions of this, can I do the p9x79 pro along with the 3930k and      still stay under $2000? is it worth it to do so and get a gpu thats less expensive?
    GPU - I've read a ton of forum posts in which many of you guys have said that in certain situations the      gtx 680 is over kill or not needed, and that something like the gtx 650 ti would do just fine.
         - If so how many Gbs?
         - should I lower the CPU or MoBo for a better GPU?
    Drives -  From all I gather I think the 128gb 840 pro is a given so check! I will get at least 2 WD      black 1 TB hhd. This seems to be a standard no matter what Mobo/CPU combo I go with, right?
                                  Now the trickiest part for me is what combination of (see below) keeps me at $2000
                                       - 32gbs ram (to start, p9x79 gives me the option to get more later)
                                       - Case that has good air flow, a lot of bays
                                       - Power supply
                                       - Liquid Cooling (I do need liquid cooling if I plan to OC a 3930k right?)
                                       - Blu ray burner
    This my delima.I'm still not sure what truly effects Pro and AE the most. Even after looking at the balance graphs, should I go with the Hexa, and better MoBo no matter what, or scale it down a little for a better GPU or memory? Also going into professional editing, what kind of space should I want in a case and MoBo? Besides USB 3.0 what else should I consider? What would I use the pci slots for? What peripherals are a standard that I need if not now definitely in the future?
    Thank you in advance I know I am a complete novice, I guess we all started somewhere and this is my start. I could really use the help.

    I still haven't built it (current computer is working) but "someday" I plan to build a new computer... this is my current list... does not include software
    Intel i7 3930k CPU -
    CPU Cooler -
    Motherboard -
    32Gig Ram -
    A note from Harm on X79 Ram -
    Full Tower Case -
    This case comes with 4 fans, so you do not have to buy any optional case fans
    1000w Power Supply -
    500Gig Drive -
    -or SSD for boot drive
    500Gig Drive -
    1Terabyte Drive -
    1Terabyte Drive -
    GTX670 2Gig -
    Keyboard & Mouse -
    Sata DVD Writer -
    BluRay writer if you want to write BluRay discs

  • Newb here, need help! just check out what i have, make reccomendations please!!

    Windows xp 32-bit,
    4 gigs ram,
    dual sli 7200 nvidia cards,
    60gb internal hardrive, 1.5 terabyte external hard drive (brand new, very empty)
    Recorded 24p and 60i on a Canon XL-2 (miniDV)
    IEEE 1394 firewire connected from pc to uploading device. Unfortunatly i borrowed the xl-2 from school, and am trying to capture from a panasonic pv-gs36 i borrowed from a friend (only friend with a device that records with a miniDV cam).
    I have been working fine on premier, very smooth when i import files, but when i tried to capture, as soon as i hit capture it freezes my whole set up, i have to manually restart my pc. I need to capture and export these clips to quicktime so i can edit in final cut at school (as requested by my instructer) the project is due in exactly one week, and the edit bays are always full which is why i opted for capturing at home with premier cs4.
    Im in panic mode now though, cause of this freeze issue. I'll have access to an xl-2 for the remainder of the week if the panasonic cam is the problem, but if not, please let me know!! ill go out and buy a new graphics card if that really is the issue... but i cant afford the quadro....which is why i opted for adobe premier instead of avid.
    im thinking its freezing because i recorded on an xl-2 and am trying to capture on this panasonic cam... could this be why?
    i installed premier on the 60 gig internal hard drive...should i uninstall it and install it on the external 1.5 tb one? should my settings be a certain way when i start a new project? Please help out a stressed out student during finals week! I will be super grateful to any info anyone can provide. thanks again for all your time and effort =)

    I'm unsure if the external drive is eSATA. I did buy it a few days ago 1.5 tb for 129.99 at fry's...good deal. What are the advantages of having an eSATA? The drive i have is a seagate Free agent-Desk external drive, model number st315005fda2e1-rk
    <img src="">
    Again, total noob here...
    the external is USB 2.0, and yea, i only have 1 firewire port. Also, something i failed to  mention is...I actually run my computer off my 42 inch samsung hd tv (720p native). When i was installing the whole production suite it asked me to get a moniter with higher resolution, but the click top continue installing anyway button was there so i went for it. Could this be the problem?
    I'm fairly sure i recorded in standard play with 2 channel audio with the canon, so im starting suspect it is this dinky panasonic dv cam thats causing me all this headache.
    also....please dont insult me too much...but:
    whats a panny?
    Whats scenalyzer?
    annnnd finally, no input on the cards? I was thinking that was going to be the problem for sure. The cards are great for gaming but im not really sure what kind of cards are (at least decent) for editing and capturing.
    I appreciate your help, ive been looking at the boards all night and this morning, i noticed you are kind of a superstar around here Millaard, so i really appreciate the effort =)

  • NEWBIE THATS NEEDS HELP ( wiped blueberry)

    Firstly may i say hi to every one and now to my problem
    ok your all going to think im a complete wazzuk
    im new to the blackberry (not a clue) i was given an 8800 which didnt come with any disks
    but was told i can dl them on this website , which i did..the latest desktop application told me i need to update my phone and like an **bleep** i pressed next
    about half way thru the eraseing and downloading my pc came up with an ERROR
    and now im left with just a white screen with a small box in the middle and a cross going thru it
    can some 1 please tell me i can fix this and how or have i just broken the thing for ever
    ive looked on the pc to see if it had backuped up the device(which i dont think it had)
    so there must be a way i can download a new os on the blackberry
    please can any 1 help
    many thanks in advance
    Go to Solution.

    Is your exact model the 8800?
    The installation of the Operating system is in the link below along with good instructions.
    Follow those directions to the point.
    If you have a problem connecting to the BlackBerry:
    You will need to use JL_Cmder to wipe the device and subsequently load the OS to the device. Follow the instructions here:
    If JL_Cmder does not work, follow this instructional:
    1. If any post helps you please click the below the post(s) that helped you.
    2. Please resolve your thread by marking the post "Solution?" which solved it for you!
    3. Install free BlackBerry Protect today for backups of contacts and data.
    4. Guide to Unlocking your BlackBerry & Unlock Codes
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  • Newbie here needs help with features.

    I hope I'm doing this right.
    Problem #1
    With my storm when I make a call the key pad for the phone goes away. This is problematic especially when I'm checking voice mail. It is prompting me to enter my access code and i'm trying to get the key pad  to display itself. what do I do? Can I lock the key pad to display while making calls?
    Problem #2
    When entering a contact or a message that has several strings of number how do I get the Number pad to stay displayed so it does not toggle back to the alpha key pad?
    Problem #3
    Removing unused applications.How do I do it?
    I am on an enterprise server how can I remove email accounts? I get two displays of the same emails comming in. They all come into a application marked messages then I get a second display with just messages for the email address showing on the application box. It is confusing and a duplication. 
    Thanks to anyone that can help me resolve these problems!

    Greetings, and welcome to the Support Forums.
    It is always helpful to receive help, to include your exact BlackBerry device model # and carrier name, so that when you have a question, that information won't need to be asked up front. Also, stating your device Operating System version is normally another common question, found on your BlackBerry at Options > About, third line down, looks like ""
    1. When on the call, yo'll see at the lower left a keypad symbol. Press it to bring up the keypad.
    If that doesn't appear or work, answer those above. There was one OS release way back that had a glitch of not allowing the keypad to show at all when calling.
    2. Message.. as in email? Press and hold the lower left numeric symbol on the keypad a full second the numeric keypad will lock in. Press the Alpha character at the lower left again to revert back.
    3. Most can be removed simple at Options > Advanced > Applications. Scroll to the application name and press Menu > Delete. Later OS releases will be at Options > Applications.
    4. Answer my questions above about the model and OS. The Storm1 and 2, according to the OS release vary on this.
    1. If any post helps you please click the below the post(s) that helped you.
    2. Please resolve your thread by marking the post "Solution?" which solved it for you!
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  • MSI P7N Diamond - New PC Build - Need Help Posting

    I just finished connecting my P7N Diamond out of the case and powered on my new build for the first time and saw BIOS version, HDD information, and the bad checksum message on the screen. I also saw the "Press DEL to enter BIOS" and the "F2 To Continue" messages.
    Pressing the DEL key on the keyboard resulted in nothing happening at all. I soon realized that the keyboard wasn't responding and I had no num lock light at all after pressing the Num Lock key multiple times. I started with a generic, USB keyboard and then swapped keyboards to an older, still working one I had with a PS/2 connector.
    Still no keyboard lights but magically it entered BIOS after I plugged it in the PS/2 socket and immediately asked if I wanted to exit BIOS  without saving. Pressing the "Y" key did nothing. Pressing <ESC> did nothing. The keyboard seemed frozen.
    I pressed the RESET button on the motherboard and this caused a re-boot but now with a black screen (no messages at all). I powered it down, removed the power cords and then pressed the "clear CMOS" button. Re-connected the power cords and powered it on; but still a black screen. Powered it down, removed the power cords and removed the battery for 1 minute (I even pressed the clear CMOS button again). Re-connected the power cords, powered it up and still have a black screen.
    I know this is the place where all the experts hang out, so any help will be appreciated.

    Just an update...
    New build is working very well at this point.
    I've set the voltage in BIOS to 2.1 for the memory and installed Vista Ultimate, updated it via Windows Update site, applied the memory patch. I've discovered that I have a bad stick of memory as no matter what slot I place this one stick of memory in, the PC fails to post, so I'm running with 3x1GB sticks. I've ordered new memory that should be here today; Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX.
    The only problem I've encountered thus far is with one of my NVIDIA RAID arrays in "Degraded" status (mirror broken). This happened after I had applied the latest MS patches and a re-boot. I didn't suspect a HDD failure because the drives are new and the status of each drive was displaying as HEALTHY. I did my research on this site and discovered the solution which was to delete one of the two drives (I chose the one with the least amount of data) from the array and then added it back into the same array. The re-build took about 2 hours (they are 400GB Segate drives) and now it's working as advertised. I suspect a software problem caused this as one of the two drives was showing that it had less data (used) than the other drive.
    My next steps are to install the new memory, test it with memtest86+ and then begin the OC ritual.
    Thanks again for your help, Jason and Aaron Yuri.

  • Newbie who needs help!

    I require someone who has a lot of patience as I am a complete dimwit when it comes to computers and I am about to thorw mine out the window. Unfortunately when I brought my mp3 a friend set it all up and i didn't take any notice. I am now trying to download more songs and for some reason nothing is transferring. I have also managed to delete all the previous songs off my player but they are still in the Creative Media Playlist but not on my actual mp3. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To start the thread, you might want to let others know which MP3 player do you have and the current player firmware version.

  • Newbie really needs help

    Hey. i just bought an iMac, and i`m having some trouble. I still don`t understand much of Macs, `cause i just came from windows. So i`m humbly asking for some help.
    I wanted to copy my dvds, i have some stuff of my own recorded, with menus and intros, and i wanted to copy from dvd to dvd. How the heck can i do that?! I tried creating an image in .dmg, but it gets too big to record in a simple dvd with 4,7GB. I tried using MacTheRipper, but i could understand nothing about it! It recorded my dvd files in a VOB extension! What the heck is VOB?!
    I would really apreciate if someone could explain me from scratch how to do these things...

    Popcorn is only for copying video DVDs. It doesn't do CDs. After rebate, Toast 7 is only about $20 more than Popcorn (or $40 before rebate). The only reason I would purchase Popcorn today is if my Mac didn't meet the system requirements for Toast 7 and I had to have an application that can compress ripped dual-layer video DVDs to burn on single-layer discs. Go to Roxio's site and read the description of Toast 7's features and you'll see that the extra $20-40 is well invested.

  • Newbie website needs help

    brand new iPad, synced to iTunes, updated to ios5 was working fine. this morning only original programs will open.  please help, I'm a total newbe

    If none of your downloaded apps are working but the Apple built-in ones are ok, then try downloading any free app from the store (as that appears to reset something) and then re-try them - the free app can then be deleted.

  • Newbie really needing help

    I am learning to use flash and the first project I choose was
    a fireworks display. I am doing ok except one area that I keep
    getting stuck in. Using the paint bucket fill tool. I am trying to
    fill an area that I made with the line tool with a gradient fill. I
    Have made sure there were no gaps in the drawing and have followed
    the books instructions but I can't get it to fill. The project had
    another area that was to be filled with a solid white, and couldn't
    get it to work there either. Could someone please tell me where I
    am going wrong? It can't be that hard. Ir maybe it can. Any help
    would be appreciated. Thank you

    Hi Akersrus,
    Dont worry when we are here to help you. If you are very sure
    that there are no gaps in the shape you created then maybe your
    process of creating and adding the gradient was wrong. Lets see a
    small tutorial to do so -
    Open Flash (I use Flash CS3 and AS2.0 here - doesnt really
    matter for illustration though)
    1. Take the pencil tool and draw a closed shape. See that the
    shape is closed by simply filling a solid color in it, and then
    remove the color. Good idea for beginners.
    2. The 'Fill Color' palette should be selected, now press
    SHIFT+F9 , or goto Window -> Color.
    3. A Color tool window pops where you can edit gradients and
    do every possible gradient effects or styles. Select the 'Linear'
    dropdown, and change the default colors to something you like in
    the color selection pallete in the same tool window down below.
    4. Once the effects are all set in the color window, select
    the paint bucket tool, drag on the object you had drawn, you will
    see a line forming which indicates the direction of the gradient,
    let go, and you will see the gradient formed. You can edit the
    existing style in the COLOR window anytime and then drag again on
    the object.
    Hope this small and humble tutorial helps you. And see that
    you don't have any serious gaps in your illustration!
    Enjoy Flash!

  • Newbie! Need Help wit choice! Lots of Questions! PLEASE HELP

    Have been a PC user for ever and recently have seen the appeal and performance of macs.
    I am shortly going to college and have been reading hundreds of reviews and discussions on the different portbales available.
    I will be using the portable for
    - word processing
    - internet and email
    - music
    -light graphics work
    - light video work
    Currently on AMD anthlon XP 2700+ with 1 GB RAM
    I ruled out the 12" ibook as no superdrive and 17" powerbook as too large.
    The ibook seems nice, worried about processor speed, will it cope with graphics and video and fast enough for encoding etc? Also worried about the tightness of the resolution, is the screen good in comparisson to powerbook. Also thought about DVD;s not being in widescreen. Also is the availabe work space enough?
    The powerbook 12" seems nice because of it's compactness. The screen depth seems more than !5" and is that a problem? Is the 12" powerbook which has superdrive got a large enough visible work space?
    The 15" Powerbook seems great, it's got nice screen and same size as old windows laptop (though resolution much higher), have read a lot of problems about very hot powerbooks (how big a problem is this?), i have alsp read about latch issues,(bad?) and is there a serious issue with a gap between the display and keyboard? Also have read lots of issues about the logic board failing and is this really common, as being student don't want to have to fork out vast sums of money and applecare is steep.
    What would you recommend? Could spend up to £2000, would rather not spend it all(sorry don't know wot that is in $'s)
    Just loved the OS and was all set and now am a little anxious as seems quite recurrent problems exist. Please help and offer any ideas, tips, solutions, experiences and anything that helped you chose ur mac!

    I just bought my powerbook after a summer's worth of work, four weeks ago. Other than a few quibbles (mainly things I haven't figured out how to do on the mac, since i'm new to the OS) this 15" is awesome... It's fast, it's small, it has a widescreen, and... THE KEYBOARD LIGHTS UP (jaws drop left and right when the lights go out)...
    It seems very capable, and hasn't failed me yet, knock on wood. The latch works fine and there is no issue with keys touching the screen.
    I was worried about the heat issue too, so I thought ahead and bought a Vantec cooling pad. for $35 on, it has adjustable fan speeds, and a 4 port USB hub, which is VERY handy. It will get warm if i'm using it on my lap, but not enough for the computer's fans to turn on. Besides, I think the heat argument is a little weak. Sure, they may get hot, but we're talking about a high performance, VERY thin aluminum computer... Aluminum transfers heat very easily, so expect it to seem warmer than a PC laptop. Plastic doesn't transfer heat nearly as nicely, but even so, if you touch a pentium 4 based laptop that has been running for a while, it'll be just as warm. And, they're twice as thick, to accomodate the fans to cool that bugger!
    As for the logic board, i think the main issue is memory being bumped out of place, or improperly installed... I'm sure that if some users just took out their memory stick, and carefully tried to reinstall it, they'd work fine... i'm not saying that the memory issue is a fluke, rather I think that some people may see that other people have had logic board failure in the past, and automatically assume that is there problem... Regardless, i've added my own 1gb stick from Crucial, and it works fine.
    The powerbook 15" is an awesome choice... I'm still learning how to use the OS, which is a little scary at first (since i'm used to things being far more complicated (WINDOWS)), but it's very intuitive, a pleasure to use, and a great machine... Goodluck with your decision

  • New builder, need help with motherboard.

    This is my setup.
    I bought all parts from amazon.
    Sentey® Bx1-4237 V2.2 W atx case
    EVGA SuperNOVA 750 80PLUS B2 Bronze Certified
    MSI ATX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150 Motherboards Z97 GAMING 5
    Intel Core i7-4790K Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.40 GHz) (BX80646I74790K)
    G.Skrill ram stick
    970 GTX Geforce EVGA
    The issue I'm having is the computer would power on. fans running, display working on the case.
    Graphic card is running it's fan. but my screen won't turn on or display. Before posting this thread. I followed the 12 steps on how to solve the "Display not turning on thread".
    Some extra things I've try, removing CMOS for 30sec. Removing HDD and and starting it up. Still no screen.
    Some extra information.
    I put my computer case on a wooden table, the ground is wooden tiles. While plugging in everything following the motherboard manual. Then I proceed to put in my Graphic card 970 GTX into PCI slot 2. Place the power supply in, hooked up all the cord to every fan. Then I hooked up my sata cable to my harddrive.
    I start the computer and it was running so I thought YES IT WORKS. though...all it does is stay powered on. after a solid 30sec though the Graphic card fans start slowing down to a complete stop. Then I notice a button on my computer case that said sound. I turn it on. Then I restart the computer then I hear 9 short beeps. So like quick 3 - beeps, 2-3 sec pause, 3 beeps, 2-3 sec pause, 3 beeps. so 9 short beeps in a interval. I really want to computer working.
    I've also read that the CPU I have isn't compitable with the motherboard on the support site for the msi motherboard. Though I've read many reviews of people using the same cpu and having no issue with the motherboard. Lastly I look up those beep code 9 beeps has to do with bad bios checksum basically bad motherboard? though it said it was the code for Award Motherboard which I don't know if mine is it. So any help would be great.
    I spent all my paycheck money on it this month e.e So I really want to figure out whats wrong and fix it so I have a computer to use.
    TLDR I think my motherboard is bad but how can I be sure? Should I send it back to amazon. it's gonna take a while e.e

    Quote from: badboy2k on 11-January-15, 15:04:52
    its not you BIOS! yours will have 1.7 installed on your board!
    try without the GPU in the computer (take the gtx 970 out) use the onboard video outputs on the motherboard to see if it is outputting any graphics at all there?
    I've just tried this took out my gtx plug in my monitor into the VGA slot. I still hear the beep sequence. 3 shorts beep every 3 sec, then after the 9th beep it stop. The fan just keep running.

  • Need Help with Outlook 2007

    I am a newbie and need help on how do I set up my Blackberry 8330 Curve to work with the Intenet Explorer & Outlook 2007? Your help wpould be greatly appreciated.

    Set up a BIS account (you'll need to contact your provider to ensure that your paying for a BIS service!) 
    Email will arrive to the messages icon. This is a COPY of the ISP emails before they arrive to the Outlook. Or you can use Desktop Redirector and Outlook but you will need to leave your PC running all the time for this to work, so I dont see the point. Just use the BIS instead.
    REMEMBER: Once you download the email to your Outlook, the BB handset cant delete them from the server - the Outlook is not the server - your ISP has the mail server.
    Blackberry Browser/INternet Browser/WAP portal are different browsers that are available on the handsets. Rememebr that all mobile devices do NOT access the Internet as on your PC! They access a subset of the internet effectively called the Mobile Internet. Web pages need to be specially formatted to be viewed on the small screeened devices and as s cuh cannot be viewed correctluy. Modern webpages cannnot be viewed at all as they run java/javascript/flash programs on the browser to show ads/other efffects on the webpoages and so these will not work on the MBB.
    Dont expect a Full laptop screen on a Tiny Monbile handset. That way you wont be dissapointed when your expectations are dashed(!)
    Your carrier will be able to connect you to  the Blackberrry Web browser service. 
    Hope that helps. 
    Checked out my Blackberry FAQ's and Links to Needed Articles here

  • Need help in building a utility...?

    I need to build a dynamic selection screen for a utility that will extract data from a legacy database. I am not sure how to do it....I have the design in mind but will need help from you experts in the implementation.
    So i need to have to twol radip buttons on the selection screen such that when one radio button is clicked then few other select options come on the screen and when the other radio button is selected then different select options come on the screen.
    Once the user any of these two radio buttons and fill in the respective values for the parameters, then i have to fire native SQL queries on the legacy SQL database.
    Any suggestions...
    First i need to code the dynamic selection screen ....Your help will be appreciated...

    Please have a look at below link. May be helpful to you...[Dynamic Selection Screen|]
    I hope it helps.
    Best Regards,

  • Need help for flash builder

    i need help for flash builder 4 and papervison 3d. I need to create a slider with it ranges of value from 10 to 50 to adjust the camera values for the camera.fov and also need to create it for the yaw of the object from 0 to 360. I try to look for any slider event and classes in this program but cant find any, btw, i need to use the AS only project file.
    here is my codes:
    can you please tell me how i should modify the codes?
        import flash.display.BitmapData;
        import flash.display.Sprite;
        import org.papervision3d.materials.BitmapFileMaterial;
        import org.papervision3d.materials.BitmapMaterial;
        import org.papervision3d.objects.primitives.Sphere;
        import org.papervision3d.view.BasicView;
        [SWF (width="800", height="600", backgroundColor="0x000000",frameRate="30")]
        public class EarthBitmap extends BasicView
            private var sphere:Sphere;
            public function EarthBitmap()
                super(800 , 600);
                var earthmaterial:BitmapFileMaterial = new BitmapFileMaterial("../assets/Earth.jpg");
                sphere = new Sphere(earthmaterial,100,20,18);
                camera.fov = 25;
            public function rotateSphere(evt:Event):void

    Turn the click handler into a full on separate function. Then store all the views in an array and use Math.rand() to randomly choose one.
    Something like this:
              var questionsArray:Array = {question2,question3,question5,questionRed,questionGeography};
              function buttonClickHandler(event:MouseEvent){
                   var randomProblem:int = Math.floor(Math.random()*(questionsArray.length));     //generates a random integer between 0 and the total number of questions in the array (arrays are 0-based)
    <s:Button id="randomProblemButton" label="Next Problem" click="buttonClickHandler(event)" />
    Haven't tested that, but something along that line should work

Maybe you are looking for