No adapter registered for this channel FOR JDBC COMM CHANNEL

Hi Friends,
We installed JDBC driver(for Oracle) and it works correctly from Visual Administrator.
We have created comm channel 'jdbc_receiver'.
However, when we check in "Adapter Monitoring", it is not active (Green color) and short text says 'No adapter registered for this channel'. Where should we look further to resolve the issue ? How do we test this comm channel from XI box ?

Hi Niranjan,
How you solved the problem?
I have deployed JDBC driver (sqljdbc4.jar) according to… .
Driver deployed successfully and I have checked it in folder \usr\sap\xxx\DVEBMGS30\j2ee\cluster\bin\ext\\lib and it's found ok. But this adapter type  not showing in Communication Channel only RFC and SOAP are showing there. I have restarted the server also.

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    This is the config.
    Activation of channel is successful.
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    Installed driver is for JDBC for 2000/2005 (1.2/4). for JDK 1.4
    Your help is really appreciated!
    Best regards

    Hi Dirk,
    This is the config.
    I hope the DNSname you using is your Server name of the SQL Server (IP/ServerName) you trying to connect to.
    Please ensure that if you are using Hostname the entry is made in the host file at server level against the IP.
    Try using the Connection string as :
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  • Comm channel missing in comm channel monitoring

    I have created sender and receiver communication channels of adapter type XI. I am using PI 7.0 version. But I don't see these communication channels in RWB comm channel monitoring.
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    In this it is mentioned clearly as "The XI adapter as part of the Adapter Engine gets the required....."
    if this is part of the adapter engine then it should show the communication channels registered for it.
    Moreover if SAP doesn't want to display these XI adapter  com channels then why they have XI adapter type in the drop down box to filter the data.
    Please provide your guidance in this regard.

    Hi Bhargvi,
    XI adapter is in-built in the integration RWB in comm channel monitoring, you can view all the comm channels which are at adapter this is why you cannot see your XI, IDOC or HTTP adpater in comm channel monitoring because these adapters reside in integration engine directly..................but to tell integration engine regarding the target system you have to configue thier comm channels in ID.
    Rajeev Gupta

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    Dear Gurus:
    Inside a standard scenario, we have a receiver comm channel which use JDBC adapter type to connect to a MS Access remote database.
    The database connection is made like this:
    JDBC Driver: sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver
    Connection: jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=//$/app/appdb.mdb
    Working from a Windows 2003 PI installation, everything works fine..
    But we recently have finished a Heterogeneous migration from Windows 2003 + SQL server to UNIX AIX + Oracle servers and that particular interface does not work anymore.
    Is there a way to connect to a MS Access from inside a UNIX PI installation..? Is there a native JDBC or ODBC driver that we can use to fix our problem...?
    Waiting for your help. Best regards.

    In the JDBC receiver CC, Advanced-->Advanced Mode, use poolWaitingTime and taskTimeout parameters and specify
    some time using seconds.

  • Adapter types & comm. channels missing in comm channel monitoring

    Hello All,
    We recently created a new sandbox XI system from a copy of our XI Test system
    system. We used the SAPinst system copy process for ABAP+JAVA to create
    this new XI sandbox system. We have followed all of the XI/PI post copy procedures listed in the system copy documentation and almost everything is working except when we going into the runtime workbench for XTX and go into communication channel monitoring for the adapter engine. When we get
    here we do not see any adapter types where we should be seeing types such
    as JDBC, BD, CIDX, FILE, JMS, etc We also do not see any communication channels in the communication channel monitoring if we select use filter to display all.
    Any ideas?
    Any help on this would be much appreciated
    With regards

    First check in Integration Directory. Just create any dummy Communication Channel, if you are able to select your adapter for your communicatio channel then this is a cache issue. Just refresh the CPACache by this url.
    http://<server name>:<HTTP Port>/CPACache/refresh?mode=full
    Else you are not able to select any adapter for your communication channel then you have forgot to import the SAP BASIS Software Component Version into Integration Repository.
    You can find it from your installation DVD's, and if you are not able to find then you can download it from service market place as given below..
    [Click on this URL|]
    In Search Term Enter SAP BASIS 7 or 3.
    Now click on XI CONTENT SAP_BASIS 7.00 (if u r using PI else select SAP_BASIS 3.0) -
    Database independent -
    > SAPBASISxxxxx-0888.ZIP (this file should be based on your SP level)
    Just save this file on your machine and unzip it.
    Now put this in the import directory: \usr\sap\<SID>\SYS\global\xi\repository_server\import\
    Now login to Integration Repository and from menu TOOLS ---> Import design objects and import it.

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