No duplication of line items in  Invoice

After combining 2 or more deliveries if these deliveries contains the same line items,if i make one invoice out of these then my requirment will be
same line items shd not be appear againg and again in the invoice instead quanties for the same line items shd be added up and shown as one line item only.
Is there any provision for this in standard SAP? if so
pls share with me ASAP
Thanks in advance.

As per my knowledge, It is not possible to configure as the requirement calls for. However, you may have to check whether it is possible through Abap Development.
Possible Implication:
If the Price of Same material is different in different order, then how the system should perform. The option would be to carry out new pricing, so that the price is common.
Rajesh Banka
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  • Reg: Maximize the Number of Line Items in Invoice Verification

    Hi Gurus,
                 For a Client who is dealing in Retail business,there is a necessity to maintain a huge number of line items at Invoice Verification level.Standard SAP has some maxium line items for each document type.Where are the control for maximum line items and how to increase that?

    At Billing-Country specific settings you will be able to maintain maximum 3 digit billing item no i.e 999.
    Any other suggestion.

  • To remove line items from invoice which have 0 qty.

    Dear Friends,
    Requirement: To remove line items from invoice which have 0 qty.
    For this I wrote the code in RV60AFZZ. It is very well happening, but when last line item comes it is failing.
    What I have written is " DELETE XVBRP WHERE FKIMG = '0' ." . This code is deleting all the line items with 0 qty except last line item.
    Actually, this exit works line item wise. Once the line item is appended, the code what I have written is working. For the last line item, record is not appended when this exit is triggerred, thats why last record is not deleted.
    The include where all line items are getting appended in XVBRP is LV60AB03. I modified this also. Same code I have written here to delete the records once it is appended. But after doing this the problem is - invoice is not getting created.
    Please help me in doing this so as to delete this last record also. I tried with other logics also, not able to track the last record.
    Please help me to resolve this problem.

    Check user exit RV60AFZC.
    RV_INVOICE_DOCUMENT_ADD is the FM which is called to generate number for the invoice after all the line items have been added to vbrp structure. Add a break-point here and check.
    All the best.

  • 1 line item in invoice for Multiple line items of SO

    Hi SD Gurus,
    My client requirement is multiple line items of the sales order should reflect as a single line item in the invoice ..?
    For ex: I am using Service material type Dien & material created under different material groups.
    My Sales order looks somthing like below with material no & amount:
    10  Testing charges    10$     material group xx1
    20  Baking charges     20$     material group xx2
    30  Scan/Taping          20$    matierial group xx1
    Now in the invoice its should reflect only with 1 line item with the whole amount 50$.
    Kinldy let me know how  this requriement can be fullfilled.

    Dear Rahul
    I think you can apply Rate Routing for this.
    A rate routing is a routing for repetitive manufacturing. It enables you to easily reproduce the lean production process.
    In the rate routing, the production rate per operation is defined (production time according to a base quantity). Set-up time is not usually defined, since no changes to setup are planned.
    However, you can also use standard routings. A standard routing represents the various steps of production (such as setup, processing, teardown and so on), operation by operation, if necessary with suboperations.
    A rate routing does, however, offer all the same functions as a standard routing.
    If you use the same standard value key for all the work centers on the line, the system copies the descriptions of the standard values to the routing as the column headings of the operation overview.
    If you use different standard value keys for the work centers, the system copies the descriptions into the routing that is entered in the control data for the routing in Customizing.
    To create a Rate Routing, follow the steps as under:-
    1)  Starting from the main Line Design menu, choose Rate routing --> Create.
           The system displays the initial screen for rate routings.
    2)  Enter the plant, the material and in the field Group, the group to which you want to assign the rate routing.
    3)  Choose Enter.
         The system displays the screen Header details.
    4)  Enter the following data:
             => the routing description
             => the plant
             => the usage of the rate routing, i.e.production
             => the status, i.e. released
             => the unit of measure of the materials to be produced
    5)  Save your rate routing.
    You have created the rate routing. Continue creating the main production line and if necessary, feeder lines.
    You can also take the help of your PP guy for this.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Subtotal line item in invoice

    There is Subtotal line item for an invoice -with line item type SUBT -
    I have some invoices where it is present and in some cases it is not present.
    Does anyone know the reason for this and from where it gets populated / calculated.
    In billing documents there is no such line item type.
    Thanks in advance.

    Check this path once:
    SAP Utilities ->Invoicing->Define Sort Criteria for Bill Print out.
    Check the corresponding documentation as well.
    Edited by: born2bdahero on Mar 7, 2012 6:50 PM

  • Need to apply a separate credit line item in Invoice doc.

    Dear SAP experts,
    Is it possible to apply a separate credit line item on a invoice document to reduce the net amount billed against that invoice and it has to show in invoice ouput form.
    Thanks and regards,
    Hari Challa.

    Yes it is possible.create a condition type of discount with access sequence containing Billing document type and say sales org.
    And in copy control maintain the pricing type to redertermine pricing.So this condition type will get executed in billing document only and not in sales order.
    Reward points if useful
    Amrish Purohit

  • Duplication of Line Items in Shopping Cart

    We currently use SRM 4.0 with ECC6 and IE version 6.0.
    The situation we are facing is as follows:
    When the user completes shopping at the vendor's web based catalogue and hits return button, even line item that punches out from the vendor catalgue is duplicated in SRM Shopping Cart at our end. Eg: if the user has shopped for 4 units (quantity) of a particular product at the vendor's catalogue and hits the return button, he/she finds that the same product has been duplicated in the form of 2 line items of the same product with the quantity field showing 4 units in each line.
    The question:
    What could be causing this impasse?
    Anirban Gupta

    For the time being, Please de-activate all the Active Customer BADI Implementations (name starting with Y or Z using SE19 Transaction). then try repeating the process of Shopping cart ordering again.
    <u>Please go through this link, which also relates to the same problem -></u>
    Re: Duplication from Catalog to SC
    Do let me know.
    - Atul

  • Substitution of Business Area for Tax Line Items for Invoices posted in MM

    We have one Business Area for every company code. A substitution rule has been created to populate Business Area in Tax Line Items, while booking vendor invoice. The substitution rule has been defined as
    Company Code = 1234 and GL = 1323232
    Business Area = 6668
    The system is working fine, when the Vendor Invoice is posted through FI. However, when the vendor invoice is generated through MIRO or MIR7, the Business Area is not substituted.
    In Table VWTYGB01, we have maintained BSEG-GSBER as a field allowed for substitution with Boolean Class 09.
    We have created the susbstitution rule for Text and Assignment also and the rules are working fine for all document posted through FI and MM
    Sanil K Bhandari

    Business Area is a sensitive field, agreed. However, the substitution rule is working fine for FI posted documents and the issue is in MM generated documents.
    Sanil Bhandari

  • More than 999 line items in Invoice

    Hi All,
    We are having a scenario where more than 999 line items needs to be invoiced in a single billing document. If more than 999 line items are invocied in a single billing document, system can not post the acct document. Our requirement is to create single billing doc for more than 999 and post acct document also successfully.
    Please advise if any one has worked on the simillar issue.

    You can not do that with 999 line items in one billing document, the reason is the line items limit in the accounting document, because one line item of billing document must generate two line items (D&C) in the accounting document, although you can maintain the max 999 line items in billing document, but actually the max line items of billing document is 499.
    So the other line items more 499 must be generate in a new billing document! Hope can help you understand the scenario.

  • Maximum line items in Invoice

    Do anyone know how many maximum line item we can add while creation of non PO invoice?
    Even curious to know max. line items for Scart, PO .
    Rahul Mandale

    <u>Read and then try out the following OSS notes</u>
    <b>Note 983568 - ITS 6.20 64-bit
    853489 Analysis of memory problems in the SAP ITS 6.20
    799926 Integrated ITS, unused itsp/* kernel parameters
    733058 ITS 6.20 Container types
    67225 Context memory overflows in ITS</b>
    Hope this will help.
    Please reward suitable points, incase it suits your requirements.
    - Atul

  • Rounding-off difference in Line Item vs Invoice

    Can anyone help on how to correct the rounding-off difference in the amount per line item display vs the amount printed in the invoice?  In viewing the document, the line item has an amount of 187.09, meanwhile, when invoice was printed, the amount was 187.10.

    Ask ABAPer to modify the format for the invoice amont number field not to round off to nearest value in invoice form.

  • Withholding tax postings for a single line item during invoice posting

    Hello folks,
    I have a question from my client about withholding tax postings during invoice postings.
    Scenario is
    1. There's a PO with multiple line items.
    2. A vendor invoice is posted against this PO which has multiple line items. Not all line items are subject to WHT. Is there a way to post WHT specific to a line item while doing MIRO.
    3. One line item without WHT and another one with WHT in the same invoice.
    Inputs are highly appreciated

    Dear Sasidhar
    while posting document remove the withholding tax code manually then system will not post the w/h tax.
    in your case select vendor line and remove the tax code then system will not calculate the tax.
    another line dynamically calculate the tax.
    Madhu M
    Please refer the below wiki pages.   (Rupee word Format)    ( J1INEMIS   )   ( J1INACKN )   ( J1INCCREP)

  • How do I Credit Note negative amount line item in Invoice

    Hi Experts,
    I have an AP Invoices that have a negative line item total.
    Now that I realize there is something wrong with this AP Invoice, I will like to CN it. But I was stopped by SAP, because I cannot CN a negative amount line item.
    Can anyone advice me how can I Credit Note (in any sense) this negative line item?
    Much Thanks!
    Warmest Regards,

    Hi Chinho,
    I believe this functionality is to be made available in version 8.8. The SAP workaround for 2007 is:
    To cancel an invoice with negative line, please use the workaround as
    per below:
    1. For the rows with the positive Row Total, create an "independent"
    Credit Memo (not based on an Invoice).
    2. For the rows with the negative Row Total, create another Invoice
    with a positive Row Total opposite to the original negative Row,
    and reconcile between the two rows manually via Internal
    Reconciliations. (This option is available in Banking module in
    2005 version and in Business Partner module in 2007 version.)

  • Different Line item in invoice for same po line item?

    Can I post two  invoice  line item for same po line item?
    What is significance in business point view?
    Thanks and Regards
    Anil Patil

    You can post two invoice for one line item in PO,
    Say u  raise a PO for 100 and then do a GR for 50 1st and then 50 2nd then you have two invoice for the same PO with same line item.
    This can also be done with respect to the delivery number also. and then make a invoice with respect to delievry note in MIRO.
    Thanks & regards,

  • BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CREATEMULTIPLE u0096 Duplication of line item in billing docume

    Hi All,
    I am using BAPI “<b>BAPI_BILLINGDOC_CREATEMULTIPLE</b>” to create billing document. Creation of billing document is fine, but issue is I am passing individual line item along with <b>quantity</b> to be billed. But what’s happening is if I got 3 item line in sales order with quantity 1-3-5, billing document getting created 3 quantity ‘1’, 3 quantity ‘3’ and 3 quantity ‘5’. So I end up with 9 line item on billing document which is incorrect.
    Please see the code below which I am using, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here. I basically need to create 3 billing line item with respective quantity I pass. Any hint is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    loop at GT_INIT_ITAB2 into GS_INIT_ITAB2.
        select single * into gs_vbak
                        from vbak
                        where vbeln = GS_INIT_ITAB2-VBELN.
        select single * into gs_vbap
                       from vbap
                       where vbeln = GS_INIT_ITAB2-VBELN AND
                             posnr = GS_INIT_ITAB2-posnr.
        select single * into gs_mara
                       from mara
                       where matnr = gs_vbap-matnr.
        refresh GT_BILLINGDATAIN.
        GT_BILLINGDATAIN-SALESORG   = gs_vbak-vkorg.
        GT_BILLINGDATAIN-DISTR_CHAN = gs_vbak-vtweg.
        GT_BILLINGDATAIN-DIVISION   = gs_vbak-spart.
        GT_BILLINGDATAIN-SALES_UNIT = gs_vbap-vrkme.
        GT_BILLINGDATAIN-CURRENCY   = gs_vbak-waerk.
        GT_BILLINGDATAIN-BILL_DATE   = gl_date.
    write GS_INIT_ITAB2-afdat to GT_BILLINGDATAIN-BILL_DATE ddmmyy.
        GT_BILLINGDATAIN-MATERIAL   = gl_matnr.
        append GT_BILLINGDATAIN.
    Prepare for BAPI call
          TESTRUN               = co_x
          POSTING               = co_x
        CCARDDATAIN           =
        TEXTDATAIN            =
        ERRORS                =
            RETURN                = GT_RETURN
            SUCCESS               = GT_SUCCESS
        clear gl_return.
        loop at GT_RETURN.
          if GT_RETURN-type EQ 'E' OR
             GT_RETURN-type EQ 'A'.
            move: GT_RETURN to gl_return.
        if gl_return is initial.
          WAIT   = '1'
              RETURN = gt_return_commit.

    Check this code...For creating billing document from sales order..
    TABLES: vbak.
    PARAMETERS: p_vbeln LIKE vbak-vbeln OBLIGATORY,
                p_fkart LIKE vbrk-fkart.
    s_vbsk LIKE  vbsk.
    xkomfk     LIKE     komfk    OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
    xkomv     LIKE     komv     OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
    xthead     LIKE     theadvb  OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
    xvbfs     LIKE     vbfs     OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
    xvbpa     LIKE     vbpavb   OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
    xvbrk     LIKE     vbrkvb   OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
    xvbrp     LIKE     vbrpvb   OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE,
    xvbss     LIKE     vbss     OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE.
           WHERE vbeln = p_vbeln.
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
      MESSAGE s208(00) WITH 'Invalid vbeln'.
              with_posting = 'B'
              xkomfk       = xkomfk
              xkomv        = xkomv
              xthead       = xthead
              xvbfs        = xvbfs
              xvbpa        = xvbpa
              xvbrk        = xvbrk
              xvbrp        = xvbrp
              xvbss        = xvbss.
    DATA: BEGIN OF t_vbap OCCURS 0,
            vbeln TYPE vbeln,
            posnr TYPE posnr,
          END OF t_vbap.
    SELECT vbeln posnr INTO TABLE t_vbap
           FROM vbap WHERE vbeln = p_vbeln.
    LOOP AT t_vbap.
    Fill the values.
      xkomfk-mandt  = sy-mandt.
      xkomfk-vbeln  = p_vbeln.
      xkomfk-posnr  = t_vbap-posnr.
      xkomfk-vbtyp  = vbak-vbtyp.
      xkomfk-seldat = sy-datum.
      xkomfk-fkart  = p_fkart.
      xkomfk-fkimg  = '1.000'.
      xkomfk-vrkme  = 'EA'.
      APPEND xkomfk.
              vbsk_i       = s_vbsk
              with_posting = 'B'
              vbsk_e       = s_vbsk
              xkomfk       = xkomfk
              xkomv        = xkomv
              xthead       = xthead
              xvbfs        = xvbfs
              xvbpa        = xvbpa
              xvbrk        = xvbrk
              xvbrp        = xvbrp
              xvbss        = xvbss.
    READ TABLE xvbfs WITH KEY msgty = 'S'.
    WRITE:/ sy-subrc.
    WRITE:/ xvbfs-msgv1,xvbfs-msgv2,xvbfs-msgv3.

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