Nokia 7320 photo gallery

Does anyone know how to allow the photo gallery on the nokia 7320 to only show certain photo not all your photos
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  • Photo gallery linked to Nokia Map

    1. Open up the photo gallery.
    2. Pick a photo with GPS coordinates encoded.
    3. Option/show on map.
    4. Automatically launch Nokia Maps showing where that photo was taken. And navigate there.
    That was a great feature on some older E Series. But sadly not available for N8 Anna & Maps 3.06. What about 3.08? Or Belle?

    Are you sure you have uploaded everything in the gallery folder to the correct location. It can't find the index.html page.

  • N97 Photo Gallery Bug

    Hey all. I've found yet another issue with the N97's software, and I'm looking to see if anybody else has had this come up with theirs as well, if anybody has their N97 anymore. 
    It seems that for some stupid reason, whether it be from constantly connecting to my computer via USB Mass Memory mode, the photo's that I have taken with the N97 camera stopped showing up in the "Captured" list of photos. I used to have 100+ in that list. Then I had 35, and now I only have 15. All the rest of them are showing up in the "Downloads" photo list.
    This of course is in addition to all the other shennanigans that I have to deal with in terms of the photo gallery in general. You know, how photo's don't show up clearly when zoomed in on, or how you'll get kicked out to the homescreen while trying to zoom in sometimes or how the phone will fake like you're going to the homescreen all of a sudden and then bam, it's back to showing you your zoomed into photo.
    Just wanted to see if anybody else was experiencing the captured photo's bug.


  • N8 photo gallery stop working properly... HELP

    well after the video update... i notice my n8 suddenly cannot view photos in photo gallery...even using file manager to manual view the is un-view-able...
    beside that my widget..Ergo Memory Info showing my memory is full... and Nokia Battery Monitor v1.2 also showing "analyzing" forever....
    even i tried soft reset with dialing code, hold power button for 8-10 seconds also don't have effect.

    Might be worth adding how you resolved it in case others have the same problem?

  • 6303i- how to hide images from my photos -gallery

    I need to know ways to hide personal images from showing in my photos-gallery...
    i also tried a 3rd party application- fileexplorer to hide images but even then its showing in my photos-gallery. plz help
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    Nokia C5, 6303i​nd-images-from-nokia-image-gallery/
    Did you try this ??
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  • Hide some folders from the "Photo" gallery?

    I use TrekBuddy, a navigation software. Trekbuddy stores map snippets on the phone, hundreds of little images in graphical format (JPEGs or PNGS).
    When I go into "Photos", Under "All"I see thousands of pictures because the phone finds all the map snippets.
    How can I hide the map snippets from the "Photo" galery?
    many thanks

    Hi everyone,
    Is there a way we can send a message to Nokia about this situation. It is really frustrating. I am very happy with the N8 in everything else, but have the same problem that the photo gallery gets fill up of the song/album images, I also have images for a lot of my contacts on my phone and it is frustrating to try to look for pictures in only one folder where I wish to have them. The other ones I would like to have a folder for contact images, songs, etc.
    A lot of  people suggest to use apps like folder hide and similar, but that is not the idea, that you have to mark and move the files and then additionally to input a password. Some people need to hide pictures, I only just don't what them to show on my normal gallery display.
    Does Nokia read this posts on their forum ?
    Will they ever follow users suggestions ?
    This is a problem from long time ago, I had it with the with the Nokia nightmare phone N97 which is their worst phone ever. What a pity because they use to do them so well before. For example the N8 is very good, I would have gone for a 1 Ghz processor and some extra RAM, but who knows who is the crazy guy behind those decisions.
    Hope we find a solution some day to this folder problem.

  • How to refresh photo gallery on N79?

    Why photo gallery doesn't show new downloaded/received/captured screen shots,without turn off mobile? Is there anyway to get them on image gallery without turn off phone?

    See if this has the solution-
    Good Luck
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  • N85 photo gallery problem

    I have a problem with my nokia n85.when I take a picture with my camera, it doesn't appear in a photo gallery...and all my pictures from gallery are do i deal it? please help...

    There are three patches to fix iweb photos page for FF3 posted in this forum:

  • N78 photo gallery problem (media bottun)

    I have problem with photos in media gallery.
    Once i removed memory card ( phone was off ), once i place it back, turned on device, all pictures i have previously taken disappeared from gallery. They are still on card, because i can see them with file browser, but i cant browse them in photo gallery.
    Is there way to refresh/import/whatever pics back?
    New pictures are normally shown in gallery and i didn't remove memory card since.
    All other programs installed on memory card work normally.

    I have a similar problem to this.
    I regularly upload my photos from my phone to my PC and remove them from the phone.
    I won't go into the problems I've had with Nokia photos...
    When I take new photos they regularly show in the photo gallery app as pictures that have previously been removed from the phone.
    The actually images show if you zoom in on an incorrect thumbnail.
    I think I may have found a solution:
    change camera-settings-default image name-text to something other than what it currently is. i.e change from "Image" to "img" or something.
    Anyone know where the thumbnails are cached so I can try to clear them down?
    Yet another bug in this firmware. Did Nokia do any QA testing?
    N78 v12.046.051.1
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  • Launch Maps from photo gallery

    With my previous E52 running Maps 3.04, I could do this:
    1. Open photo gallery.
    2. Select a photo with geotag and view it.
    3. Select Option/Show on Maps and it will automatically launch Maps and show where that particular photo was taken.
    4. Select navigation and drive.
    But I seems to be able to do that with the N8/Anna.
    Any pointer? Thanks

    hughm_nyksj_dk wrote:
    Maps Suite 2.0 looks enticing; any idea whether it will work on the E6/Belle? Is it reasonably reliable/stable?
    E6 Belle is included in list of devices for Nokia Maps Suite 2.0. Personally I had to un-install this from N8 Belle after "Search" within it ceased to open, but this maybe isolated issue as had not updated "Search" update offered by Nokia Suite at that time. As I live in the "boonies" where Places widget and Public Transport stand-alone apps are superfluous, it just uses up phone memory to little purpose.
    Happy to have helped forum with a Support Ratio = 42.5

  • C7 photo gallery

    guys help me...
    i just found out and noticed just today that my photo gallery is somewhat blurry...
    when i'm trying to browse the photos it's pixelated eventhough the pictures are alright and clear before...
    before when i'm scrolling the photos it's ok..but now it appears pixelated...and when i open the photo it's also can i solve this problem?...should i bring this to nokia care? me please...and when i try  taking pictures the preview display is ok and smooth but when i'm trying to view the picture fron photo gallery (PHOTOS) it is me solve this please...
    guys help me...i just found out and noticed just today that my photo gallery is somewhat blurry...when i'm trying to browse the photos it's pixelated eventhough the pictures are alright and clear before...before when i'm scrolling the photos it's ok..but now it appears pixelated...and when i open the photo it's also can i solve this problem?...should i bring this to nokia care? me please...and when i try  taking pictures the preview display is ok and smooth but when i'm trying to view the picture fron photo gallery (PHOTOS) it is me solve this please...

    extra info...evnthough i'm waiting for to somewhat clear up and load properly it stays blurry and me please...tnx..

  • Filename in Photo Gallery

    Since updating my iPad2 to iOS 8, the filenames have vanished from the photo gallery. I am a designer and I used to take the filename of photos as reference for my clients. I have more than 8000 pictures in the gallery. Please HELP
    Hate Apple so much for ruining my work.

    I Can't ever recall seeing file names in the default Photos app. Perhaps you were using iphoto on your iPad which is no longer supported? Check the App Store for other photo handling apps To find one that shows the file names. I use Photo Manager Pro to show photos to my clients. It does a better job of that than the Photos app. you can set the preferences there to display the file name.

  • Photo gallery with Thumbnail View in Flex 3

    Hello everyone
    I very urgently need an answer to a very simple qeuestoon. I have been trying really hard since days to get a solution to this simple problem but in vain.
    I am building an application in Flex 3. I simply want to create a photo gallery with a thumbnail where when the user clicks on a thumbnail, the image is shown in the canvas/tab navigator box next to it. The images are stored in a local folder (in src) are ARE NOT on available on any web link.
    The Vbox with the thumb image and the .xml file has been created. But when I click on the thumbnail, the full image cannot be seen in the application. I dont know if this is a problem with data binding or what.
    Please help!!!
    Thanks a ton.

    Check the folder structure
    Flash is not able to get some file thats why the IO Error.
    trace the url path just before u load the file and u will be abel to find whether that file is in specified folder or not.

  • Photo Gallery not showing photos in computer Web browser

    None of my photo gallery photos are showing up in a computer's Web browser?  They show up fine when you click "View Web Journal in Safari" on an iPad 2, but when I publish them to iCloud and Share the Web Journal Link, the photos don't show up??  It's happening with all of my Journals.  It doesn't work on a Mac or Windows?  What gives??
    You try it:;CAEQARoQdoVWsxptdYjcSQD-Rg1QVg;B692688 8-A220-4FF7-848F-6383BB15A5DB

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, matey. They all show for me in Safari but require several page refreshes to get them all to display.  Those that don't display will if I click on it and then go back to the page.  However, when retuning to the first page will put be back at square one and require multiple refreshes to get them to display, but not always.
    Also, the page links are all messed up.  Clicking on them just returns me to the first page. If I Option click on a page link from Page 1 I will get to the right page. 
    I am unable to get Firefox or Chrome to work at all on your gallery. 
    Send a bug report to Apple via  You can include the URL to this topic in order to include my comments and findings.

  • Photo Gallery bug in IE7
    On mouseover, selected thumbnail expands behind other
    thumbnails instead of hovering over them. Works fine in FF.
    Is there a way to fix/override this?

    The gallery demo files do not put an anchor link around the
    thumbnails. The article you list is describing how to alter the
    files for (newer?) examples that require about 8 different include
    files -- which, given the already HUGE download hit required to run
    a photo gallery, seems excessive.
    Can adobe not write up a solution that works for the sample
    files for the gallery that only requires 3 includes + 1 css file
    (which can be added to your own style sheet to avoid yet another
    file download)?
    Or, is there someway to grow the thumbnails from the bottom
    right corner, thus avoiding any overlap by subsequent thumbs? I
    tried setting the grow from center to false in SpryEffects but it
    appeared to have no effect on the function in the gallery.

Maybe you are looking for

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