Nokia 820 SD Card problems...

Hi there,
Just to say I appear to be having some kind of odd compatability issue with the SD card functionality on the Nokia. I've got a 16GB Sandisk (not sure the rating) which works fine on syncing through Windows 7 Bootcamp and the Windows Phone App Beta and through folder drag/drop, but on replacing it with a 32GB Samsung Micro SD JC (6?) had all sorts of issues. Drag/dropping my music back into it via windows eventually hit on some sort of lock-up, it would only sync 0kb files via the app and on OSx Mountain Lion the Windows Phone 8 app would find the phone and crash.
Any ideas? Is this a known issue? I'd like the spare space!

I would try to reformat the sd card from Samsung on your pc.
do a long format. this will take longer but be more thourough. then put it into your nokia and is should add folders that are necessary for the device.
if that doesn't work on the Samsung card, yet it works on the sandisk one, it is proly the card.

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    Just taken delivery of a Nokia 820. As a die hard iPhone user, I pleasantly surprised myself by just how good Windows OS is and the build quality of the handset.
    But I'm going to return it.
    Signal is dreadful compared to other phones (tested in the same place) and my battery is destroyed by it constantly looking for signal or switching between H, H+ and on a special occasion - 3G!
    I notice a lot of people have the same problem with the 820 and 920. Is there a fix or is the hardware faulty? I've tried all the solutions listed in this forum and elsewhere. Annoyed that reviewers said nothing about this.
    My phone is SIM free and on the EE network in the UK.

    Same on my 1020. Sim card I use frm my 808PV, there simcard works fine. Operator said that 3G is working fine and problem is the phone... But I found many similar complaints from all WP phones not only Nokia make. Problems should be addressed to MS... Hope Nokia will help it's loyal users to deal with MS

  • Nokia 6500 Memory card problem

    When i try to open my mem card it says Memory Card not formatted; Format mem card ?
    after i press yes it says Operation Failed.i tried my mem card on other phone and it worked i also tried other mem card on my phone and i got the same problem... So it's the phone problem
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    Well, If there are any updates available for your device (look here:, there could be a slight chance it would work. At least you could try before taking it to a Nokia carepoint. - You could always try to set it back to factory settings too, but I doubt it will be fixed.

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    I have been the proud owner of a Nokia N8 for about 9 months now without any problems or issues jus some random bugs...since N8 is a troubled device as we all know. But anyways jus now it has come up with lots of first my phone started to restart as soon as the phone started up. Even before all the apps loaded up and i tried around 15 times to switch off and start and stuff. But to no i went on some forums and blogs and got some tips like resetting it by holding down the power button for 8 secs and everything but still the same problem. Now, I removed my sim card and put in a different one and VOILA it worked!!! No restart so I thought maybe the older sim was faulty. but as i put the old sim in another worked in that phone! I was dumbfounded as the sim was working on my n8 before toO! i just ignored it and i used the other sim in my n8 but not for long after half an hour the phone was not starting up sim card or no sim card. so i flashed my phone to the official Symbian Anna and i tried booting up without a sim card and the phone works properly. but as soon as I put in the sim card and switch the profile to normal mode..the phone freezes for about 5-6 seconds and reboots only to find my phone in offline mode again and same problem. I have tried changing sim cards nd memory cards, reset, reflash, format the mass memory, and everything else possible but in vain. The problem still exists!! Can anyone please help me as Im very fond of the phone and I dont want to send it to the service center as they would come up with some lame excuses + i hav lost my warranty card!! Please help....and btw the phone works flawlessly without a sim card! And also, in offline mode when i switch on the bluetooth...the phone freezes and restarts! Evn the WLAN keeps on searching for network and doesnt find any even though there is! Any help would be appreciated... thank you!

    Just want to say "I dont have my warranty card"
    No official Nokia care point will say this as they can check the warranty satus online using your IMEI number- if they do not do this, either insist they do or report them to nokia care direct and lodge a complaint. (0845 045 55 55 from the UK)
    Even if the warranty has expired online, this can be extended if you can provide a proof of purchase date. This can be a delivery reciept if you bought online, or your high street retailor will be able to provide you with a copy if you ask them- even your original service agreement should be enough. Remember you get a full 2 years warranty with all Nokia handsets. 
    Nokia Care are there to help, not to make things difficult for you. They go through untold amounts of training to ensure you get your handset back as soon as possible in a fully working order. 
    I feel bad you feel such reluctance to contact a care centre, Nokia have gone to massive efforts to provide consumers with this kind of readily available support. 
    If you are in the UK and your local care centre is not helping you I would suggest you call the one i use, they will give you all the advice you need 01242 539539 (i hope giving out this info is ok on the forums)

  • Help! nokia 6300 memory card problem

    i bought sd 2gb memory card and it won't let me download more than 500 mb onto it! the memory status shows that there is plenty left but if i try to download any more - or even move an image from phone to memory card - it tells me that operation failed! i did format the card and it didn't help

    try to reinstall your current firmware (after backing up all your important data first) or see if there is an update for your 6300 via nokia software updater. but i think there is a problem with your memory card rather than your phone, as can happen with normal USB flash drives when copying files to them, they suddenly give up and start giving strange errors. so maybe try replacing your card with a better quality new one.
    hope this helps

  • Nokia e65 memory card problem

    Is there any possibility that an 8gb micro sdhc card to work on a Nokia E65?

    Check it here:​all-accessories/memory-cards-and-cables/memory-car​...
    I note it's not there - your E65. So ask yourself this question: does your phone take 4GB? If yes, it will take potentially 32GB. The reason for that is that all microSD cards from 4GB onwards are microSDHC. If your phone is capable of accepting the lowest microSDHC available, it will be able to accept the highest - but for some software limitations. Good luck 
    Symbian connected me to the world, to my dreams.. Thank-you Nokia

  • Nokia 6230I Memory card problem

    i've put a password on my memory card and now i can't remember what it is, is there anyway i can remove it?

    Im afraid there is no way to get that code without remembering it.
    You'll just have to keep at it and hopefully you will think of it.
    The password will consist of numbers and/or letters and unlimited attempts to guess it.
    Good luck
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  • Nokia 8gb memory card problem ( semi-empty )

    just had a 5800 two weeks ago with a memory card 8gb, it already had some music but i add my own and other stuff and it was cool, i do this by removing the card from the device and put it in a memory card reader and into the usb, one day which is today, i did this to manage some stuff then what happened, the usb connection was last and back again in one second, so i changed te usb port and put it in another one, then what i found is there is nothing, all files and folders gone, there is only one big dump file has the size of 4gb (the size of all the things that should be), 4gb in one file that has no type or any thing its just a file with 4gb which is the size of the music and videos and the stuff that was in the card, so that means that the files supposed to be in the memory card but its stuck in one file, so whats going one i mean, thats it? all files are gone? and what is that big file? even if i give up the memory card will only have 4gb left cuz the file cannot be deleted or moved, by the way the file name is weird but this is the name: USBC╨†┘à.
    thnx for reading, by the way, the files that was in the memory were very important to me, i spent alot of days collecting those stuff and there are other things such as photos and stuff that i will never had if the memory is gone, when i found out nothing in the memory i lost consciousness for about an hour on the floor.
    waiting for replys

    Hi ,i just encountered this problem while moving files ,all files
    lost except the USBC file from SDHC i ran several recovery
    soft. .nothing works.i have successfully recovered those files .
    use memory card command prompt,change to that
    drive .use chkdsk /f first .then chkdsk /r.if chkdsk /r ran
    properly (in my case i got read error first ,trying second time it
    shows the progress),it will show chkdsk found no error.
    it will show how much space is taken in how many files and folders
    and how much space is may case it was 615 mb in 136
    recoverable files.yours may be the SDHC there was a
    single file named USBC.Choose option show hidden folders AND show
    system files in explorer menu.there will be a directory named
    "FOUND.000" like that.there will be files that were lost inside it
    with extension CHK.
    in my case i changed their ext. to JPG.i got my files.but
    in your case these files should be renamed according to their
    original name & ext.

  • Nokia 6680 Memory Card problem

    I brought an RS DV 512mb card from and it worked fine for a while but gradually my phone memory decreased and i only have 128kb of phone memory left. This means i cant recieve messages, enter or edit a new contact, change display pic or log missed calls.
    Please help it is intensley annoying!

    That shouldn't be due to the memory card (what gets written on the memory card has no influence on the phone memory), but must be something else that's been stored on the phone memory, instead (music, photos, videos, ringtones, installed software applications, or something).

  • Nokia 6230 memory card problems plz help

    i have my phone from 2005 and my friend deleted the memory card folder now my phone does not read any memory card i tried with a lot of memory cards but it did not read them can anyone help me to restore the memory card folder or to format the phone if it works PLZ HELP can anyone help me to tell me what to do should i send it into a phone service or what?
    my father wanted me to sell it and to buy a new one but i did'nt want to sell it i just want to make it better.

    have you tried a factory reset and where the cards formated
    If  i have helped at all a click on the white star below would be nice thanks.
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  • Nokia 820 problems

    Just bought two Nokia 820s, one for my wife and one for myself. Awesome phones except for a couple of issues. First, the GPS and Nokia Here Maps. When I am at home the maps show me in the right spot but reports (showing the address) that I am 3 houses down the street. When I am at work, the phone shows my position correctly but reports that I am in the Elementary School across the street. Hmmmm. gMaps does not have this problem and seems to have more detailed maps about my city and roadways. So it is a Nokia software problem? I like the Here functionality better, but the accuracy and detail are missing compared to other map services so I have to keep more than one app on my phone, using precious space. Second, I would really like to be able to sync my phone calendar with my google calendar and tasks. Right now I have to use third party apps so I have more than one calendar app (I prefer to use the one on my phone with live tiles!!!!) and more than one task app, etc... and more than one travel app. Also it would be nice to separate the people I want in my phone book from the people I have on social accounts (I will NEVER be calling most of the people on my facebook account, but there are people I call on a regular basis and I hate scrolling through or having to search a gajillion people to find who or what business I am looking for) and still have them listed, just seperately.
    Thanks for listening and I sincerely hope these issues can be addressed.

    Were you running gMaps on the same phone? If so then that would suggest the innacuracy in probably in the mapping data. This being the case, you should report the error to the map data provider using the link below.
    With regards to synching with google, this service was stopped by google .

  • Nokia C7 Insert Sim Card Problem

    I got my c7  and there are two points I need to discuss
    1) after 2 days I have faced  insert sim card problem , Please let me know if this can be fixed , how it can be fix or should I contact Nokia SC 
    has anybody faced this problem before or it it just a clinch in Nokia C7 and needs a software update.
    Here is my Nokia SW Version
    Software Version : 012.004
    Custom  Version :  012.004.C02.01
    Type                       :  RM-675
    2) Phone Heat ups 
       After talking around 20 mins on phone , phone heats up , is this normal with smart phones ?
    Thanks in Advance.

    hi majiclover
    1) Spekar phone is bit/very Dull
    2) normal spekar is bit "ok"
    I would prefer Nokia 2626 as it has Very good Sound normal and spekar phone.
    Free advice : you might want to give second thought.!!!
    my porblem STILL persists.   Heat problem I dont know but it does when
    1) Charging
    2) Speaking for more then 10-15 min.( NOT Expected from New phone)
    and it heats up and heats up can not keep it near your ear for long.

  • Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Startup Problem..

    Hi, I have Nokia 5610 XM startup problem with memory card.. (I tried with 3 different micro SD card also)
    I made video of problem.. video found here:​=channel_page
    If I remove the memory card, then it starts succefully.. And if I plug in back memory card, then phone restarts in 2hours or in calling time... sorry about my English.. 

    it sounds like it could be the memory card connectors or something like that if you say that it works fine without the card in, you might want to take it to nokia care point for them to have a look at this issue.
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    I have a 5300 and sometimes my Power Saver mode does not work.
    I'm sorry but I coudn't figure out the problem reprodution steps yet. All I can tell is that from a certain point beyond the power saver does not appear although it is activated. One way to correct this is to turn the phone off then on.
    Is Nokia aware of this problem?
    I found a similar post about another model, the suggested explanation resided on the operator's firmware, but in 5300's case the firmware is Nokia original...

    I also tried formatting my memory card... that did not worrk either

  • Nokia 820

    Have just bought a Nokia 820 unlocked in Qatar and i cant download Smart Shoot or Nokia Drive Bets. When I go to the Store it tells me this "App is not acailable for your device " etc. How can I solve this problem

    Did you buy it in Qatar, and is that where you are trying to use it?
    Can you download anything?

Maybe you are looking for

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