Nokia N80 new firmware version 4.0707.0.7

It's so bad firmware version!
I have lots of problems with new firmware version 4.0707.0.7 that I haven't with past version 4.0623.0.42 !
I can't understand what's going on with NOKIA Software Updater!
>I can't enter to my "Gallery\Images & Video" from "Camera Mode"
>My OS speed decrease
>Captured photos don't show in "Images & Video" until I restart my N80
>For each new files you add, you need to restart your N80 until your N80 find them in memory!!!
Why past version haven't these PROBLEMS and new version have them!!!
Does anybody know how can I return to my past firmware version (mean 4.0623.0.42) ? Is it possible?Message Edited by zoologist1 on 03-May-200712:28 PM

04-May-200710:53 PM
djassa1 wrote:
Basically it means that BB5 phones like N-Series including N80 and E-series cannot be downgraded to a previous version once they have been upgraded. Trying that with third party tools, because it's not possible through NSU, will brick (dead) your phone, period.
That's why I said you'd have to take the phone to a service center.

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    I updated my Nokia N96 to the new firmware version 30.033 after which my phone camera is not working. When I press on the camera button it gives the message (Camera Feature not Supported). I played many tricks with it but of no use. I reset my phone to the original factory setting through (*#7370#) and Multi-finger process but of no help. I even reinstalled the updated version but the problem still persists. My camera worked fine before the update but now it gives the said message and the phone hanges up on pressing the camera button. I request nokia developers to help fix this problem and check their updates for buge before uploading them to the server to save users from problems & worries. If you found any solution for the problem then please let me know it on my E-Mail ID:  I will be grateful for your response. 
    Message Edited by Kay_Cee on 12-Jan-2010 03:40 AM

    hlepcha wrote:
    You told everything about the firmware upgrades and the non-functional camera features.
    I did everything [firmware re-installation, hard-reset etc. etc.] to get my camera features back. This includes visiting the authorized Nokia service centre and paying them bucks.
    No luck buddy. I may have an ardent brand loyalty to Nokia but Nokia is letting me down every way.
    Any luck buddy? 
    you should not have had to pay a nokia care point for what ammounts to a warenty repair,
    The camera issue with the N96 upgrade is an uncommon but known bug,
    If a hard reset, or a firmware reinstall doesn't fix it then take the phone to a nokia care point and have them fix it for free under the warenty

  • Nokia`s New Firmware (Version 30.033) for Nokia N9...

    I updated my Nokia N96 to the latest updated version 30.033, which has caused my camera not working anymore. When I press the camera button it says (Camera Feature Not Supported) and the phone hangs until restarted. I “Hard Formatted” my phone but the problem still persists. I took it to a software engineer who tried to bring it back to the previous version through downgrade, which proved unsuccessful and the phone went to "white screen". My phone is still lying there for software repair from three days.This new version from nokia has really destroyed my great set. If anyone has any idea for fixing this problem then let me know.
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    Well it's not an new upgrade,
    There have been a few reports of this issue but it appears to be relativly rare, most people update ok
    Usualy a full multifingered hard reset clears it, and if not a nokia care point can fix the issue under the warenty
    however your freindly software engineer, unless he is a nokia authorised repairer, has voided your phones warenty and probably killed it
    you can try the multifingered reset otherwise you can take it to a nokia care point and beg  them to take a look, they may fix it but you will probably be charged

  • Nokia E60 new firmware version 3.0633.09.04

    when the update for 0524275 will be available?Message Edited by netskeep123 on 04-May-200706:12 AM

    What about 0524652? Still the old v2.
    Why there is no list of ALL updates that will be available in the following month?

  • N80 new firmware release date and wishlist

    It has been no update on firmware since the latest release V.5.0719.0.2 for N80 since 24 May 2007. With so many models rolling out and firmware revision released for other new and old models, one might wonder if N80 is being forgotten and the firmware revision is put on-hold forever in cold storage?!
    There has been so much discussion on the expectation for last firmware release but what we get is only product stability without signficant boost of functionality and performance. I believe this has made many proud owner of N80 phone waiting with a long neck.
    After reading through the forum, I have summarised some of the common expectation on the next release (hopefully) in a wishlist below. All is welcome to provide input on the improvement they expect in next firmware release. It is also hope that any status of firmware upgrade for N80 news to be shared here.
    The N80 new firmware wishlist
    i) AD2P bluetooth profile support
    ii) Nokia Maps application support (currently, N80 is not support model for Nokia Maps application)
    iii)Enhanced digital music player (similar with N73 ME with album art browsing)
    iv) Music file IDD tag editing (change artist, song title, genre information)
    v) Video ringtone
    vi) Skype VOIP support
    vii) intergration for seamless moblogging interface
    viii)Auto birthday reminder storing from Contact entry
    Thats all I can think of for now.
    was: 3310--> N80 v5.0719.0.2--> N82 v31.0.016; now: 5800xm v40

    Hi Jacob,
    Thanks for your quick response but if you go to the download section of Nokia Maps, N80 is not listed for selection on Nokia Maps setup file download. It is obvious that the compability page does show N80 is supported but which setup version to choose? I myself have Nokia Maps installed previously. But I believe there are new feature and interface in the latest version of Nokia Maps.
    Yes, is available for N80, but perhaps the new firmware can include it in the new firmware release to save other the hassle to install
    something to add:
    ix) HSDPA mobile internet surfing speed (3.5G?)
    was: 3310--> N80 v5.0719.0.2--> N82 v31.0.016; now: 5800xm v40

  • Nokia 5700 New Firmware Should Have This Change Lo...

    Hello All!
    After A Full Anlysis Of Nokia 5700 Xpress Music I want To Inform Nokia Those Changes Which Need To Be MAde In Nokia 5700 New Firmware.
    Here They Are:
    * Music Player SHould HAve Exit Button [It takes 2mb Ram When Run In Background].
    * There Must An Application To Run Phone In Landscape Mode.
    * Loudness Of Music Must Be Enhanced.
    * Music Player Should Be Paused While There Is NAy Incomming Call.
    * Camera Quality Should Be More Better.
    * Camera Zoom Should Be 10X or More.
    * More Visulaization Should BE Added.
    * When Create ANy New Folder In Images Folder Through Gallery and Move All Images To Newly Create Folder Then Only One Image Moved To That Folder. This Bug Should Be Fixed.
    * Radio Sound Must Be More Louder.
    * There Must Be Option To Remove Themes Via Application Manager.
    * Warning Tones Must Be Fast. Warning Tones Heard After 2 sec Of The Notification.
    * Loudness Option Should Work As It Is Not Working In The Current Firmware.
    * The Phone Restart Automatically, This Bug Should Be Fixed.
    * There Must Be 25-30 mb free Ram Available as In The Current Version Only 18 mb Free Ram Is Available.
    * MAps Should Be There In New Firmware.
    I am Sure That Nokia Will Consider These Things While Releasing The New Firmare For Nokia 5700.
    I thank U All!
    Nokia 5530 Xpress Music RM-504

    * Music Player SHould HAve Exit Button [It takes 2mb Ram When Run In Background].i think this will come with a firmware update, cause n73 get it also later by an update
    * There Must An Application To Run Phone In Landscape Mode.
    * Music Player Should Be Paused While There Is NAy Incomming Call.i agree if it isnt that whay. doenst use the mp3player on my n73
    * Camera Quality Should Be More Better.maybe there will be an update like on n73, but the pictures i saw were really noisy
    * Camera Zoom Should Be 10X or is digital zoom so 10x digital zoom would be like you take a 160x120 cutting of your 2mp-picture (1600x1200) and resize it to 1600x120 - i hope you understand that it is not the same like if you take a 1600x1200 native picture without resizing. that's digital zoom...
    * When Create ANy New Folder In Images Folder Through Gallery and Move All Images To Newly Create Folder Then Only One Image Moved To That Folder. This Bug Should Be Fixed.use fexplorer or x-plore or Y-Browser or activefile as file browser
    * Radio Sound Must Be More it is the same issue like phone/mp3 loudness. phone has to be louder at all.
    * There Must Be Option To Remove Themes Via Application themes cannot be removed
    * Warning Tones Must Be Fast. Warning Tones Heard After 2 sec Of The see a notification (for example "battery low") and the sound is 2 seconds late? curious...
    * The Phone Restart Automatically, This Bug Should Be Fixed.also if you dont use the phone? or are you doing something specific?
    * There Must Be 25-30 mb free Ram Available as In The Current Version Only 18 mb Free Ram Is a e90... n95 isnt better in that point and n73 isnt too. i dont think they can reduce the ram-using of the symbian-os too free ram for third party apps
    * MAps Should Be There In New can download it!?! why it should be in the firmware? if there is someone who doesnt use or need it, it is wasted memory for him if it is build-in
    V21.0.025 » 04-09-2007 » RM-356 5800 XpressMusic » Language pack 01

  • Nokia 6680 new firmware?

    Hi guys,
    Did Nokia realese new firmware for Nokia 6680?:
    I was just checking for the new firmware for Nokia 6680,
    via Nokia Software Updater. And I was surprise to find there are
    new updates. Then I upgrade my 6680 from v5.04.07 to v5.04.40.
    After upgrade, I notice that there are some difficulties in making & receiving calls, and sending SMS. I'm staying in Malaysia and using Celcom 3G. I refer the provider on this matter, and they said their network is ok.
    Could it be the upgrades?
    What are the changelog for v5.04.40

    Yeah, that's what I thought. An upgrade is suppose to improve the use. Unless, the new firmware has a tiny bug, or it's an unofficial release. I looked up in the Internet, so far, no info about the new firmware.
    Can Nokia release an unofficial firmware?
    Thanks for the help.

  • New firmware version is out for Megastick 128

    There is a new firmware version (2.05)  for the Megastick 1 (128). Get it from Megastick 1 firmware page

    I upgraded it and didn’t see any major differences. However now there are many volume steps. Apart from that I noticed that when the radio is not tuned to a proper channel there is no noise, not a useful thing but those are the only differences I saw. Still cant record in 44k (records in 22k format). Anyone tried it and saw anything different ?
    One other thing, I don’t know whether this existed in earlier firmware versions, when you have a normal file which is not an MP3 file with the .mp3 extension you cant turn it on. I came across this when I tried putting several non MP3 files (ogg ) having the mp3 extension after .ogg didn’t work to see whether they have added support for new standards (Slim chance but who knows…   )

  • New Firmware version

    The new firmware version it's ok for my apple tv 2 too?
    At the moment i have the 6.2.1 version.

    It seems that only the Apple TV 3 will update to Apple TV software version 7 (iOS 8).

  • N93 no new firmware version available

    I'm a brand new discussion board user.
    I' bought my N93 thre months ago. My phone ID is 0531236 and my firmware version is 11.0.034.
    I've bought also a bluetooth headset BH-900 but it does not work. I've found in this board that there is a new firmware version (20.0...)
    that seems to fix the problem. If I try to update my phone via PC application I receive "no new firmware available" as answer.
    Any problems with my phone and firmware version?
    Thanx in advance for any replies
    -- gigi

    Well, my GE 31591GE1 keeps working just fine although still shows that message about available update. Anybody running firmware version 22.3 that would like to comment on this?

  • GE 31591GE1: new firmware version available (v22.3...

    Hi! There is a new firmware version available for my GE 31591GE1 (version 22.37). I'm currently running ver. 14.37 but before upgrading it I wanted to ask if anybody had upgraded to the new version and if there were any noticeable benefits or drawbacks.

    Well, my GE 31591GE1 keeps working just fine although still shows that message about available update. Anybody running firmware version 22.3 that would like to comment on this?

  • Problems in new firmware version of nokia 5800 xm

    1. display goes dull...... 2. in music player there is no find option, so i have to find a song from 8000 takes long time to search a perticular song. 3. maps are not displaying as before..(in version 31 ) so i request to nokia to release the new version of firmware of nokia 5800xm as soon as possible.else release version 31 as it was again..... desperately waiting for new firmware...........

    What version are you using? v50?
    1. Display goes dull because of power saving. You can set the time to how many seconds later does the display go dull
    2. There is no find option, but there is a search app in the internet menu (it searches phone contents as well)
    3. Maps not displaying means the maps data on your card is not compatible with maps version.
    If you find my post helpful please click the green star on the left under the avatar. Thanks.

  • Nokia N79 will be geting new firmware Version v30....

    Nokia N79 will get new updated firmware Version v30.101 soon.
    *lot of bugs fixed
    *perfomance update...etc.
    Go to Solution.

    I connected my N79 yesterday on my PC with Nokia OVI.
    It tells me that there was a firmware update and launched it.
    But during this update, It tells me there was a USB connection problem and launched again the update......during 20 minutes to tell me finaly that there was again a problem.
    So, now, I can't start my phone. When I push the power button, the screen lights on few seconds and stop.
    I tried to to a hard reset (format) with the three buttons :
    1/ 3 + * + green button
    2/ Start button with the three button pushed
    ....but nothing hapens.
    When I try to charge the phone, nothing hapens.
    Thanks for yopur help.
    Message Edited by kobayashi on 28-Oct-2009 03:38 PM
    Nokia N8 RM-596 (SFR)
    Code produit : 0599819
    Version du logiciel : 014.002
    Nokia MicroSD 16Go.

  • Nokia 2630 - New Firmware

    Hello everyone,
    I wonder if you will be released shortly a new version of firmware for the Nokia 2630.
    My Nokia has the latest firmware V 07.60.
    But it happens that some lose the signal and reboots itself.
    The phone memory is empty.
    With a new firmware release could fix this?

    i didn't get any reaction from nokia support...

  • 5310 new firmware version 08.23!

    I bought a Nokia 5310 the other day. it had the 5.81 or so firmware on it. Knowing from the boards that 7.01 was available, I immediately upgraded, and to my surprise found that 08.23 was available.
    This new firmware hasn't received any discussion or announcement, so I wanted to point out its existance... The date stamp when using *#0000# is 23/7/2008.
    Those who can, may also reply to say what differences they found. ;-)
    My Nokia history: 5310 (Sep 2008), 5300 (Jan 2007), 6610 (June 2003), 3310 (2001)

    I am a little disappointed by this new update. I previously had the 5.xx firmware version. Some things have been changed, and not necessarily in a good way. The default screensaver has been changed, and it's pretty lame and boring. The default screensaver that I had before the update was really cool, and lots of my friends liked it a lot.
    The font size in the music player has been chaged also, it's a little bigger.
    Another thing that I have noticed since the update and bothers me (and it's just a personal opinion, maybe it's not a general issue), it's this: in whicever menu I am (excepting the standby screen), the colors are a little dim, the brightness is a little pale, it's like the background color is a little foggy. Before the update, the colors were real good and strong, in whichever menu in the phone I was. But now are a little pale and foggy, which is really disturbing for me.
    That is what I noticed in the first hour since the update.
    So for now, thumb down for Nokia!
    P.S. I also agree that when a new version is released, there also should be some release notes, so we know what to expect.

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