Not all photos transferred to new photos app. How do I get the others transferred?

How do I transfer photos from iPhoto to new Photos app. Only part of them transferred at upgrade.

I don't think the password will matter, because you can't use anything on the iPod or in iTunes to transfer song files from iPod to computer (except for songs purchased from the iTunes Store).  However, there are third-party methods and utilities that can transfer from iPod to computer.  If you do a Google search on something like "ipod transfer," you should get some links.
The simple software "lock" used on iPods should not prevent you from off-loading the song files.  Once the song files are on your computer, you can add them to your iTunes library.  Then, you can do a Restore on the iPod to give it a fresh start and sync it (and the iPod touch) as desired.
NOTE:  For songs purchased by you from the iTunes Store, you can also re-download them to your computer at no cost, from the iTunes Store Purchased screen.  The link to Purchased is on the iTunes Store Home screen, under QUICK LINKS.

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