Not showing equaliser in audio

Please can anyone tell me the solution regarding an conflict of not showing equaliser in audio in settings of Lumia 525. I have rcd the update for the same today but yet it nt showing.

Nokia Lumia 520 - Does my Lumia 520, 521, 525 or 526 phone support sound equalizer?

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  • Mac Pro DVD player not showing picture, only audio

    When playing a DVD, my DVD player on Mac Book Pro does not show the picture, you only hear the audio. Any ideas?

    This started yesterday for me too--audio works fine, but picture is gone. I tried 4 different DVDs to be sure, and all of them have no picture. The screen is completely black. I guess it's time to go to the Genius Bar...

  • JBL Charge not working on a Windows7 PavilionG6. Connected but not showing as an audio device.

     I have a:
    HP Pavilion G6-1242sa
    Product: A5H10EA#ABU
    Serial: {Personal Information Removed}
    I am using Windows 7 64-Bit. 
    I am trying to pair my JBL Charge Bluetooth  speaker to my HP Pavilion. I have installed the latest drivers for the speaker from Ralink. I am able to detect and connect  the JBL Charge through my Bluetooth dongle . The device is added and installed as a Bluetooth device when I connect  my computer to my Bluetooth speaker. All seems good.
    But I cannot see the Bluetooth speaker in my Playback Devices when I right click over the speaker icon. When I right clik on the properties of the device in my Bluetooth device  I am given the tabs of:
    General, Hardware, Services, Bluetooth.
    I am not given the option of Audio!
    I have installed the HP Wireless Assistant and can only see my Wireless LAN Adapter. Bluetooth is not showing at all!!
    I am able to turn the Bluetooth on and off in the notifications area via the Bluetooth icon though.
    Please could you give me some advice on how to resolve my issue as I am not sure if its a sound problem or a bluetooth connection problem.
    Kind regards

    Hi Mario,
    I have been through the help documents regarding Blutooth but have not found my problem unfortunately.
    I have downloaded the drivers for the device from Ralink. I tried to download the drivers from Broadcom but whenever I ran the installation I got the error message saying that it did not detect any Bluetooth devices, even though the Bluetooth speaker was on discovery mode.
    Strangely, my HP Pavilion G6 can detect the Bluetooth speaker in discovery mode and is able to pair to it. But when I open the HP Wireless Assistant, Bluetooth is not shown. Nor is the device shown as a playback device in sound settings. Nor is there a way you can right click and open a connection to the Bluetooth speaker in Devices and Printers > Bluetooth Devices > JBL Charge.
    I have tried downloading all sorts of driver software from HP but nothing seems to work. I cannot think of anything else to update on my computer to maybe shift something into place.
    Below is a screen grab of all the sp's I have used to resolve this problem. Nothing is working!!!
    Is there anything else I can check or configure or try??
    Kind regards,

  • Audio not showing up in audio track editor - Logic X

    Logic XI was doing everything right and then my audio quit showing up in the audio track editor. It shows in the Audio File Editor, but when I click over, having already activated "flex" nothing shows up, just the empty grid. The project is pretty big. Is my computer just refusing to do any more flex edits?
    I'm working in OSX 10.9.5 on a 2009 iMac.
    Thanks for the help.

    You certainly have a problem if you are seeing a vertical piano keyboard in the audio editor window...
    You only see the vertical piano keyboard in the Piano Roll (Midi) window....
    So are you talking about editing audio or midi data.....?
    If it's midi... then click the link icon so its yellow...on a brown background.. to link the midi region with the Piano Roll screen....

  • Kawai CN41 electric piano will not show up in Audio MIDI Setup.

    I have a Kawai CN41 Piano that I would like to connect to my Macbook via USB to control some midi functions in Logic Express (incredible software by the way...)
    The Manual that came with the piano says that it should just work. But for maximum clarification, I'll retype what the manual says.
    "The CN41 piano can be connected with a personal computer with a USB cable for excahanging MIDI data. You need a USB Driver installed in your computer.
    [For Windows XP/ME users]
    A standard USB driver is already installed in your computer. You don't need to install a new driver.
    [For Windows 2000/98SE users]
    You need to install the desigated driver in your computer. Visit the KAWAI website at http:/ and download the program.
    [For Macintosh users]
    Macintosh OSX automatically recognizes our USB interface. No Special driver is needed. Older Macintosh OS are not supported by us. If you have an older Macintosh OS, please us an appropriate MIDI interface and MIDI cables when connecting the CN41 piano to a macintosh computer.
    When both MIDI jacks and USB port are connected, USB has priority.
    When connecting USB cable to the CN41 piano, first connect the USB cable and then turn the power of the CN41 piano on.
    It may take some time to start communication when the CN41 piano is connected to the computer via USB. When USB communication is unstable with connection via hub, connect the USB cable directly to the USB port of the computer.
    Turning the power of CN41 piano on/off or disconnecting the USB cable while the follwing actions may cause unstable communication.
    while installing USB driver
    while booting up the computer
    while MIDI application is working
    while communicating with the computer
    while the computer is in energy saver mode
    * If you have any problem with USB communication, consult the instruction manual of your computer and check your computer setup.
    * The USB-MIDI conversion board TID10000934 used in the CN41 piano is approved to show the USB logo. The USB logo can be used only for the product which is approved by USB-IF (USB Implements Fourm Inc.) test.
    * Windows is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
    * Macintosh is registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc."
    So when i follow the directions just like the manual says the only thing that happens is my mouse stops working for about 30 to 45 seconds. After it starts working, nothing whatsoever in the department of MIDI. It won't even show up in the Audio MIDI Setup application. Also, I'm not 100% positive about this, but I don't think it's showing up in the System Profiler as well.
    I've tried pushing the rescan button in Audio MIDI Setup, nothing.
    I've repeated everything with a different usb cable with no improvement.
    And I even contacted Kawai Technical Support. The guy I talked to via email said that he wasn't a mac guy but he'd ask his friends who were if they had any problems, his friends told him that everything was working fine for them. Then he told me to go and buy a USB-MIDI interface and plug it into the traditional MIDI ports on the CN41 and see if that would work. (I really don't want to do that, one of the reasons I bought this piano is the midi-straight-to-computer-via-usb-cable-connection connection. Buying a little usb interface would defeat the point. Although, I'll probably buy one down the road eventually. I would just like it to work.)
    This piano is really nice, It has keys that feel like the real thing and using it to write some tracks in Logic Express would be a delight if it would work. If I could, I would take this issue to the Apple store in Salt Lake City, but I'm thinking that I would also have to take the piano and its kinda big. I'm using a Macbook running OS X Leopard 10.5.4 with a 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 2 Gigs of ram. I also run a Line 6 Toneport UX2, I'm not sure if there could be any Hardware conflicts, but I'm not much of a computer guy so I figured I'd just let you know as much as I can.
    Aside from this thing with the piano, OSX has worked beautifully! I will never buy a Windows running machine again. And the few times when I'm forced to use one, (Work and stuff) I get really cranky.
    Thank you for your time,
    Jon Worms
    P.S. I'm more than willing to scan the manual and email it for you upon request, I tried to find a link to it somewhere with no luck. But you know, thats just my luck. :P

    Hey Rob, Thanks for responding!
    As far as I can see there is not. The piano does have 3 usb ports on it though. 2 A size ports to go to Kawai approved devices, such as a hard drive for recording directly to portable memory. These plugs are labeled USB to Device. Then it has one B size plug that is Labeled USB to Host. The manual says that this is the one to connect to the computer.
    USB Controls do exist though. But manual states that they are for when you plug in a small hard drive/flash drive. The controls allow you to create new folders and move recordings around on a flash drive. And without a hard drive plugged into one of the A size ports I don't get anything but an error message.
    Tomorrow I'm going to try and get it to work on a windows box. Maybe i'll have a little luck.
    Thanks for your help.

  • HT3625 Macbook pro 13 2012 not showing line in audio when connected to preamp

    I have a preamp connected to the audio in/out jack on my macbook pro 13" 2012. when i plug the audio in from my preamp the sound only shows it as a headphone output and does not list it under input. i also have no button "use audio for:"

    You should also ask this in the MacBook Pro forum. This is the forum for the white and black plastic MacBooks that were discontinued in 2010. You should also post this question there to increase your chances of getting an answer.

  • Clips not showing Video, Only Audio on FCP X

    I'm working on a video on Final Cut Pro X and am still rusty on it compared to the previous verisons.  I have several clips I have to put together into a longer video.  However when I try to put the clips onto the timeline, I only get the audio portion, not the video portion. 
    I tried importing the clips again after deleting them from the project, still the same issue.  The clips are playable through Quicktime and also in the FCPX's preview window. 
    I was messing around with some shortcut keys earlier today, picking some tricks up so I think I might have pressed something that somehow disabled the video from showing up, leaving only the audio portion.

  • Quicktime audio player not showing when playing audio

    I have a website where my whenever I play my mp3 audios the quicktime player is not visible. I have updated iTunes, Quicktime but still no visual audio player. What gives?

    this is any page that I visit either in the Firefox or IE...Google Chrome is fine because it has it's own player.

  • Logic Pro X help: Track/File menu not showing up in audio editor. How to fix?

    I am a amature musician that has been using logic pro for a little while now. I recently tried to use the time and pitch machine to stretch a sample to my project length. I open up the audio editor and behold! No file menu. I have looked through all the mues and I cant seem to find it anywhere.
    Has anyone experienced this problem and do they know how to fix it?
    Thank you

    You are in Track view, where you need to be in File view. Those tabs are just outside of your screenshot, it seems. You must have either an enormous screen or a big screen resolution.
    As KC said, flex is a more versatile tool, but if you have a set workflow, then the T&P machine is still there.

  • I have an apple iphone 4 that I want to download audio books from my library onto it.  I cannot figure out how to do that.  The iphone does not show up on my mac laptop as a connected device.  Does this kind of download have to run through itunes?  Thanks

    I have an apple iphone 4 that I want to download audio books from my library onto.  I cannot figure out how to do that.  The iphone does not show up on my mac laptop as a connected device.  Does this kind of download have to run through itunes?  Thanks

    Yes it is done through iTunes. The iPhone will never show up in Finder as a device. The following is general information on iTunes sync: and the following is a previous discussion where the post by Andreas Junge helped others that had a problem syncing audiobooks:

  • I tried to add sf2 instruments.  I put them in the audio/banks file but they do not show up in the DSL instruments on Garage Band.  Why not?

    How can I get sf2 intruments that I've downloaded to use in my GarageBand?  I have downloaded them and have put them both in the GarageBand instruments folder and the Audio/Banks folder of my Library, but they do not show up in GarageBand on the DSL instruments as they should.  I have some instruments in that category that I must have put in before, but can't find them in the audio/banks folder or the GarageBand instruments folder and cannot locate them with a my computer finder anywhere.  They are listed in the DSL instruments on GarageBand when I open the program.  Is there another library that this version of GarageBand can be using??  I have GarageBand '11 (version 6.0.4)d, which was updated a while back.  I had the previous version of GarageBand with a diffent system quite a bit earlier.  I've look in the "previous system" folder as well, and cannot find the instruments, or an audio/banks folder at all.

    Mortimer,  iTunes does not know when you restore a file.  After you restore the file, you need to re-add the file to iTunes.
    If you know exactly which files you restores, re-add them using File > Add File to LIbrary.
    Otherwise, lre-add the folders.  iTunes has certain safeguards to reduce duplicates when you do this, which are not perfect but are better than nothing.  Start with a few small folders and see if you are happy with the results.

  • My audio books that were bought through Itunes on my Iphone do not show up on my Itunes account.

    I bought audio books on my iphone, but they do not show up on my itunes account on my computer.  The books I purchased through the computer show up on my itunes account.  My phone is at it's max and I need to remove these books, but do not want to lose them.  Thank you for your assistance.

    This isn't completely coherent so I am not sure what is wrong other than some (al?) of your tracks have broken links.
    If you are browsing through iTunes you are not looking at files you are looking at data entries that point to files, with those locations being incorrect right now. 
    There isn't a file called iTunes media, there is a folder that should be in your iTunes folder called that.
    You mention something about external drives. I presume one is for your Time Machine backup but is the other one used for iTunes?  If so, what do you keep there?
    Here's some background information to help place this in context:
    What are the iTunes library files? -
    More on iTunes library files and what they do -
    What are all those iTunes files? -
    Where are my iTunes files located? -
    iTunes 9 [and later]: Understanding iTunes Media Organization -

  • Hi, I have purchased an audio book on iTunes from an iMac and it does not show up on the cloud so I can't download it on my iPhone. Does anyone know why and how I can proceed to transfer the audio book purchase?

    I have purchased an audio book from iTunes with my iMac.
    Now I wanted to listen to it on my iPhone so I proceeded to transfer the purchase and looked for the book in the purchased section of the store in the iTunes on my iPhone but it did not show up.
    Does anyone know why and how I can transfer the audio book purchased on my iPhone so I can listen while away from the desk?
    Thank you,

    Can you find the audio book by using the Search feature on the iPod?
    Do you have the right boxes checked to sync the audio book to the iPod?
    iTunes: Syncing media content to iOS devices and iPod
    Note you have to check the boxes in Books pane for the iPod in iTunes to sync books in general and another box to sync Audio Books.

  • HT201272 Purchase history in itunes on pc does not show audio books that I have downloaded. How do I download them to my itunes library?

    I have the current version of itunes on my pc and my wife had downloaded a few audio books to her i phone under the same account. Her phone was damaged and was replaced. I had backed up the phone and restored the new one but her audio books were not put on the new phone. When i look in my itunes library on my pc the book does not show up. In the purchase history I can find when i purchased it and the order number but there is no option to download it. Then under the "purchased" area it gives the options of music movies tv shows apps and books (not audio books) but audio books are no where to be found. If i can get any help figuring it out i would appreciate it.

    Hey innerev2003,
    Thanks for the question, and welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    If, while searching through your past purchases, items are unavailable to download and show a "Purchased" button, they are still on your computer. It may be best to search your iTunes library by clicking Music, then use the search bar at the top right.
    If you are completely sure the items are no longer in your library, try signing out of the iTunes Store, and then back in.
    iTunes 11 for Windows: Manage your iTunes Store account
    Matt M.

  • Hi, my 120gb ipod classic is not showing up in itunes, and everything is gone. how do i format it on microsoft ' format portable audio player ' ?

    hi, my 120gb ipod classic is not showing up in itunes, and everything is gone.
    how do i format it on microsoft ' format portable audio player ' ?
    the device has just installed necessary drivers to microsoft upon plugging in
    like a say though, not showing up in itunes still
    before it recently had this failure, it had shown up as corrupted and that it needed restoring (but i was holding off, as i manually managed all music and was hoping for a way to back it all up, to no avail)
    first time posting here, would appreciate a quick answer because tempted to just click the 'restore device defaults' option
    Many thanks

    same thing here

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