NYT videos not working in Safari 5

NYT videos not working in Safari 5

Work fine for me - they are just normal Flash videos.
Make sure your Flash Player is up to date.
The latest version of Adobe FlashPlayer can be obtained from here:
(You can check here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about/ to see which version you should install for your Mac and OS.
You should first uninstall any previous version of Flash Player, using the uninstaller from here (make sure you use the correct one!):
and also that you follow the instructions closely, such as closing ALL applications first before installing. You must also carry out a permission repair after installing anything from Adobe.

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  • YouTube Videos not working in Safari on iPad 2

    When I use YouTube in Safari on my iPad 2, I noticed that the official music videos are not working in YouTube. I get an error message which states "Video cannot be played on mobile." Below is a link to the all time most watched videos. Not music videos (Video # 5) play fine on my iPad but the official music videos (Videos 1 - 4) do not.

    These videos are restricted and can not be played on a mobile device... These videos have come up before in this forum. The record companies have placed a flag on these video so they can't be played on a mobile device. If you look at the URL for the video you will notice it is a mobile web page... http://m.YouTube...
    Anyone can place this flag in their video on YouTube. The flag can be set in the settings/edit for each video.
    If you have flash on your mobile device and don't go to the mobile web page you can play the video.
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  • Youtube videos not working in safari

    running os x 10.7.2 and for some reason youtube videos not playing.  just started happening.  black box is all i get.  youtube works fine in Chrome & Firefox.

    I found a fix that worked on my computer. Go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Remove all website data. This got my YouTube functioning properly again.
    I hope this will help you too!

  • Video not working in safari on a PC

    I made a adobe edge video banner that works in chrome, firefox, and safari on the mac. it works in chrome, firefox, explorer on the PC but doesn't work in safari on the PC. I read that there's an issue with older versions of quicktime so I installed the latest version on the pc and still no go. So the video doesn't play in safari on the PC.

    I guess we didn't restart after upgrading safari but I checked it this morning and it works.
    the other problem I had is the video controls aren't showing up unless you roll over a narrow 10-20 pixel area in the chrome. How do i keep the controls on there at all times i don't need it to disappear if they roll off the video?
    here is the video
    video in chrome browser

  • Youtube videos not working on safari. It says an error occurred please try again later. Can someone help me?

    I've already tried reinstalling flash. My mac is up to date. I don't know what's going on. Someone PLEASE HELP ME!

    1. System Preferences >  Flash Player > Advanced >  Delete  All
         Press the "Delete All" button
      Install Adobe Flash Player.
       Download it first.
       The next step is important.
       Click Safari in the menubar and select “Quit Safari”.
        Follow the prompts and install it.
        Restart computer. Relaunch Safari.
    2.  Allow  Plug-ins
        Safari > Preferences > Security
        Internet Plug-ins >  "Allow  plug-ins"
        Enable it.
    3. Safari > Preferences > Privacy
        Press the button “ Remove All Website Data”.

  • My youtube does not work on safari only when i try to play a video it says "This video is not available on mobile add to playlist" But i am using a mac air 11 inch it is not a mobile. Please Help. i have to use the youtube on firefox or chrome

    my youtube does not work on safari only when i try to play a video it says "This video is not available on mobile add to playlist" But i am using a mac air 11 inch it is not a mobile. Please Help. i have to use the youtube on firefox or chrome. At times it also say QuickTime Player can't open "video.3gp". and
    The file may be damaged or may not be a movie file that is compatible with QuickTime Player. when i try to open a video on youtube on safari

    I too am having the same issue as the OP.
    Your USER AGENT information is Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_2) AppleWebKit/600.3.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/8.0.3 Safari/600.3.18
    Every webserver that receives a request from your browser is able to determine the HTTP USER AGENT information unless it has been removed by some software (e.g. firewall) before the request was trasmitted.

  • I have downloaded the latest Adobe Flash on my laptop and it is not working on safari for youtube.I have uninstalled and installed it multiply times and it still wont show me youtube videos

    I have downloaded the latest Adobe Flash on my laptop and it is not working on safari for youtube.I have uninstalled and installed it multiply times and it still wont show me youtube videos

        Enable Plug-ins
        Safari > Preferences > Security
        Internet Plug-ins >  "Allow  plug-ins"
        Enable it.
        Press " Manage Website Settings" button for more options.

  • YouTube will not work on safari for me on the ipad. Is there anyway to fix this? I can go anywhere else on the internet fine and it works on google chrome, but on safari it shows a blank screen with the bar on top after it loads.

    YouTube will not work on safari for me on the ipad. Is there anyway to fix this? I can go anywhere else on the internet fine and it works on google chrome, but on safari it shows a blank screen with the bar on top after it loads, if it's even loading at all.
    I do not know if it's relevant or not, but I got a message on my ipad while on safari saying that my iPhone has a virus. I looked it up and it seems it might have just been an ad from the website I was on, but it happened around the same time YouTube stopped working.

    You will find that using the YouTube app will provide a better viewing experience for YouTube videos.

  • Flash not working in Safari 5

    Flash has been buggy for me in Safari 5, ever since I updated the Flash player last week to "10.1 r53". Either Flash files don't play at all, or just the audio plays without video.
    Per the instructions on these boards, I have:
    1. reset Safari
    2. uninstalled flash player
    3. installed the flash player
    4. repaired permissions
    5. restarted
    The issue is still there. Firefox plays Flash files, YouTube, etc. just fine. Safari does not.
    I'm running SL 10.6.4, latest Software Updates.
    Any suggestions?

    I created a new account. Flash works in the new account. That's cool, but I really don't want to re-locate all my prefs, etc., just for a buggy plugin.
    So, I next...
    1. grabbed the Safari plist from the new account
    2. logged out of the new account
    3. logged into the old account (where Flash does not work)
    4. moved the old account's com.apple.safari plist file out of the Preferences folder
    5. moved the clean Safari plist file (from the new account) into the Preferences folder
    6. reset and restarted Safari
    7. Flash worked...for about two minutes. I tested on YouTube, Vimeo and Google Analytics. Back to Flash not working in Safari.
    I then tried repeating the earlier steps.
    1. reset Safari
    2. uninstall flash player
    3. install flash player
    4. repaired permissions
    5. restarted
    Still doesn't work.
    Just one other thing to note: whenever I pull up a web page with Flash, I get a "file not found" error in Safari's activity monitor (link is below)...could this be an error with Adobe's website rather than a Safari-permission thing?
    http://fpdownload2.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/update/current/install/version .xml10.1.53.64~os=Mac&osVer=10.6.4&playerType=pl&cpuWordLength=32&cpuArchitectur e=i386&lang=en

  • Adobe Flash Player does not work with Safari. What can I do?

    I have a MacBook Pro, Retina, 15 inch, late 2013,  2 GHz Intel Core i7, using OS X 10.9.4. I have installed Adobe Flash Player. In my System Preference, in the advanced settings, it is set to install updates also tells me that I have the NPAPI Plug-in (version installed but not the PPAPI Plug-in. Is this the reason why it does not work with Safari (keeps telling me to download the app, which I did but still does not work)? Is there any way I could fix the problem? Please, help.

    If you can't install or update Flash, follow these instructions.
    If you have installed the latest version of Flash, please take each of the following steps that you haven't already tried. After each step, relaunch Safari and test. For a "missing plug-in" error, start with Step 8. Back up all data before making any changes.
    Step 1
    You might have to log out or restart the computer before a Flash update takes effect.
    Step 2
    From the Safari menu bar, select
              Safari ▹ Preferences... ▹ Privacy ▹ Remove All Website Data...
    and confirm. Close the window. Then select
               ▹ System Preferences… ▹ Flash Player ▹ Advanced
    and click Delete All. Close the preference pane.
    Step 3
    If you're only having trouble with YouTube videos, log in to YouTube and load this page. You may see a link with the text "Leave the HTML5 Trial." If so, click that link.
    Step 4
    a. If you get a warning of a "blocked" or "outdated" plug-in, then select the Security tab in the Safari preferences window. In the list of plugins on the left, there should be one—and only one—entry for "Adobe Flash Player," showing the same version number that you installed. Select that entry. On the right there will be a list of websites for which you have specifically allowed Flash, if any. It's normal for the list to be empty. Below that is a menu labeled
              When visiting other websites
    From that menu, select either Allow or Ask.
    b. If you still get the alerts, then go back to the Flash Player preference pane and select the Advanced tab. Click Check Now. Quit and relaunch the browser.
    c. If the alerts still persist, triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select it:
    Right-click or control-click the highlighted text and select
              Services ▹ Open
    from the contextual menu.* A folder should open. Inside it, there should be a file named "XProtect.meta.plist". If that file is missing and you know why it's missing, restore it from a backup or copy it from another Mac running the same version of OS X. Otherwise, reinstall OS X.
    *If you don't see the contextual menu item, copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C. In the Finder, select
              Go ▹ Go to Folder...
    from the menu bar and paste into the box that opens by pressing command-V. You won't see what you pasted because a line break is included. Press return.
    Step 5
    In the Safari preferences window, select the Advanced tab and uncheck the box marked
              Stop plug-ins to save power
    Step 6
    Open this folder as in Step 4:
    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins
    Delete the following item, or anything with a similar name, if present:
              Flash Player (failing).plugin 
    You may be prompted for your login password.
    Step 7
    Re-download and reinstall Flash. Download it from the domain "get.adobe.com". Don't click a link from any other website, including this one, because you can't trust links. They may be an attempt to trick you into installing malware masquerading as Flash. Type the address into the browser window. Never download a Flash update from anywhere else.
    Step 8
    If you get a "missing plug-in" error, select
              Safari ▹ Preferences... ▹ Security
    from the Safari menu bar and check the box marked  
              Allow (or Enable) plug-ins
    Then click the button marked
              Manage Website Settings...
    if present and make sure that the website is not blocked for Flash.
    Step 9
              Safari ▹ Preferences... ▹ Extensions
    from the Safari menu bar. If any extensions are installed, disable them.

  • Three finger lookup not working in Safari

    The lookup function is not working in safari like it used to. it just shows up and disappears. it can work in pdf and other web browser like chrome. here attached the video to show what it is like

    sorry for the slow reply.
    The problem did happen as soon as I installed 10.6. As I still work in 10.5 as well I do a lot of switching between the two. The problem has never appeared on 10.5, and has now stopped happening on 10.6
    Do you still have the issue after a reboot? I have not had the issue since I posted this topic and nothing has changed on my pack

  • Why hyperlink color change not working with Safari?

    With several sites I visit when I click on their text link lists I see a colored symbol change to let remind me I visited that site. Unfortunately this only works when I use Firefox or IE, not Safari. Is there a reason this does not work with Safari? Is there anything I can do? thanks.
    Safari 3.2.1

    Hi ..
    YouTube content requires Flash.
    Open System Preferences > Flash Player then select the Advanced tab.
    Click Delete All under Browsing Data and Settings
    Not empty the Safari cache.
    From your Safari menu bar click Safari > Preferences then select the Advanced tab.
    Select:  Show Develop menu in menu bar
    Now click Develop from the menu bar. From the drop down menu click Empty Caches.
    Now try a video. If you still have problems, try troubleshooting Safari extensions.
    From the Safari menu bar click Safari > Preferences then select the Extensions tab. Turn that OFF, quit and relaunch Safari to test.
    If that helped, turn one extension on then quit and relaunch Safari to test until you find the incompatible extension then click uninstall.

  • You tube and flash not working in safari

    Is anyone finding that you tube and embedded flash video is not working using safari 6?  the video window in youtube is blank, I don't even see the control buttons, flash videos embedded on other sites are similarly blank.  Quick check with Firefox shows all these films play normally.

    Not sure if this is relateted but as I am having the same problem, I am only having the issue on the account that has Parental Controls enabled. The admin account can open youtube just fine. The Java plug in boxes are checked, I am running in 32 bit mode. I've tried every fix I have come accross to no avail.
    On a side note, ever since I installed Mountain Lion, the Mac App Store is also sketchy. The account with Parental Controls can't log in, when I click "sign in" nothing happens. No 3rd party apps such as APE or FruitMenu installed.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Apples website "iChat Basics" Videos not working?

    I'd like to learn about iChat.
    Is just my new Safari under 10.6 that makes the iChat videos not working?
    This link above is just one of the video tutorials on iChat that I cannot get to work.
    Anyone else able to view these iChat tutorial videos on the www.apple.com site?

    My first attempt in Firefox took a long time to load and even longer to start playing.
    Have you tried subsequent visits ?
    I tried Safari after it loaded the second time (I was getting the URL) and it loaded straight away.
    8:20 PM Friday; September 18, 2009

  • Cross-frame scripting is not working in Safari 3.0.4. Minimal example code.

    I've found that cross-frame scripting is not working in Safari 3.0.4, as it worked
    ok on Safari 3.0.1, and in other browsers I tried: Firefox, Mozilla, IE.
    document.domain property is set to "ds2ps.net", correctly to the best of my knowledge
    in the frameset and in both frames. Both frames and frameset are loaded
    from subdomains of the same domain "ds2ps.net"
    Please have a look at this mimimal example:
    Press buttons to get alert with value of a variable defined in the frameset
    and in the first frame.
    This gives "undefined" in Safari 3.0.4, and give following message in Safari
    JavaScript console:
    Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL http://frameset.ds2ps.net/frames-test/frameset.html from frame with URL http://frame2.ds2ps.net/frames-test/frame2.html. Domains, protocols and ports must match.
    Works ok in all other browsers and in earlier versions of Safari.
    Apperently, I'm doing something incorrectly.
    I would appreciate if Apple Safari developers have a look at this problem and suggest solution.
    My company is developing web application which depends on cross-frame scripting,
    and we would like to continue supporting Safari browser.
    Thank you,

    Thank you, iBod,
    We've submitted this bug at http://bugs.webkit.org
    Bug 16444: Cross-frame scripting not working in Safari 3.0.4 despite proper document.domain set in all frames
    Thank you for your suggestion!

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