Officejet pro 8500 a909g wireless will not open solution center saying device install not complete

Operating system is Windows 7 64-bit.  When I try to open Solution Center I get a black window saying "HP Solution Center cannot run because your device installation is not complete."  My printer is wireless so there is no USB so I unplugged the printer, removed the printer, rebooted, went to Print Server Properties then Driver and removed the driver still there.  Then I downloaded the HP Full Software and Driver for my printer and got a "successful install".  Then I plugged the printer in, added the printer, and still have the same error.  Any suggestions?

What brand of computer do you have?  I'm asking because I think you need a L3 uninstall, but if you have an HP computer, it can remove things the computer needs to run and cause the whole system to crash.
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  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g Wireless - Can't Clear Print Que - Vista SP 1

    I have an HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909G Wireless printer which is set up wireless through a router.  Used to be able to print to this printer from any computer in the house except now.  I tried to print a document from my HP Pavilion laptop to the printer; it didn't print.  I tried multiple things, didn't work, so tried cancelling the document from the print que.  For 2 days now it has the print que has showed this document as "deleting", pages 6/2, shows date and time of request to cancel print job.  I went into Control Panel, right-clicked on the printer and chose "cancel all documents" and the print que still shows this document as deleting.  No ability to cancel printer job from the physical printer itself.  I've tried restarting the computer to see if it would clear the que; it doesn't.  Read through previous posts and tried several of the suggestions; nothing works.  Can no longer use this laptop to work and print.  HELP!  Vicki

    I have had to delete the printer, search for it again, and re-install it!

  • Officejet Pro 8500 A909g Wireless suddenly won't print yellow; no error messages

    Is it possible that a printhead needs to be replaced even when Diagnostics Pages all say "Printhead health:  Good"?   I don't have any error messages.  There are no obvious white lines through the colored blocks on test pages.  In a couple of blocks on some test pages, there is one, very fine, barely visible line, but it's not the same on all pages.  (Today I've printed about a dozen test pages of three different kinds that have colored blocks on them, and there are no white lines like the ones shown in examples of bad test results.)   I have used the tool for cleaning the printheads many, many times today and have cleaned at all of the levels.  The ink level in the yellow cartridge is fine, and it's been working well until yesterday and today. 
    The printing of the five colored blocks on test pages is good, bright, and clear.  The only problem is that the block which is supposed to be a light orange color is only pink, and the block that is supposed to be green is only blue:  they are lacking yellow ink.
    I haven't had any problems with the paper I've bought at Staples for six years (I also bought my printer at Staples ).  The printer is six years old but has not been used hard.  I use it regularly for a page or two a few times a week, so the printer isn't sitting idle for weeks at a time. 
    I read something in "help" information about using a straight pin to gently remove excess adhesive from the nozzle of a new ink cartridge, which didn't apply to my cartridge, but I decided to experiment anyway by pushing a pin through the nozzle of the partially-used, yellow ink cartridge,  The test page I printed after that is the page with just four colored blocks on it rather than the five blocks on a different test page.  This is the only time in two days that the yellow ink has printed.  However, it printed in a wide horizontal band a little streaked with gray in the middle of the block.  Then there are fairly wide white bands (no ink) both above and below the wide yellow/gray streaked band in the middle, and there are very narrow, yellow, horizontal strips  printed along the very top edge and the very bottom edge of the block.  In other words, the sequence of horizontal printing in this block only is:  narrow yellow strip, wide white band, very wide yellow/gray streaked band, wide white band, and narrow yellow strip.
    It seems this might mean that some yellow ink actually got through after I'd poked the pin into the center of the nozzle of the partially-used ink cartridge?  However, when I tried printing the same test page again, there was no color, no ink showing at all where the partially-printed, yellow block had been on the previous test page.  There was only a totally blank, white space where the yellow test block was supposed to be.  The blue block, the red/pink block, and the black/gray block all printed well.
    When nothing solved the problem of yellow ink not printing, I replaced the partially-used, yellow cartridge with a new yellow cartridge, but that didn't make a difference either:  the yellow ink is still not printing.  Yes, I use genuine HP ink cartridges.  I buy new ones whenever I need them -- never refill them or use any other brand but HP. 
    I used the alignment tool once to fix some slight wavering in the lines on a test page.  The lines are now perfectly straight.
    I apologize for being so wordy, but I wanted to send all of the details that might help diagnose the problem.  I read other questions and answers in the forum about yellow ink not printing, but while there were some similiarities, none of them was 100% exactly like my experience with the problem.  What shall I try now?  Thank you for any suggestions.

    Good day.
    Can try the steps in this document?
    Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.
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  • Printer keeps printing (HP Officejet pro 8500 A909g)

    I'm currently running a HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 A909g wireless all-in-one printer off a wireless network - my laptop running Vista Basic.
    My printer has started the Christmas season by printing the document I send to it repeatedly... whether this is a windows problem or something specific to the printer I don't know - has anyone come across this before? 
    There are no error messages on the printer, it's just happily printing page after page... (until I kill it in the print dialogue).  Advice appreciated! :-)

     I am having this very same problem and have been chasing it since August.  Here are some of the characteristics I have notices:
    - I have several machines attached to this printer.  All of them using the wireless connection.  It only happens in Windows Vista (Home premium in my case).  All my windows machines do not have this problem at all
    - No multiple copies option has been setup
    - Seems to happen with Windows Office applications (Word, ppt, publisher), Internet Explorer, and .pdf files.  In the windows office, my word and power point are version 2002 SP3.  Publisher is version 2003.
    - I have installed, deleted, re-installed drivers several times with no luck
    - I uses A909n (8500 premier)
    - Files might or might not reproduce the problem.  I can print the file and it will give me multiple copies.  I can then close and immediately open and print and I will not get multiple copies
    - In my case the number of copies seems random.  Usually in the 6-12 copies range
    How do I live with this?  Well it annoys me, but when I print if I notice that I am getting multiple copies, I go to the printer queue on Windows and delete the job.  Since my main computer is XP, the problem is not so huge, but my wife's computer is one of the vista computers and she likes to abuse her "IT guy" (me).  So it is certainly an annoyance.  I am convinced it is the printer driver, but I cannot prove it.
    Anything you want me to try, I would be willing to (except re-install windows... I ain't doing that for a printer).

  • Officejet Pro 8500 A909g (all in one) wireless radio not functioning

    Ran network test report and received an Error message: Officejet Pro 8500 A909g (all in one) wireless radio not functioning.
    the menu screen says its on and the blue light is on, but no connection.
    Appears to be a hardware problem, any ideas.

    Hello Minabird4
    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience!
    I understand that your wireless radio is not working on your HP Officejet 8500. This could be a hardware issue if the wireless card has failed completely, but I would like you to try the HP Support document: Performing a Partial Reset of the All-in-One. If resetting the printer as the document gets you to do does not fix the issue, it would be recommended that you contacted HP technical support for repair options.
    US support link to contact options for laptops purchased in the US.
    Outside of US support link to contact options for laptops purchased outside the US.
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  • Hp officejet pro 8500 a910 software will not open

    I have had my printer installed for over 2 years on my laptop via the network (Dell with OS Win 8.1).  Recently, as in I have no idea why or what happened, I have an issue where I cannot open the software on my computer to scan a document.  
    The icon on the desktop as well as under Programs > HP is "C:\Program Files\HP\HP Officejet Pro 8500 A910\Bin\HP Officejet Pro 8500 A910.exe" -Start UDCDevicePage
    with a Start In of "C:\Program Files\HP\HP Officejet Pro 8500 A910\Bin\"  
    I suspected that the link was broken and opened the link in Windows Explorer and it would not open from there either.  Also, the icon in Windows Explorer is nonspecific and does not look like an HP icon.  
    I tried uninstalling all HP software and reinstalling it, but am having the same issue.  I cannot open the software.
    Anyone have any ideas?  Thank you!

    Hi @SandraDee1961,
    Welcome to the HP Forums!
    I understand that your HP Officejet pro 8500 a910 software will not open on Windows 8.1. I am sorry to hear this, but happy to help you with this issue!
    I would recommend the following steps:
    Uninstall the software. Uninstalling the Printer Software.
    Clean boot the computer. How to perform a clean boot in Windows.
    Disable any antivirus programs. How to Disable Antivirus in Windows 8?
    Disable any firewall programs. Windows Firewall from start to finish.
    Create a new user account. Managing User Accounts and Logins (Windows 8).
    Reinstall the software using the HP Printer Install Wizard for Windows. 
    Hope this works!
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  • Problem Connecting HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 a909g to Wireless Router LinkSys EA6300

    Hi- Please help. I just got a new computer and am trying to set up my printer wirelessly to connect to my computer. With my old computer, I had it connected via a wired usb connection because I could not get the wireless setup to work. I would like to get the wireless figured out now that I have multiple devices.
    I tried to connect my printer (HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 A909g) to my wireless Router (Linksys EA6300), followed the prompts 'Setup -> Network -> Wireless Setup Wizard' on the front pane of the printer. It was unable to find my wireless router. I tried putting in my router name/SSID and WPA password and it still cannot locate the router. I am assuming this is a router setting issue, but I am not sure what to change to get my printer to be able to find the router for the wireless connection. I would really appreciate if someone could help me.

    To better understand the issue, can the printer see other networks in your area? can your PC see multiple networks or only your router's SSID (in order to deny any issue with the wireless radio of the printer).
    As I can see the EA6300 is a dual band router.
    The first thing to check is that your router being set to broadcast a wireless signal using the 2.4GHz band, the pritner doe not support the 5.0GHz band and will not see a router configured to broadcast in such a band.
    As well I would ensure that you do not have any other device which broadcast the same SSID as your router, as your router more likewly configured to broadcast both 2.4 ang 5.0 GHz bands (As a Dual Band router) I would also ensure that a different SSID being set for each band (e.g. home_24 / home 5)
    YOu may contact the router service provider for further assistant with your router configuration, you may also try following its user guide below:
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  • Officejet Pro 8500 A909g do not get the correct IP address from DHCP

    We reconfigured our network to use 172.16.11.xxxx
    We assigned the IP addresses to our OfficeJet Pro 8500 A909g printers by using DHCP reservations.
    After joining the wireless network, all our printers have a address.
    What am I missing?
    This question was solved.
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    Is DHCP still active on your router?  The printer will have to have DHCP active.
    169.254.x.x means the printer sees the router but is not getting a valid IP from it.
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  • I want to connect a HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g series wireless . I have a PAce wireless router .

    I want to connect a HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g series wireless to my MAc. I have a PAce wireless router . I can not do please can someone help me?

    Read this:
    It says its for ATT service, but really it is for the same router that Pace uses.
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  • New IPad airprint does not find Officejet Pro 8500 A909g series with DLM1FN1006BR firmware

    Does the Officejet Pro 8500 A909g seriea with DLM1FN1006BR firmware accommodate airprint on the new IPad?  If not, is there some fix?
    This question was solved.
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    No, your printer is not AirPrint capable and cannot be.  You can try other printing apps, like HP's ePrint Home & Biz.
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  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 Cyan ink will not print. installed a new one, but no success

    HP Officejet Pro 8500   Cyan ink will not print. installed a new one, but no success

    I had to replace both printheads about $85 a piece.  It may be more cost effective to buy a new printer.  Once I replaced the one printhead, the other one went out.  It is common and it did solve the issue.  I really like my printer and if it gets me another year or so, I think it was worth it.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g - doesn't install on Windows 8

    I upgraded my HP computer to Windows 8 Pro from Windows 7.The HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g was running fine with Windows 7, but will not install correctly  on Windows 8 Pro. I've tried reinstalling numerous times. Sometimes the installation appears to run correctly.  Sometimes it never finishes.In the best case the 8500 will print, however Solution Center will not show ink levels and will not scan.It shows the message: "The scan cannot be performed because another program or computer is using the networked HP imaging device. Try again later" and the scanning programming does not start. Sometimes, the scanning program starts without the error, but then another error prevents scanning (don't have that message). Creating a PDF with the scan to network feature from the front panel of the printer creates a pdf file of 0 bytes. When the printer is “installed” and able to print, but Solution Center is not scanning, the Windows scanning does work and the scanner passes the HP Print and Scan Doctor test – sometimes.  Sometimes the HP Print and Scan Doctor reports a registry problem when checking the scanning functions. The HP Error Reporting feature sometimes tries to send an error report to HP. The reporting program hangs at “initializing” and the error report never makes it to HP. I've been installing with OJ_AIO_P8500_A909_Full_Win_WW_140_408.exe. (downloaded twice)After uninstalling, I've used OJP8500vA909_Scrubber_14.exe - running uninstall.bat at least three times -- on some of the passes, the Install Uninstaller stops working.I've tried installing with startup programs disabled and non-Microsoft startup services unchecked in msconfig. The printer would not install using USB cable -- the installation hung (just one try).  All other attempts have been using Wi-Fi.   The printer and Solution Center work fine from other computers on the network - running XP and Windows 7. Any way to this printer working fully under Windows 8 Pro? Thanks   

    Follow the steps below Step one: Clear temp directory 1. On the Apps desktop right click the mouse, and select all apps. Type %temp% in the run app.2. Highlight all the files in this folder, and then press the delete key to delete. If you get a message that the file is in use you will need to skip this file(s).3. Continue with Step 2 below Step two: Downloaded and extracted to your system:1. Download the full feature software and drivers 2. Once the download is finished double click on the file to extract the software.3. When the installation window opens press the cancel button to stop the installation4. On the Apps desktop right click the mouse, and select all apps. Type %temp% in the run app.5. Look for, and open the folder starting with 7z (Example: 7zS2356)6. Right click on the folder, and select Copy7. Close that window, and all your open windows, and then in the middle of the desktop right click your mouse, and select Paste. This will move the 7z folder to your desktop.8. Open the 7z folder you just copied to your desktop9. Open folder Util10. Open folder CCC11. Run the uninstall_L412. When the uninstall has completed restart the computer13. Run Disk cleanup by holding down the Windows button and R at the same time to pull up the Run prompt and type cleanmgr.exe and press enter.  Select all the boxes and delete everything. Click on the link below regarding this tool and any disclaimers. Disk cleanup 14. Download and install the latest version of Adobe flash player Adobe Flash Player Update  15. Open the 7z folder, and then double click on the Setup.exe file which will be toward the bottom of the open window. Follow the on screen instructions to reinstall your printer. Let me know if you are able to successfully install the software and driver, and are able to print & scan? 

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g and eprint

    I have a HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g
    I want to print from my ipad and my samsung galaxy sIII . 
    I tried to set up the apps, but I can't find my printeres emailadress. I followed the instructions but find nothing. 
    From the hp-website this printer should be able to work with the apps, but how?
    Kind regards Thor

    The printer that you have listed will not have an ePrint email address because it does not support ePrint.  However you can use the ePrint app that is available when the app asks for email address choose skip.  In order to use the app you must make sure your wireless device is connected to the same network as your printer.  I am included a link for you to see ePrint supported printers and capabilities for each. 
    Let me know if this helps.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g seems to destroy printheads

    My wife and I have identical “HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g Series” (S/N: [Edited for Personal Information] for my printer) printers bought within several months of each other. We have owned the printers since late 2009.
    My printer quit printing cyan completely and magenta partially. I replaced both ink cartridges, which did not fix the problem.  I then removed the printheads and cleaned the electrical contacts with denatured alcohol and also cleaned the contacts in the printer.  This did not fix the problem either.
    So I “borrowed” the printheads from my wife’s identical printer and placed it into my printer. That didn’t fix the problem either.  When I put the borrowed printheads back into my wife’s printer, it immediately displayed the same symptoms as my printer (it wouldn’t print cyan at all and partially did not print magenta.
    The “Self Test Diagnostic Page” of both printers state that the printheads are “Good” in both printers.
    During the “Align Printer” task, the LCD on the printer displays a message indicating that the printhead(s) are bad.
    Question: is it possible that the printer itself is faulty and causing the printheads to permanently not work correctly?
    Second Question: If my printer is bad, what other similar models of all-in-one printers use the same ink cartridges?

    Hello Neil-in-Tucson,
    Welcome to the HP Forums.
    I see that you are having an issue with the Printheads on your printer.
    Are you seeing any error codes on the printers display screen?
    Please make sure that you have the printer power cable connected directly to a wall outlet and not a power bar/strip. Here is a document that uses a LaserJet printer as an example but it is meant for HP products in general. Please click on the following link that explains the Issues when Connected to an Uninterruptible Power Supply/Power Strip/Surge Protector.
    If you like, you can try calling HP's Technical Support to see about further options for you. If you are calling within North America, the number is 1-800-474-6836 and for all other regions, click here: click here. They will be able to get into more detailed troubleshooting.
    Thanks for your time.
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    W a t e r b o y 71
    I work on behalf of HP

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g Crashes My Internet

    I have an HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909g printer connected through a Netgear WNDR3400v2 router which is then shared through 3 computers all running Windows 7 Home Premium, in fact they are all identical. Now for the problem it seems that every time I turn on my printer, it seems to crash the internet, which is fine if your printing stuff offline, but when your trying to print stuff from the internet it is an issue. Before this point, it was nothing besides having to reinstall the printer periodically, although before it started crashing the internet it seemed that I had to reinstall the printer every time I wanted to print something.
    I first noticed it about 2 weeks ago, and just brushed it off at first, I thought that it was just a minor glitch, and it would work itself out, but apparently I was wrong. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
    If more information is required, please feel free to ask, so I can solve this problem.

    I was able to resolve this by assigning a static IP to the printer.
    Turn on the printer and have it connect to the wireless network, where it will find an IP address.
    After it is on the network
    From the front panel of the printer, go Tools (the wrench icon)
    Select Network
    Select Advanced Setup
    Select IP Settings
    Select Manual
    Select all the settings as they are.  Record the IP address that it has been assigned
    Log into the router admin screen
    Click on the Advanced Tab
    Under the Settings button, select Lan Setup
    Under Address Reservation, click Add
    All the devices on your network will be shown.  Select the one with the IP of the printer.
    Hit Add
    You may need to go back to the Basic Tab, Select Internet, and then select Test, just to re-establish the internet connection if it got lost at the beginning

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