Old folders show up in smaller font size

I have Jaguar era (10.2) files stored in a disk image (I actually imaged the entire harddrives from the 10.2 machine).
When I mount the disk image and copy out a folder of documents onto my 10.8 machine, everything goes fine.
However when I double click on that folder the resulting window's font changes to smaller size.
What is going here?  I presume this has something to do with resource forks, but I'd like to know exactly what the system is doing with these files.

Welcome to Apple Support Communities, lindabodyplex!
I downloaded, installed, and verified a new font and it still doesn't show up in Word.
Sounds like you used the Font Book app, but did you install it using "Add Fonts." (See screenshot by Eric Root.) By default, Font Book will install in your user library font folder (HD/Users/your name/Library/Fonts/), which will then be available only to you and not other users of the same computer. As for it not showing in Word, all applications, especially Microsoft applications including Office Reminders should be off (quit) before installation of fonts.
Did you reboot the computer?
You might try clearing the font cache with an app such as FontNuke.
Generally, fonts for Microsoft are located in one of two Libraries: (a) HD/Library/Fonts, or (b) HD/Library/Fonts/Microsoft/

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    Hi DenisonDoc,
    There is no option right now to set properties globally primarily for Text fields. You may make sure fields doesn't contain anything.
    Select all the text filed from the form and right click any of the selected field make sure all of them are selected choose properties --> Appearance there you can choose Font Size and Font type.
    - End users cant change size and type of font. It is up to designer.
    Ajlan Huda.

  • Adobe Form's First Page printing perfectly on 132 column sheet but further pages prints with small font size

    Dear All,
    We are facing a strange behavior of adobe form.
    we made form for SAP CRM which is printing in 132 column(28cm * 33cm) sheet. what we are observing is, first page is printing perfectly on the pre printed Invoice sheet but if invoice has more items to be displayed then second  page prints with small font size or you can say second page seems to be zoomed out to smaller page size. In Preview Second page onwards also looks perfect. Now we are in a fix what to do to come out of this issue.
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    Select paper Source by Page Size ticked in Adobe form properties
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    See my answers below:
    a) The size of the pages of PDF which you are printing. LETTER
    b) Does all pages of the PDF are of same size? YES
    c) What is the page size set in the Printer and what is the actual size of the paper which you have put in the tray? LETTER
    d) Does this problem also happens on the virtual printer which you might have on your system (Try either Microsoft MPS Document writer or Adobe PDF Printer) No VIRTUAL PRINTERS
    Thank you for attempting to help me with this... we have tried everything and haven't been able to resolve the problem.

  • Performance Assistance (F1) : very small Font size

    When we press a F1 key on any field. The Performance Assistance(help) pops up.
    1.The problem is the user cant read it as it has very small font size.
    How to change the font size and Make it Bigger.?? So it become Readable

    Hello Anupam,
    Please follow below steps to change the font :-
    1. Open SAP GUI
    2.Go to options
    3.Select SAP Signature Theme,
    4.Select Font and change the font
    5.Login into SAP.

  • Right side menu too small font size of letters in Windows 8.1 High DPI screen

    Hi, I just own a new laptop with Windows 8.1 and high resolution screen.
    When I start Adobe Reader, the document area seems to be readable, with "normal size fonts", but the options menú in the right side uses a very small fonts size and is hardly readable.
    I tried to change it using the Windows "change menu, title, icons size, but withpout success.
    Any solution for it?
    By the way, in a Lenovo Ideapad U430 Touch, there is not "magnyfying glass" combination key and the zoom function of the touch screen doesn't work either in that right side menu área (it works in the document area, not in the right side menu area).
    Any help will be welcomed.

    Hi, Pat, test done.
    Thanks for your suggestion, it was somehow helpful, or, let say, half and half.
    It was helpful in the way that when I opened the preferences Windows I was not able to see the full window, there was a part of the right side of the window that was out of the screen. So, when I changed the "scaling settings options and behaviour" from "Auto" (default value) to 100% everything was in the display.... So, this was of high help.
    BUT I was not able to find any way in all the suggested document for making the fonts used in the right window of the Adobe Reader, the one where the "Tools" and "Comments" menus are displayed more readable, bigger size, than the one that the product uses by default in the High DPI display.
    So, thanks for the suggested document that helped to solve the first point.
    Any other idea that could help for changing the fonts used in the "Tools" or "Comments" menu window?
    Thanks and kind regards.

  • My windows appear 'zoomed out'. That is, the display has small font sizes and lots of information in each window. This happened 'on it's own' one day when I logged in. How do I zoom it in again and keep it there?

    Example 1 - Yahoo email 'inbox' page.
    The font size of the list of emails in my yahoo email 'inbox', is about 8 (that is very small). In fact it is everything in the 'inbox' window except the adverts.
    The font size used to be 12 which is bigger and more easily readable.
    Example 2 - 'My ebay' summary page.
    To read the list of 'activities' to choose from on the left of the 'summary page' I have to scroll down for ages until the second activity appears and then scroll down for ages again to get to the third activity and so on. It's as though the summary page was 20 meters long.
    All the activities used to be on the left when I opened the summary page.
    It is as though some setting has changed with out me knowing. I don't know if this is relevant but I think it might have happened after I accepted a Java update.
    Thanks for whatever help is offered,

    To zoom in and out of a page, hit the CTRL and + (plus) or - (minus) keys.
    You can use the + or - keys either above the QWERTY keyboard, or the numerical keypad on the side.

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    Dear All,
    Every month after payroll run, the payslips are converted to pdf format with the help of standard program 'RSTXPDFT4'. But now when we are converting the file to pdf, the font size is coming too small to be read, though there is no truncation of data. No changes have been made recently and earlier it used to work fine.
    Please suggest how do I rectify this problem.

    Hi Soumyaprakash,
    Earlier when % size of pdf was 75 then also we got a clear view but now we have to go as high as 150% to get it readable. Even the printout is not readable.
    Please let me know how to check the font size. Also could this problem be due to some Basis setting?

  • Added large text but small font size ?

    I've used 48 pt text on my document, yet now it is showing as 9 pt even though the size of the text is still big.  Why is that?

    Text(Type) is very complex and pt size is very confusing it can be set to 72 points per inch or 72.27 points per inch and inches is relative to document resolution.  Text(Type) can also be set to Pixel which is an absolute value, set to millimeters a unit relative to resolution  or set set to point units which has one or another value which are relative to inche when inches is relative to resolution  pixel size.  In scripting the only way I seem to be able to do any calculations is to first save a document current resolution. Then change the document resolution to 72 pixels per inch, use type units set to points, Have Photoshop point  value set to 72 per inch  not  72.27 points per inch.  So there are 72 Pixels per inch and there are 72 pixel per inch.  Pixels and Point are currently the same size and number.   I then can seem to do the math add the text the size I want. I then  can restore the document to its original resolution and let Pixels and points go their the merry way.  It all make my head spin and ache.   It is simple to see how complex text is. Look at you Photoshop's Preference units page,  record an action that add a simple text layer.  Expand that action's "make text layer" step to get an idea of how complex text is. Even to record an action with a goot font size you need to know the document inches size. note the script is user to record the documents resolution into its metadata the Image size scale the image to a known width resample is not checked only the document resolution is changes pixels do not.  The add test let font size works foul image that are that known width.   Later that script is used again  by the action to remove the saved resolution recorded in the meta data and restores the document to its origional resolution size.


    WE just bought CS3 and when I open my Dreamweaver 8 html
    files the font sizes are all over the place. I use size 2 for my
    titles and size 1 for some of my copy. While in Design mode, the
    size 2 type is not readable. I checked my settings and everything
    is accurate. Funny thing is...when I preview in my browser the page
    is fine. I have built 5 divisional websites and I'm on the last
    one! I have been using these settings for years and now I can 't
    edit unless I use the magnifying glass. Is this a bug in CS3?
    Anyone else have this problem?
    I initially created these on a Mac in DW8, and we just
    switched over to PC's when we got the CS3. I don't see where this
    should be a problem since I have worked on these sites on both

    Seems this problem is not just affecting me!
    For a unsupported solution see this message:
    http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=12&catid=189&threadid =1269482&enterthread=y

  • Lost my extra small font size when i updated the p...

    was wondering how i could get my extra small font back. it was gone after a phone update a friend did on the n5310

    In addition to Jay's suggestion,
    Open TextEdit Preferences and select Wrap to Page, and see if that makes a difference.
    Also click on TextEdit > Page setup and just check to see if scale is set to 100%. It probably is. My guess is wrapping it to page should fix it.

  • Imported iPhoto pictures show as slightly smaller file size than they did i

    I imported my iPhoto library into Aperture (just about all JPEGs). It seems like Aperture reads each file as slightly smaller than iPhoto does -- for instance, 6.7 MB in iPhoto but 6.42 in Aperture. Is this just a function of how each program reads the file, or does the quality of the file become reduced by virtue of being copied into Aperture?

    My guess is that it is merely a difference in how the programs show you the size. 1 Kbyte is 1024 bytes, and 1 Mbyte is 1024 KBytes. Some people (even real computer scientists) want to claim that those numbers should be 1000 instead of 1024. Some people claim that a capital letter or a lower case letter changes the meaning of the abbreviation, too.
    If your file is 6.42 MBytes (for real), this is 6731857 bytes. If you do the "fake" math, 6731857/1000/1000 is 6.7.

  • Fonts hard to read at small font sizes in browser.

    Recently i switched to Arch 64-bit and everything seems fine but the fonts at some places.
    This is what they look like:
    This is my .fonts.conf:
    <?xml version='1.0'?>
    <!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM 'fonts.dtd'>
    <match target="font">
    <edit mode="assign" name="rgba">
    <match target="font">
    <edit mode="assign" name="hinting">
    <match target="font">
    <edit mode="assign" name="hintstyle">
    <match target="font">
    <edit mode="assign" name="antialias">
    I have installed ttf-ms-fonts, ttf-dejavu, ttf-liberation and ttf-tahoma.

    If I zoom out a bit in Firefox I get which isn't perfect but is quite readable.  The interesting thing is that I don't have the nasty looking serif font in the text box.  Is one of us missing an installed font?
    My /etc/fonts/local.conf
    <?xml version='1.0'?>
    <!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM 'fonts.dtd'>
    <!-- *** FONT ALIASES AND FIXES *** -->
    <!-- Fix poorly specified font family names -->
    <match target="pattern">
    <test name="family" target="default" compare="eq">
    <edit binding="strong" mode="prepend" name="family">
    <string>Trebuchet MS</string>
    <match target="font">
    <test name="family" qual="any">
    <edit mode="assign" name="family">
    <string>Trebuchet MS</string>
    <!-- *** FONT REPLACEMENTS *** -->
    <!-- Replace Arial with black weight with Arial Black -->
    <match target="pattern">
    <test name="family" target="default" compare="eq">
    <test name="weight" compare="more">
    <edit name="family" mode="prepend" binding="same">
    <string>Arial Black</string>
    <edit name="weight" mode="assign">
    <!-- *** BASE SETTINGS *** -->
    <!-- Check that these links to /etc/fonts/conf.avail exist in /etc/fonts/conf.d
    <match target="font">
    <edit name="lcdfilter" mode="assign">
    <edit name="antialias" mode="assign">
    <edit name="hintstyle" mode="assign">
    <edit name="embeddedbitmap" mode="assign">
    <!-- *** FONT-SPECIFIC VARIATIONS *** -->
    <!-- *** BASE VARIATIONS *** -->
    <!-- For bitmap fonts turn (auto)hinting off -->
    <match target="font">
    <test name="scalable" compare="eq">
    <edit name="hintstyle" mode="assign">
    <!-- For bold fonts turn (auto)hinting off -->
    <match target="font">
    <test name="weight" compare="more">
    <edit name="hintstyle" mode="assign">
    <!-- For italic fonts turn (auto)hinting off -->
    <match target="font">
    <test name="slant" compare="not_eq">
    <edit name="hintstyle" mode="assign">

  • Old folders showing recent modification dates

    I have several folders that I +have not touched for months+, and suddenly, they all have the same modification date & time. The files inside the folders have the correct dates on them (some are two years old). What gives? The only thing I can think of is that the dates are the same as a scheduled backup I do every week, but they've only been changed on a handful of folders inside the folder that I back up. And the backing up doesn't usually change the modification dates. So I 'm stumped. And aggravated.

    I have had the same thing happen to me a few times, and not sure the cause of it. I noticed it once right after I had repaired permissions on my system disk, yet the incorrect dates were on a completely different hard drive. That may have just been a coincidence.
    If anyone has suggestions, please reply.

  • Just bought the Mac Book Pro 17" - set up all OK but the applications are only showing on a small screen size, not full screen - the background is still visible as a margin - how do I take the view to full screen corner to corner so to speak.

    Just bought the Mac Book Pro for my photography  - set up and running last night, but the user screens ie Hot Mail, safari etc.. are only half size sat on the background - I have exhausted the help and calibration log...surel this must be simple to fix...any help out there..thanks..Paul.

    Have you just moved over from WIndows?
    This is standard on Macs. The ability to see more than one window at a time. Some apps - like iPhoto, Aperture etc - have a Full Screen mode. Check out the View menu.
    Drag the lower right hand corner to resize the window.

  • Font size very small on Facebook

    Hi, Just purchased a 7" A3300 Tab for my mom (85 years old - use tab to communicate with grand and great grand children). My problem is that even selecting the largest fonts in the settings still does not change the very small font size in Facebook. Can anybody help please otherwise the tab is useless to her and i just wasted lots of money.

    Ok I'm 65 years old and only read about rooting since I started looking for a solution to this problem. dpi I know. I must first find out how to root this device which I will. Thanks for your support.

Maybe you are looking for

  • How to track changes in Adhoc query?

    Hi all, We have requirement for retrofitting  the changes done in one Server to other, in the process the Changes in New server should not be overwritten.Currently for Adhoc queries - we're downloading from one server-  loading to the New server. Is

  • How can I stop iTunes in Windows 7 from coming to front when I am importing by inserting a CD?

    I've set iTunes (latest version as of this message) to "Import CD and eject" because I'm batch importing my CD collection. There's a delay of several seconds between when I insert a CD (after the last one was ejected) and when iTunes begins importing

  • Purchase order Adobe form

    Hi,   Is there a standard adobe form for Purchase order.   If it is there how do i configure the standard form to trigger on   Print preview of a purchase order and also how do I attach it   to the standard output type NEU. Regards

  • Shortcut key issue.

    Hi. i want to create shortcut keys in my apllication.please suggest me any valueable link so that i can do this task. Thanks & Regards Nisha

  • MBP won't re-install Tiger  - shuts withs Kernel panic

    Hello everybody! My Problem started some days ago: My MBP started shutting down with Kernel-panics while closing iPhoto. A week ago it wouldn't even start up. Since then it displays the "Restart your Computer"-message approximately 10 seconds after s