One line item in po from multiple line items of Purchase Requisition

Can we merge multiple line items for same item from different different purchase requisition into a single line item in Purchase Order ?
For example, say department A and B made two different purchase requisition for 1 number of computer system. Now the purchaser viewed these requisitions and he want to make a purchase order to party X for 2 no of computer system. Now how he can do this in Oracle Purchasing.
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Hi !
thanx to all for your responses.
But, let me explain better.
Say Dept A raises an Requisition (Req No: 1 ) for 5 Chairs. In the same time Dept. B raises requisition (req no: 2 ) for 10 chairs.
Now Purchase Dept. wants to make an PO to procure chair with respective to these 2 requisitions i.e. req no 1 from dept A and req no 2 from Dept B.
Now my query is that, can the purchase dept. prepare a PO with 1 line item only i.e. for chair (5+10) of 15 numbers from these requisitions of dept A and B ?
If yes then how ?

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  • Using ME57 to create an RFQ from multiple lines on multiple PRs

    When using ME57 to create RFQs how can I select multiple line items from multiple purchase requisitions to turn into a single RFQ. If I select multiple lines and then use 'RFQ with Vendor', it only selects one line item.  After further research it appears that you can only create only line at a time (very time consuming). 
    If you use ME41 and create with reference to PR then you can not sort or filter columns to allow for easy consolidation.
    Another forum recommended the following when using ME57 which works but it again adds extra steps to the process.
         The whole process is as follows -
         1) When you are in the 'Assign and Process Purchase Requisition' screen, select related PR and then click on 'Without Vendor' icon to flag all PRs for RFQ processing.
         2) Select these PRs again and click further on 'Assignment Overview' icon (Shift and F5). The next screen will appear - Assign and Process requisitions - Overview of Assignments screen.
         3) Select the 'PReq' column and then click further on 'Process Assignment' icon (F2). The next screen will appear where you have to maintain the 'quotation deadline' information.
         4) Then click on 'Continue' icon (enter).
    So is there any way to either 1) enable sorting of data in ME41 or 2) use ME57 to create one RFQ from multiple line items of multiple purchase requisitions when selecting 'RFQ with Vendor'.

    What is the JPEG specs? What are the specs of the project you're working in?

  • Multiple account assignment in purchase requisition

    when we are using multiple account assignment in purchase requisition we are getting following messege:
    error 1 : "Distr. ind. and partial invoice ind. must be set for multi acct. assgt."
    error 2 : "Multi acct. assgt. not allowed for ind. cust. req. or engineer-to-order"
    please suggest if i need to change configuration...

    error 1 : "Distr. ind. and partial invoice ind. must be set for multi acct. assgt."
    OME9- change the options other than nil, in distribution and partial invoice option, according to the requirement
    error 2 : "Multi acct. assgt. not allowed for ind. cust. req. or engineer-to-order"
    -can u check the system messages.
    (seems u r using M account assignment)
    OME9- activating the multiple account setting, and other fields depends on your business requirement.
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  • 1 line item in invoice for Multiple line items of SO

    Hi SD Gurus,
    My client requirement is multiple line items of the sales order should reflect as a single line item in the invoice ..?
    For ex: I am using Service material type Dien & material created under different material groups.
    My Sales order looks somthing like below with material no & amount:
    10  Testing charges    10$     material group xx1
    20  Baking charges     20$     material group xx2
    30  Scan/Taping          20$    matierial group xx1
    Now in the invoice its should reflect only with 1 line item with the whole amount 50$.
    Kinldy let me know how  this requriement can be fullfilled.

    Dear Rahul
    I think you can apply Rate Routing for this.
    A rate routing is a routing for repetitive manufacturing. It enables you to easily reproduce the lean production process.
    In the rate routing, the production rate per operation is defined (production time according to a base quantity). Set-up time is not usually defined, since no changes to setup are planned.
    However, you can also use standard routings. A standard routing represents the various steps of production (such as setup, processing, teardown and so on), operation by operation, if necessary with suboperations.
    A rate routing does, however, offer all the same functions as a standard routing.
    If you use the same standard value key for all the work centers on the line, the system copies the descriptions of the standard values to the routing as the column headings of the operation overview.
    If you use different standard value keys for the work centers, the system copies the descriptions into the routing that is entered in the control data for the routing in Customizing.
    To create a Rate Routing, follow the steps as under:-
    1)  Starting from the main Line Design menu, choose Rate routing --> Create.
           The system displays the initial screen for rate routings.
    2)  Enter the plant, the material and in the field Group, the group to which you want to assign the rate routing.
    3)  Choose Enter.
         The system displays the screen Header details.
    4)  Enter the following data:
             => the routing description
             => the plant
             => the usage of the rate routing, i.e.production
             => the status, i.e. released
             => the unit of measure of the materials to be produced
    5)  Save your rate routing.
    You have created the rate routing. Continue creating the main production line and if necessary, feeder lines.
    You can also take the help of your PP guy for this.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Extract/Scan for numbers from multiple lines of strings

    Hi All,
    I would like to extract numbers (the data) obtained from a serial acquisition which will be shown in multiple line of strings:
    $#pressure 20
    [email protected] 100
    #voltage 1.2
    I want to extract 20,100 and 1.2 so that I can do further data manipulation. Should I use match regular expression ? I could not get a proper regular expression to extract the numbers.
    Thank you !
    Go to Solution.

    pokerprof wrote:
    Hi there! Yes your method works, but it would be better if we can keep all the data into an array separated to pressure, temperature and voltage since we are continuously acquiring data. 
    Can we put it into array ?
    Pressure   Temperature   Voltage
    20                    100          1.2
    21                    101           1.2
    Whose method? You don't say who you are referring to (and if you don't quote at least part of a message, we don't know unless you tell us).
    This is no time to keep your cards close to your chest, pokerprof .
    To err is human, but to really foul it up requires a computer.
    The optimist believes we are in the best of all possible worlds - the pessimist fears this is true.
    Profanity is the one language all programmers know best.
    An expert is someone who has made all the possible mistakes.
    To learn something about LabVIEW at no extra cost, work the online LabVIEW tutorial(s):
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    Learn to Use LabVIEW with MyDAQ

  • Using pathfinder to cut out a shape from multiple lines

    There is a probably a really easy answer to this but i cant find it. I have created an area of 'pinstripe' pattern using multiple lines equally spaced and alligned etc, i've then placed a rectangle shape on top of these lines and want to extract the rectangle from the lines so that i am only left with the pinstripe pattern in the area of the rectangle.Hope this makes sense, couldn't think of a better way of describing it !

    I do this all the time! Peter's suggestion is the best/only way I've found. Anything like you're describing, needs illustrator if you need more than what "Paste Into" does.
    Pathfinder in InDesign won't work with your pattern if it's made from lines (but will if it's made from boxes), as long as you don't create the file past page 12 ( see this thread: ).

  • STO generated from TLB without reference of Purchase Requisition

    Dear SAP Gurus,
    We are using TLB to generate STO from confirmed Purchase Requisition from Deployment execution and the Stock Transfer Orders are generated in the ECC side without reference to the purchase requisition.
    Do you know how to solve this issue?
    Thanks and BR

    Did something similar on a 4.0a system years ago, maybe this will help.
    My notes say:
    PO create, stock transfer order
    enter order type (ours was customized version - probably so that the copy rules from PR - PO were set correctly)
    Create with reference to P.Req.
    on the pop-up box remove the 'U' (think that was the key bit)
    select item, copy +details
    Save, STO created

  • Can one enter different payment terms on multiple lines of PO

    Hi All,
    Would it be possible to enter 2 different payment terms for 2 different lines on a purchase order. Say for example on item line 1 i want a payment term of Immediate and on item line 2 i would want it be 30Net.
    Assuming i would recieve 2 invoice for this PO one for line 1 and another for the 2nd one. Please let me know if this is a supported functionality/scenario.

    Terms is at the header level.
    Create 2 POs instead.

  • Parse HTML from Multiple Lines of Text

    Does anyone know if there's a way to extract the text from a Multi-line text enterprise custom field? I'm using the OData feed to read this field into an Excel report, and the text is being returned (from Project Online) with HTML. I'm trying to either retain
    the formatting in Excel or strip the HTML from the field value.
    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Hi Roland,
    See this
    similar thread, advicing to create a macro.
    Hope this helps,
    Guillaume Rouyre, MBA, MVP, P-Seller |

  • How to sum values from multiple lines in a DataTable?

    I have a Lookout program which uses a DataTable to allow users to write basic programs (relay on/off times, which relays change state, and pause times).  The DataTable cursor position changes to advance from one program stage to another.  
    What I would like to do is sum up the times from all the various stages.  Can anyone suggest how I might iterate through the DataTable using Lookout alone?  

    I have tried to make 'loops' similar to that one but Lookout shows a message that iterations or loops for a variable are not allowed.
    You can use a sequencer but there are 2 inconvenients:
    1.- For a fast computer every step of the sequencer cannot be faster than 0.1 - 0.2 seconds. If you have many iteraciones, it will take some time.
    2.- The sequencer object has a maximimum of 100 steps.
    Ryan S. Here are questions for you:
    1.- Is there a way to add in the lks file statements and or functions using existing variables? What can be done and what not?
    2.- Is there a way to insert comments in the lks file?
    Thanks in advance.
    Rudy Lopez

  • Multiple Document Types For Purchase Requisition For Different Order Types

    Dear SAP Gurus,
    I want to have different document types of Purchase Requisition for different Order types.
    For Example:
    for Order Type ZT01- Document Type used should be YR01
    for Order Type YA01- Document Type used should be ZR01
    How could this be achieved?

    Kindly check the user exit for the same
    COZF0001 or COZF0002

  • How to assign values from multiple output(cursor) to fields(line item-one below other) in forms??

    Hi all,
    I have a Form which has text_field columns as below , created from table RECEIVED_FORM_15G. This table is blank.
    1)     CUST_CODE with 1 line item. (Number of Items displayed=1)
    2)     ACCT_FD_NO with 10 line items. (Number of Items displayed=10)
    There are more than 1 ACCT_FD_NO for 1 CUST_CODE.
    When i enter the CUST_CODE and press tab, all the values of ACCT_FD_NO must get displayed. I am taking ACCT_FD_NO values from another table called KEC_FDACCT_MSTR
    and want to display ACCT_FD_NO, one below other (line item). So i put in the following code:
              :ACCT_FD_NO :=CUR_R.ACCT_FD_NO;
           END LOOP;
    But the problem is i'm not able to display the captured value in next consecutive line items.
    It is getting displayed in first & second line item only.
    The first value gets displayed in first line item, then the cursor moves from first line item to second line item,
    the second value gets displayed in the second line item, (this is because of NEXT_RECORD in my code)
    later all the values are getting displayed in the second line item only. (I checked it using message call.)
    I want it to display one below the other.
    The problem is the cursor is not moving to third line item after the second line item.
    So the remaining values gets displayed in the second line item only.
    So what is wrong in my code??
    Where should i place the next_record to make the cursor move from one line item to next line item i.e from second line item to third line item
    & third line item to fourth line item & so on....  Please let me know.
    Thank You.
    Oracle Forms Builder 6i
    Oracle 9i.

    The above code is right..
    The only mistake was In the property palette of CUST_CODE, "required" was not set to "Yes" .
    So after setting required to 'YES' , it worked perfectly fine.

  • One order with multiple lines in OM is creating multiple invoices

    Application: Oracle 11i (11.5.3)
    Modules implemented: GL, OM, AR, AP, PO and CM
    Business Requirement:
    Our client would like to create Order consisting of multiple lines in Order Management.
    The Orders created in OM with multiple lines could be booked, picked, released and transferred
    over to Accounts Receivable. On transferring over the Orders from Order Management to Accounts
    Receivables using Auto Invoice process the Order should create ONE invoice with multiple lines.
    Moreover, for the multiple lines created on an invoice deferred revenue could be applied.
    ( eg. An order is placed for software and support. The support is to be invoiced all at once but revenue deferred to 1/12
    recognized each month as revenue is earned.)
    Right now we are getting two invoices. It is putting the deferred revenue item on a seperate invoice. Is this normal
    functionality? How can I get both on one invoice.

    Hello Monique,
    Well you can have one invoice generated for an order with multiple lines. This is possible by changing some rules in Account Receivables. Use the grouping rules under setups->autoinvoice in AR. You can club your invoices based on any of the columns of ra_interface_lines_all. Hope this works for you.

  • Document attachment multiple lines PO

    Hi there,
    Does anyone know if it is possible to see an indicator at item overview level on a PO to indicate that there is an attachment?
    Using the document management system, it is possible to attach documents at an item level. This is done by clicking on the "document" icon at item level. The icon is underneath the item overview and is a picture of a document with a paper clip.
    However, if I have several lines on a PO, I would like to be able to see on the item overview which ones have a document attached. Otherwise, I have to select each line individually, click on the "document" icon and see if there is a document.
    Has anyone seen how this can be done? (e.g. if a line is deleted on a multiple line PO, the "trash" icon appears next to each line in the overview)
    ANy thoughts appreciated. I have searched SAPfans, SDN and OSS and have found nothing so far.

    I have activated DMS , but NOT able to attach Documents in PO , but i am able to attach at material master level . Can you help to resolve this .
    Rgds : Paresh

  • Multiple lines of Condition types in Purchase order header

    Dear Consultants,
            We assigned certain condition types in the access sequences. This access sequence has 4 condition tables. User can maintain condition records at any level; viz SiteArticle OR Deli.CountryHTS code OR Deli.CountryHTS codeShippingCountry OR Pur.OrgVendorMC level
    However, once these condition types are determined at item level in PO, the total of condition amount at header level is not summed up in one line, and is displayed in multiple lines i.e as many conditions for an item as many lines.
    The client wants all the amounts for a condition type for an item to be displayed in single line. Could someone please suggest some solution???


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