One Page Scrolling Site with anchors and a navigation bar with submenus

I create a one page scrolling site with some anchors.
Now I want to have a navigation bar with submenus, i.g. one navigation leads to "projects", but within projects I need 6 submenus for every project.
How can I realize this in muse?

Create a Manual menu and link to the anchors.
Widgets Library/Menus/Horizontal
In the Options pull out screen: Menu Type: Manual
Mark each menu box you create and link to the specific anchor.
Refer to this section of a site I created that mimics what you want done:

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    I've created a one page scrolling site, my problem comes up when I added anchors. Seems that whenever the button brings me to the anchor it moves my page horizontally as well as vertically. I haven't had this happen before.
    The page is
    Thanks for any help.

    Hi Dan,
    In Muse, when you click on a link to an anchor, Muse tries to align the anchor point to the top left of the browser, that is why you see a vertical shift. To fix this, I will recommend that you align your anchors to the browser's left margin.
    - Abhishek Maurya

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    There is more to a PHP page than just changing the extension from .html to .php. You can trick the server into processing the PHP code in an HTML file. Here is an explanation. Basically you add a single line to your .htaccess file on the web server.

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    I downloaded a one page scrolling template from but it is so slow that I can't even type into text boxes without waiting at least 45 sec. Is there a known issue with MUSE right now or is it related to the template?

    Hi Julie,
    I have seen many cases where that actually is the reason why Muse works slow. It freezes, as evertime it try to access the asset it takes long. Is it possible that you can move them to the same folder as the .muse file is and then check if Muse still runs slow.
    Please update this post with your findings, thanks !
    - Abhishek Maurya

  • My default home page does not come up and my navigation bar is grayed out. I can't seem to fix it.

    In the last few days, I have noticed that when I open my browser, I don't get my default home page, even though it shows under my options. When I conduct a search, I have navigation buttons, but once I open a page from the search engine results page, I have no navigation anymore. They are all grayed out.

    This can be caused by a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.
    It is also possible that there is a problem with the files [ sessionstore.js] and sessionstore.bak in the [ Profile Folder]
    Delete [ sessionstore.js] and sessionstore.bak in the [ Profile Folder]
    * Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Open Containing Folder
    If you see files sessionstore-##.js with a number in the left part of the name like sessionstore-1.js then delete those as well.
    Deleting sessionstore.js will cause App Tabs and Tab Groups to get lost, so you will have to create them again (make a note).

  • Windows doesn't like my 1 page scrolling site containing some flash.Please

    Please would anyone with a PC be kind enough to try my one page scrolling site that I am testing:
    I am quite keen on the idea of a big one page site that you scroll vertically and horizontally.  I am testing some flash content (3 pages down, 1 & 2 across) which works perfectly well in Safari, Firefox, Opera  but I recently tried it in Explorer after loading Parallels on my mac and it does strange things on the row with the flash.
    Most people I know have macs so I don't know whether the problem is with my set up or whether PCs in general will not cope.
    Anybody any idea why?  I will take out all the flash if it means PCs are going to have problems.

    Well..I went to your site again today and to be yet honest yet again it is SLOW! I have one off the fastest connections to date (for my line of work) and I lost my patience waiting. With today's standards on speed it was slow. I will also hate to tell you that your idea of such a large one page site is not new. This is why the web is what it is today. Studies have shown that users lose their patience with scrolling which is why you are seeing more and more sites even trying to avoid vertical scrolling. If you look around the web you will also notice that content such as text are also getting narrower within pages...meaning that the users eye does not like to travel long distances west to east while reading text. Shorter lines and longer columns of text are much easier to read...much like a newspaper.
    Those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to usability and functionality issues with large one page layouts. I have not even mentioned the issues with mobile devices that it would have (which is the true future for us all web designers).
    As far as the new Apple Mouse. Mice have been able horizontal scroll for years so that is nothing new...that is just another case where Apples marketing has made it sound like a fantastic refreshing idea. Just because something can do something does not mean it is good. I have a horizontal scrolling mouse and never use it.
    I don't mean to crash your party. The site does look good and I also tested it in IE8 an 7 and seems the flash is ok so I'm not sure of the issue your are having. I think the site would be a much better place in pages.
    Good luck

  • Active state not working in scrolling site (with anchor links)

    I'm design a scrolling site with anchor links and an horizontal menu on the top.
    when i publish the site and click on the menu buttons the site scrolling to the place of the anchor but the active state in the menu is not working.
    now... when i leave the main page (were the scrolling site is) and then return back to it all active states are working perfectly
    anyone have this bug? or any one know how to fix it ?

    Hmmm...I've just been playing around, and I think I got the Active State to work correctly.  I think my problem was not understand what Active State means.
    To answer your question, I was changing the Font Color and Box Fill Color of the Active State.
    I did not understand that Active State means the look of the Menu Item when the PAGE is active.  I thought it meant the look of the Menu item when the cursor is scrolling down the Menu (i.e. when the MENU is Active, not the page).
    Look at this page for an example of what I'm trying to achieve...
    When you hover over the "Work" menu item, and move the cursor down the menu, the state of "Work" remains changed until you move the cursor off of that menu column. It does NOT return back to it's Normal state until you are off of that menu column.
    Is there a way to achieve this with the menu states in Muse?
    Thanks for the replies!

  • Creating a 1 page scrolling site - problems with the final section scrolling too far

    I have created a 1 page scrolling site that works fine apart from the final section, which scrolls too far. My site is made up of a pinned headr, a pinned footer, and 4 sections (defined by rectangles - each one 1011 pixels high). I have used scroll effects to bring the items in and out.
    The site can be viewed here: Home
    The problem is with the contact us section, where you seem to be able to scroll further than the bottom section.
    These are my document set up settings:
    so my height is set to 4042 (though I have tried it with 4044 - 4x1011 - it makes no difference. When I click on the link to the contact section it looks fine, but I then seem to be able to scroll further down, and this seems dependant on the monitor / browser size. The problem is more pronounced with a smaller monitor / browser size in height.
    I have tried everything I can think of to make it not scroll beyond what the anchor takes it to when I click on the link, but whatever I do the problem seems to persist.
    I would welcome any suggestions on this, and also any general feedback on the site. But help with the problem first please.
    Many Thanks in advance - I would be happy to post the muse file but cannot seem to find a way to do this.

    Thanks for the help. Is there a way that I can upload the file for someone to look at - I have tried your suggestion but cannot find any empty text boxes or anything at the bottom. I have gone top right and tried the upload file section but it tells me that I am not allowed the create the content.
    Actually i'll put it in dropbox and share it that way.
    Dropbox - YESS2.muse
    Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me can see what I have done wrong - it is my first time doing a 1 page scrolling site so it might be a school boy error

  • Updating my one page web site

    I made a one page web site: Inbal Kaplan
    It is made with anchors that lets you click an image or a menu item and it scrolls smoothly across the page.
    The problem is that in order to update the site (i.e add image to the middle of the page), I have to move all anchors and all images manually.
    Is there a way to build the site in a different manner that will allow easier update process?
    For example, have a different page for each category for easy editing, and have them all finely add up to a single page?
    Thanks for the help

    Hi Dan,
    In Muse, when you click on a link to an anchor, Muse tries to align the anchor point to the top left of the browser, that is why you see a vertical shift. To fix this, I will recommend that you align your anchors to the browser's left margin.
    - Abhishek Maurya

  • One-page scrolling website not displaying correctly on Dell computers

    I am having issues with my current one-page scrolling website displaying correctly on Dell computers. I am able to view it perfectly on a MAC. How do I make sure the website will open correctly on different screen monitors? My current page properties W: 1020 H: 31281. Do I need to recreate the document with a smaller page width? Some of my images within the website appear larger on certain screens and smaller on others. Is this common?

    Kindly share the link to the website, that will make it easier to understand the problem, if any.

  • How do you make a page scroll horizontally with mouse wheel?

    As the title says, how do you make a page scroll horizontally with mouse wheel in edge animate?

    This should get you there
    1. Load the mousewheel min script via CDN (jquery-mousewheel - - the missing cdn for javascript and css)  into the Scripts Panel;
    2. Add the provided snippet into your Stage > compositionReady event handler.

  • Single page web site with 6 sections

    I need to create a single page web site with 6 sections. How do I set the page height/width? What are the settings I need to get started?

    You can set your page width in the Site properties  but generally you don't need to as the default setting works well. The height will be determined by your content.

  • Just upgraded  iWeb app to version 3.0.4 from an iLife 11 disk. I like some of the newer features but it seems to have one glitch: when I upload the pages to my ftp server, the automatic navigation bar at the top of the page disappears. Any ideas?

    Just upgraded my old iWeb app to version 3.0.4 from an iLife 11 disk. I like some of the newer features but it seems to have one glitch: when I upload the pages to my ftp server, the automatic navigation bar at the top of the page disappears. Any ideas? Thanks.

    Looks like a couple scripts are missing:
    If you republish the entire site iWeb should recreate these for you...
    I don't use the built-in navigation. I usually just create my own:

  • Cant see the page links text in my main & side navigation bars

    I published my site to Mme yesterday and I have noticed a few problems have come up. The main problem is my main and side navigation bars. In the top nav bar you cant see all the page links text, they should show up in white. I can only see them when you roll over the page name (this is in grey) and that is the rollover colour. Not sure what to do to get the text colour to stay white all the time so it is always seen once it's been clicked. It just disappears, but is still there if you roll over it
    My side nav bar, the text should also all be white and when you roll over it turns red. For some reason when you click on the page link it turns grey and stays grey. I also want the page links to stay white once clicked on
    Please check out my site, you would understand my situation better. I know there are other issues I have to sort out on my site which I am dealing with but this problem with the nav bars have stumped me

    I didn't notice anything unusual with any of your links. Their color is set with this file:

  • Need help with Firefox display issue on one page of site

    I have a page that W3C validates, displays properly in IE and Netscape, but does not display properly in Firefox. The issue is with a style class applied to the inner centered table. class= "vert_table" This class works on all of the other pages in the site, but not in this one.
    The page:
    The issue:
    < table class="vert_table" width="760" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="center" bgcolor="#f1ebe8" >
    The vertical rule does not display, and further down the page a dark left-right border appears starting with this text.
    my mother, when I was wasting my life away not knowing who I was,
    and ends with:
    Mojin: (hugging him) I don't expect you to love me. I just want you to live, that's all.
    I have been looking through this code for two days, searching for any offending omission in code or redundancy that would break the page. I've searched for missing div tags but none are apparent to me. I'm hoping someone with fresh eyes can spot it right away.
    It's odd that the page validates but Firefox cannot display it properly.
    Sample page of code working properly:
    Any help is appreciated.

    Hi Jim, thanks for the reply. Your suggestions sound interesting but I'd like to figure out why this particular page doesn't work when all of the others do. I'm sure it's just a little code thing that I'm overlooking.
    I could revert back to a saved page, but I updated text and images on this page before the verticle border broke, so I don't want to lose those edits. And that is why I'd like to fix this one instead of redesigning the page.
    BTW, I forgot to mention in my first post, GoLive CS, W2K.

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