Opening Dashboard Page in New Window While Passing Prompt Values

Currently it is not possible to open a dashboard page in a new window AND have the prompt values from a prior page pass to this page. I see one or the other can be accomplished but not both. Is there a way this can be acheived somehow or is there a workaround for this?

You are correct. The "Link or Image" object does not pass the dashboard prompt values, though it allows the destination dashboard to be opened up in a window.
Here is a workaround.
1) Place the link in a "Guided Nav. Link" object and set the destination dashboard and desired report. With the prompt set up correctly (i.e., dashboard scope, set to PV, destination report column filtered to receive the PV), the destination report will be filtered on the prompt as desired.
2) I noticed (and maybe this is why you wish the "new window"), there is no "return" link on the destination report. To fix this, in the destination dashboard, add a Text object to the dashboard. In the properties, paste the code below and make sure to check off "Contains HTML markup." This will produce a "Return" button on the dashboard.
<input type="button" value="Return" onclick="history.back();">
Now, when the user selects the prompt and clicks on the link, the prompt is passed to your second dashboard. When the user wishes to return, he/she can click on the "Return" button and return to the primary dashboard.

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    I have a page where in there are many PPR events implemented.
    Apart from this i have content container region where in there are help links each of which is OALinkBean .
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    I wanted to open these help links in different windows (as these would display some data to the user ie not transaction based)
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    when the page loads, it gets rendered fine along with the content container with help links in it.
    When i click on the link, it will open the correspoding OAF page in new window. - fine upto this
    On the main page, when i do any form submit, it is throwing me server side validation like "attribute xyz required in xyzVO".
    This happens when ever i click on the link to open a new window.
    Not sure if something needs to be handled to avoid doing this server side validations.
    I have disabled server side validations too on the link bean.
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    Hi All.. I am also facing the similar issue... actually the second page is VO or EO has no relation with the mail PAGE.. Second page is completely independent... but issue is that whenever i do any operation in first page after open the 2nd page the VO of the main page is geting quried without any condition.... i have a search screen and after conducting search if i try to open the second page and do any operation in the main page the whole value from vo will be shown in the page...... that is causing multiple issues....
    Plzz help as it is very urgent.....

  • How to open a new OAF page in new window while clicking submit button

    Dear All
    I am facing one problem.I have to pass some parameter in new page only after validation.I can't do validation in processRequest bacause I perform validation after clicking the submit button.
    So I have to write redirect code in processForm Request. I can not use simple "Button" bean since I have to set destination uri which could be set only in processRequest.But I can not pass parameter with it in process request.
    Thats why I have decided to use submit button but there is not target frame option in property inspector,So I am not able to open it in new window.
    Kindly give me some suggestion .
    Thanks in Advance

    u can use submit button. U need to handle submit button press in processFormRequest method.
    // validate your parameter
    if parameter u capturing are valid then...
    pageContext.setForwardURL(func, params ...............) // check devguide for details
    if u want to access these parameter in second page . you can write this logic to processRequest of target page.
    U can refer toolbox tutorial drilldown and createpage examples for implementation details.

  • How to open page in new window while handling event on link.

    Hi all
    I have a requirement where page should be opened in new window when I click on link.My item style is 'link'.Despite of mentioning target frame _blank, I m not able to open it in new window.I m handling event by setting Action Type as fireAction.I hope this might be the reason because of that this happened. Can somebody suggest some solution so that I can open it in new window.

    Hi ,
    though i am not able to answer, i can get some answer for my question.
    How the link item is handled thru the ActionType and event in the Client Action..?
    The reason for this question is that we are trying to extend the customer search page in AR - EBSR12. there the search result page has the Account Name as a link and the Action event says viewAccountName and the action type says firePartialAction. I am trying to understand this so that i can add more parameters to the link so that i can use them in the target page of the link..
    Any help is appreciated..

  • Opening A Link In New Window, While Leaving The Existing Webpage Open

    When I click on a link in a page, I want a new window to open with the contents of that link, leaving the 'linked from' page still open on my monitor. I don't want the existing 'linked from' page disappearing when the 'linked to' page opens on top of it. I don't think that in Internet Explorer, which I was using before, that the previous page disappeared in the way it does on Safari. I continually find myself losing the page I want to keep while I open another. In Preferences>General, I have tried to set Safari up to work the way I describe above, but I can't seem to find the right default procedure.
    How do I leave the departure window open, and below the arrival window, when clicking a link from the former to the latter?

    the only way I know of the is to go to file and click for a new Window.
    Sounds like tabs maybe your thing, from Safari's Helpviewer. for more info look there.......
    To turn on tabbed browsing, choose Preferences from the Safari menu and click Tab. Select Enable Tabbed Browsing.
    To open a link or bookmark in the bookmarks bar in a new tab, hold down the Command key and click the item, or hold down the Control key, click the item, and choose Open in New Tab from the shortcut menu.
    To open a bookmark collection in the bookmarks bar or a folder of bookmarks in the Bookmarks Library in tabs, hold down the Control key, click the collection or folder, and choose Open in Tabs from the shortcut menu.
    If you select the Auto-Click checkbox for a folder in the bookmarks bar, then you can open all the bookmarks in the folder in tabs by clicking the folder name in the bookmarks bar.
    To open a webpage in a new tab, choose New Tab from the File menu and type the address for the page.
    To close a tab, click the close button in the tab.
    To quickly switch between tabs, press Command-Shift-[ and Command-Shift-].
    To show a webpage that is in a tab and close all other tabs, hold down the Option key and click the close box in the tab you want to remain open.
    When you click a link in a page you are viewing in a tab, the page opens in the current tab. Click the Back and Forward buttons in the address bar to scan pages you have opened in a tab.
    If you choose a page from the History or Bookmarks menu, the page opens in the current tab.
    Hope it helps you do what i think you are looking for.

  • Open a page in new window

    I have created an iView and a Page to open in a new window and am getting a Portal Runtime Error (as shown below) when I click on the link in detail navigation. However surprisingly in the "Preview" and if I open the same iView in the portal content area, then everything works fine. What could be going wrong? 
    Thanks very much for the help.
    Portal Runtime Error
    An exception occurred while processing a request for :
    iView : N/A
    Component Name : N/A
    iView not found: pcd:portal_content/com.wyeth.folder.wyethcontent.folder_wyethcontent/com.wyeth.folder.developercontent.folder_developercontent/com.wyeth.Aniruddh/InsideWyeth_Desktop/frameworkPages/frameworkpage/
    Exception id: 11:10_16/12/05_0012_876763850
    See the details for the exception ID in the log file

    Hi Anriruddh,
    a page and an iView - where the iView is set on the page? One should be enough (the page)?! Try that.
    Anyhow, the error message says that it cannot find the sap-contentarea within your structure. Double check if the path exists:
    In addition, check the default.trc for the exception ID, as it has been told you: "See the details for the exception ID in the log file".
    Hope it helps

  • Opening OA page in new window with parameters

    Hi all,
    Hi need to open a new page in a new window with some parameters to be passed to that page.
    Here is the code i have written.
    But i am not sure how to pass parameter in java script string
    String userid = new Integer(pageContext.getUserId()).toString();
    OAButtonBean go = (OAButtonBean) webBean.findChildRecursive("go");
    String url1 = "javascript:openWindow(top,'OA.jsp?page=/aos/oracle/apps/per/payslip/webui/AGSBPaySlipPG&userid={@userid}, null, {width:750, height:550},false, null, null);void(0);";

    hi mani,
    I didn't got wat u meant by binding the attribute.
    I tried another way.
    I had a OAButtonBean GO
    I have 2 messagechoices one for month and another for year
    So in page A in month it shows Jan in starting (till Dec) and in year it shows 2006 as per the picklist view attribute. Also I have attached the VO and view attribute for both the messagechoices.
    Now in the setDestination of the GO button i have url of my pageB with retainAM=Y and target frame as _blank.
    So i select "Oct" from messageChoice and year as 2006 and click GO but still when it goes to pageB and when i try System.out.println(<the view object attribute value>)
    i get "Jan" instead of "Oct". Below is the code in pageB i am using to get the value of the month from VO
    MonthVOImpl monthVO = (MonthVOImpl)pslip.getMonthVO();
    //pslip is AM object
    RowSetIterator monthrowsetiterator = monthVO.findRowSetIterator("monthvo");
    if (monthrowsetiterator == null)
    monthrowsetiterator = monthVO.createRowSetIterator("monthvo");
    // monthrowsetiterator.reset(); I NEED TO COMMENT THIS OUT - RIGHT ??
    MonthVORowImpl monthrow = (MonthVORowImpl);
    String month = monthrow.getMonth().toString();
    So how do i resolve this issue. I thought that retaining the AM will take care of the value which i am selecting in the messagechoice in pageA.
    Any ideaz??

  • Won't open web page in new window

    Ever since the 5.0 upgrade when I click on a tab to open in a new window firefox just opens a blank new window. This is driving me crazy. So if I have 5 tabs going and say I want to watch a youtube video on my other monitor while I'm doing something else, I right click on the tab and click on open in new window and i just get a blank window. So I have to copy and paste the address in the new blank window. I am about to switch to google chrome its very inconvenient.
    Cindy Jervis

    There are some Flash objects on the web page.
    * "Clear the Cache": Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage (Cache): "Clear Now"
    * "Remove the Cookies" from sites that cause problems: Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: "Show Cookies"
    Start Firefox in [[Safe Mode]] to check if one of the add-ons is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Add-ons > Themes).
    * Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.
    * [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]

  • Opening OA page in new window using Image Bean

    Hi All,
    We have a requirement to open a new window in one of our application. It is working when I use a link but I am not able to achieve the same functionality with an image bean. Is it possible to achieve this using an image bean?
    Thanks in advance,

    If you wanna use imagebean, you would have to attach action using bound values API and open secondary window in OAF.Here is the same ple code:
    OAImageBean btn= (OAImageBean)webBean.findChildRecursive("<item id of image icon bean>");
    //page url
    String page1 = "/xx/oracle/apps/XX/webui/XXPg&retainAM=Y";
    String destURL = APPS_HTML_DIRECTORY + OAWebBeanConstants.APPLICATION_JSP + "?"+ OAWebBeanConstants.JRAD_PAGE_URL_CONSTANT+ "=" + page1;
    OABoundValueEmbedURL jsBound = new OABoundValueEmbedURL(btn,"openWindow(self, '", destURL, "' , 'longTipWin', {width:"+900+", height:"+500+"}, true); return false;");
    btn.setAttributeValue(oracle.cabo.ui.UIConstants.ON_CLICK_ATTR, jsBound);
    I received your mail, and replied the same in the mail too.

  • How do I open a page in new window using af:commandLink?

    I have a requirement where I need to open the page in a new window on clicking the af:commandLink.
    I could use af:goLink, but I cannot as I have to invoke the URL using http POST method. If I use af:goLink, all the parameters will be displayed in the URL. I do not want that.
    I have the below code for the commandLink:
    <af:commandLink text="Open new window" id="cl199bk"
    useWindow="true" windowHeight="400"
    windowWidth="800" immediate="true"/>
    When I click the commandLink, the page gets opened but in the same window. I have the below controlflow-case in my taskflow:
    <control-flow-case id="__71">
    <from-outcome id="__133">dialog:openNewWindow</from-outcome>
    <to-activity-id id="__72">openNewWindow</to-activity-id>
    Please let me know what to do to have the page opened in new window/tab.
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Frank,
    I tried that too and the page always opened in the same page even with dialog:action set and useWindow set to true. I had the navigation rule in adfc-config as well.
    I got it done using the url-view activity.
    I have created a new bounded task flow with the url-view activity as the default activity. I called this new task flow from the actionListener bean method on commandLink. Set the new task flow to url-invoke-allowed.
    I have my parameters set in the url-view activity. With this the parameters are not shown in the URL.
    That did the trick for me.

  • ExternalLink in KM  which open portal Page in new window whithout masthead.

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement to create an external link which opens in new window and the content of the window is an Page which has iviews.
    I created an external link and gave the following details.
    Target: /irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/
    Name: Test
    When I click on the external link, it opens a new portal window which has the mast head and in the content area the page is displayed.
    My requirement is : I don't want the masthead to appear and I want only the page to be displayed in the new window.

    Hi Krishna,
    In the iview Property -> Launch in New Window, i have only 2 options ie
    Display in Portal content Area
    Display in New Window.
    Where do I find display in seperate portal headerless window? Is it the customised one?
    I have set Launch in New Window Property to Display in New Window. When i click on the link new window is opening which has masthed.
    Please Suggest.

  • Open Dynamic Page in New Window after Submission

    I need to open a "success" dynamic page in a new window when redirected from a form in Portal The go('<url>'); method does not appear to allow opening the page in a new window. Is there a way to do this? Thanks, in advance.

    on the 'Submit' onclick event add some JavaScript code: = '_blank';

  • After login close the login window and open home page in new window

    Hi guys,
    I want to go to a new window for the "home page" without browser back button etc. after login validation.
    And also close the login window at the same time.
    Here is the code I used after the login validation.
    ExtendedRenderKitService erks =Service.getRenderKitService(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(),ExtendedRenderKitService.class);
    StringBuilder script = new StringBuilder();
    script.append(" params = 'width='+screen.availWidth-10;\n" +
    " params += ', height='+screen.availHeight-50;\n" +
    " params += ', top=0, left=0'\n" +
    " params += ', fullscreen=yes';\n" +
    " params += ', scrollbars=1';\n" +
    " params += ', resizable=1';\n" +
    " params += ', status=1';\n" +
    "window.close();\n" +
    "'home.jspx','xxxxxxxxx', params);\n" +
    " if (window.focus) {newwin.focus()}");
    erks.addScript(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(), script.toString());
    This successfully opens a new window. I want to close the current login window at the same time.
    Please help me with this.
    Regards !

    on the 'Submit' onclick event add some JavaScript code: = '_blank';

  • Error while passing prompt value in Column Formula

    Hi All,
    I have created a dashboard and added a dashboard prompt on that with a presentation variable named "promptdyn" that is basically showing bank names.
    Now i want to calculate the market value based on this prompt selection, so i edited the column formula as
    "WM FACT Sec"."MARKET VALUE" * EVALUATE('getBankBaseCurrencyValue(%2)' As Double,@{promptdyn},"Industry Type".INSTRUMENT_CCY)
    But it is throwing this error:
    \nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred.
    \nQSError: 22051] The argument number 1 is not referenced in this evaluate expression: getBankBaseCurrencyValue(%2). (HY000)
    SQL Issued: SELECT "Industry Type".INDUSTRY_NAME, "Industry Type".INDUSTRY_TYPE, "WM FACT Sec"."MARKET VALUE" * EVALUATE('getBankBaseCurrencyValue(%2)' As Double,0,"Industry Type".INSTRUMENT_CCY) FROM WMAdHocReportingBMMSec
    I don't know what is wrong here.Here i tried to pass the value of the prompt to the function.
    Basically I have created a function in the database with two parameter as "bank name " and "Currency" and calling it with the help of evaluate function.
    How could we store the prompt value and pass it to some other function?
    Pls help me as it is urgent for me to solve.

    He Solved.
    Just i missed out to write %1,%2 in the evaluate function.
    But one thing i need to know that how can we store the value that is selected in a prompt say in dashboard prompt so that it can be used in query. Because i need to select a value first from the prompt and based on that i need to manipulate the values of the other request of the dashboard.
    Please Reply.

  • How to pen new window while redirecting to a page

    I have a jsppage 1,jsppage 2 and aspPage. In jsp2 I am getting the
    values from jsp1 using request.getParameter("hhhh").Once I get
    all values in jsp2 , as soon as I got the values I need to redirect to asp from jsp2.
    I don't have any form or any button in jsp2.When I do submit in jsp1,
    immediately it has to open asp page in new window. My question is how
    I open the asp in new window in this redirection case .....?.
    I tried this way but not working ...
    WebsiteUtils.sendRedirect(request,response,"ASP page"));
    I know if I have submit button in jsp2 I can write a javascriptfunction
    to opennew window but here the case is different....
    Appreciate your reply.

    On jsppage1, instead of using a from submit button, you can create abutton and write th onClick as
    <input type="button" value="OK" onClick="'jsppage2.jsp','win2');">
    Now in Jsppage2.jsp, after doing all the processing, use sendRedirect to call jsppage3.jsp.
    Since jsppage2 is never being displayed, page3 will bw the one which will be shown in the new window opened by the name win2 on onClick.
    If I have understood your requirement correctly, then this should work for you as I have tried it out.

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