Oracle Apps Forms Re-usability

Is there a way that we can add more functionality to an
already existitng Oracle Apps form without remaking it from
Please let me know.......

If you do not want to modify and existing form but want to add functionality to the existing form and can not use
descriptive flexfields to add new functionality, you could use the custom.pll to accomplish this. Depending on
how many enhancements you will be adding using this method, you could impact performance across the
board due to the fact that the all forms execute the custom.pll to look for custom code. To find more information
about the custom.pll review the developers guide.( Oracle Applications Developer's Guide A75545-02)
Hop that helps.

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  • :system.last_record in Oracle Apps Forms

    Hi all,
    My requirement is when I give order number in header level in Oracle Apps Form, i want the lines to be displayed in lines block.
    I have written the query and a cursor.
    The Query returns 6 lines when passing the Order Number.
    But when i use the following code in forms, the form returns only one line in the lines block.
    for i in xx_cur
    :REQUEST.CUSTOMER_NUMBER := i.party_number;
    :REQUEST.CUSTOMER_NAME := i.party_name;
    If :system.last_record = 'TRUE'
    End if;
    end loop;
    If i use the above code only the first line gets displayed in the form.
    If i didnt use the system_last_record condition the 6 lines are displaying.
    --If :system.last_record = 'TRUE'
    --End if;
    end loop;
    Y the :system.last_record is not working.
    Please help me to solve this issue.
    Thanks in Advance,

    i'm assuming this is a non-database block? if so, you don't need FIRST_RECORD and :SYSTEM.LAST_RECORD is always true ...
        FOR i IN xx_cur
            IF :request.customer_number IS NOT NULL THEN
            END IF;
            :request.customer_number := i.party_number;
            :request.customer_name := i.party_name;
        END LOOP;

  • How to display WHO columns in oracle apps form

    Hi all,
    I have WHO columns in the Table and i need to add in the existing form and i have WNI trigger (execute_query) and i am trying to add columns in the Existing Database Block
    After opening the Form(oracle apps form) i am not getting/populate any records on the Block
    Please help and please give me the steps

    Hi ,
    This community is to discuss Oracle Application Server specific issues, you can post this query in for better response:
    Oracle Forms - EBS (MOSC)

  • Why record had been unlock in Oracle Apps form?

    I have a problem with lock in oracle apps forms.
    The problem occurs with all forms in the Oracle Financials (forms with standard oracle apps user-exit), the problem does not occur with standard Oracle default form (outside of the oracle apps, form without user-exit included in Oracle Financials).
    For exemple, I will take the Define Lookups forms.
    If USER1 modify a record (ex. modify the date from), the record is locked, if USER2 try to update the same record in an other session, he will received an error message indicating that the record is locked and he will not be able to update it. This is normal.
    But ..., if USER1 WAIT 1 minute, and just press TAB to go to an other field (WITHOUT SAVING, WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING ELSE), the record is unlock.
    USER2 can modify the same record without having the locked message. This is the problem, USER2 should receive an error message because USER1 did not save the record yet but the message do not appear. At this moment USER2 lock the record. If USER1 press SAVE key, his session will be freeze until USER2 save the record.
    Why the record had been unlock for USER1 session?
    My Oracle Apps version is 11.5.5.
    Does somebody ever seen this problem ?

    There are forums specifically for posing questions relating to EBS. I would recommend you ask your question there.

  • Oracle Apex to Oracle Apps Forms migration

    Is it possible to migrate a form exsisting in Oracle Apex to Oracle apps forms?If so pl tell me how this could be achieved.

    Hey men!!
    In my opinio in not posible because in oracle Apex you have another kind of programming, and in Oracle forms you others type of tools for example: triggers, I said isn'tr posible because there isn't a tool or an application that can help you in convert from Apex to Form, it's very extrange circumstance.
    This is posible but... you have to program, typing and all of anything for converting to Oracle Form if you don't want to do anything you have to pay someone for developing that ,
    in others words you have/must (to) start from the beginning,
    from zero.
    Unfortunately today there is not application that can let you do that.
    I hope this helps,
    Best Regards my buddy.

  • Java class in oracle apps forms

    java class in oracle apps forms
    We developed a java class and its running perfectly on local machine (Over the web through java applet ) But when we deployed it in apps and run with the client machine its not running .so please suggest where we put our java class files and how to run it in apps? Is there any API's .

    Hi user;
    What is your Client Operayting system, what is your browser?
    This error happens for one client or for all? Did you try to login from one other machine(for instance XP) and dif. browser version?
    Please check below which could be helpful for your issue:
    Recommended Browsers for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 [ID 389422.1]
    FRM-92101: There Was a Failure in the Forms Server During Startup After Fresh R12 Installation [ID 429627.1]
    R12 fresh install FORMS DO NOT LAUNCH - FRM-92101/500 [ID 427714.1]
    FRM-92101: Forms Server Forms session <1> failed during startup: no response from runtime process [ID 880088.1]
    Also check:
    Re: R12 database and JRE Issue

  • Converting D2K form to Oracle apps Form

    How to convert normal d2k form into oracle apps Form.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi nvpjai
    u need 2 ask ur question there in General EBS Discussion
    Hope this helps...
    Amatu Allah

  • Reusing oracle apps forms

    Is there a way that we can add more functionality to an
    already existitng Oracle Apps form without remaking it from
    Please let me know.......

    Yes, all of the fmb files are stored somewher in your APPL_TOP
    tree, I think. They're out there though. Keep in mind that
    there are specific recommended methods on changing the default
    functionality of a form. Oracle will also not support your
    modifications. There is a 5 day Oracle Education course that
    specifically details how to accomplish what you're trying to
    do. "11i Extend Oracle Applications: Forms", Class 14464.

  • Oracle Apps Forms errors out with FRM-40735 while running from Oracle D2K

    Will anybody please provide me a solution on Oracle Apps Forms which errors out with FRM-40735 while running from Oracle D2K
    Nakul Venkataraman

    certain trigger in your form is throwing an exception and its not being catched by the exception part for your block. check the code of your trigger and pur exception handling into your trigger code

  • Adding a  value to an LOV in an Oracle apps form

    Hi Guys
    Im new to forms and customizations in apps as im sure will be apparent with the questions i have :-)I have a requirement to add a value to an LOV on a field in an oracle apps form.
    My question is
    1: How do i get the lov query?
    2: How do i edit an existing query.
    3: How can i solve this problem.

    Since you are working with the E-Business Suite, most likely the LOV is based on a Value Set. I strongly recommend you confer with a coworker for guidance on how to investigate an Oracle EBS Form. Value Sets are defined within the EBS setup screens and you have to be assigned to a responsibility that will allow you to modify and create Value Sets. I also strongly recommend you visit the Oracle Applications Documentation web site and review the Oracle Applications Developer's Guide and Oracle Applications User Interface Standards for Forms-Based Products for your particular version of the EBS.
    Also, the General EBS Discussion is the more appropriate forum to post this type of question.
    Hope this helps.

  • Calling java code from oracle apps form

    I've created my own java .class file and am attempting to call it from an oracle applications form. I am getting a runtime error while running the form, but I don't know what the error is because nothing is being reported to me.
    I've created the .java file in JDeveloper, compiled it into a .class file, deployed it to a .jar file, and placed it on the application server in a directory that the CLASSPATH can see it. I've added it to the archive parameter of the appsweb.cfg file and see that the .jar file is being downloaded when the JInitiator of Oracle Apps is started.
    I have also imported the .class file into the form via the Program -> Import Java Classes which resulted in PL/SQL package stubs created to call the .class methods.
    When I run the form, the java code is activated on a triggering event, PRE-INSERT. There is no java bean item in a block or on a canvas anywhere. I dont' think I need there to be since I am simply using the java code to perform actions during PRE-INSERT, not to display anything on the canvas.
    I have placed debug messages throughout my code and see that the error is occuring in the PL/SQL packaged stub at the line "JNI.GET_CLASS()" where the parameter to that call is the name of my class. I know it's erroring there because I am handling the "java_error" exception. I am displaying "ora_java.last_error" in the exception handling, but it is null.
    I am at a loss as to determine why I am having problems and how to display an error. Any suggestions? I'm happy to outline my steps and problem in more detail if I have missed something obvious.
    We are using Forms with Oracle Apps 11.5.7.

    Don't loose the heart. You have come too close to end.
    The scenario you have mentioned is very unique and something which will fit more in the forms forum. So I think that was a sincere answer to help you and not a "pass the buck" card type game :)
    You are lucky that you got Tapash interested into this issue, otherwise you see there is no OAF component involved out here.
    I have an article promised to some of the guys but will follow this issue.

  • How to add a new fiels to to a customized standard Oracle apps forms

    Hi Guru's
    I have the following requirement to modifiy the PO Receiving screen in Oracle apps 11i,
    1. An additional field (No. of Items to recive) need to be created to the “PO Receiving” screen of Oracle apps 11i .
    2. Once user mentioned the po num, PO Line Num and quantity in the newly created text field and when he/she click on the Find Button , the receipt lines (lines should be as many as the quantity mentioned in the newly created field) should be create in the receipt screen
    Please let me know if this can be achived through Form Personalization or is there any other approach?

    Why do you want to customize (and break support for the PO Receiving Form) instead of extend the form with Descriptive Flex-Fields (DFF) as I suggested when I responded to your earlier question regarding this same subject: How to create a text field in Oracle apps11i Forms.?
    Also, as Francois, Andreas and I have pointed out - the general Forms forum is not the proper place to ask EBS related questions. Yes, there are people in this Forum that have or are currently working with the EBS, but that is not the purpose of this forum. Please post your question in the General EBS Discussion forum. If you have a general Forms question, by all means, ask it here! ;-) Customizing or using a DFF is not a "general Forms question" so please use the appropriate forum! :-)

  • Oracle Apps Forms are not Opening in Windows 8

    I'm trying to access Oracle Apps in Windows 8 Environment. When I try to open any EBS form, every time it ask me to install J2SE Plugin version 1.6.0_07,
    Below is the error message
    In order to access this application, you must install the J2SE Plugin version 1.6.0_07. To install this plugin, click here to download the oaj2se.exe executable. Once the download is complete, double-click the oaj2se.exe file to install the plugin. You will be prompted to restart your browser when the installation is complete.
    Please help me if anyone has come across such issues in Windows 8 environment.

    Recommended Browsers for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (Doc ID 389422.1)
    Recommended Browsers for Oracle E-Business Suite 11i (Doc ID 285218.1)

  • Need practice material for Oracle Apps forms, reports and workflow

    I want to design new form using Forms Developer 6i/Template.fmb, report using reports developer 9i and new Workflow using WF builder by changing the subscription of the currently defined event in Oracle or totally creating new event and its subscriptions. I want to do all the above from scratch and upto Oracle Apps standards. I have vision instance here.
    Can I get practicing/training material any where in web to download like tutorial or practice lessons. I heard Oracle training centres material is very good for learning. Can I get it or any other material for the above practice.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you

    I heard Oracle training centres material is very good for learning. Can I get it You can get this material by attending a class in OU. Sharing this material in prohibited for obvious reasons.
    or any other material for the above practice.In addition to the link posted by Sami, you may refer to:
    Oracle Apps 11i

  • Enable Calendar in Forms 6i in Oracle Apps Form

    Hello All,
    I have a 6i form in oracle apps that I would like to use the built in calendar from the template form. How do I do this? The developers guide is vague on this.

    If you search this forum for using calendar (calendar.pll ....) you will find the answer.

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