Outbound error IDoc reprocessing

I have a scenario like whenever an outbound idoc is in error status, should be able to correct the idoc n reprocess it.
Suppose outbound idoc is in status 02. System process code will notify the agent assigned in partner profile. When i execute the workitem and corrected the port and try to reprocess, this status is set to 30. My requirement is once i correct the port status should become 03. How do we acheive this ? (not through report rseout00 )
1. In general scenario how do we handle outbound error idocs?
2. Is system process codes are used only for notifications or error processing?
Inputs will be appreciated regd outbound error reprocessing .

Hi Indira,
1. In general scenario how do we handle outbound error idocs?
You can use transaction BD87 to monitor the IDoc statuses.
and use the following programs to reprocess outbound and inbound error IDoc(s).
RBDAGAI2 - Re-processing of IDocs after ALE Input Error
RBDAGAIE - Reprocessing of Edited IDocs
RBDAGAIN - Process Outbound IDocs with Errors Again
RBDAGAIP - New Posting of Partially Posted IDocs
RBDMANI2 - Manual Processing of IDocs: Post IDocs Not Yet Posted
2. Is system process codes are used only for notifications or error processing?
The process code ise used in both ALE and EDI framework to identify the function module or API (Application Programming Interface) to be invoked for subsequent processing.  Inbound as well as outbound interfaces use process code but for different purposes. Outbound process codes are stored in table TEDE1, while inbound process codes are stored in TEDE2.
Hoep this will help.
Ferry Lianto

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  • AES filing error - Idoc Outbound Processing: EDI number cannot be compiled

    Hi Gurus,
    We are configuring the AES filing.
    we've done the EDI  configI and initally we got the error that EDI partner is not maintained. As per the suggestions from this Forum we've added the cusoms office details in geography tab.
    Now when we are trying to process the same, we are getting the error "Idoc Outbound Processing: EDI number cannot be compiled"
    All suggestions are welcome.........
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Shiva,
    Here goes the solution: you need to maintain the Number of the Number Ranges starting with "10" and this applies only to GTS system as this is HARD-CODED in the Program, apart from 10 any number of the number range will result in an "EDI Number Range compilation" error.

  • Error in Reprocessing IDOCS

    I am facing a problem while reprocessing an inbound IDOC of type DESADV
    I have few I which have gone into error.
    The error code is 51 and the description is The document is still under process.
    The document was in edit mode when the IDOC came in and fair enough for the error.
    But now, I have closed the document and tried to reprocess the IDOC in BD87, when I select the node: DESADV and click the process button, I am getting the error message :
    "The operation cannot be carried out with this node type"
    If I use WE19 there is absolutely no problem but I dont want to use that as it creates a new IDOC.
    I have done this many times and works well when you do this way. But am not sure why is it going into error now.
    Any idea guys?

    The status is indeed 51. Have checked.
    But what I realised is in ECC5 is the status "51" is shown in the Yellow Indicator(color legends).
    Its error....should be in red... with the text " Error processing document. Document cannot be processed its being updated" etc...."
    And thats the reason I wanted to reprocess it after coming out of the edit mode for the document.
    When I select it for processing, it gives the error - This node cannot be selected.
    But the similar error idoc if seen in 4.6C, the status 51 has the indicator red.
    When I select it for processing, its processed successfully.

  • Tracking IDOC reprocessing

    I have developed a File to IDOC interface in PI/XI. The file I pick up will contain a list of invoices from a vendor system ,
    that I convert into ACLPAY IDOCs and post invoices.
    When the IDOCs are posted into our SAP  system some of the IDOCs fail and some of them are successful.
    At the end of a business day the user will execute txn we05 to see the status of the IDOCs that came in for that day.
    If any of the IDOCs failed the user would use WE19 to correct the data and reprocess the IDOC again.
    The problem is the old IDOC that came in still has a error status and the new IDOC created by modifying the old IDOC doesnu2019t have any reference to the older IDOC.
    Is there a way to see if and IDOC was created by reprocessing an already existing IDOC?
    Or is there a better method to handle my scenario?

    Hi siva,
    there are different programs and t-codes available to reprocess the error Idocs
    with out creating new idocs.
    Program RBDMANI2 for status 51 & 52
    Program RBDAPP01 for status 64 ,66
    Program RBDAGAIE for status 32 and 69 (Edited IDocs)
    Program RBDSYNER for status 26
    BALE - ALE Distribution Administration
    WE05 - IDoc overview
    BD87 - Inbound IDoc reprocessing
    BD88 - Outbound IDoc reprocessing
    BDM2 - IDoc Trace
    BDM7 - IDoc Audit Analysis
    BD21 - Create IDocs from change pointers
    SM58 - Schedule RFC Failures
    Basic config for Distributed data:
    BD64: Maintain a Distributed Model
    BD82: Generate Partner Profile
    BD64: Distribute the distribution Model
    RBDMIDOC - Creating IDoc Type from Change Pointers
    RSEOUT00 - Process all selected IDocs (EDI)
    RBDAPP01 - Inbound Processing of IDocs Ready for Transfer
    RSARFCEX - Execute Calls Not Yet Executed
    RBDMOIND - Status Conversion with Successful tRFC Execution
    RBDMANIN - Start error handling for non-posted IDocs
    RBDSTATE - Send Audit Confirmations
    FOr testing you can use WE19.
    Program RSEOUT00 for status 30
    re-process IDocs failing in 29 status, use program RBDAGAIN.
    transactions WEINBQUEUE and WEOUTQUEUE to control the individual queues

  • Problem in reporocessing Error Idoc

    We have created a customized Tcode to reprocess the error idocs (idocs in 64,51 status).
    The report is developed using standard program RBDMANI2. The same program is used in BD87. After executing the idocs it create related sales orders.
    The problem is : When we reprocess one error idoc on two differant system at the same time (probabaly at the same time upto seconds),  two sales orders are getting created.  Ideally one sales order should be created.
    This is happening for only one kind of sales document type. There is no any hardcoading of document types in report.
    I want to know whether there is any configuration related issue or what.
    Please suggest.
    Thank you,
    madan shinde

    You can use WE19 to debug the Idoc FM.
    Check this link if it is helpful:
    Debugging Idocs


    Hi Gurus,
                   Can any one tell me about workflow & how to do error handling using WORKFLOW in OUTBOUND IDOC.Below are the points , Please check it & send me reply.
    1.Value not found for Custom IDoc fields.
    2. Partner Profile not maintained correctly.
    3. Syntax error in IDoc.
    4. IDoc ready for dispatch (ALE Service).

    FOr most of your requirements, there is already std. SAP IDOC error Single-step tasks.
    Have a look at WE46 transaction.
    Also, if you go to SWO1 and search with "IDOC*", you will get all the BO's even.
    It's pretty straightfwd. Also, in Partner Profiles, WE20, for each of the IDOC type, there is one "Post.Processing AGent", whom if you set up correctly, will be the person receiving this Errored IDOC mails.
    Hope this helps

  • ALE outbound error handling

    Hi gurus,
    I've implemented some ALE systems successfuly. I mean the distribution of information is alright but, now, I want to get some notification when any outbound error occurs.
    I,ve filled the 'Post processing: permited agent' tab in the partner profile (both for partner and message type) but it doesn't work. I suppose I need to do something else.
    Can anybody help me with this matter?
    Thank you in advance.
    JM Parra.

    Just an added information
    Message Type : ALEAUD,is present which is used to give successful notification/confirmation  in case of the posting of the IDocs, this Message type should be configured on the inbound side( Partner Profile and the Distribution Model) after which an IDoc of ALEAUD Message Type would be generated and the segments in this IDoc would contains the details of the Message Type(Including IDoc no) for which the confirmation is generated.

  • Error idocs

    How can  we  you navigate to see the error idocs ?

    Transact RFC error
    tRFC Error - status running Yellow for long time (Transact RFC will be enabled in Status tab in RSMO).
    Step 1: Goto Details, Status get the IDoc number,and go to BD87 in R/3,place the cursor in the RED IDoc entroes in tRFC
    queue thats under outbound processing and click on display the IDOC which is on the menu bar.
    Step 2: In the next screen click on Display tRFC calls (will take you to SM58 particular TRFC call)
    place the cursor on the particular Transaction ID and go to EDIT in the menu bar --> press 'Execute LUW'
    (Display tRFC calls (will take you to SM58 particular TRFC call) ---> select the TrasnID ---> EDIT ---> Execute LUW)
    Rather than going to SM58 and executing LUW directly it is safer to go through BD87 giving the IDOC name as it will take you
    to the particular TRFC request for that Idoc.
    Go into the JOB Overview of the Load there you should be able to find the Data Package ID.
    (For this in RSMO Screen> Environment> there is a option for Job overview.)
    This Data Package TID is Transaction ID in SM58.
    SM58 > Give * / user name or background (Aleremote) user name and execute.It will show you all the pending TRFC with
    Transaction ID.
    In the Status Text column you can see two status
    Transation Recorded and Transaction Executing
    Don't disturb, if the status is second one Transaction Executing. If the status is first one (Transation Recorded) manually
    execute the "Execute LUWs"
    Directly go to SM58 > Give * / user name or background (Aleremote) user name and execute. It will show TRFCs to be executed
    for that user. Find the particular TRFC (SM37 > Req name > TID from data packet with sysfail).select the TrasnID (SM58) --->
    EDIT ---> Execute LUW
    You can use report RBDAGAIN to send IDocs that are set to status "02".
    Refer note : 784381
    error relates to IDocs processing in source system, initially check the connection with the BI system and source system.
    If it is fine check the IDOCs in source system go to BD87->give Ur user ID and date->execute->you can find Red status Idocs select the erroneous Idoc->Rt.click and select Manual process.
    I hope it solves the issue...

  • Sales Order - Outbound Delivery IDoc scenario.

    Hi Friends,
    I have the below urgent requirement. I would be gratful, if someone suggest possible options.
    Scenario: This is related to Sales order to Billing scenario.
    We are creating Sales orders by using ORDERS05 Idoc. After the Real goods despatch happens at legacy system, we will be getting despatch feed (IDoc) for outbound delivery trigger. Here if all sales Order items are complete, the system is creating Outbound delivery by using this IDoc and then PGI will follow. This is Ideal scenario.
    Practically what happening is, our sales orders are created with few incomplete items (Ex: Net price missing) because they are created via ORDERS05 Idoc.( Manually, we can't create sales order with incomplete items, unless we force the system to do so). When the Out bound delivery IDoc triggered, it will pick up only completed items and creates partial delivery and becomes 53 status. Now the sales order is left out with open and incomplete items.
    Now our aim is how to make this outbound delivery IDoc fail, if this is not able to create delivery for all items?? (I mean, if the sales order items are incomplete, the delivery Idoc must fail. So later, if sales order becomes complete, this Idoc can be reprocessed again) How can we make this scenario possible??
    Expecting your thoughts and inputs.

    I suggest you to think of similar solution as below.
    1.As your issue is at order (few items are incomplete with Pricing issue or some other issue), at sales order level while saving each sales order write the code in user exit_save_document_prepare to check if any items exists as incomplete. if yes then populate a delivery block in the sales document header.(you can use a new delivery block to distinguish the reason for the block)
    2. While creating delivery for the order through Idoc since the incomplete orders have a delivery block at the sales document header level SAP wont create delivery for the entire Order.
    3.Handling this delivery block at sales order header: when ever a sales order is popluated with this new delivery block triggere a workflow which will shoot a mail to your End user team or customer representative team. they will correct the issue in the order and remove the delivery block. if you dont want to go with a workflow then you need to incorporate a process to remove the delivery block in the sales order

  • Outbound INVOIC02 idoc

    Dear experts,
    I need to trigger outbound invoice idoc (INVOIC02) not at event of printing invoice but through a scheduled process for invoices of the day.
    Is some standard program available ?

    Hi Aditya,
    You would be looking to schedule program RSEOUT00 for those IDocs then.  I think you would also have to look into the partner profiles in WE20 to make sure you aren't triggering them automatically.
    Ryan Crosby

  • How can we send Error Idocs via mail

    I have read read through forums and  understood that it can be achieved either through workflow or through report using table edidd & edids.
    If workflow option is used , does the mail trigger for every error idoc ? How can we send daily error report to user say by EOD containing all error idocs using all possible options.

    I dont think so any direct Report will be available just to get Error IDOCs details. Although you can create a simple report to read the tables. An example is in below link.
    Also, you can create a Query of EDIDC and EDIDS tables to obatin relevant information.

  • Outbound Delivery IDOC not updating values from MKPF for goods receipt

    hi all,
    I have a question say I am generating an outbound delivery IDOC. which  has fields Goods Issues & Goods Receipt date retrieve from MKPF(BUDAT).
    say when i post goods issues, MKPF is updated and  IDOC is gernerated with issues date taken from MKPF.
    and when i tried to goods receipt, MKPf is updated and IDOC is generated but no receipt date taken from MKPF. then i check in MKPF, date is there and then once again I triggered the IDOC, receipt date comes......so my doubt is the time issues say when IDOC is triggeres, no value in MKPF...but when i check the time it is 4 mins difference from the MKPF time and the IDOC time...
    and also 1 more thing for doing goods receipt, we do in different transaction and for good issue we do in Vl02n.
    so bit confused.
    kindly help

    True , but in BKPF only Issues date are stored not the receipt date say if the document type = WE.
    Please let me know is there any other options to fetch rather than MKPF.
    because at the time of IDOC generation, there is not entries in MKPF. I tried to do using WAIT UP TO 50 seconds , even that didnt work.
    Please guide me

  • Error: IDoc XML data record

    Hi all,
       We have file->XI->idoc scenario and the problem we are facing is like, when the idoc structure is prepared using XSLT mapping, when the idoc is ready to get in thru the idoc adapter we are getting the following error.
    <i><b>Error: IDoc XML data record: In segment
    Z1UKGAS_HEADR attribute  occurred instead of SEGMENT                                </b></i>
    Anyone faced the same issue....if so pls do throw some light into this issue....
      We r in XI 3.0 SP13...
    Thanks & regards,

    In an IDOC structure segment attribute is requried. From the error you posted, it looks like seqment attribute is missing.
       <IDOC BEGIN="">
          <ED SEGMENT="">

  • Some of the error idocs are not falling into Workflow Inbox

    The extract of IDOC list with status 51 from WE02 transaction is not matching with Workflow inbox column "object", some of the idocs which are errored are not showing in the workflow inbox. Here we are in need to get all the errored idocs into the inbox. Please suggest me to proceed further.

    Hi Smita,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I have maintained the suggested role SAP_GRC_SPC_SCHEDULER in backend for an user id and i can able to see a job is getting completed in SM37.
    However, the task in the inbox hasnt come yet.Any idea you may have as to how much time it will take for task to come into inbox.Or is that i need to do any more extra task.
    Please advice.
    Ashok S

  • How PO/Outbound delivery idoc can be triggered automatically once PO is created.

    Hi All,
    We have a requirement that we need to automate the process of generation of Purchase Order & Outbound Delivery Idocs as soon as they are created in using ME21N and VL02N standard tcodes.
    Currently we are using ZDID Output type as craeted in NACE and below WE20 Message Control Entries:
      For PO -
      Application             EF : Purchase Order
      Message Type:      ZDID : Direct Delivery PO
      Process Code       ME10 : ORDERS: Purchase order
    For OB -
    Application        V2 : Shipping
    Message Type:      ZLD0 : Delivery Note
    Process Code       DELV : Delivery DELVRY01: DESADV/CARNOT/WHSORD/SHPORD
    Also, BD64 entries are already maintained.
    As per current process, we manually go to ME23N/VL02N tcode->and execute output type which generates Idoc in we02.
    Can any one help me getting this automated urgently.
    neha verma

    Hi Neha,
    Use Change Pointers Concept for Both PO & Delivery Note.
    So that, as soon as a Create/Change/Delete activities happen on PO & Delivery Note, IDOCS will be triggered automatically.
    PO Change Pointers
    Same setup for Delivery Note as well.

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