Outgoing Payment - Payment Means - Check No becomes ZERO

Hi All Experts,
When I am adding outgoing payment, I am facing problem i.e. after selecting Check No in reference on outgoing payment, then i am going to enter payment means. I checked Manual then enter check no in check no column, then get amount by pressing ctrl + B and click ok and back to outgoing payment. After that i press Add. When i review the ledger, the check no is missing. It is not showing in Ref.3.
Can any body help me in this reagards.
With Warm Regards,
Chintesh Soni

Thanks Shridharan for response,
I am working with SAP Business ONE 2005 B PL 25.
Have you checked in same ?
If yes, and there is no problem, then how do i get the PL 38 ?
I am working as System Support Exe. as end user.
Pl Help..!!
With Warm Regards,
Chintesh Soni
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  • Outgoing\Vendor Payment through Check

    Hi All,
    I am trying to create Outgoing payment\Vendor payment, can any provide me the code for the same, like what are the things need to me set to create Outgoing payment like check account\cash account.
    What would be code when we try to create check payment for more than one invoice in the single document.
    Thanks & Regards,
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    This is taken directly from the helpfile, incoming payment example but you only need to tweak the code a bit to make it for an outgoing.
    Private Sub cmdTest_Click()
       On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
       Dim vCompany As SAPbobsCOM.Company
       'create company object
       Set vCompany = New SAPbobsCOM.Company
       'set paras for connection
       vCompany.CompanyDB = "SBODemo_US"
       vCompany.Password = "manager"
       vCompany.UserName = "manager"
       vCompany.Server = "(local)"
       'connect to database server
       If (0 <> vCompany.Connect()) Then
          MsgBox "Failed to connect"
          Exit Sub
       End If
       Dim nErr As Long
       Dim errMsg As String
       'do it now
       Dim vPay As SAPbobsCOM.Payments
       Set vPay = vCompany.GetBusinessObject(oIncomingPayments)
       vPay.Address = "622-7"
       vPay.ApplyVAT = 1
       vPay.CardCode = "D10006"
       vPay.CardName = "Card D10004"
       vPay.CashAccount = "288000"
       vPay.CashSum = 0
       'vPay.CheckAccount = "280001"
       vPay.ContactPersonCode = 1
       vPay.DocCurrency = "Eur"
       vPay.DocDate = Now
       vPay.DocRate = 0
       vPay.DocTypte = 0
       vPay.HandWritten = 0
       vPay.JournalRemarks = "Incoming - D10004"
       vPay.LocalCurrency = tYES
       vPay.Printed = 0
       vPay.Reference1 = 8
       vPay.Series = 0
       vPay.SplitTransaction = 0
       vPay.TaxDate = Now
       vPay.TransferAccount = "10100"
       vPay.TransferDate = Now
       vPay.TransferSum = 5031.2
       If (vPay.Add() <> 0) Then
           MsgBox ("Failed to add a payment")
       End If
       'Check Error
       Call vCompany.GetLastError(nErr, errMsg)
       If (0 <> nErr) Then
           MsgBox ("Found error:" + Str(nErr) + "," + errMsg)
           MsgBox ("Succeed in payment.add")
       End If
       'disconnect the company object, and release resource
       Call vCompany.Disconnect
       Set vCompany = Nothing
       Exit Sub
       MsgBox ("Exception:" + Err.Description)
    End Sub
    To add multiple invoices, before adding the document do:
    vPay.Invoices.InvoiceType =  = it_PurchaseInvoice
    vPay.Invoices.SumSpllied = 400
    vPay.DocEntry = 1
    'Repeat above as neecesary.
    There are lots of posts on the forum that cover this topic too.

  • How to Maintain Payment with one check for Multiple Vendors?

    Dear Gurus,
    i have a scenario for outgoing payment, here it is
    i have some open items for multiple vendors. say it for open item
    1. with amount 5000 USD for vendor A
    2. wiht amount 10000 USD for vendor B
    my company pay both open item 1 & 2 with one check, say the check no is 27382830 and the amount is 15000 USD. The check is given to the Bank as an order to Pay the vendor. so the check does not have receiver name. i attach a formal letter to the bank to ask them for making payment with that check. the letter contains a detail the amount, vendor bank account number, account holder, and the vendor name.
    so how i can threat this business scenario into SAP? i want to trace check number used to pay the vendors.
    hope you can give some clues. is it possible to maintain scenario above with automatic payment?
    best regards,
    land lord

    Yes you can map this scenario in SAP and use F110 for this. But you will also have to use some Z programs..
    1. For F110 FBZP configuration, maintain outgoing bank clearing Account (this will be a dummy account and not the actual Outgoing Bank Account) as the Bank Sub Account.
    By doing this when you run payment in F110, entry will be
    Vendor A A/c...Dr.
    outgoing bank clearing Account Cr.(1)
    Vendor B A/C... Dr.
    outgoing bank clearing Account Cr.(2)
    2.Then you will have to use Post with clearing transaction codes and make one entry
    outgoing bank clearing Account Cr.(1)..Dr.
    outgoing bank clearing Account Cr.(2)..Dr.
    To Bank Outgoing Account(Actual Bank outgoing Account) Cr.
    3. Now, when you get the single cheque no. from Bank against both the vendors, then thru FB02, change the assignment field/Reference field for Che No. updates.
    But do check BRS also for its reconciliation.. If you do it on a daily basis.. then it would not be difficult.
    Hope this helps you..

  • Outgoing cash payments on creditnotes

    Hi there.
    Does anyone know how to make outgoing payments linked to a creditnote in DI Server? (or at the very least in DI Api?)
    oIncomingPayments has the Payments_Invoices, that is great for registering payments on an invoice, but I haven't found a way to do the same for a creditnote.
    And I cannot use the oVendorPayments, because the customers in question are not vendors.
    I should think that pay out cash on a creditnote should be a simple thing to do,
    but I am at a loss here.
    I'm writing a cash counter application, so the users don't have access to the SAP UI.

    Thanx a lot, it always worked like a dream!
    However, it didn't work as it should.
    What I want to do, is create a creditnote, and pay the sum out to the customer in cash, eg when something he bought was defect.
    If I create a creditnote, say with a doctotal of 1000, the customers balance is then increased to 1000. I then add payment as you said. The creditnote is now closed, its Paid/Credited field is set to the total amount, and the Credit Balance is zero. Everything looks great. Until I have a look at the customer balance. It is now increased to 2000! Instead of being done with the customer after paying him, it looks like we owe him twice as much!
    I've tried reversing the amounts, but just get the "Amount must be positive" error message etc.
    And setting SumApplied to positive gives the 'Payment amount is greater than invoice amount'
    Here is the xml:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
    <env:Envelope xmlns:env="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
    <dis:AddObject xmlns:dis="http://www.sap.com/SBO/DIS">
    I also tried adding <DocObjectCode>bopot_OutgoingPayments</DocObjectCode> to signal that this is an <b>outgoing</b> payment, but then I only got
    '46' is not a valid value for field 'ObjType'. The valid values are: '24' - 'Incoming Payment'
    Hm, I think maybe the trick is to use oVendorPayments instead of oIncomingPayments, but havent' found out how to signal that it is a customer, and not a vendor, so I only get 'Busines partner type does not match document.'
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            Runar Holen

  • Outgoing cheque payment through FPY1

    Hi Experts,
    When i tried to post the outgoing cheque payment through FPY1, system posted the entry. But it was not generating the cheque. My doubt is how can we generate the cheque in FICA. If it is not in FICA then it will be in FI-AP. Can anyone please guide me how to do cheque print out when we make payment to ISU customer.
    kindly let me know the config steps for cheque generation in FICA.
    Also, is there any payment medium file in FICA. If, so how can u guide me the step that.
    Thanks for your all support.

    You need to configure the below steps
    1. Settings for check creation
    IMG\ FICA\ Basic Functions \ Check Management \ Settings for Check creation
    Here you have to attach the cheque application form
    Application form <T-Code EFRM> for Cheque printing provided by SAP is ‘FI_CA_DME_CHECK_SAMPLE’. This has 20 characters. But in FPY1 <for refunds>, for cheque printing, only 16 characters are allowed. So FI_CA_DME_CHECK_SAMPLE has to be copied into Z_UFI_****<shud be <=16 chars>.
    2. Define Void Reason codes
    IMG\ FICA\ Basic Functions \ Check Management \ Define Void Reasons for Checks
    3. Define Bank clearing accounts for encashment of  out going checks
    IMG\ FICA\ Basic Functions \ Check Management \ Define Bank clearing account for en-cashment of outgoing checks
    <posting area 1037>
    4. Define Expense and Revenue accounts for  Posting cashed Outgoing checks
    IMG\ FICA\ Basic Functions \ Check Management \ Expense and Revenue accounts for Posting cashed Outgoing checks
    5. Define cheque clearing for outgoing cheques
    IMG\ FICA\ Basic Functions \ Check Management \ Define Check clearing account for outgoing checks
    6.Define Specifications for clarification of cashed checks
    IMG\ FICA\ Basic Functions \ Check Management \ Define Specifications for clarification of cashed checks
    7. Define Cheque numbers <T-Code FQP6A>
    8. Define payment methods <FQP1>. You attach format CHECK to the payment method under  FORMAT.
    9. Also Define Specifications for paying company code<FQP4>
    10.Also define  accounts for payment program <FQC0: Posting area 1061>
    11.Maintain bank selection
    12.Now create a variant in FPY1.Go to environment &#61664; payment medium.Create ‘Variant’ and attach payment medium. you attach  CHECK in payment medium format  in under output control you attach the form you copied in step 1 above. Save and comeback
    Payment run for cheque
    13. Now you make sure that your document is being paid by running in simulation mode.
    14. Now run FPY1 in real mode.. You can see the check only when you run in real mode
    15. Go to SP01 to see the spool of your cheque. You can view the physical cheque there.
    Hope this helps!!!!!
    Edited by: rajendra mukhyaprana on May 9, 2008 11:53 AM

  • Change to the existing outgoing positive payment file (EID 820)

    Hello Experts,
    I have to make a change to the existing outgoing positive payment file (EID 820).
    The current scenario is:
    We are running the payment run in SAP and generating IDocs using program RFFOEDI1 mentioned in printout data medium. The IDocs generated are of Basic Type PEXR2002. These IDocs then processed by SAP PI and converted to EDI and the EDI is sent to the Bank. Currently in this process, we are not assigning the check numbers at the time of payment run. Also the check numbers are not there in the IDocs. The Bank prints the checks and sends us the check number which we update in SAP using Z program.
    Now there is a change in the requirement and we need to assign the check numbers at the time of payment run and also transmit them with the EDI file to the Bank. Bank will print the checks and send it to the vendors.
    Now as per my understanding, the check number will not be assigned until I use the program RFFOUS_C in printout data medium.
    Please suggest the possible options to generate IDocs which has the check number in it.
    Thanks in advance
    Sanjay Sarode

    You can use RFFOEDO_1 can still generate check 3's, just maintain check number in the check lots configuration and ensure you assign the lots to the correct payment method.

  • Payment Method Supplement Check Deactivation in F110 for already posted doc

    Is there a way to Payment Method Supplement Check Deactivation in F110 for already posted documents.
    The background: Some invoices are posted for a vendor when there is a pmt supplmnt method "L-large". Subsequently payment method supplement in vendor master was changed to 'S'. There is debit note posted with pmt method supp 'S' in document. Now while doing F110 system is splitting up the payments based on pmt method supplmt and theline item with debit balance is going in error because of debit balance. As a result the debit balance is not getting knocked off with the credit balance line item.
    Request you to help us in finding out if there is any way to generate onlyone line item in F110. Please rule out the option of changing the pmt supplmt at document level.

    Hi Nikhil,
    If you are not changing the payment supplement in the document, F110 itself will not allow you to change that. You can possibly deactivate the Payment method temporarily in customizing, run the F110 with only the affected vendors. and activate back the payment method supplement in customizing. You can activate this under APP customizing (FBZP) "All company codes" under the control data section

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    hi , I faced with a new problem recently while installing a free app.
    when I am installing a new free app on my iphone , I'm asked about the way of payment . I check the none option in my apple Id account but it wouldn't be accepted . what should I do ?

    You need to ask Apple for assistance with getting back into your old ID. To do this, click here and pick a method; if that page doesn't list one for your country or you're unable to resolve this issue through the Account Security team, fill out and submit this form.

  • Print payment advice and check

    Hi all,
    i am executing payment programme. it is posting entry against open items. But it is not printing payment note and check..
    Please tell me its urgent,

    Pl check the following configuration before u run the APP.
    >Assignment of forms : Change view paying company codes(F110_D_AVIS)
    >Assignment of forms : Set up payment methods per co code for payment transactions(F110_prenum_chck)
    >Mentioning of Check lot in the variant
    >Assign payment method to Bank transaction
    Hope this will solve ur problem.

  • Payment Advice and Check print - RFFOUS_C

    Hi All,
    Requirement is to print Payment Advice and check in same page and if multiple invoices then check in first
    page is voided and actual check is printed in last page at the end of Payment run (F110).
    RFFOUS_C is the program used to print both check and payment advice but currently this program print one invoice and check per page.
    (1) Is there any configuration available in FBZP to print multiple invoice in one page with check ?
    (2) Is it feasible to customize RFFOUS_C program as this program generate check number per invoice and Data base update inside loop processing.
    Please suggest....any solutions.

    I have same requirement.
    I want to print the payment advic and check for each vendor.
    For example, for vendor A if i have 10 invoice then it should print generate one payment document with 10 invoice document.
    and suppose i have two vendors  then it should generate the two payement document one for each vendor.
    can we control payement by each vendor?
    What confuguration i need to do for the same.
    Kindly help.

  • AP Invoice Date_Paid & Payment reference Number (Check Number or DM Number)

    I need to add 2 columns for AP Trial Balance report in R12.
    1.Invoice Date_Paid
    2.Payment reference Number (Check Number or DM Number)
    Could you let me from which table i can get this information.

    You can get all the payment related details in the below tables.

  • Payment Program F110 posts outgoing foreign payments to fx adj. a/cs

    When posting an outgoing foreign payment using F110,  the system is posting the foreign exchange gain or loss to the FX-gain and FX-loss account respectively. But it is also offsetting this entry with a posting to the FX balance sheet adjustment account which should not happen. The FX adjustment account is to be used only during the month-end revaluation (F.05). The settings in OBA1 is correctly set to the FX-gain and FX-loss accounts u201C.
    Where else could the problem be? How is the FX Adjustment account being picked up during the payment program.

    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, we currently run the revaluation program to reverse on the first day of the next month.  There were some manual adjustments posted in June  using FBB1which may be an issue.  Normally, we run the revaluation program with "Balance Sheet Valuation ON" which has up to July created the reversal document also. In the August Revaluation run the reversal document was not created for the unrealised gain /loss.  However, the JUne run ran ok and was reveresd out on July 1st.  The incorrect foreign adjustment payment postings happened in July.

  • BOR for F-53 AR Module Outgoing Post Payment

    I want to trigger the workflow evertime Outgoing Post Payment has been posted. in transaction F-53. Please advise which BOR that i can use.
    Thank You and Best Regards
    Fernand Lesmana

    Hi FL,
    F-53 is an accounting document. To trigger event for F-53, you will have to use BTE (Business Transaction Events).
    Goto SPRO -> Reference IMG -> Financial Accounting -> Global settings -> Tools -> Customer Enhancements -> Business Transaction Events
    Here, Environment -> Info system (P/S) and execute.
    You can select the event for your scenario.
    Once you select the event, click on the event and select 'Sample function module'. Copy this sample FM to a 'Z' FM and in this FM call the FM 'SWE_EVENT_CREATE'.
    Hope this helps.

  • Anyone know if it is possible to cancel a payment by electronic check before it goes thru?

    Anyone know if it is possible to cancel a payment by electronic check before it goes thru?

    Call your bank. Many times they can stop the payment.
    Good Luck

  • Net Value in sales order becomes zero after changing the employ responsible in Web UI

    Hi All,
    We are in CRM 7.0 with EHP1, when we change employ responsible in the sales order and save, Net value is becoming zeroes.
    This is effecting most of the transactions. There is no custom development, every thing is standard.
    Could any one suggest me this.
    Best regards,

    Hi Raj,
    Thanks you for your reply.
    Could you please let me know where I can see this combinations in configuration. Actually this is happening for standard transactions also.
    I checked customer pricing proc for that BP and Document Pricing proc for that T type. They are maintained for the specific salea area.

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