Outlook Calendar and Contact Sync with Nano

Just wondering if apple is working on a service pack for itunes 5.0 that will actually allow itunes to properly sync up with outlook calendar and contacts without getting that -50 error (or -20). forgot error code !!!

As others have said in your other posts, no one here knows or can say what Apple is working on.
If you haven't seen this KB article:
iTunes for Windows: Troubleshooting iPod contact and calendar syncing
perhaps it will help.

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  • Calendar and Contact syncing with Outlook

    I have I tunes and Touch software 2.1. Up until one of the last updates (not sure which they come so quickly) my Touch with sync perfectly with Outlook. Lately it has not been syncing. I had a trial Mobile Me which I removed by uninstalling the program and the control panel but it still does not work properly. If I uncheck the sync boxes in the info tab and click apply and then recheck the boxes the entire calendar and contacts will sync, but that's pretty clumsy and takes too long. What can I do to get it working back to the old way? There must be a remnant of Mobile Me somewhere in my system.

    I too have not been able to get Notes to sync with Outlook. I updated to v3.0 today, and when I tried to sync my iPod Touch to my PC, iTunes basically refused to sync Notes. It was odd: I would select the box for syncing Notes, and when I initiated a sync by clicking on Apply, the selection checkmark on Notes would uncheck during the sync. It did all the other syncs normally, to Outlook Calendar and Contacts, plus my music and apps. Plus, other aspects of functionality in v3.0 work quite well, e.g., copy and paste. In any case, I got no syncing of Notes in this new version. I created new notes in both platforms, plus activated OneNote on the PC, just in case. Nada. I also have not noticed any new "handheld synchronization" folder under Notes, either. I will try the reboot mentioned by Mac users that has been found to be necessary for the sync to work with Macs.

  • Outlook calendar and contacts sync limits with Xperia Z1 Compact

    I have just set up my Xperia to sync with Outlook Calendar and contacts- took a while to realise outlook calendar needed to be closed to work, however now that I am able to sync my calendar and contact, I am only able to sync some of the items in my contact and the calendar updates to my phone only sync for a few months.  Is there an option on this phone or in PC Companion where I can sync all calendar and contact entries, or somewhere that limits entries that I can switch off?

    There was a setting I hadn't found in the PC Companion software:
    On the start sync page there is a settings heading next to a spanner on the righthand side - this takes you to sync settings
    Select Personal Data Selection and then the properties button for Calendar
    You can then set the sync to select all your appointments or a subset.
    I hope that this helps someone - it has taken hours to find this setting!

  • Windows Live Calendar and Contacts sync with iPhone

    I am looking at buying an iPhone. Is it possible to set the iPhone up to sync my Windows Live calendar, contacts and email over the phone network (ie without having to use iTunes), and can the calendar and contacts be edited using the iPhone and will this sync straight back to Windows?

    If you are syncing Windows Live Calendar with your iPhone calendar app, then you have discovered something that neither Microsoft nor Apple have admitted can be done.  There are a couple of published "workarounds" none of which are simple and which mostly just do not work.
    Perhaps you could tell us what you are actually doing?

  • Nokia X2: Calendar and contacts sync with outlook....

    hey there
    i have a nokia x2 and i got myself a new outlook.com account just in order to finally have my emails, my contacts and my calendar synch using the outlook.com app.
    1 email synchronisation works fine
    2 contacts sync seem not to be possible.
     - contacts can be edited only on outlook.com, but not via app. could you confirm this? I wonder why and if an update will solve this issue. what am i supposed to do in order to synch my contacts if i add a new contact or email or whatever on my nokia x2? add it manually to the outlook.com adress buch? this is not feasable!
    - besides the birthday is not displayed on nokia x2 alltough being present on the database of nokia x2 (i can export it with the contact using the export function)
    3 calendar synch works only from outlook.com to nokia x2. if i add a new event on nokia x2, this one event doesn't get sync on outlook.com. any idea what goes wrong or what i am supposed to do to fix this?
    nokia/microsoft colleagues please help, i am using only your stuff, it cannot be that it does't work even when using ONLY microsoft programs

    Little update
    2 calendar --> there is a workaround that makes calendar synch working (using exchange account and also outlook.com app). if you turn off the local calendar and  if you edit directly the exchange calendar, it works (create, edit and delete).  synch between local und exchange calendar doesn't work, no way.
    2 contacts: no workaround
     - using outlook.com app you can't edit contacts and birthdays don't get displayed
    - using exchange server you can edit the contacts locally bur all changes doesn't get synchronised with outlook.com. birthdays are displayed.
    - new problem: contact groups don't get synchronised in any direction!!
    microsoft / nokia people kindly help..

  • Windows 8.1 Outlook meetings and contacts sync with I cloud

    A meeting fixed in my Iphone 5 caliender is syncronized via Icloud with my outlook calender.
    But  , when I get a meeting invitation to my PC outlook , it goes to prsonal folders -calender , but no sync with Icloud/Iphone
    Also contacts are not synchronized
    How to ressolve it
    I tried all recommendations in the article troublshooting Icloud calender biut the problem is not ressolvefd
    Please help

    there's a bunch of reading here:
    There might also be some useful discussions in the dedicated O365 forum:
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    This helps the community, keeps the forums tidy, and recognises useful contributions. Thanks!)

  • Why won't Calendar and Contacts sync with my iPod

    Every time I try, my menu says no contacts available in this computer---despite having an address book full of them. Also my calender (iCal) no longer syncs with my iPod. Running 10.7.5 in my laptop and the latest (2.0.1) software in my 120 g

    My apologies for the previous incorrect solutions! What I have finally done to alter the Contacts group in the iPod (in my case an iPod Nano 4th Generation) with iTunes 11.x is the following:
    I connected the iPod as per usual and iTunes opens and the iPod shows up on the desktop. I then click on the iPod icon to open its folder which shows that there is a Contacts folder. Opening this I saw a Contacts file called 'iSync.vcf' which I moved to the Trash.
    I then went to Contacts (the actual app) and exported those vcards I wanted to be on my iPod. Since I didn’t need every card on my nano I did each card individually; if you want all the cards then just select all the cards you want to export (or make a new special group for the iPod) or command-A a group and then export these vcards, either directly to the iPod Contacts folder, or to a folder on the desktop from which you can later move the vcards into the iPod folder (in case you want to add or subtract cards). note: if you have exported a group of cards from Contacts you cant remove cards from it later)!
    To add vcards to the iPod from then on, just drag a new card, or an updated vcard, into the iPod Contacts folder - conversely to remove a contact, drag the card out of the folder.
    Hopefully this solves the problem. I’ve checked it out several times today with my iPod and it seems to work well.

  • Has anyone got the calendar and contact sync with MS Outlook to work?

    Office Version:Office 2007Operating System:Windows 7
    I've used Outlook for several years. I use the Outlook Connector to link to my hotmail account for mail and Outlook's functionality for contact and calendaring.
    Recently my appointments seem to have taken on a life of their own. After entering them they look fine but at some point the appointment title is being changed to "Private Event". I can open the appointment and it looks ok. In fact, the little lock icon for making the appointment private is not enabled so I can find no visable reason for the appointment to be marked private.
    I am the only user and I have administrator rights. Also, none of my much older appointments are being changed, most of them being reoccurring appointments that haven't been opened in some time.
    It looks like what you might expect if you were a delegate on an Exchange calendar. But in this case my Outlook is just a local, standalone installation with no Exchange server.
    I can't be absolutely certain but I think the timing of when this started was a couple of weeks ago when I attempted to set up sync between my iPod Touch and Outlook. I never opened Outlook [that I know of] during the process. I just set the sync options in iTunes to Outlook. Nothing ever got copied over to the iPod but I think that the privacy issue began about the same time.
    Any idea what may be causing this?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Yes thats correct & it should showup if already checked.
    When I checked the https://p15-calendars.icloud.com/holiday/FR_fr.ics
    also https://p15-calendars.icloud.com/holiday/UK_uk.ics ofcourse it could be any page from
    p 0- to p 20- but nothing happens from the UK one but the FR it auto downloads does not instal into
    Calendar it will ask you for permision first.
    I have many calendars too Europe, Asia etc:
    This is what info of active Holiday Cal looks like.

  • "Device Pin not set in TransConfig.xml.for translator RimBB" message when I try to sync my BBZ10 with Outlook Calendar and Contacts

    Hello, Does anyone know how I can sync my BBZ10 with my computers Outlook Calendar and Contacts? It was working but since my computer returned from being repaired it doesn't sync and gives me the following message
    "Device Pin not set in TransConfig.xml.for translator RimBB"

    I did resolve it, it was so long ago but here's what I suggest:
    -First remove the software on your computer by going to the add/remove programs if you're using a PC. If you're using Mac, I'm not sure where you go. 
    -Then go to BB website and download the correct program for you phone
    -Check both your phone and computer have all their updates
    With the newest updates I have no trouble syncing my calendar/contacts from my PC to my BB and vice versa. It was just initially when the BB was so new they hadn't updated the programs. Over time the fixed the glitch, this is why I recommend you remove the program you have and start over, it will probably fix itself.

  • Latest changes in Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Contacts have not synced with my ipod touch 4th generation

    Latest changes in Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Contacts have not synced with my ipod touch 4th generation

    I solved it myself!
    Found that in "info" on the ipod sync page, "Sync Contacts....", "Sync Calendars..." and "Sync mail accounts...." had become unticked

  • Syncing Outlook Calendars and Contacts with iPhone - There is NO SOLUTION

    I have searched the Apple support forums, Mac Forums, MS forums, spoken to Microsoft Support and iCloud support. Everybody says that there is no way to directly sync Outlook Calendars and Contacts with iPhone and other remote devices and nobody has a work around. I see 100s of forum threads started with this issue, most have no answer and the few that do are not offering solutions. I post this as a final effort to seek a solution! Who will be my savior? Or should I just admit defeat and allow myself to be cast aside in the battle between two giant corporate babies who don't like to play in the same sandbox?
    Is my knight in shining armor out there?!

    The information is correct, MS do not support the Dav standard in Outlook for Mac (but they do in Outlook for Windows), until they add support for it Calendars and Contacts will not work with Outlook for Mac.

  • I have 2 IPOD touches and now an IPAD2;I use outlook calendar and contacts, and now my devices are not syncing all the information in the calendar. Help?

    I now have 2 IPOD touches , 1 8 GB,1 32G plus an IPAD 2 that I've been having syncing issues with.
    my Dell D830 Latitude w/windows XP. I use outlook calendar and contacts, and the syncing is not
    completely syncing the outlook information. Help?

    Yes.  Just sync them to the same iTunes library.  iTunes will keep track of each so you can put what you want on each.  I do this with a 3G and iPad2. Note that each device will have it's own backup.

  • Since I upgraded to iOS 7.1.2, new Outlook calendar and contact items will not sync to/from my iOS devices - I am not using the iCloud, just sync'ing direct to/from laptop. Does anyone have a solution?

    Since I upgraded to iOS 7.1.2, new Outlook calendar and contact items will not sync to/from my iOS devices - I am not using the iCloud, just sync'ing direct to/from laptop. Neither direction seems to be working.
    Does anyone have a solution?

    Hello Happy-in-the-Mountains,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    To troubleshoot this issue where you're unable to sync between your iPhone and Outlook, I'd like you to please follow the steps in the article linked to below.
    Troubleshooting Sync Services on Windows with Microsoft Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, or Outlook 2010 - Apple Support
    Have a great weekend,
    Alex H.

  • I can sync with my outlook calendar, but cannot sync with contacts or e-mail.

    I can sync with my outlook calendar, but cannot sync with contacts or e-mail.  When I click on Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars it doesn't open and reverts to the home page.  When I try to open Mail I get an error message saying "Cannot get mail.  The user name or password for Gmail is incorrect".  If I press "settings" it reverts to home page.  I was revised to restore settings which I have now done, but the problem has not been resolved. Can anyone help?
    i do have a gmail account and may have used this when I first set up itunes/ipad (I'm new to Apple).  However, I want to synchronize with my Microsoft Exchange account.

    It may be a bit late for your needs, but there's a sync product for Outlook (an add-in) that will sync public and private folders/calendars.  Once you have your items in a mailbox folder, the regular ios sync will bring it to your device.  It's called Add2Outlook, it's made by DidItBetter.com Software.
    It syncs private and public, mailboxes and folders in any direction.  One-way, two-way, read-only or writable.  It also works with Office 365 and hosted exchange providers, if that's your situation.  It works for calendars, contacts, tasks, email, whatever.  It can even sync to PST or between two different Exchange servers.
    It installs on your workstation, not on the Exchange server.
    Check it out here: Outlook Contact and Calendar Sync for Office 365

  • I can hardly believe my old school Palm Pre was much friendlier than the IPhone.  I have had it for more than six months and still cannot sync my Outlook calendars and contacts.  I get a message like, "no calendar application  identified."    help!

    My old school palm pre was much friendlier than the IPHONE 3G.  I was able to sync my outlook calendars and contacts via wi-fi effortlessly.  I tunes did sync once or twice in the six months that I have had it, but more often it acts like it is syncing and ultimately delivers a message like "no calendar application is supported".  Why the back and forth.  Very frustrating after literally hours of trying to sync my phone with my Outlook calendar and contacts.  HELP!!!!

    What version of MS Office do you have installed? Have you tried re-installing office over top of itself? It may not be properly registered with the OS.

Maybe you are looking for