Output Type Default for Sales Document Header

I have defined the Output Type ZTER and have assigned it to a print program and a form.  Now when I go to transaction VA03, in the Menu Bar select Sales Document -> Issue Output to, I don't see my new Output Type ZTER present.  I have to manually add it using VA02 and Extras -> Output -> Header -> Edit in order to add this Output Type. 
My question is, how can I make it default to show when I select the Menu Bar (Sales Document -> Issue Output To) and then a prompt box comes up to allow the user to select.
A bit of addition information, I have already maintained the Output Condition
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Hi jamison,
please check output determination and you need to maintain condition records(like with sales organization and condtion type etc)of  output type via tcode NACR. while saving the sales order it will condition records and populate output types automatically.
Tks... Venkat

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  • Output programme form e-mail medium for sales document header

    what is standard  programme we have to assign for output condition (BA00 )for medium e-mail for sales document header.

    Hi Friend,
    Plaese try with RSNASTSO it can be helpful.

  • Making Output type Default in Sales Order

    I have an isses.
    While creating sales order, the user does not want to add manually the output type (extras->output-> header->edit), he wants the things to be populated automatically as soon as SO is created.Can any one tell me how to do that?

    check this thread where some sugestions hv been given regarding this,
    Re: Default output type
    Also u can try this fm inside some exit or some badi
    wa_nast is the workarea of nast type,
    call function 'RV_MESSAGE_UPDATE_SINGLE'
                    msg_nast = wa_nast.
    See other Fm's inside the function group of the above fm i think one of the fm's will do ur work.
    I used the above fm mostly for repeat processing but never used it to creata a new entry but i think tht can be achived also.
    Let me know in case of any issues.

  • Field "OutputType" when assigns sales document header to output procedure

    Hi Experts,
    When allocates the Output Determination Procedure to Sales doc header (IMG->SD->Basic Functions ->Output Control->Output Determination Using the Condition Technique->Maintain Output Determination for Sales Documents->Assign Output Determination Procedures)
    There is a field called "Output type(with all the output type defined)" and i wonder the utility of this field here during assignement of a Output Determination Procedure to Sales document header.
    Someone could tell me the use of this field here?
    Thank you,
    Best regards,

    i m just giving u clue...i think that will answer ur query..
    have u created Pricing procedure determination
    sales areaDuPPCuPPPricing determination Pricing type
    Now can u tell me what is significance of pricing type?
    if u know then u answered ur thread query..
    correct me if went wrong

  • Partner determination for sales document item

    Hi people
    We have a partner function in sales order (carrier) that must be determinate by item, this is necessary because we sell different materias in the same order that can't be transported by the same carrier.
    In customizing Partner Determination for Sales Document Header is possible to use an user exit assign the origin X, Y or Z, in this case I would use the exit EXIT_SAPLV09A_003, but for partner determination for sales document item i didn't find a way to assign the origin X, Y and Z
    Does anyone have an idea for solving this?

    Whatever Partner functions are assigned to the Procedure  assigned to the Sales document Type, only those partner functions will feature in the Sales document header.
    In the procedure assigned to the Item category you will find like that 3 only only as in the Sales order you can not have different Sold-to-party for different Item.
    Whichever Sold-to-party is there in the header that is applicable to all item. So at item  level Procedure
    sold-to-party partner function is not required to assign.
    Sold-to-party is unique for a Sales order and can not be changed.
    But at Item level, you can have different Ship-to-party for different items so the partner function has to be there and to deliver the item one SH is mandatory, that is why it has been marked mandatory in the Procedure.
    All the partner function assigned to the Procedure at header level will be copied to all item. In your procedure for the header you must be having 5 partner functions.
    You can change the SH at item level for few items.

  • Partner determination for sales doc header

    Dear all
    I assigned 2 SH to 1SP in customer master but in sales order system allowing manually to select any SH which is not assigned to SP.
    waiting ur reply

    Hi Lucky,
    To map your requirement please use the following path:
    IMG> Sales and Distribution> Basic Functions > Partner Determination> Set Up Partner Determination--> Select (Set Up Partner Determination for Sales Document Header). Here Select the Standard order & select Partner function in Procedure. Here against Ship-to-party Line you can see the ORIGINAL TABLE coloumn Here select "C" - Partner function from customer master (table KNVP).
    By doing the above settings the system will allow only partners from Customer master records.
    Hope this works for you.
    REWARD if it helps you!!

  • Default Output Type for Sales Order Header

    Hi Guru
    I created 2 output types for hardcopy printout and for mail.
    I want both should be selected as default when a sales order is created. (using NACE)
    Output will be manually from VA02 -> issue output to. Here I must get 2 output types.
    As of now, this is manual process. 
    Please help.
    sunil Kolambkar.

    Hi Sunil,
    For this you need to maintain condition record for output type. for the sales order type, [V V11].
    Do the output determination in the same way as Pricing procedure determination.
    SPRO- IMG- Basic Functions- Output Control- Output Determination- Output Det using Cond Tech- Output Det for Sales Documents & output det for billing documents.
    Create Condition Table: select the field Sales Doc Type from field catalog & Save
    Maintain Access Sequence: 4-digits code & description.
    Assign condition table to access sequence. Select Accesses line item and Go To Fields. Fields will display the fields we have selected in the condition table i.e. sales doc type.
    Maintain Output Types:
    AF00: Inquiry
    AN00: Quotation
    BA00: Order Confirmation
    LD00: Delivery
    Select BA00 & Copy & Rename. Give the same 4-digit code as given to acc seq.
    You Can Maintain:
    Languages of Output
    Partners (to whom we want to send output)
    Print Program- print specification
    Sap Script- layout
    Assign Output Types to Partner Functions: go to new entries & assign your output type to partner functions.
    Maintain Output Determination Procedure: V10000 (Standard Procedure). Go to new entries & create your own 6-digit code with descp. Select the procedure & go to Control Data. Here mention the output type i.e. cond type & leave requirement and manual only columns as blank.
    Determination Rule: link the 6-digit procedure code to doc types.
    Create Condition Records: VV11. Select document type and click on Communication. Mention partner function, medium, time. Output device: LP01, Spool request Name: SD_003, Suffix 2: order_confir & flag on print immediately.
    Once you press enter you will come across 2 key combinations:
    Sales organisation/ Customer Number: fill SO, Customer No, Partner Function Abbreviation, Partner to whom the output should be sent, time, medium, language. {It contains: Sales Orgn, Customer, Partner Function (The abbreviated form of the name that identifies the Partner) (During output determination, the system determines the recipient of the output from the master record for the specified partner function. In this field, you can explicitly specify a recipient that will override the standard partner. There must also be a master record for the partner that is specified explicitly.), Medium, Time & Language.}
    Order Type: Document Type, Partner Function (abbreviation), Partner, Medium, Time & Language.
    Hope this would be helpful.

  • Table for output type of a delivery document

    Hi guys,
    Would you know where could I find the output type of a delivery document espcially after I posted a GI in Shipment? Basically, It should reflect in devlivery document. So I am not sure if I should look at the delivery tables or goods issue.
    Help me guys!
    POints for the helpful ideas.

    There are 2things to be noted here.
    1. If your output type was already triggered once, then it should be visible in display mode also, with a Green colour button (if it is processed and the print out  is obtained). The fact that the output type is not seen in display  mode, says that the output type so far has nto been triggered.
    2. Seeing the output type coming in yellow colour in change mode of delivery document is expected. This means that the output is getting triggered now.If you save teh document now, you will get the print out.When you go in display mode again after a gap of say 1min, you can see the same output in Green colour as mentioned earlier.
    I hope this clarifies your doubt.Please let me know if you need some more info
    You can reward me if it helped you

  • What is the need of creating partner functions for sales document type.

    Hi SAP (SD-GURUS),
    Actually we create partner functions  before creating customer ex: sold to party, ship to party, bill to party, and payer.
    These partner functions are going to be copied into sales order while processing sales order.
    Again what is the need of creating partner functions for sales document type.
    sreenivas peruru

    There are some Partners you could enter at Sales ORder Level. E.g. Sales Person, Employee Responsible, Forwarding Agent, Broker, etc.
    Thus these partner Determination need to be carried out at Sales Order Level & not at Customer Master level.
    So we have to configure partner Determination for various levels e.g. Customer Master, Sales Order, Delivery level etc...
    Hope this helps...
    Jignesh Mehta

  • Output Determination for Sales Documents distributed by fax/email

    Hi Experts,
    Can some one guide me regarding what all need to be done to maintain output determination for Sales documents to be distributed by fax/email.
    Thanks in advance...

    Hi Vamsi,
    Please go through this link it will help you about Output process in SAP R/3 for sales documents and billing documents.
    I hope it will help you,

  • Authorization at sales document header text type

    Hi All,
    Is it possible to have authority check at the sales document header text type ?
    My basic requirement is to gray few text types at sales document header level in t-codes VA01 and VA02.
    Appreciate your response.

    Hi raj,
       U can configure Text Determination in T.code: <b>VOTXN</b>
    it follows the condition technique
    1. Define Condition Table
    2. Define Access Sequence
    3. Define Text Types
    4. Define Text procedure
    5. Activate to sales document types
    there u can achieve ur purpose.
    Reward if it helps.

  • Number range for sales document type

    I am having 1 client under that 5 company codes, ade according to that 5 plants & 5 sales organization.
    so for one comapany code including all there are 15 sales document types same for other also
    my question is
    How can I assign number range for all that?
    If i am going to maintain seperate document type it goes to 75
    which userexit will help me out for this?
    without userexit what is the otherway?

    Not only at order level, you will have to use exits at delivery and billing document level also.
    For sales documents:
    For delivery documents:
    For billing documents:
    You need to give tables for maintaining numbers for sales, delivery and billing documents. In the exit a select query can be written to fetch the data based on the parameters like sale orgainzation, company code etc.

  • Field Exit for Sales Document Type in VA01

       i want to do field exit for Sales Document Type in VA01.
    but i dont know to find the correct exit.
    pls tell the exit name and the steps to find it.
    thank u

    Goto this link u will get the information u required....
    Check the numerous threads that already exist in SDN :
    CMOD and SMOD

  • How/ where to  check output type while saving sales order for confirmation

    Hi All,
    Could you anyone pls let me know How/ where to  check output type while saving sales order for confirmation.
    Present scenario : when the Sales Order is created the Order confirmation is sent irrespective of credit block of the sales order.
    Requirement : Order confirmation “ZA00” sent to the partner only for those Sales orders which does not have credit block and ZCLE sent to the partner if the order has credit block.
    Now i want to know where exactly to check the output types "ZA00" and 'ZCLE' based on the credit block to send the confirmation to partener.
    Quick help highly appreciated......

    Hi Santosh,
    Thanks for the info. But here in this case I have to send the confiramation based on credit limit check. If credit limit check exceeds "ZCLE' should go as confirmation else 'ZA00' should go as confirmation.
    Where can we check the credit limit whether it exceeded or not. My doubt is whether it is config issue or do we need to write code user exit or routine to send the specific output type for confirmation.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Billing Type for Sales Document

    I am trying to create Sales Order from WEB UI(CRM 7.0). I need to enter billing type this sales document. But, I am not able to find this Field neither in CRM WEB UI nor VA02.
    Can you please tell me, how can I enter billing type for Sales document or change Billing type for sales document.

    Hi Sandeep,
    sounds like you refer to the ERP Sales Order in the CRM WebClient UI? Not sure whether the billing type is available in the standard, but are you aware of the enhancements concepts of the LORD (see SAP note 1224179)? In addition, you should use the AET as outlined in the FAQ note 1446253.
    Best Regards,

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