Overflow in EXCEL title line routine - Error while posting FI document

Hi All -
   We are getting an "Overflow in EXCEL title line routine" error message while posting SAP FI document thru FB01 transaction code. We are getting this error message while entering the coding block, can anyone please explain how this error message is coming and how to rectify it.
Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the reply.
The interesting part is, it is a standard message and there is no message class ZKV available in the system.  We have gone live only six months back and not done a single enhancement in HR module till now.
As far as FICO is concerned, we have an internal control that we will not enhance any of the FI transactions in view of data accuracy and integrity.  We don't have enhancements running in FI & CO modules also.
I am sure that it is a standard message.  This message is arising out of the function module 'AC_DOCUMENT_CREATE' called internally in the program associated with posting run transaction.
Please hint, what could be the problem.

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  • Runtime error while posting a document (FB70/FBS1)

    I am getting a runtime error while posting a document through FB70 or FBS1 .
    The erro description tells The type "CL_BCS_OBJHEAD" is unknown.
    And the program dumps in Function module SO_KPRO_DECIDE.
    Has any one faced this problem?

    Please check the psoting date and also the reversal  date in FBS1. Please check when you have posted the document and when you want ot reverse the same.
    Thank you,

  • FA Retirement- 21151: error while posting asset document: '100000039'

    Hello Experts,
    I have a client who encountered this error during fixed asset retirement - scrapping.
    After selecting the asset to be retired, sap did not assign an account in the account column, but the user
    was able to save the document.  After saving it, the user needs to retire again another asset - scrapping, but the document would not be saved because of this error: 21151: error while posting asset document '100000039'.  The document number the systems is referring to is the last document saved but sap did not assign an account code.
    Please help. My client is using sap b1 8.81 patch5.

    Hi Too Mui Hwee,
    What we did is to put letters on the number so the series will continue example there is already 100333, 100334, 100335 since the error is encountered from 100333. We add 100333A, 100334A, 100335A.

  • Error while posting parked documents

    HI ALL,
    After upgrade when we try to post the parked documents ,It calls FM :POSTING_INTERFACE_DOCUMENT"
    Inside it a call transaction is done using FBVB which throws error while posting for more than 4 withholding tax types.
    Error : Field WITH_DIALG-WT_BASE(5) does not exist in the screen SAPLFWTD 0100.
    On running BDC in foreground mode ,Error is happening when the withholding dialog opens and screen seems to be small to input all the tax codes.
    But in 4.6 c a bigger screen pops up and no error is thrwon.
    We have checked lots of thread and notes ,But nothing seems to be relevant or helpful in our case.
    Please check it.

    Please follow as given below:
    1. Use T.Code KO31 and enter order and deactivate the control
    2. Then try to post the parked document
    3. And use T.Code KO30 and enter the order to activate the control
    Some times system will check budget availability which already commited for parked documents.
    Hope it will work.

  • Error while posting 561 Document

    Dear All
                Error while posting document with movement 561. "Account Determination for entry 999 BSA 6000 not possible."
    Even OBYC setting for that valuation class already assigned.
    please advice.

    Hello Anandhakumar ,
    please check whether you have assigned the Company code which you are using to controlling area with same chart of accounts and check the OMWD settings..
    and check the FS02 tCode in that the see the control data for currency and chart of accounts settings.
    it could solve your query.
    Ninad Kshirsagar

  • FI error while posting one document

    While posting the document(501 - gr w/o PO), i'm getting the error:
    "Account determination requires an CO object"
    I've maintained the material master with costing view and also assigned profit center.
    I Belive in  Obyc t-code, -- in GBB -- in general modification column.. key needs to be enabled with g/l account.
    Pls explain what is the general modification and what is the key for 501 - gr w/o po

    Go to FS00
    enter GL account no & Comp Code.
    Click Change button
    You might have to seek help of an FI consultant to do so.
    Also in KA01 create this G/L account as a cost element against your controlling area assigned to your Chart of Accounts, you can do so by clicking on Extra's tab in transaction KA01

  • Error while posting billing documents

    I am trying to post billing documents for accounting , but I am getting some error related to number range.
    I have checked number range assignments, where else I can check to find out error.

    If you are getting error while creating billing document -
    Check your number range status assignment in T-Code - VN01
    If any userexit is used then check in Userexit MV60AFZZ. There could be a Z-table where the number range may not be properly defined for the Billing Type/ plsnt/etc. as per the settings.
    If Billing document is created and you get this error while posting-
    Then it would be error with the number range for Accounting Document. Pls. ask the FI person to fix this.
    If the above does not solve - pls. mention the exact error with error code.

  • Error while posting billing document to Accounting

    We are getting an error when posting Billing document to Accounting .Eror "The document type is relevant for VAT.Please inset a VAT code in postings.
    Thanks in advance.

    Dear Ravinder
    Go to VF02, input the billing document and execute.  Now from the top menubar, click on Goto <> Header <> Header.   There check what pricing procedure is flowing.
    Now go to V/08, select that pricing procedure and check whether you have maintained the condition type for VAT.  I believe you have not maintained and hence, the error. Include the VAT condition type and create a fresh sale order.
    Meanwhile, you have to reverse the billing document via VF11, reverse PGI via VL09 and delete the delivery document. 
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • No control line for line item - error while posting bd to accounting

    Hi all,
    Billing document showing err "no control line for line item" while posting to accounting doc.Sales document is complete no in completion logs.
    Previous errr: g/l missing for line item" in order incompletion after maintaining company code for customer, then refresh the g/l missing for line item is no more logs and showing the error "no control line for line item" while posting bd to accts.
    Please help

    Hello Anush,
    if the company data of the payer was not created when the sales order has been created, then the system could not create the correct records in table VBREVK. Once the company data has been maintained the VBREVK records could be corrected by re-saving the sales, but only if no billing document exists.
    In your case you already created the billing document.
    Please try these step:
    1. reverse billing document
    2. run VA02 add a blank char to PO number, save
    3. create new billing document
    Best regards,

  • FBV0 - Error while posting prked document..

    Hi Team,
    I am getting the below error while trying to post a Parked Document in FBV0*
    Field BSEG-SECCO. does not exist in the screen SAPMF05A 0302
    Message no. 00349
    The specified field does not exist on the screen.
    Check your batch input data.
    Kindly assist on this...
    Thanks in Advance !!!!!!

    If you park a document using transaction FB01 or a relevant ENJOY transaction, all substitutions are run - in contrast to transaction FBV1, which is a parking transaction only. It is possible in this case to use substitution to fill fields that are not ready for input in the line item or that are not available.
    When you post the parked document using transaction FBV0, FBV0 with a list, or FIPP.POST, the posting is executed using CALL TRANSACTION. The system collects all data from the parked document and reprocesses the data for CALL TRANSACTION. A batch input runs in the background. This transfers all field contents from the parked document to the relevant screen fields. If a field that does not exist on the screen is to be filled, the system issues error message 00349.  You cannot post the document.
    Check your substitutions. Make sure that you never substitute fields in the parking that are not ready for input.

  • Error while posting parked document

    Hi  all,
      We are in ECC 5.0.  While posting a parked invoice document, (created
    through MIRO), the system is giving an error saying, 'Account XXXXXX
    requires an assignment to a CO object . Msg. No. KI235) for Rounding off
      This G/L account has a cost center assigned in OKB9 and there is no
    problem in the validity of the cost center and it is being displayed
    when the document is simulated.
      We are facing this problem only when posting a parked document. 
    While directly posting a document, there is no problem.
      Any suggestions?
    Sundar Rao

    Hi Paul,
    The error is occuring when I am posting a parked invoice document.  When I try and post it directly through MIRO, there is no problem.
    I am unable to understand your reply.  Can you please elaborate?
    Sundar Rao

  • Error while posting billing document

    dear gurus,
    while posting the billing document,the following error will appears.
    "no taxes on sales / purchases are allowed for accounting 20704540  1000, E4 not allowed."
    please do the needful.

    First check whether you have condition records for your tax. If it is there, then check the tax code assigned to the condition records. Seems E4 was incorrectly assigned to it. Check the correct sales tax code and assign. now try to post the billing document. Try first in sandbox or test environemnt.

  • Workflow is in error while posting parked document

    Hi All,
    I have implemented a workflow which will allow parking FI Documents via TC FV60 and then coding using FBV2 and then posting using
    While posting it came across a strange error
    "No batch input data for screen SAPNF05A 0700 344 SAPMF05A"
    This error has occured only once.
    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    Not related to WF. Refer to this note:
    Note 49893 - Deactivating SKB1-XNKON for batch input and call transaction
    Regards, IA

  • Error while posting parked document in fbv0.

    hi experts,
    while posting a parked document in transaction fbvo the follwing information appears
    and document is not posted.
         Field WITH_DIALG-WT_BASE(2) is not an input field
    message no 00347
    A transaction is processed using batch input.
    System Response
    The runtime error field xxx occurs (invalid entries)
    Correct the batch input data. Depending on the processing scenario, this can affect either of the following objects:
    Batch input session
    CATT procedure
    Application program

    Do one transaction in foreground and check where system is giving error and correct it.

  • Error while posting MIRO document

    Dear All
    When i try to post the invoice through MIRO transactions, i get short dump. I am posting this invoice with 3 decimals for example 1.235
    Overflow during the arithmetical operation (type P) in program "SAPLFDMM".
    An exception occurred that is explained in detail below.
    The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_SY_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW', was not
    caught in
    procedure "DETERMINE_AMOUNTS" "(FORM)", nor was it propagated by a RAISING
    If you have access to the SAP notes system first try searching with the
    following keywords:
    "BCD_FIELD_OVERFLOW" (Until release 4.0a, this runtime error occurred at this
    "SAPLFDMM" or "LFDMMF00"
    Please help..

    Try Changing the settings for the following
    System --> User Profile --> Own Data --> Maintain User Profile
    In the defaults tab change the Decimal Notation and then do the MIRO transaction.
    I remember similar kind of dump which we were getting and it got resolved by changing the Default Decimal Notation..
    Just try  for remaining values of the decimal notations and execute the MIRO transaction..
    Just try this...
    Sindo Ouspeh

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