PA30:Change and Display Mode

Hi Friends,
Can you Please provide me a solution for the Below Problem:
When I go to PA30 and  try to CHANGE infotype 0001(Org Assmt),I get the fields "cost center,Position,job,org unit" in the Display mode I am not able to change those fields.
Where can i change(In the configuration) these fields to be changed from DISPLAY MODE TO CHANGE MODE.So that in PA30 I can change these fields in IT0001
                                                                           Thanks In advance
                                                                                Gopi Palleti

You cannot change any of the field you mentioned in infotype 0001.
You can assign a position using action 0000 through PA40 or by using copy option infotype 0000 in PA30. This will be in edit mode.
Suggested to use PA40 so that all other relevant infotypes can also be updated accordingly.
Rest of the components (Objects Job, Cost Center, Org unit etc)  has to be assigned to the respective position in PO13-->Relation ships.
Note: Take care of the dates.
Reward if found Helpful

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    Hi Thirupathi,
    Can you send us a screenshot or the error message information ?
    If it is due to status missing (SAP note available for the same)

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    You cannot change any of the field you mentioned in infotype 0001.
    You can assign a position using action 0000 through PA40 or by using copy option infotype 0000 in PA30. This will be in edit mode.
    Suggested to use PA40 so that all other relevant infotypes can also be updated accordingly.
    Rest of the components (Objects Job, Cost Center, Org unit etc)  has to be assigned to the respective position in PO13-->Relation ships.
    Note: Take care of the dates.
    Reward if found Helpful

  • Switch between Edit and Display mode in an input layout?

    I want to create a button in my planning layout which is input ready,  that makes it able to change between display mode and edit mode.
    I'm on BI 7.0. And I am using Analyzer/Workboook.
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    If Yes,  Where should I put this  command ? I can't  find this in Button Properties.
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    This is the correct command. In the button properties, you need to select 'command via command wizard'. There you should select this command and customize it according to your requirement (on/off).

  • BSP for Creation and change and display of the documents in SAP R/3.

    Dear All,
    In SAP R/3 system, the documents can be maintained using the T-Codes CV01N, CV02N, CV03N for creation, change and display of the documents. Users is allowed to access to these transaction using the BSP application. The BSP page would be used to enable access the T-Code CV01N, CV02N, CV03N and allow uses to carryout the functionalities of check in and checkout of the document and the object links.
    do i need to replicate all these T-Codes in BSP application?
    If anybody hv done suggest me and give me the code.
    Thanks & Regards
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            Pradeep Reddy

    if you want this out of BSP, yes you have to code all of them there is not easy way.
    but if the idea is to webenable these transaction and you dont have much time/resource to do it , easiest way is to go with ITS. downside of this is that you dont have much control over look and feel.
    If you are on WAS6.40 or above your application server comes with integrated ITS and enabling the same is quiet simple.

  • Display  Pop up message when  changing and displaying sales orders?

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    My client requirement is to display text popup during change sales order VA02 , and  Display sales order VA03.
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    Hello Nina...
    Hope you are aware of the configurations you need to maintain for the Text determination.Anyway, herewith are the steps that may help you to accomplish your requirement.
    Text Determination procedure for sales document header:
    Text can be determined at sales document header level or it can be imported from customer master. The process is...
    Define Text types: Path: Imgsales and distributionbasic functionstext controldefine text types
    Select sales document header. click on text types go to new entries and define text types. For Eg:Z1
    Define Access sequence:
    Select sales document header
    Click on change icon
    Click on access sequence control button under dialog structure
    Go to new entries and define access sequence number with description.Ex: 55
    Save it and exit
    Define text determination procedure:
    Go to new entries
    Define text determination procedure.Ex: ZX save it and exit
    Assign text id's to text determination procedure:
    Select your text determination procedure(ZX)
    click on text id's in text procedure control button under dialog structure
    go to new entries and maintain entries. Text id:assign text id (Z1) that we defined in the previous step
    Specify sequence No-10
    Check Reference: this indicator specify that the text is reference or copies from preceding object
    Text in obligatory: text will be displayed during copying. the value of this field specifies whether text is obligatory or not and if it is obligatory the how it is to be displayed
    Apart from this... you also have to maintain the text in the Customer master as mentioned in the previous mail..
    Safeer Rahman

  • Table name in PP TCODES and Display mode

    Dear Friends,
    Please advice the Table name for the following T Codes :
    MIGO - Goods receipt
    COR1 - Issue produciton order
    CORK - SF receipt from produciton order
    CO88 - settlement of produciton order
    MR21 - Material Ledger closing
    CORK - FG receipt from production order
    VL01n- despatch of goods
    also let me know the display mode of above t codes for monthly basis.

    Material documents are stored in MKPF Table
    Material documents and line item details are stored in MSEG table
    Delivery documents (delivery note header) are stored in VBLK table
    Delivery items are stored in LIPS table
    Material documents created in MR21 are stored in MLHD table
    Accounting documents created in CO88 are stored in BSEG table.
    During SF Issue or FG receipt the system creates mateiral document that can be seen in the table MKPF/MSEG and it also generates accounting document that can be seen in BSEG table.

  • Check box 'Good Receipt' to be changed to display mode in PR

    In purch req, I want to change Goods Receipt check box to display mode while keeping Invoce Receipt check box in change mode. Is this possible ?
    Pls share your view.

    Standard SAP does not give this option u need to use exit.

  • Change to display mode

    Hi, I do some checking on the userexit of SO, when via VA02 to access SO, i will check whether is owner or not, if not, I want to change edit mode to display mode, va02 change to va03. How can i do that. Thanks!

    First Find user exit or badi for the same.
    provide Check conditions for that owner .
    if not
    Call transaction 'VA03'.

  • Cannot change and display the file in document CV02N

    Hi All,
    When i create a document in CV01N transaction ,upload a word file ,
    save and change the status, for some reason the uploaded word document file goes in unchecked (unlocked ) mode.
    and this doesn't happen daily, its one of those situations when user does something funny.
    Later when the Approver wants to approve the document in CV02N he cannot open the file because (of error "cannot be accessed") its not uploaded properly in content server and cannot change status to Reject because of error "Status can only be set when all originals are stored".
    Please can anyone help me to find out what might be the problem for these kind of scenarios and how do i deal a document in a status where the the uploaded file is in unlocked status.
    NOTE: Around 2500 users using the present process and i get only 2 to 5 scenarios like the above once in a while . so looking for a permanent fix for this problem.
    Thanks in Advance
    Edited by: Sud on Jul 22, 2011 12:36 PM

    Dear Sud,
    I think we should focus here on the reason for the error message (26 172) and therefore I would recommend you to see the information under
    Best regards,

  • Discount Condn Type changeable in Quotation and Display Mode in Sales Order

    Hi Friends,
    There is requirement of having a Discount Condition Type to be in Changeable mode in Quotation and must not be in Changeable mode in Sales Order. That no user is allowed to change the discount value in Sales Order and whatever maintained in QT must be applcable for Sales Order till billing.
    Would like to have functional possibilities. Guide me gurus.

    Would you like your user who is making the sales order to view the pricing conditions or you would also like him to change certain conditions/values (Except for discount conditions) ?
    If the above is applicable then in my suggestion you should go in for a Transaction Variant wherein you can either completely hide or make the pricing conditions in display only.

  • Email and telephone fields in the BAPI change and display in VA13

    Hi All ,
    1, I need to change the email and telephone fields in the BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE , but after i give the inputs its not getting updated in VA13.
    2, I am working with FPM screens , in that i have some value in email field in partner details in Va13 , but its not getting displayed in my FPM screen , iam using bapi BAPISDORDER_GETDETAILEDLIST for displaying .
    I have given the link to the partner and address table for change like addr_link and addr_number , still i couldn't change the email values in VA13.
    Please share your ideas!

    you have to change the standard fm.
    why cant you fill communication infotype with required details so that you dont need to change any code
    Bala Duvvuri

  • Purchase order Change and Display.

    Dear Experts
                      I am using SAP 4.7 in this i have placed a po for the vendor. for this excise is different not in percentage that is amount. i have maintained the amount in
    J1ID Exceptional excise rates. for plant,material,vendor combination. now im going to po display it is updated automatically without po change. it is directly taken from the J1id.
    i want to control this without  click carryout new pricing it should not get updated.
    For example i Have entered GRN also. at the time of GRN time the excise amount is 1000 INR.
    Now im changing the Excise as 2000 INR in J1id now im going to display the po. the 2000 INR excise is updated without change the po.
    i want to control this. Without click carryout new pricing it should not get update. and After GR the excise should not change in the po.
    any settings Required

    I am not too sure about your question. What do You mean by a material selection menu.
    Do You mean to say, when an user tries to create a PO, and tries filling up the line items, he presses a F4 on the material, to get the list of all materials, he can choose from, and he is not able to get the list of all materials.
    If this is the case, then the issue has to do with the no. of hits (this is defaulted as 500 in the system). You have to delete this to get the entire list of materials (Keep in mind, this will give a max of 5000 entries in the list).

  • Change and display

    Hey CRM gurus,
    I want to make one transaction type only display and chnage. but not in create mode.
    What is the best mode to achieve this.

    This really isn't a CRM 2007 specific question.  However you can accomplish this through security roles assigned to each end-user.
    Take care,

  • WDJ and display mode in Guided Procedures

    Good day.
    Are there any solutions to get whether a callable object is display or execute? Because I don't want to create a new view in WDJ with all disabled fields, but I want to get some info about the callable object state and just disable controls in wdDoModifyView.

    Based on your requirements you need to define data that would be exchanged between GP and WebDynpro.
    Once you implement add the implemented interface IWebDynproCO in your WD component, you get theese methods (in the interface controller):
    1) execute method
    2) getDescription method
    getDescription method is used to define input/output parameters.
    If you want pls specify your email address, I can mail you the document that describes this process in details.

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