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Hi everyone,
We are currently running VC on 2004s SP8. I would like to have my table be able to scroll or page through the many records. The table is being populated with data but the paging toolbar does not show up. Scroll buttons is set to 'Show' (greyed out can't change it) and the 'Number of Rows' is set to Autofit which is also greyed out. If I double-click the paging toolbar in the designer the 'Page Scrolling Options' box pops up for configuration, however it only shows the first 6 items and the 7th is cut off. The pop up can not be resized either.
Has anyone seen this before? Is there a fix?

Thanks for your quick response. Flash looks very nice but with larege tables or wide columns, not having horizontal scroll is a big limitation. VC tool is very nice and adding these features will propel VC as a tool of choice for BPX users. 
I also found these useful OSS notes...950492, 994827, 992872, 1021675 (not published yet as of feb 17, 2007) .
A correction to my earlier comment ---  sap press book on VC does hint at limitations and have carefully not discussed or show screen shots to highlight scroll bar issues in their examples.. nevertheless it is a priceless book.. can't do VC without it..
yes, WD can be used only for web services... it is also covered in the book...
thanks and best regards,

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    Nic, for me the iTunes window looks like this, when I connect my iPad 3:
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    Which part is different for you? Perhaps you could post a screenshot?

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    The one finger scrolling option for mouse is apparently GONE from the mouse system preferences? Why do they move/hide this stuff every other system update? Grrrrr!
    I turned off the one finger scrolling option in mouse preferences a while back before my last system update to OSX 10.8.5 because it screwed me up in Photoshop/Illustrator. Recently using Chrome I found I couldn't scroll down windows now on some web pages because the scroll bar at the right doesn't show up very well. I usually use Safari and it works there so it's a Chrome problem. However, I want to turn the one-finger scrolling back on for some things from time to time. When I tried to check the box in mouse preferences, to my horror, that option appears to be gone. What?!? Help!
    *totally waiting for a simple answer that I overlooked. I hope.

    Did you look in the Zoom menu (press F10 to make the menu bar appear)?

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    When I click the Editor, it loads but does not open the Editor page. Options?

    Try making separate desktop icons for the Editor and Organizer. You can then launch directly. The standard desktop icon is for the welcome screen which often runs in the background or doesn’t shut down properly.
    Start by right-clicking on the desktop and select:
    New >> Shortcut
    Then browse to:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 13
    Inside the Photoshop Elements 13 folder make sure you select the application (not a shortcut) by scrolling down to the files beginning with the letter P and highlighting ‘PhotoshopElementsEditor’
    Then click next followed by finish.
    You can repeat for the Organizer using the different file path.
    New >> Shortcut
    Then browse to:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Elements 13 Organizer
    Highlight ‘PhotoshopElementsOrganizer’
    Then click next, followed by finish.
    Now that you have your separate desktop icons you can delete the one for the welcome screen, if preferred. On Mac try launching directly from Applications. [if not using PSE13 substitute your own version and go to Program Files (x86)]

  • When adding a time to an event in the calender in the new ios7 the page scrolls up when trying to adjust the time .How do I finely adjust the time without the page moving upwards?

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    I see no direct connection.. a printer and the computer setup for internet are not related.
    But it sounds like the router in the wife's office is now in the wrong mode..
    If you have an existing main router replace the second router for a switch .. that is the easy way.
    Otherwise you need to bridge the router if it has that option.. most do not. Or use wan bypass.. where you turn off the dhcp server in the router and fix its ip to match the range of the main router.. this is the hassle of using router as a switch.
    BUT I am making a huge number of assumptions.
    What I need is the full network layout.. a quick picture would help.
    I need main modem.. main router.. (maybe same box or different).. make model and current IP address and how dhcp is setup.
    I need secondary router.. if that is what it is, IP and settings.
    I want the printer type and model. How it is connected.
    BTW I much prefer to see a network printer plugged into the network rather than usb.. it is only a matter of sorting the IP settings and driver pointing to the network rather than local.
    Or you should think of it as a broken washing machine and call the technician.. who could fix the whole lot in an hour.

  • Since upgrading to 10.8, my mouse scroll wheel works in reverse.  When I rotate the wheel towards me, the page scrolls up.  Can this be configured or fixed?  It is not an apple mouse.

    Have been happily using a Microsoft optical wheel mouse with my 27" iMac for a year or so.  Just upgraded the OS to 10.8.4.
    Now, when I rotate the scroll wheel towards myself, instead of scrolling down the page, it scrolls up.  Microsoft doesn't yet have a driver for
    anything past 10.7.  Can this be configured somehow to act as it used to?

    Many thanks!  I clicked the link Barney-15E provided, and found this page:
    There were a number of good suggestions there, including this one:
    Raptor T Wiked 
    Re: Mouse/Trackpad Scroll Options Not Independent     Aug 24, 2011 11:31 PM    (in response to erik.l) 
    There is a free app out there that fixes this. I tried it and it does what we want.
    It took about 2 seconds to download the app, install it, and be back to normal mouse wheel behavior.
    I'm grateful for the help.

  • 2-times scroll option on an object?

    Little Muse question,
    Getting an object in the page with scroll-options (page down) goes well...but when the object must get back or return, i must use page-up..i'd like to have that with the use of page-down that the animation can continue...
    aaaarrgghh Bad explanation:
    maybe better..
    page down - object comes in
    page down - Branding name comes up
    page down - object must go away
    page down - the adresses getting under the branding name...
    so, i'd have 2 scroll commands for 1 object...
    Is that possible? or how do getting an object away, when it came in the page with scrolling??
    1 possibilty is to get an object over the object, so you would'nt see it anymore...but thats not so very very nice ;-)
    grt mars

    You could do it with Advanced Actions (but it does get a little messy).
    Place a transparent button over each menu item. Have each button pause near the start of each slide. 
    Create a standard action as below (you will also need to create a variable for each menu item - mine is called Zoom1 in the example):
    This will trigger the zoom (you will probably want zoom size to be 100% for the initial size, then whatever your final size needs to be).
    Create an advanced action like the one below:
    You can have an action for each menu item/button in the one advanced action using the tabs under the Name field. What you're doing is saying if the button for an item has been pressed, jump to the specified slide for that item.  In the slide properties, set the advanced action to run on the slide exit.
    You will need to play around with the size and timings to allow the zoom to reach the end point at, or just before, the end of the slide, otherwise it jumps to the new slide as it's zooming.
    There may be easier ways to do it that others here may suggest, but that's my intial idea - hope it helps.

  • Page scrolling on an AppleMac would be improved using the alt (+ up/down buttons) instead of the fn key

    Scrolling one page at a time is easier if the alt key could be assigned instead of the adopted fn key in conjunction with the adjacent up/down arrow keys. The latter combination is in fact standard (on my MacBook) with Safari and most other applications but not, it seems, with Firefox. However, I'm pleased you've retained the full 'top and bottom' scroll option with the cmd key.

    You may have switched on [ caret browsing]: press F7 to toggle<br />
    Tools > Options > Advanced : General: Accessibility: [ ] "Always use the cursor keys to navigate within pages"
    See also

  • One Page Scrolling Site with anchors and a navigation bar with submenus

    I create a one page scrolling site with some anchors.
    Now I want to have a navigation bar with submenus, i.g. one navigation leads to "projects", but within projects I need 6 submenus for every project.
    How can I realize this in muse?

    Create a Manual menu and link to the anchors.
    Widgets Library/Menus/Horizontal
    In the Options pull out screen: Menu Type: Manual
    Mark each menu box you create and link to the specific anchor.
    Refer to this section of a site I created that mimics what you want done:

  • Matrix exporting to excel with empty columns, with page break option of "Between each instance of a group" selected.

    I am working with Report Builder 3.0 I am using a matrix to produce grouped data on separate worksheets in excel.
    The select is:
    SELECT ID, Measurement, Value, [Date] FROM Measurements_Report. (please ignore the underscores they are just for formatting) 
    The contents of the Measurements_Report table:
    The matrix contains a single row group based on the field "measurement". The Measurement group has the page break option of "Between each instance of a group" selected. 
    There is a column group based on the field "Date". 
    When this is matrix is exported to excel on the first worksheet (Hot) there are three columns as shown below:
    Notice the last column doesn't have a value.
    On the second worksheet (Cold) there are also three columns as shown below:
    This time notice there is only one row and only a value in the last column.
    I only want the columns with data for that worksheet to show up. How can I remove these empty/duplicate columns? Hopefully there is a simple fix. Thanks ahead of time.

    With the following contents of the Measurements_Report table:
    Returns on the first tab (Hot):
    In the excel worksheet it contains a separate column for each date with a value. Thanks again!
    Why is the same date repeating on multiple columns? Do you've the time part also returned from database?
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  • Is it possible to Default "Choose page source by PDF page size" option in the "Print" dialog box?

    I have an SSRS report that is rendered as a PDF file; the report has many columns and utilizes 11inx17in (Landscape) paper. However, once the report is rendered and users try to print the report they have to manually select the 'Choose Paper source by PDF page size' option in order to get the report to print on the correct paper (otherwise it defaults to standard letter size - landscape orientation).
    I'm aware of 'Print Presets' functionality; however, I don't believe they apply to this scenario. Is there a config file/registry setting/anything that can be specified to automatically set the 'Choose paper source by PDF page size' print setting = On/True/Checked?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

    Anybody out there?

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    In Xcode in the main window where the code goes every time i press the space bar the page scrolls up to the top then back to the curser again really fast.  If i hold my finger down on the space button then the page goes mad and i cant read anything.  Please help. I am just now running Lion.

    I have the same problem too and tried alot of things like time zone , restarting or changing DNS of wifi connection to still nothing happens .. !!
    iPhone 5s, iOS 8.3

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    I'm trying to help someone in my office who can no longer select "Tabloid" size paper in the Page Setup. We have a Xerox Splash G640 which gives me about fifteen different page sizes in the Page Setup window, but even after deleting her printer from the Printer Setup Utility and re-adding it, she only gets Letter and Legal size. When I started helping her, the Printer Setup Utility said the printer was using the generic postscript driver and I manually changed it to the correct driver. This did not fix the issue, so we deleted and re-added the printer. But, the incorrect page sizes are still in the Page Setup window. If you select another printer from the list in Page Setup and choose Tabloid size paper, the printer prints a Tabloid size image, but on a Letter size piece of paper... She's got Mac OS X 10.4.3 (we're giving everyone updates to 10.4.5 later this week) and although this issue is occurring in any application, we need to print from PhotoShop CS2.
    It appears to me that Mac OS X is "caching" this information somewhere, but I'm not sure where. Is there a folder or file I could delete to try to clear this up?

    Thank you for your reply. I've already replaced the PPD with the one from my computer which does show all the page sizes correctly (on my computer). It appears to be an issue deeper than simply selecting the correct PPD file in the Printer Setup Utility. Somehow, the options in the Page Setup are "stuck" and will not change even if you change the PPD file associated with that printer. You see the same page size options (the incorrect ones) whether that printer is set-up with the "generic" PostScript driver, the correct Mac OS X printer driver or manually selecting the Mac OS 9 printer driver from the Classic System Folder/Extensions/Printer Drivers. No matter which PPD we choose, the wrong page sizes persist in the Page Setup dialog.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8610 All-in-One Printing Preference does not have Print Last Page First option

    HP Officejet Pro 8610 All-in-One printer:  Printing Preference missing Print Last Page First option.  Print lots of multipage documents.  Spending enormous amount of time resorting pages. 
    Prior to this printer?  .... grab printed stack -  staple  -  DONE! 
    Now?   Have to resort every document!
    Anyone out there have a solution?

    Reply to mkjohnson42. It doesn't matter what application I'm in. The option is NOT there. Just to confirm, I started from Word 2010, Excel 2010, a web page using Internet Explorer, Foxfire and Chrome. Plus, I did the old stand-by of going to Printers and Devices>Preferences. Under Preferences I have the choice to print on both sides of paper but NO Print Last Page First. I REALLY did check ALL of this before resorting to the Community. So, I really don't understand your question. Sorry.

  • Applications Start Page Profile Option Causing Issues

    Hello Oracle Gurus,
    I'm having an issue in a 12.1.3 instance that I think may be related to the "Applications Start Page" profile option.
    For testing purposes, we set the profile to a specific Self-Service page at the Site level. We eventually removed the Site level profile and added it at the user level just for specific users, but since the Site-level profile was set, every time we click the Home link in the upper right-hand navigation, we get an "unexpected error." If we attempt to log in as a user that does not have the Applications Start Page profile defined, we also get an unexpected error.
    After getting the error using either of the methods listed above, if we then try to navigate back to the login page, the instance throws a 500 Internal Error.
    If we close the browser and navigate to the instance again, we're able to log in without any issues with user accounts that have an Applications Start Page profile defined.
    Our "Self Service Personal Framework Mode" is set to "Framework Only" at the site level.
    Bouncing Apache seems to resolve the issue temporarily, but then it comes back again a few hours later...
    We've opened a Service Request, but has anyone else run into this before / have any ideas on how to fix it?
    Here are some related Metalink notes from 11.5.10:
    729375.1 (About the Applications Start Page profile option)
    331814.1 (Error on Personal Home Page when returning to 'Home' link)

    The issue is not specific to a responsibility or application.
    Here is the error:
    Fatal NI connect error 12170.
         TNS for Linux: Version - Production
         Unix Domain Socket IPC NT Protocol Adaptor for Linux: Version - Production
         Oracle Bequeath NT Protocol Adapter for Linux: Version - Production
         TCP/IP NT Protocol Adapter for Linux: Version - Production
    Time: 27-JAN-2011 09:46:02
    Tracing not turned on.
    Tns error struct:
    ns main err code: 12535
    TNS-12535: TNS:operation timed out
    ns secondary err code: 12560
    nt main err code: 505
    TNS-00505: Operation timed out
    nt secondary err code: 110
    nt OS err code: 0
    Client address: (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=
    Thu Jan 27 09:53:30 2011
    Incremental checkpoint up to RBA [0x42.e3635.0], current log tail at RBA [0x42.e37e1.0]
    Thu Jan 27 10:13:31 2011
    Incremental checkpoint up to RBA [0x42.e602b.0], current log tail at RBA [0x42.e6146.0]
    Thu Jan 27 10:33:33 2011
    Incremental checkpoint up to RBA [0x42.e7bc9.0], current log tail at RBA [0x42.e7d51.0]
    Thu Jan 27 10:53:35 2011
    Incremental checkpoint up to RBA [0x42.e995f.0], current log tail at RBA [0x42.e9ac9.0]
    Thu Jan 27 11:13:37 2011
    Incremental checkpoint up to RBA [0x42.ec163.0], current log tail at RBA [0x42.ec3f7.0]
    Thu Jan 27 11:23:48 2011
    Starting background process CJQ0
    Thu Jan 27 11:23:48 2011
    CJQ0 started with pid=8, OS id=17239
    Thu Jan 27 11:33:39 2011
    Incremental checkpoint up to RBA [0x42.ee08f.0], current log tail at RBA [0x42.ee216.0]
    Thu Jan 27 11:53:41 2011
    Incremental checkpoint up to RBA [0x42.efd07.0], current log tail at RBA [0x42.eff13.0]
    Thu Jan 27 11:54:02 2011
    Stopping background process CJQ0
    Thu Jan 27 12:13:43 2011
    Incremental checkpoint up to RBA [0x42.f25c0.0], current log tail at RBA [0x42.f2e4b.0]
    Thu Jan 27 12:33:45 2011
    Incremental checkpoint up to RBA [0x42.f4cae.0], current log tail at RBA [0x42.f4e4b.0]
    Thu Jan 27 12:53:47 2011
    Incremental checkpoint up to RBA [0x42.f6e8a.0], current log tail at RBA [0x42.f6fb7.0]
    Thu Jan 27 13:13:50 2011
    Incremental checkpoint up to RBA [0x42.fa3d0.0], current log tail at RBA [0x42.fa845.0]
    Thu Jan 27 13:33:52 2011
    Incremental checkpoint up to RBA [0x42.fc7d9.0], current log tail at RBA [0x42.fc989.0]
    Thu Jan 27 13:53:55 2011
    Incremental checkpoint up to RBA [0x42.fed4e.0], current log tail at RBA [0x42.ff12e.0]

Maybe you are looking for

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